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on November 29, 2011
If you love honey, or want to know more about the benefits of honey, then this book is a must. I especially loved Chapter 11 called, "Home Remedies From Your Kitchen," which lists 50 cures. I also love the way Cal Orey summarizes each chapter for you, under the heading, "Un-Bee-lievable Healing Hints to Catch." Listed in Chapter 7 are the many flavors of honey, including a description of each type. Many delicious recipes are also included throughout the book. At the end sites are listed where one can purchase the various types of honey if they are not available where you live.
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on December 6, 2012
I was so excited to get this book. I couldn't wait to learn the secrets of honey. I have read a similar book about olive oil and loved it so I was terribly disappointed with the contents of this title. I was interested in finding out about the most healthful honeys and learning where to purchase them. I skimmed through the recommended websites and chose about five sites that looked interesting. After browsing each of these sites, I found not one item that I was even tempted to order. I ended up going with my old standby, Savannah Bee Co, which was recommended in the book, but I was already well aquainted with their products. It seems as though web sites were included based on wether or not they sent the author free samples as opposed to their dedication to the honey product. During my perusal of this section, I came across a little blurb about the authors time as a phone psychic and her assertation that she could sense when a caller was calling her from Australia even if they didn't have an accent - It was just her well tuned "gut instinct". That just turned me off totally. I'm not interested in gut instinct - just the facts please. I am not well versed in the benefits of honey, but this book brought me no great insight. I was better off doing a google search and reading a concise article on the benefits.
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on October 23, 2011
Cal's informative and down to earth style makes this book a welcome friend in my kitchen. She knows how to get me all excited about visiting my local bee keeper and bringing home some liquid gold.
The recipes and uses for honey that she gives in her book are great and have simple, easy to follow instructions.
The health benefits are amazing. I had no idea that there could be so many benefits from a single food. This book is definitely going on my shelf in the kitchen so that it will be convenient for reference and at my fingertips.

Sherry Henderson
Editor & Publisher
Oracle 20/20 Magazine
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on October 10, 2011
Cal Orey growing up with bee hives in her yard shares her knowledge about
what honey is good for and how it is used. I think that qualifies her to
write about honey and the many ways it was used around the house. after all
she is from the San Jose area where I now live. it was once a thriving area
full of fruit trees. each Spring I would stand on the valley edge and look
out 20 miles across it full of fruit trees and it's white blossoms.
today it is mostly houses but you still see some blossoms.

there are so many uses of honey and recipes one could go on. I have honey on
my counter for my teas and I also use it in making bread.
my favorite is a cinnamon, maple, walnut pieces and honey bread.
it is just delicious.

I once brought a 1/2 gallon of honey to work on a Thursday planning to use it
the next week. but my co-workers found it and when I got back to work there
was only enough to put in one cup of tea. one of my pals said everybody loved
the honey so much, it made their coffee taste so good the used it all.

aside from that, I do feel honey is a healing and healthy natural diet must have!
it is so sad that there was a recent collapse of the bees and I have heard recovery
is very slow. I hope there is a full recovery soon.

the healing powers books should be added to your reading.
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on November 27, 2011
You don't so much "read" a Cal Orey book as let it enfold you, flow through you, become a part of you. All of Cal's books, and this includes her most recent one, at the same time inform, awaken, and just flat out, make you feel good, as well as educate you.
I can't recommend her latest work highly enough. As those of us who are already fans know, she's created through her well-established body of work a source to which to travel for rock-solid scholarly research on a variety of scientific subjects. And the material is written in a personal manner.
From the first sentence, you know that a knowledgeable friend will be taking you on a fascinating adventure: "As a child, in my dreams I lived in a cottage with my father, a dedicated beekeeper, and mom, who did all cooking, canning, and baking with honey." The writing itself is lyrical.
The Healing Powers of Honey, to coin an old phrase, is definitely a sweet read.

Jonathan M. Purver
Literary Editor
Tahoe Daily Tribune
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on October 12, 2011
If you're anything like me, my knowledge of honey was limited to the ooze from Baklava, a drizzle in your teacup to sweeten up your day, and the age-old "prescription" mixed with lemon to soothe a sore throat and nagging cough. WOW! Have I ever been missing out! Cal Orey has explored every facet of the luscious nectar, from bee to baked goodies to medicinal properties and beyond. I'm betting your mouth will water like mine has, over the wonderful variety of recipes she has included and be amazed by the world of interesting and useful information she has tucked in between the covers. I have also teared up and chuckled over the personal stories Ms. Orey has shared, especially about her `Furry family". I discovered so many good ideas that I hadn't thought about prior to reading this book. For a couple of prime examples, I had always used maple syrup on my baked butternut squash--now I will try the honey and orange crème she has suggested, as well as being a little more creative with my plain yogurt by adding a mixture of
chopped nuts with honey. We are blessed to have an apiary here in our little corner of Northeastern Pa., that is not too far away from our home. We'll be getting our quart jars filled with the golden goodness before this month has flitted by. Don't miss your opportunity to delve into the world of honey and explore the benefits it may hold for you. I learned so much and will keep referring to it in the months and years ahead. My only wish is that Ms.Orey will consider writing a volume on maple syrup. I'll keep my sticky fingers crossed! Nancy Narma
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on October 16, 2012
It's more about the bragging writer than it is about honey. Way too many words to read before you get to the substance. Not worth the time it takes to read. The writer should have made it "Short and Sweet".
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on December 10, 2014
I bought this for my husband along with some varietal honeys as a gift. This book gives a good overview for anyone who doesn't know that much about honey, but enjoys consuming it.
Lots of anecdotes, history, and some recipes mixed it, it's an easy and quick read.
Not as comprehensive as I'd hoped, but well written with pertinent info for anyone wanting an introduction to the world of honey.
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on October 17, 2013
I started becoming more aware of the benefits honey has for you after age 73. Used to think it was sweet but knew nothing about quality honey. Started buying raw honey and that has made a big difference in my honey usage. Found the "Healing Powers of Honey" book at Amazon and got the trial version. That was great so I ordered the complete book. Since reading the trial version I started researching honeys. Honey is now a part of my daily intake. This book explains fairly well and has taught me about different kinds of honey and the healing powers in different kinds of honey. I will never again buy the clean, clear honey you see in stores as it has been heated up, filtered and processed so that its only value is sweetness. Raw honey that has not had temperature raised over 120 degrees and that is slowly filtered but not pressure filtered, maintains its healthy enzymes. Unheated and unfiltered it becomes a health food and not just a sweetener.
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on December 22, 2011
I love it when something that is good is also good for you! Ms. Orey has a knack for finding those goodies... and then giving a wealth of info to back up her claims. She's good - buy her book and give it as a gift to someone you care about. They will thank you!
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