Customer Reviews: The Herculoids: Complete Series (2 Disc)
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VINE VOICEon June 18, 2011
As any boy who came of age in the late 60's or early 70's can tell you, The Herculoids was probably the greatest thing to ever hit Saturday morning television. In an era when funny, talking animals shows were starting to give way to more adventurous fare like Johnny Quest and various superhero shows, the Alex Toth-designed Herculoids delivered the goods better than any other series.

For the uninitiated, the show followed the adventures of humanoids Zandor, Tara and their son Dorno on the planet Quasar. A unique assortment of creatures aided them: Zok, the flying dragon; a giant with rock-like skin named Igoo; the fireball-shooting triceratops-like Tundro; and the amusing blob-like Gloop and Gleep. Trouble came (and came often) in the form of invaders for whom the planet Quasar must have seemed the ultimate prize. Hideous monsters and robots of all sorts set their sights on the heroes' homeworld, and were met with deadly resistance. You want morals at the end of your cartoon? Forget it. . .the Herculoids were going to defend their turf, and justice was final on planet Quasar.

This two-disc set collects all 18 original shows (technically, 36 episodes, since each half hour is comprised of 2 segments of 10 or so minutes each). There is a very brief featurette about the series, in which various modern artists and writers gush about Alex Toth, and celebrate the boyhood fantasy charm of the show (one commentator points out that the Herculoids was pretty much non-stop stuff blowing up). And that's the gist of the series, really: monsters, ray guns, lots of action. As a fan from childhood, I was happy to see that in today's PC world of bland animated kids' shows, The Herculoids holds up very well.

As is becoming more and more common, these Warner Archive discs are manufactured DVD-R's, meaning it is possible that customers may experience some playback difficulties in some machines. I played both discs on my DVD recorder/player and my computer using WMP with no problems. The prints used are of good quality, although the occasional debris does pop up. As classic animation remains a niche market and sells no where near as well as modern shows, I'd imagine this is the best release we'll ever see of The Herculoids. Certainly it's a no-brainer for fans. And for parents who aren't overly considered about the cartoon violence, I think it's still a fine choice, especially for young boys.
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VINE VOICEon July 29, 2011
As much as I dug Space Ghost, the Herculoids were simply my favorite mid-60's cartoon! There was nothing like it (then or now). Individually strong, together invincible - and they functioned as a unit!

Simply the best (I'm 7-9 years old again - well, almost)!

Thanks for finally releasing this, I've only waited 43 years!

I rate "Herculoids: The Complete Series"...Five stars!
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VINE VOICEon August 17, 2011
This is, without a doubt, the coolest 'toon to air on Saturday morning!

That said, the plots of each episode were basically the same: bizarre invaders from outer or inner space try to take over the planet Quasar. These attempts at planetary domination are foiled by Zandor, his wife Tara, their son Dorno, and their assortment of super-powered animals.

There's no need to explain the creatures' powers inasmuch as others have done so. It can only added that the series' creators came up with some highly original creations.

Much of the show's appeal also comes from the use of themes composed by Hoyt Curtin for "Jonny Quest" as well as original compositions, including one of the most exciting opening themes ever created for series television. His arrangements are excitingly fitting for a sci-fi-adventure and often incorporate jazzy themes that add to audiophile's pleasure.

The sound effects are also another of the show's pluses. Sci-fi fans will quickly recognize sounds "borrowed" from George Pal's "War of the Worlds," as well as from other sci-fi staples.

Thankfully, Warner's chose not to include the 11 episodes from the 1981 revitalization. That much-inferior show suffered from "watering down" of the violence making it more "kid friendly," a weak score, and even more "limited" animation.

The DVD compilation only has one extra: a brief documentary on the making of the series. The discs are easy to navigate, allowing the viewer to "play all" or individual episodes. There are no subtitles, English or otherwise.

With Hollywood searching its archives to "reboot" old movies and television shows, the time is right to take a look at "The Herculoids." If any show deserves the big-screen treatment, it's this 60's series.

Just think what computer animation can do with Zok's laser blasts or Gloop and Gleep's transformations!
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on December 15, 2012
For me The Herculoids is part of what I consider a golden age of cartoons. That golden era also includes Bugs Bunny and his pals, the Spiderman '67 series, The Pink Panther show, and some of the other classics from Hanna Barbera. What all those series have in common is great characters, artwork, sound effects, voices, and music. There's been some other good animated series that have come out since that time but for me the above are still the best.

