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on June 24, 2005
Wow!!! I just got done reading "The Greatest Miracle in the World", and I feel speechless - not sure I can convey the beauty & wonder of this story. Because of this, I will just say that this is an amazing little book - and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE!!!

What is it about? Well, it's about many things, but the most important point I guess is that we've all forgotten just how special we are - we've begun to just settle, believing that we can't create, or don't deserve, a better life. But through this amazing story, we can all begin to see that we can have a wonderful life, and that we do, in fact, deserve it!

At the end, you will find a message that can help you begin your journey to a better, more fulfilling life - it includes just 4 points to remember & ponder. Although I don't want to "spill the beans" re: what they are, suffice it to say that they will help you to open your eyes & realize just how special YOU really are, as well as all you have to offer.

I only wish everyone could read this book - how different our world might become...
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on March 21, 2003
The God Memorandum was introduced to me by Dr. Tom Costa, Pastor of Religious Science Church of the Desert ... near Palm Springs, California when it was incorporated into one of his many superb humorous sermons. The story itself is intriguing and I found that I couldn't put it down. After reading the "God Memorandum" chapter, I decided to do the 100 days as instructed. It wasn't easy but with each day I found it brought new positive thinking leading to new and positive decision making which created new positive experiences. It is now over a year since my 100 days. I can attest to a wonderfully changed life. A life that seems to continue to grow in love. Personally, I feel everyone should have the experience of this marvelous little book.
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on September 3, 2003
Mandino has contributed another masterpiece to the success/motivation literature. A quote attributed to Seneca helps sum up this book's theme, "soil, no matter how rich, could not be productive without cultivation and neither could our minds." This book provides the proper nourishment for the productive mind. The familiar aphorism "you are what you think" is developed in compelling fashion. Mandino is skilled in maintaining a bit of mystery as he expands upon principles familiar to readers of this genre. He holds his readers captive by the storytelling talent few possess to the degree of a few masters. Pathos is built by the characters and the situations painted in the mind's eye as the plot develops. There are some powerful insights that will motivate any reader with an open mind.
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on July 18, 2001
I will never forget the first time I read this book. I was thirteen, my life was just upside down. One night, during one of our long and cleansing talks, my mother reached up to the bookcase, plucked a worn out old paperback with creased cover and bent and yellowing pages and handed it to me.
I was a teenager, I wanted to read "fun stuff" and this one looked anything but fun. What I didn't know at the time was that because of this little book, I would go on a journey into myself. Goose bumps arise on my arms even now just thinking of it! So much of the way I see life today (at 24) and how I deal with life's "speed-bumps" came from this book.
I have had to re-purchase this book in order to read it again, too many pages have gone missing through the years between my mother and I.
If you feel you have lost all hope, any sight of what is really important, this book will utterly and completely change your life...if you have everything together, are unconditionally optomistic and always smiling...even you will gain from this book--and any book written by the late, great Og Mandino.
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on September 28, 2001
This book has helped me to increase my self-esteem and to regain that desire for a better life that has been lost for some time. It has served as a reminder to dream those big dreams, to be grateful for things that I already possess, to strive for the things that I want to achieve through working for them (as I have learned that those things truely worth having are not handed to you). This book has helped me to realize that although I believe in destiny, fate, or call it "divine intervention"- I have a choice! I can choose either path, but I need to remember that God has not intended for me to fail or to be unhappy. The choice is mine. Although I am not a very religious person; I do consider myself to be spiritual. For me, The God Memorandum is "my bible" and it expresses several principles that date back to writings from the original Bible. This is a definite "must keep" in the house and throughout my life!
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on December 8, 2000
Writer, Og Mandino, did a very wonderful job on this book. A writer stuck in the everydayness of life was going about his day as normal, when trying to get into the gate at his office could not because it was stuck. That's when the ragpicker came in and helped the man out by holding the gate up for him, then disappeared. After a few days, the writer sees the old man again and thinks him. The old man asks him if he would like to go to his place and have a glass of wine. Hesitant at first, The writer joined the old man for a while. He got to the point where he would go by and have a glass with the old man everyday. They would talk about life and everything else. They even got into the topic of God. The Old ragpicker was trying to get the writter to become a ragpicker and help out other people as he had done for years. He asked him to read the God Memorandum, which he had written himself. Now that's all I'm going to tell you about this wonderful book, and if you enjoy books that deal with life. This is a great one for you. It will help to bring you closer to god and will boost your confidence. I hope you enjoy.
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on August 23, 1998
It is best if you read "The Greatest Salesman in the World" first as this book carries on with the story in that book. It's not of upmost importance - just gives you a little background. The most important thing in the world is that you read this book above all else. When I read it for the first time in 1986 I had just been told I had Cancer and wasn't expected to live too long and I was 25 years old. This book gave me the will to fight for my life, which I did and won! I cryed so hard for days after finishing this book - it touched me so deeply and continues to each time I re-read it. I have given copies to many people who have also found it a life changing experience like none other. What can I say - I love Og Mandino with all my heart and am eternally grateful for his gifts.
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on January 11, 2005
I had to write a review for this book because it is the best book I have ever read and will forever be close to my heart. This book is Life changing and once you read it you will NEVER forget it. I have given copies of this book to many people and once you read it you will want to share it too!!! I love this book It's so well written and such a beautiful story!!! If you buy it you will not be sorry it's worth whatever price you pay for it!!!
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on January 9, 2000
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on December 5, 1999
This happens to be one of the most trandscending books of its time. One of the most positive and uplifting book that has ever been written. A definite for anyone looking to improve their outlook on themselves and their life. A truly life changing and powerful book.
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