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on May 12, 2011
SGU is another amazing series, starting a bit rocky, but evolving wonderfully into another amazing SG show. Too bad the sad studios and Syfy can't get it together to provide viewers what they are asking for and continue the series...
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VINE VOICEon June 29, 2011
Once again, lacking patience and with only an eye on the bottom line, Syfy (or SciFi, or NBC Universal, or whatever) has cancelled a series that required development and did not provide immediate gratification/fulfillment. The ads want you to believe they support quality TV, but SyFy's actions say otherwise.

SGU was not everyone's cup of tea. Regardless, it was good TV. Imaginative, thought-provoking, different. And in current SyFy tradition, now cancelled.

So as a PSA, here's a short summation of how I see SysFy and its relationship to the channels' shows' fan bases -

"Battlestar Galactica" - under pressure throughout and barely makes it to the end; fans screwed because we could never be sure we would get a complete story. "Caprica" - brilliant - cancelled before it can get out of the starting blocks; again, fans screwed. "Stargate Atlantis" - cancelled before the envisioned end; fans screwed. "Stargate Universe" - really on the way up and destroyed by the network before it could get going; fans screwed.

"Firefly" not picked up by SyFy; fan base established and ready to support SyFy. Nope - fans screwed. "Defying Gravity" - hung out to dry by ABC leaving an amazed and distraught audience; fan base established and ready to support SyFy. Nope - fans screwed - not picked up by SyFy (which it probably could have had for a song).

Don't be surprised when "Eureka," "Warehouse 13," and "Haven" get the boot (or become ridiculous parodies of their earlier selves. For instance, "Sanctuary"). Fans - get ready to be screwed.

Instead, what does the channel that promotes itself as the imagination channel give us? MMA fighting, 10-year lame, failed series reruns, really bad Saturday night "blockbuster" (sarcasm) original movies, and ridiculous paranormal reality shows.

I'm done with SyFy. Won't spend another dime on your DVDs, won't watch the channel (live or DVR'd). I cancelled my magazine subscription. You screwed us; well, right back at ya. Good-bye and good riddance.

Bronx cheer.
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The "Stargate" franchise has literally run its course, some may feel. While others feel, similar to the "Star Trek" franchise, there are many stories that can still be told.

From "Stargate SG-1' to the animated series "Stargate Infinity" and then "Stargate Atlantis", here we are with the final season of "Stargate Universe", a series that met with fans who were split on whether they enjoyed or disliked the series. Unfortunately, for this series which began in 2009, there was no renewal for a third season and thus the second season ended with a cliffhanger, just when the series had made some major changes and had gotten better.

Should "Stargate Universe" had a chance to prove itself? Afterall, even the popular syndicated series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" had its haters and also didn't do well initially in the ratings, but given the chance to make the series better, it became one of the best "Star Trek" spinoff. So, I ask the question again, did SG-U deserve to be cancelled?

I'm sure that this will be a debate in which these split fans will continue to have varying opinions but the fact is, "Stargate" is over and in April 2011, "Stargate" producer announced that any plans for continuation of "Stargate" have been cancelled and that he had officially packed his desk. 17 years of "Stargate" on television and it looks as if this was the final nail on the popular military sci-fi franchise... Or is it?

Nevertheless, I have been watching Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper's series and I admit that the first season was OK but the second season was even better. I do dislike when a series never receives its full run and in this case, ending with a cliffhanger but still, the creators and the fans did all they can to keep the series going and one can hope that the story of "Stargate Universe" is completed in someway in the near future. May it be through a film, animation or even a novel, one can only hold on to that hope.

But for the fans who stuck with this series from beginning to end, here we are with "SG-U Stargate Universe: The Complete Final Season" featuring episode 21-40 on five DVD's and each DVD loaded with special features. It's a great sendoff for the series and while it may not make up for a lack of closure, this set is an appropriate & special features loaded DVD set for the fans of the series!


"SG-U Stargate Universe: The Complete Final Season" is presented in widescreen (1:78:1) and is presented in Englisy 5.1 Dolby Digital. As expected with DVD, you're going to see a wee bit of compression, especially since there is a lot of data from the special features and audio commentary included on each disc.