One series that I don't think they've released on DVD yet is Hanna Barbera's Fantastic 4 which must certainly be up in the top 5 greatest cartoons of all time. It see they finally released Frankenstein Jr. last year.

The Herculoids and The Fantatistic 4 have two of the prettiest girls that have ever appeared in cartoon history. One is Zandor's wife Tara who wears a dress that is only held together by a few strategically placed threads and the other is Sue Richards, the Invisible Girl. The Superman and Batman animated series from Warner Brothers also have a lot of pretty girls including Lois Lane and Batgirl.

Besides Zandor probably the most valuable members of the Herculoids team are Gleep and Gloop, the fearless formless wonders. Their abilities are very versatile and have never been duplicated by any of the bad guys.

I don't know if The Herculoids is shown on TV anymore and even if it is it may get butchered by the TV stations so they can cram a few more seconds of commercials in. I saw an episode of Bug Bunny one time where they screwed it all up in an attempt to edit out what I guess was considered too violent. Any kid who is stupid enough to watch Bugs Bunny and then do what they see Daffy Duck do deserves to get killed.

Jeff Marzano

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on February 18, 2014
I loved this cartoon as a kid and was over the moon to get the whole series on DVD.This took a while to obtain,because it sold out when first released then they jacked the price up.These characters are blow be a cash cow movie franchise with the right actors,right stories and right director.The monsters are so unique and awesome.The humans fill in the blanks very well.My family and I starting watching these episodes again.We LOVE it!!! If you are fan this is worth its weight in gold.The color restoration is superb,considering the show is almost 50 yrs old.Audio is excellent also.Buy it.
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on July 8, 2015
I just love how they handle their enemies! Mainly just how they defy them. This was one of my favorite cartoons at one time. You got Zandor, Tara & their son Dorno. The play dough looking ones gloop & gleep were the ones I liked & could change their shapes. Anyways they look play dough, & remind of those 2 on that other children's show, I forget what you call it. But there is a small green horse involved. & I think the other one is called Gummy or something like that. I really can't remember unless I see it again. & the king Kong rock beast whatever you call him. One thing I do & think is, they're funny facing off against their enemies, they shoot rocks throw fireballs, & the 2 round yellow shaped ones can make the perfect rubber band if they have to not to mention a trampoline. Things of that nature. They look prehistoric. If one of them is in trouble or if someone wants to conquer the Herculoids their there for each other & won't go down without a fight!
Today now its not very often you get to see this show on the Boomerang channel.
I think the Herculoids is awesome show. I found it to be a very interesting show. I do think children now a days ought to skip stuff like the power puff girls, Johnny Bravo, Courage the cowardly dog because a lot of these newer cartoons just aren't worth it. To me anyone that thinks that they are has got to be crazy!!!!! If they'd go back to the late 1960's or the early 1970's & get to know these cartoons, Johnny Quest, Scooby,Dooby,Doo, The pink panther, & of course the Herculoids, The Smurfs & back when Bugs bunny first premièred,
They'll be thrilled! & its too bad cartoons aren't what they use to be. With these those of you who are my age can relive the memories.
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on November 3, 2013
I remember this cartoon from when I was kid, which I am going to presume is the reason most people will give for purchasing it. It was great to see it again. The storylines are not complex and unpredictable but these DVDs do exactly what I wanted them to do; they remind me of being 8,9 or ten years old, watching cartoons on a Saturday morning and feeling like the world was mine.
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VINE VOICEon August 24, 2014
The activists who would go on to ruin broadcast television for children no doubt had this show in mind as an example of how NOT to do things; twice every week in back to back ten minute or so episodes, villains would invade the Herculoids' domain (or the domains of friends) on the Planet Amzot, from other planets, from other domains on the same planet, from underground, and once from the future. In response the Herculoids would kick their butts! No agonizing, no attempts to understand why they were hated, no "Can't we all just get along?", just lots and lots of villainous machines and minions being smashed or blown up and villains being defeated and sometimes even killed because they had violently barged in where they didn't belong. Though nobody was rubbing your face in it, there was a clear Cold War theme running through it: except when they were riding to the rescue of similarly attacked friends, the Herculoids were just minding their own business in their own land when some villain decided they were in the way and had to be eliminated, and the Herculoids (quite naturally for the time, it only looks odd from today's warped PC perspective,) responded with maximum force and terminated the problem with extreme prejudice. Of course no gore was shown but there were lots of crashes and explosions where not a trace was left behind. Occasionally villains would return alive and spoiling for a rematch (with the same outcome) in later shows, or Zandor would opine that maybe we hadn't seen the last of them yet, but even so it was an impressive body count for a Saturday morning kid's cartoon show.

