Customer Reviews: The Healthy Juicer's Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long
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on March 15, 2013
We are so incredibly happy with The Healthy Juicer's Bible! My wife and I have been juicing for well over a year and sort of "fell into a rut" with our juicing. What I mean is...we kept doing the same 1 or 2 recipes over and over again Not a huge deal but after a few months of the same juice it gets a little "routine." We wanted to put a little more excitement in our juicing life and along came this book! Let's just say that things got a lot juicier around here!

This book is great for all levels of juicer; someone just getting into juicing, someone who is a regular juicer, and even expert juicers will find some great new recipes and guidance. From discussing the benefits of juicing, through how to select a juicer, to the holy grail...conducting a juice fast...this little book covers it all!

Now the bonus(s): This little book is beautiful! At 288 pages, the content certainly isn't "little", but the size of the book is perfect! At about 7" x 6" it's the perfect size to handle easily without being unwieldily. And the pictures? BEAUTIFUL!!!!

So, if you're on the fence between this book and others, we found this to be the most comprehensive, well rounded, easy to follow and informative for all levels. Further, it by far has the most recipes of any other book we've purchased. So, bottom line, purchase The Healthy Juicer's Bible with confidence, knowing that it's a powerhouse of great tips, information, pictures, and amazing recipes! Enjoy!
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on August 24, 2013
Even though I rated this book 3 stars I would buy it again and again. Let me start with the cons...

1. There are are more stories, more information (of which some I take issue with) than recipes. I believe the author has answered has answered these complaints by stating there are 47 juicing recipes in this book. That's not a small number of juices to sneeze at, but when you break it down by, "fruits & veggies I don't juice or can't find or that aren't in season"or I can't juice wheatgrass in my machine...the number seems to shrink. The juice recipes are from p. 135-172. 1-2 per page. The text of the book is 281 pages. If you are looking Purely for juicing recipes & not information this book is not for you. Remove half a star. There pulp recipes & suggestions though.

2. Benefits are not discussed...when I handed my BF a glass of juice he asked...what's this one do? Many other books breakdown the benefits of the recipes. I know collards are rich in magnesium, cucumber is hydrating, etc. in comparing to other books I own, it doesn't give that vital info. I need magnesium & adrenal boosters for example. I am familiar Veggies that give me that benefit, a beginner may not! I'd have to remove half a star for this one.

3. The masticating vs centrigal juicing machine argument...sigh. I do believe masticating juicers are best, but I own a centrigal juicer. And I store my juice, typically for less than 12 hrs. I juice during the workday. I am disappointed that Ms. Brock provided no scientific study/research to back her statement "you need to have a masticating juicer to store your juice". I have seen her conditions quoted verbatim on several websites. There was only one scientific study I could find (from food matters) that compared the two types of juicers, temp, effect on veggies,etc. I did not find one study conducted on the nutritional content of masticating vs centrigal juices after they have been stored 8-12 hours. I would hate think a centrifigal owner would toss aside juicing during the work day or a juice fast altogether based on her advice. Remove 1 star for failing to provide references. Is this a fact or an opinion?


1. Great little book nonetheless. She re-inspired me to continue juicing which her statement "juice should taste good"! Whoa, no other book I own adresses taste. I have been a hold you nose, drink it down juicer for a few weeks. I ha e had her "green explosion" and it's delicious! I will edit this review with my fave juices from her book from time to time. I believe there will be many.

2. She adresses planning ahead, shopping, cleaning & storing for your veggies. She discusses veggie shelf-life. I have been googling that info, so I am thankful to have it in a book. Her advice is good and solid and will declutter my fridge a bit and make taking my veggie inventory easier. She adresses what to & not to juice. Some may think it silly, but a friend asked if she could juice a banana. I laughed, but it sparked a debate at work!

3. Inspiration. She provides it in bulk. 20 juicing benefits, her personal story, short stories of others she has helped.

In full disclosure I own 3 juicing books. I have been juicing since March '13. I believe this will be the tastiest juices of the 3, in terms of reviews she has received the 2nd highest review. (The juice lady provides no index!!! & other complaints). In terms of useful scientific information about juicing & juices she has provided the least.