It is a shame though that the series that does feature a good amount of detail such as "Stargate Universe" will not get a Blu-ray release because this is one series that would look awesome in HD!

Surprisingly, the PQ is good for DVD and it helps that there are some scenes that are shot outdoors and scenes with a lot of lighting.

As for AQ, there are also some episodes that have a good amount of action and therefore you will hear scenes of explosions and laser blasts but once you get to the latter half of the season, this is where you hear the surround channels being utilized. Dialogue is clear and understandable.

Subtitles are in English SDH, French and Spanish.


"SG-U Stargate Universe: The Complete Final Season" comes with the following special features:


Robert Carlyle Directs - (4:16) Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush) directs the episode of "Pathogen". Executive Producer Brad Wright talks about giving Robert a chance to direct and Robert talks about directing and how he received his opportunity to direct.
Andy Mikata Directs - (2:06) Executive Producer Paul Mullie talks about Andy Mikata directing. Any Mikita and Paul Mullie talk about working on the episode "Intervention".
Eli's Mom Comes On Board - (3:11) Executive Producer Carl Binder talks about Eli's mom coming on-board.
Brian J. Smith's First Fight - (2:26) A featurette about Brian J. Smith (Lt. Matthew Scott) getting into his fighting sequence.
Crashing a Shuttle - (4:08) Designing the crashing of a shuttle on CG and making it look real. Mark Savela (Visual FX Supervisor) and Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper talk about how the scene was created.
The Seed Ship with Joe Mallozzi -(3:20) Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi talks about the seed ship on the episode "Awakening".
Saying Goodbye to Sgt. Riley - (2:59) Haig Sutherland (Sgt. Riley) talks about his death scene and his last day on set.
Lou Diamond Phillips on Guest Stars - (2:02) Loui Diamond Phillips talk about the guest stars in season 2.
Commentaries - Disc 1 features audio commentaries for "Intervention" featuring Louis Ferreira, Alaina Huffman and David Blue. "Aftermath" featuring Brian J. Smith and Jennifer Spence. "Awakening" featuring Andy Mikita, Patrick Gilmore and Mark Savela and "Pathogen" featuring David Blue and Ming-Na.

Disc 2:

Lt. Scott Gets Hit By a Car - (3:01) The making of a scene which features Lt. Scott being hit by a car. James "BamBam" Bradford (Stunt Coordinator) talks about the crash scene.
Inside Cloverdale with Brad Wright - (3:37) Executive Producer Brad Wright talks about Cloverdale.
How To Get Sucked Into Space - (3:07) For the episode "Trial and Error", James "BamBam" Bradford (Stunt Coordinator) talks about Lt. Scott gets sucked into space.
SG-U Welcomes You to New Mexico's Bisti Badlands - (19:41) A featurette about the filming in New Mexico's Bisti Badlands with Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper.
Commentaries - Featuring "Cloverdale" with Brian J. Smith and Elyse Levesque, "Trial and Error" with David Blue & Patrick Gilmore, "The Greater Good" featuring Louis Ferreira and Alaina Huffman and "Malice" featuring Jennifer Spence and Brian J. Smith.


Deconstructing Destiny - (27:24) An in-depth technical featurette on Destiny hosted by Patrick Gilmore from deconstructing Destiny's power, weapons, shields, FTL drive, the Ancient Chair, Communication Stones and the Bridge.
Commentaries - Featuring "Visitation" with Louis Ferreira and Alaina Huffman, "Resurgence" with David Blue and Patrick Gilmore, "Deliverance" with Jennifer Spence and Patrick Gilmore and "Twin Destinies" featuring Jennifer Spence, Patrick Gilmore and Peter Kelamis.