At the core were three barely dressed, primitively armed (energy rock slingshots and Zandor's Captain-America-like shield) humans: Zandor, Tara, and Dorno. Then came the human intelligence or better beast friends who were so devoted to them: Zok, the laser ray dragon; Igoo, the giant rock ape; Tundro, the 10-legged, energy rock firing rhino; and Gloop and Gleep, the formless, fearless blob creatures. What made the fighting so interesting to me then and now was the tactics. The beast Herculoids were generally invulnerable to attack while the humans were not, but the villains were not pushovers. The trick was finding the right combination of beast powers and tactics to solve the problem: Zok was triple laser Death from Above along with scout and fast transport, Tundro was grenade launcher and Ramming Speed along with armored transport (at least from the front), Igoo was super powered Punching and Throwing and Weaponizing found objects (he made and deployed a boomerang successfully in one memorable scene.), Gloop and Gleep were Special Teams, the ones the villains could never even partially counter and as the only ones truly capable of defense of others, served as bodyguards for the humans. (One of their most spectacular exploits came in "The Crystalites" in which they teamed up to become a rescue tank.) The best show of all IMHO, containing the two best episodes, was number 11. A creepy episode about giant soldier ants "Destroyer Ants" was followed by the creepiest villain of all in "Swamp Monster".

The Alex Toth designs were quite wonderful though the animation was quite limited. The music and sound effects were recycled from the Jonny Quest show, including the voice actor who played Race Bannon (Mike Road) now being the voice of Zandor.

Defects? Well, in watching the shows straight through, the repetition becomes a lot more apparent, and attempts to vary the formula were not always successful (The Herculoids meet knockoffs of the ancient Romans complete with Emperor Neron in the somewhat embarrassing "The Gladiators of Kyanite" and knockoffs of the Vikings in the considerably better "The Raider Apes"). With no time in the episode to spare for such things to be ferreted out Zandor usually knows the villains and their nefarious intentions on sight so we can get straight to the fighting.

The Sexism: This show is nearly a half century old, and it shows, particularly in its treatment of women. There are only three female characters in the whole show: one is a scenery chewing villainess (Queen Skorra), one is a helpless (if brave) rescued hostage (Princess Serena), and the third is Tara, Zandor's wife and Dorno's mother, whose primary contribution to the fighting is to require one of the Formless Wonders (Gleep or Gloop) to be detached from the main force in order to guard her and/or to be captured by the villain and have to be rescued. Even when brainwashed into being "Ruler of the Reptons", Tara doesn't get to do anything. Now, to the creators' credit that changes in both episodes of the last show. For once (well, twice) there is no, "Tara, you, stay behind, and Gloop/Gleep, you stay behind and guard her."

In "The Island of the Gravites" Tara not only accompanies the army to the battlefield, but Zandor directs her to scout ahead on Zok's back. In the meantime, Zandor manages to get himself captured, and Tara herself leads the rescue party, without any lip from her son. Then in the following episode "Malak and the Metal Apes" Zandor and Gloop sneak into the enemy fortress while Tara commands the other Herculoids to break into the fortress and join them. It wasn't much, but it was a start.

The series was revived 14 years later in 11 episodes as part of Space Stars: The Complete Series, and while these are at least watchable, they have had the mindful violence toned down and replaced with a more mindless peacefulness. Frankly, the only change one can honestly call an improvement is the conversion of Tara from useless impediment into equal partner in the battles for their home, but it comes at too high a price.

Note: The only extra in this bare bones collection is a short documentary "The Herculoids: The First Family of Planet Quasar", which is mostly gushing by animation historians and younger animators inspired by it.
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on July 11, 2015
The Herculoids: Complete Series (2 Disc) It brought the past back since 1967 when I was only 11 years old going on 12 at that time.
It bring back good memory back then when I was a kid. Anyone whose has seen the Herculoids of the past bring back memory of the past.
Your kids will love it if they enjoy cartoon of the past in 1967.
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on July 29, 2015
This is another series from my childhood that I've really missed. But it's here and I have it. What I think i really like is that the shows on the discs just keep running. There isn't a long delay between episodes and that's good. The sound and picture quality is good and it's a whole lot of fun.
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