All told I would buy it again, just for the tasting juices, her suggestions for alternatives & additions & the inspiration/motivation. I will eventually own about 5 juicing books and am picky about the ones I buy. This makes a good library addition, but I still haven't found that quintessential, all-encompassing 5-star juicing book.
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on April 7, 2013
I have to admit I am not a fast reader but I finished this book in just a few hours. It is not your ordinary recipe book. It is a very informative manual on juicing with a STORY. It flows beautifully and on your journey through the book, you will learn all you need to know about juicing in very informal and fun way.
I am not a novice to juicing but I was still able to find useful tips. My only wish is that I owned this book when I first started juicing. Some of the topics discussed such as how to pick a juicer, what to do with pulp, how to store juice, how to stick to juicing etc. is what makes the book truly priceless. Further more, it does not only provide many wonderful and delicious recipes, Farnoosh teaches you how to make up your own concoctions. I routinely come back to the "What does and does not work together" chapter.
Throughout the book you will find other juicers' stories which bring the topic of juicing into real life. These are just ordinary people like us and it shows you that you can do it too! Enjoy the many benefits of juicing. I healed my eczema in 4 months!
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on March 17, 2013
Fantastic juicing book. I usually just throw fruits and vegs into the juicer without really thinking about it. This book helped me get excited about the taste, the smell, the whole experience of juicing. The Emerald Deluxe is my favorite recipe right now, but I want to try every recipe in the book. After I make all the recipes I am looking forward to creating some of my own recipes. The chapter, How to Improvise: Making Your Own Recipes is going to help me get to the next level! I ENJOY this book! :)
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on October 7, 2013
This was a very good, informative, beginners guide for juicing. Let me start by saying that I did NOT purchase this book with the intent on going on a juice diet. I just wanted a book to explain the pros and cons of different types of juicers, as well as the benefits of juicing certain fruits, and vegetables. This was all new to me, and I needed a book to reference. That being said, I actually read this book from start to end. The authors writing style kept me interested, and I found her recipes to be quite easy to make. None of the ingredients were difficult to find. Most of the juices tasted great too. I strongly recommend this book as a starter book for juicing. It has helped me tremendously, as I am no longer afraid of my juicer, lol
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on April 10, 2013
I have been thinking about starting to juice for a long while now, but just couldn't follow through with it. After reading Farnoosh's book I can't seem to remember what was it that held me back. This book is good both for a complete and total newbie as well as for a veteran juicer - it covers A-Z all the basics, gives recipes and touches base on every point I could think about. This is the first time I read a book about green juicing that actually breaks down the process of juicing to a bullet-proof simple method, that wouldn't take up all my free time! I love the way Farnoosh writes and can't continue writing this review, simply because I'm ordering my new juicer in the next tab of my browser! ciau, healthy juicers, see you in Farnoosh's clinic!
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on July 28, 2013
This book is great for beginners but does not have a lot of juice recipes in it (46). It does however, have a few for pulp. The best part of this book is actually in the excellent information it provides that is rare in many other books. the larger than standard font makes it an easy read while juicing too. I have tried about 2 dozen of the recipes it provides and have only found 1 I didn't care for. Again, an excellent starter book but it is mostly information.
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on August 15, 2013
Need to know something about juicing? Chances are you will find the answer and much more in this book. Not only does The Healthy Juicer's Bible include far more recipes than any other juicing book I have bought so far, but it is informative when it comes to nearly every aspect of juicing. Brock's book is incredibly comprehensive addressing how to adjust to the juicing lifestyle and how to maintain it after an extended period. Other useful tips abound, such as suggestions for storing juice and what to do with pulp.

Most recipes are supplemented with photos, so I have added a visual component to my review so you can get a better idea of the book interior. Despite the sheer quantity of information herein, this book is also on the petite side, making it great for travel. Brock ultimately provides all the information you need to be a good juicer, so you can eventually create your own recipes (though there are more than enough to keep you busy in this book).
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on March 16, 2013
::Disclaimer:: *I am a good friend of the author and I was provided a review copy of the book for review.

With that being said, I'm going to be as objective as possible with this review. If there were any negatives to off set my obvious gushing, I would gladly do so. However I haven't found any within the chapters of this book.

I know my relationship with the author may seem to taint my review, but quite frankly this is an "extremely" thorough read on juicing. Farnoosh offsets her own journey of juicing with chapter after chapter of practical and detailed steps on properly immersing yourself into the juicing lifestyle.

Don't know the benefits of juicing? It's covered.
Don't know what to shop for? It's covered.
Not sure what fruits and veggies go well together? Its' covered.
Don't know what kind of juicer to buy? It's covered

There a pages and pages of fantastic recipe's of which many I'm eager to try. I'm pretty on top of juicing but some of these recipe's like the one on page 170, The Feast of a Champion even includes juicing a sweet potato.

I found that by her going into the aftermath of juicing and what to do with the Pulp of the fruits and veggies you use, to be extremely helpful. I had been wasting it for years.

All in all if you're a beginner to intermediate the book is for you. Even myself, being more of an intermediate level juicer, I found a ton of value in the book. She really goes above and beyond by going into Juice Fasting. Which in my opinion is more of an advanced user activity.

All in all I really enjoyed the book and found it of great value. I rate it 5 stars, not because I can't find anything wrong with it, but mainly because in the hands of anyone serious about juicing, this book can cause a huge transformation in your life.
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on May 21, 2013
This book is very useful (a) for the beginner, and (b) for its numerous recipes. The author uses a masticator type of juicer, and so the recipes and related descriptions tend not to pay attention to the relative difficulty of juicing some leaf vegetables with centrifugal machines, although the issue is certainly mentioned. A very positive feature is the author's open-mindedness, coupled with a writing style that makes for very easy reading. The book reads almost like an interesting travelog rather than a text or encyclopedia. I can recommend it without hesitation. If you are getting into juicing, this would be a good book to read.
Much of the material here is a repeat of the contents of the author's Comprehensive Green Juicing book. In fact, this is the more comprehensive, and you don't need them both!
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