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on March 25, 2014
I've read through the new Hungry Girl Diet book and here’s a recap of what I've seen:

If you need someone to hold your hand and walk you through step-by-step, this book does exactly that!

The book is a 4-week program. There is a separate chapter for each of the 4 weeks, and within each week there is a separate page for every day of the week (i.e., Week 1 - Day 1, Week 1 - Day 2, Week 1 – Day 3, etc.).

Every single day has its own menu plan broken down into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. It is very structured, but there is also a lot of flexibility within that structure.

For each meal, you can choose from 3 different menu choices (breakfast on Week 1, Day 1, for example, offers your choice of Mega Fruit ‘n Yogurt Bowl, Egg Scramble & Bun, or Growing Oatmeal B-fast). For every menu item, there is a reference to the page number in the book where you can find the recipe for that item. There are over 60 recipes in this book.

There are also little reminders throughout about when to drink your water.

When the book is opened to a menu plan for a given day, the menu plan is on the right-hand page, and the left-hand page has helpful hints, time-saving shortcuts, money-saving tips, ideas for food swaps, etc.

There are chapters, amongst others, on how to maintain your weight loss after you’ve completed the 4 week program, on how to handle dining out at restaurants, etc., and on helpful hints about exercise (although this book is geared almost exclusively around food, the subject of exercise is touched upon).

OK, and now some notes about the Hungry Girl Diet...

It can be used on its own, or in conjunction with other weight-loss programs (i.e., Weight Watchers, counting calories, etc.).

It will work with vegetarian diets and there are a number of sample vegetarian recipes included in the book. It is not, however, vegan-friendly because she says there are A LOT of recipes with Greek yogurts and egg whites.

If you’ve got other Hungry Girl cookbooks that you’d like to use during this diet, no you don’t! COMPLETELY forget about those books for now. While you’re on this diet, the book instructs you to ONLY eat from the recipes in this book. There are some recipes in her other cookbooks that use processed foods for simplicity’s sake.

Written under the direction and supervision of a registered dietitian, this book, on the other hand, concentrates on recipes using natural foods and avoids processed foods.

You’ll not be buying microwavable quick meals with this diet; you’ll be doing a lot of cooking from scratch. The recipes, however, are all very simple to prepare, even if you’re not talented, so to speak, in the kitchen.

A number of people have already gone through this diet as the book was being developed, many of which are staffers at Hungryland (the Hungry Girl headquarters). Weight losses of 10 to 20+ pounds have been quoted during the 4 week period. She says you WILL lose weight on this diet if you follow it to the letter.

Given the flexibility it offers in the day-by-day meal plans, it should be an easy diet to follow.

My review originally posted on Facebook:
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on May 9, 2014
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I did WW for a long time, and while it worked, I was constantly hungry and average a half pound lost per week. I didn't think that was so bad, being 5 feet tall without a ton to lose, but as the lbs crept back, I decided to try this one. So far, I've followed it to the letter and am on day 9.

Hunger: Yeah, I'm sometimes hungry, though that seems to be fading quite a bit here on day 9 (and giant glasses of iced herbal teas help). But I'm very satisfied after meals and can eat 6 times a day.

Blood sugar: If you have this problem, you know diets can be so, so hard - and some actually impossible. The balance of protein and fat without too much carb and very little sugar in this diet has left me *perfectly* stable. Such a relief.

Meals: Before the diet, I didn't eat any processed foods, so it's a little weird to see the Laughing Cow in my fridge. But honestly, nearly everything else I've been eating has been pretty natural. There are a lot of giant piles of veggies dressed up in various ways with protein and fats. I thought I was a big veggie eater, but nothing like this. I have to think that offsets whatever is in my Laughing Cow and premade, light mayo. And honestly, I'm not too worried about 28 days of using those ingredients. This is just an intervention.

Structure: I love the short time frame. It really allows you to commit. I simply told people I need these four weeks to not eat out or go for drinks. Instead of the feeling I had on WW (that I was going to be doing this forever, so it had to be 'realistic' and include restaurants and a few drinks), I'm instead extremely motivated to see what I can get done in the remaining days. It's working a whole lot better.

Results: I'm small, female, and only had 15 lbs. to lose. I lost 5 lbs in the first 8 days. That is crazy. Overall, I'm *less* hungry than I was on WW - yay for giant piles of veggies and for the magic protein + fat + fiber formula. I still have 20 days left and am super excited about it.