A Day in the Life of Jamil Walker Smith - (5:54) Jamil Walker Smith shows us his usual day. From arriving to work all the way to the end of a shooting day.
Transplant Day - (5:09) Executive Producer Carl Binder talks about doing a surgery on set. Alaina Huffman talks about shooting the transplant episode.
Sitting Down with Mike Dopud - (3:37) Executive Producer Carl Binder and Mike Dopud talks about the character Varro.
Bringing the Bridge to Life - (3:48) Executive Producer Brad Wright talks about the importance of the bridge for the series. Mark Davidson (Set Decorator) talks about the making of the bridge.
Louis Ferreria vs. Colonel Young - (4:00) Colonel Young in his Larry King voice interviews Louis Ferreria and other cast members.
Commentaries - Featuring "Alliances" with Ming-Na and Jamil Walker Smith, "Hope" with Jennifer Spence, Patrick Gilmore and Peter Kelamis, "Seizure" featuring Elyse Levesque and Brian J. Smith and "The Hunt" featuring Andy Mikita & Mark Savela.


Pitches: A Journey of Friendship and Discovery - (25:41) Patrick Gilmore and Peter Kelamis talk about the friendships they made on the set of "Stargate Universe".
Behind the Season 2 Finale - Gauntlet - (9:34) Crew and talent talk about working on the SG-U finale and how they feel about the series ending.
Commentaries - "Common Descent" featuring Jennifer Spence & Patrick Gilmore, "Epilogue" featuring Jennifer Spence, PAtrick Gilmore and Mike Dopud, "Blockade" featuring Andy Mikita & John Lenic and "Gauntlet" featuring Andy Mikita, John Lenic and Lauren Bancroft-Wilson.


It's a shame that "Stargate Universe" was not given the chance to make their corrections and a shame that many fans abandoned the series.

I've seen so many sci-fi TV series that started out dismally, finding new synergy and writers to improve the storyline of a series and I've seen networks give these sci-fi shows a chance. In some ways, I am quite surprised that SyFy abandoned "Stargate Universe" since the network have been active in promoting the series for nearly two decades. But a lot of networks known for a certain niche are starting to incorporate different programming and in the case of SyFy, Fridays which were typically Stargate night has been replaced by WWE Smackdown.

Granted, it's all business and the fact was that "Stargate Universe" lost a lot of its viewers after the first premiere episode didn't help and to make things worse, episode after episode, none were willing to come back and give it another chance for the second season. It's unfortunate because the writers did make the adjustment and improved upon the first season.

In fact, the talent seemed to gel, you can feel that everyone is much more comfortable playing the character, especially seeing the characters put into a variety of intense situations. The character development of this series was much better this time around. I bring up "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as an example because the first season didn't do all that great and the characters weren't yet as comfortable until that second season and we see it with SG-U, the only difference is that ST:TNG was given a chance and it was also syndicated.

It's sad because sci-fi TV series seem to have taken a back seat to vampire series and in the past, we would possibly have seen a network give SG-U a chance to prove itself but in this case, times have changed, business has changed and even the SyFy Channel has changed.

So, the question is...who is this DVD for?

For one, the fans of the series will surely pick it up as this is one jam-packed DVD with plenty of special features and audio commentary. And I can only hope that those who were watching the first season, will pick this second and final season on DVD to see how this season did improve.

But the fact is that the series ends with a cliffhanger and there is no sight of any conclusion coming any time soon. But even as a cliffhanger, writing-wise, it was touching of how they utilized Eli's character and sets up things for hopefully something in the future. May it be in by novel, movie or something. And I hope there is some closure for fans...hopefully something rather than nothing.

I was hoping SyFy would have allowed the series to tie up some loose ends with a movie, afterall, "Stargate" has been part of SyFy for a nearly two decades, at least give those fans who did stick with the series some closure. But I understand, at the end of the day, it's all business, afterall...

Overall, "Stargate Universe: The Complete Final Season" was a much better season than the first and it was getting good. The DVD is a wonderful set and a great sendoff for those who did take their time and stayed with the series from beginning through end and I also do recommend this series for those who stopped at the first season, I'm quite sure they will enjoy this second, final season much more, especially knowing that there is so much included on this DVD set. Once again, fans will definitely want to pick this DVD Set up!

