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Kayako's curse from The Grudge and The Grudge 2 continues killing the residents of a Chicago apartment building. News of these deaths reaches Japan, where Kayako's sister knows the secret that could end the grudge once and for all. Will she be able to stop the raging spirit, or will she become another victim?

Matthew Knight, Shawnee Smith
1 hour, 31 minutes

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Genres Thriller, Mystery, Horror
Director Toby Wilkins
Starring Matthew Knight, Shawnee Smith
Supporting actors Mike Straub, Aiko Horiuchi, Shimba Tsuchiya, Emi Ikehata, Takatsuna Mukai, Johanna Braddy, Beau Mirchoff, Jadie Rose Hobson, Marina Sirtis, Gil McKinney, Laura Giosh, Mihaela Nankova, Michael McCoy
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MPAA rating R (Restricted)
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3.6 out of 5 stars

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23 of 27 people found the following review helpful By D. Anderson on February 6, 2009
Format: DVD
I was also one of the few who saw it already and to be honest, it was a big improvement over The Grudge 2. The acting's pretty decent and the story was a lot more coherent this time around. The deaths weren't all that special but they definitely stepped up in the violence department to say the least. The ghosts were more aggressive and the story gets pretty intense as we get closer to seeing if this is truly the end of Kayako and Toshio's killing spree, but when it's all said and done, I had very mixed feelings about the ending. It's an ending that can truly be interpreted in so many different ways. If this is in fact the final movie of the trilogy, then we're left with a lot to think about. Rather that's a good or a bad thing is up to you.

On the the whole, despite me seeing it early, I'm seriously buying it no matter what. It definitely wasn't a waste of my time, but it doesn't surpass the first one in any way.If you're a die hard fan like me, you'll enjoy what this film has to offer to some extent.
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19 of 24 people found the following review helpful By Rich(!!) on January 31, 2009
Format: DVD
I got this from a friend an can't honestly tell if this was a bootleg or not because it seemed pretty authentic, but even than I first thought this would be just as terrible as the second Grudge and was greatly surprised as how much better this one was than the second. The story beginning shows the young boy who was alive after the ending of the second movie in a asylum secure room as everyone thinks he's unstable and delusional as he continues to spout out about the spirit of Kayako and her plans to kill him. Well as you might expect they don't believe him and lock him in the room where of course Kayako does kill him very painfully, after that they show you the apartment complex from the second movie where Kayako has apparently cursed as well. The movie mainly keeps the focus on four people the first is Max(The elder brother who manages the complex and takes care of his two sisters Lisa and Rose and is also struggling to keep the complex afloat since most of the tenants have left), Lisa(The oldest sister who plans on going away and trying a career she's tried for a long time), Rose(The youngest sister who has a medical problem that also adds to her brothers concern both about her health and trying to keep the medical expenses paid), and finally Naoko(The younger sister of Kayako and feels it's up to her to try and end her sisters curse that's harming everyone). The actors and actresses in the movie were pretty decent and while the effects weren't that many it still did pretty good and left you the feeling of foreboding knowing when a victim of Kayako was about to be offed. While it doesn't quite reach the fear factor of the first movie it still way surpasses that of the second and that was enough for me. So if you've already got the first two movies finish the set with the third even though it didn't come out and theaters it's still a nice horror ghost movie to watch with the lights out...
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful By Kody on May 24, 2010
Format: DVD
The Grudge 3 tells the story about a brother and his two sisters, who live in the apartment building from "The Grudge 2", fighting for their lives against the menacing ghosts of Kayako and Toshio. A young Japanese woman Naoko, revealed as Kayako's sister, travels to the apartment and Dr. Ann Sullivan (Shawnee Smith) investigates also, after the death of her patient Jake, the sole survivor of the sequel.

First of all, if you've seen as many horrible DTV films I have, you'll immediately notice that The Grudge 3 is one of the better ones in terms of production values, actors, quality etc. The trailer for the film makes it look cheap, but the movie looks just as theatrical as the first two. The soundtrack is exactly the same from the first two movies, the apartment looks exactly the same from the sequel, plenty of exterior shots and a solid set of actors. This movie actually looks like it had a budget to work with, unlike recent horrible sequels "Pulse 2" and "Pulse 3".

DTV movies in general, and sequels such as "Wrong Turn 2", "Joy Ride 2", "The Grudge 3" etc. are definitely getting a lot better, and some of them are even better than some of the crap in theaters. If you've seen the first two, you'll also notice this is the most violent Grudge movie yet, with some bloody deaths. Kayako and Toshio have been recast, but it's not necessarily a huge issue since they are just actors in white make-up.

The acting is solid from the cast, and it was great to see Shawnee Smith (Saw I, II, III) in another horror movie. Toby Wilkins, who recently directed the very good horror movie "Splinter" (2008), does a great job here and is probably one of the reasons why it doesn't feel cheap and tacky. He's a talented director and does a solid job.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful By Steven Fujita on May 22, 2010
Format: DVD
I liked this "episode" of the Grudge better than the second one. I thought the plot was a little bit more coherent. It was less creepy, though, and more gory, which is a criticism of horror films I have about the last 20 years or so of American horror films.

Apparently, the grudge has immigrated to the United States, and this movie starts pretty much where the last one ends. Same apartment building, but this time the main characters are the three siblings, the oldest of which, Max, manages the building. Lisa, about 18, and Rose, 8, are his sisters. Kayoko and Toshio are busy killing off the tenants of the building.

Enter Dr. Sullivan, who realizes that the last survivor, Jake, who died in her care, was not a crazy little kid, but telling the trusth about a vengeful spirit boy. She visits the building and encounters the grudge. Too late for her.

Enter Naoko, Kayako's sister, who is experiencing a guilt trip, and wants to end the curse by performing a ceremony involving Lisa and Rose. Lisa rebuffs Naoko's offer to help, but now, Max, has taken on the personality of a deranged Takeo, Kayako's husband. Lisa runs to Naoko for help, and agrees to an exorcism ceremony. However, at the critical moment,Lisa stops the ceremony. Max comes in and eventually kills Naoko. Kayako chases Lisa and Rose goes back to the room to finish the ceremony before Lisa is killed. Max comes to his senses, but now Naoko's spirit carrys on the grudge.

The pace is pretty fast. Gil McKinney, who plays Max does a good job of morphing from nice to evil, and I really appreciated his performance. The obligatory replaying of the original murder in a new environment was also a good touch. The vengeful spirit is a theme that for me, you can't go wrong with.
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