So glad I got the hard copy of this. I have no doubt it will be my go-to 'reset' program for years.
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on November 22, 2014
I lost 5 pounds the first week!!!!!! Average reviewers' loss was 9 pounds the first month, and that's how much I lost--and I couldn't even apply myself 100% the last week because I was sick! I've lost a cumulative total of 3 inches in the first month, too! The author herself is wonderful--I posted a comment of my success on her website and she posted me back with her gratitude.

Upbeat book--she's got her eating weaknesses, admits her humanity, esp. that she's always hungry! That's why she made these recipes so FILLING! I can't even finish many of them! I can't believe how I dropped so much weight so fast, and that I was FAR from starving! How is it possible to lose so much weight when you're stuffed? :D

I also am a hypoglycemic, and this is the best "diet" I've been on that regulates my blood sugar! Definitely a healthy, happy, realistic, filling, FLEXIBLE way to lose weight.
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on April 6, 2014
I'm a huge Hungry Girl fan and have all her books. I pre-ordered this so it would be delivered the day it released and was really looking forward to it. After 30 minutes of paging thru it, I was really disappointed. I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't this. It basically tells you to choose one of three recipes for bfast/lunch/dinner daily for the entire week. The 'recipes' were not at all what I expected. A recipe for a 'fruit and yogurt bowl', tuna/turkey/chicken platter, or burger with side salad? I don't know anyone who diets who doesn't already know how to mix fruit into a bowl of yogurt, or make a sandwich with a sandwich thin. The burger recipe is just that, 4 oz burger on a sandwich thin. Really???

On the plus side, there are some good tips and tricks and like the recipes for the veggie dips -- haven't seen those before and will be trying them. On the VERY plus side, there seems to be less reliance on processed foods and artificial sweeteners in this book. I have been 'eating clean' and have kind of moved away from her recipes because many of the old ones relied heavily on those ingredients. There is even a mention in this book that she is starting to do the same hopefully future recipe books will continue that trend.

I love everything about Lisa Lillien and SO wanted to love this book, but I wouldn't recommend it.
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on December 11, 2014
The only complaint is that to read it you have to jump around a lot. I can see why they did it though as the recipes are all together and it is sectioned out for ease. Other than that, the book is great. Great recipes, shopping lists, and tips. You quickly understand what is good and what is bad. The food is delicious and there are big portions. I am realizing that I can make these easy recipes very quickly and I am less reliant on packaged foods. So far I love it. Week one down!
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on April 19, 2015
This book is so well-written and reminds me of the time I attended many weight-watchers meetings! All of her thoughts are good and her recipes are well-prepared for the reader. A truly good buy, especially for the beginner.
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on April 29, 2014
Although the meals are easy to make, I was doing a lot of dishes every day since you have to make all three meals. Tasty, but I found it to be time consuming. Also, I don't usually keep most of the ingredients on hand and even had trouble finding some of them. I lost 5 pounds the first week, but after 2 weeks was tired of cooking so much!
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on March 26, 2014
This diet is amazing. I for one know, bc I was a tester and I lost over 10lbs in the 4 week program and I am continuing to lose weight.
You are always full and it is great that you get different food options for each meal and snack (just incase you are the type of person who gets bored easily). There is no guess work involved. If you follow it, you are guaranteed to lose at least 10lbs.
Go Hungry Girl!!!!!
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on June 19, 2014
Easy to follow directions and really tasty food. All meals are made right before eating so be prepared to have enough time to prepare before each meal. Easy preparation and all fresh produce make for a really great diet. I lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks.
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on May 28, 2015
This book gives you 4 weeks of meal planning and recipes. Along with helpful hints. I just had knee surgery and can't exercise yet but even without exercise I have lost 8 pounds the first week. There are a lot of ingredients that I didn't have so my initial shopping trip was pretty extensive. Things like Mrs. Dash or Lawry's 25 cal marinade were not things I had on the shelf. Last night we had chicken alfredo with tofu noodles. Yes, I'm eating tofu noodles and I can't tell any difference between them and regular pasta.

It's made me try so many things I haven't tried before and kept me motivated because I haven't felt hungry. Here's an example of my day - yogurt and Fiber One with cinnamon and stevia for breakfast (She wants us to eat greek yogurt, I'm okay to cook with it but I can't eat it as a meal so I've had to go to just fat free yogurt instead), lunch is turkey with light mayo on a 100 calorie bun with fruit - eating lots of blackberries because they are high in fiber - dinner is baked cod with spaghetti squash and salad with oil and vinegar dressing and Mrs. Dash. I'm so used to buying ready made foods, cooking is different but I'm learning to eat better, drink more water with lemon and I really feel better.

I travel next week and she has some helpful tips for what to do when eating out which I'm sure will be helpful. Can't wait to see the progress at week 4.
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