Despite what the critics and hardcore fans of the franchise may have felt towards "SG-U", I give credit to the writers for making the much needed adjustments and making this final season worth watching and a final season DVD worth owning.
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on May 11, 2011
From start to end. This show has been nothing short of amazing. It actually surpassed my expectations from what I thought it be and it's predecessors. I am however heart struck with sadness that this program is coming to it's end. I will only hope there will be a movie to give this series some closure and gratitude and honor to those that have participated in it's beauty. If for whatever reason that fails to manifest. I wish to thank everyone that made this journey you have taken me on. I love you all!


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on May 15, 2011
Stargate universe had promise. Season one was dry and was going nowhere, but season two had more going for it. I wish those short term thinking morons gave it chance than pulling the plug too early.

I knew Syfy started to go downhill when it changed from "SciFi" to "ScyFy", started canceling good shows, showing horrendous "C" flicks, and later added shows like wrestling. I hope another company creates a science-fiction channel and promotes quality shows as well as staying true to fans/customers.

SGU was coming into its own, just needed time...
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on April 12, 2011
I am really enjoying the Season 2 episodes that started in March! The writing is fresh, character development is vibrant and I especially liked how the writers brought in old faces from the Stargate family. After a somewhat lackluster Year 1 I finally have a reason to stick with the series gets cancelled. Come on guys! The "boy genius" is breaking out of his one-dimensional shell (and occasionally out of his red shirt). Rush is becoming human (thanks in part for the time he spent with his doctor friend). Greer and Camile's interaction helped beautifully add much needed dimensionality to their roles. The show's intelligent moral dilemmas are endearing me to Universe like vintage StarTrek-Next Generation episodes. In my humble opinion, good science fiction has always depended more on how we humans reflect on our own humanity rather than on the technology and gee whiz special effects. Well, I'm starting to see more of these qualities in SG-U. My hat is off to the writers, actors, special effects staff and everyone who is responsible for the show exuding such life and joy. I have laughed and cried watching these recent episodes, fist pumping all the way. Hallelujah!

Don't pull the plug. Give us more of THIS kind of programming and I'm willing to bet that you could again earn an audience faithful to the StarGate franchise.
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on August 8, 2012
Honestly, SGU started out poorly. Way too much conflict between the characters, for no good reason. But as the first season developed, it just got more and more interesting. And the second season was just phenomenal, with some of the best scifi stories of any series in years. Visually, the show was amazing, and all that character conflict in the first season really started to pay off. When SyFy cancelled SGU and Caprica in short order, they basically crushed the best scifi on television in years. But the SGU folks went out on a high, as the final scene of the final episode was just brilliant, uplifting, poignant, and memorable. It was a perfect ending to the series, and it also could've been the perfect setup to the next season. Of all the series cancelled before their time, this one hurts more than most.

BUT, at least SyFy could do something to mitigate their error in cancelling the show, by finally RELEASING SEASON 2 ON BLU-RAY!!! It's just a slap in the face to the series' fans that it hasn't happened.
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36 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on June 19, 2012
This is an amazing series but was canceled way too prematurely. The SyFy channel is being ruined by canceling some of,their best shows. I will not buy this and support this channel. What a shame.
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21 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on February 8, 2011
I was a fan of both previous Stargate series but SGU has been the best of the three, in my opinion. I have become totally involved with the characters and storylines. It is a more mature, realistic program and the writing and acting are a step above the rest(not that there was anything lacking in the others, SGU is just exceptional). Don't get me wrong, I love aliens and spaceships and there have been fewer on SGU than SG1 and SGA but they were absolutely worth waiting for. Amazing and intense! So, of course, SGU has been cancelled. After showing the second half of season 2 this spring it will be over. What a waste! To have such a wonderful weekly experience shot out of the sky way before its time is so sad. I am looking forward to watching the last ten episodes and will order the Series 2 dvd as soon as it is available.
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41 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on May 11, 2011
While I wasn't a fan of SGU initially, the show did start to get very good in the second season. Sadly, SciFi Network decided to cancel this series at the end of season two to make way for more wrestling, ghost chases and cooking shows; is this HGTV or SciFi Network? I won't be buying the dvd's simply because I no longer buy anything on dvd. I'll be waiting to see if they release the blu-ray in the US and, if not, I'll be ordering the UK blu-ray release of season 2.
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