Star Trek: The Next Generation 7 Seasons 1990

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Season 3
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11. The Hunted TV-PG CC

The Enterprise is bombarded by a soldier who is the victim of government mind control which turns him into a violent killer.

Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes
46 minutes
Original air date:
January 8, 1990

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The Hunted

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Season 3
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Customer Reviews

Well written, good characters and story line.
I'm a Star Trek fan, and for me this season of The Next Generation is as good as Star Trek gets.
U. Hanna
The audio and video quality of the DVD is movie quality.
Roger J. Buffington

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143 of 155 people found the following review helpful By Colin Neal on March 10, 2002
Format: DVD
Now this is where it gets interesting! After the shortened and varied second season, The Next Generation finally gets going in the third season. Not only is the writing brilliant but the production values have had a shot in the arm. The revised title sequence is much stronger and the title music is re-mixed. The entire ship looks and sounds better too, with the new uniforms with the collars (much better).
A new director of photography was brought whose lighting technique allowed them to get rid of that "this is obviously filmed in a studio" look when creating planet side sequences. This season also has some of the best scores to accompany the series before it became a constant rehash of the same orchestral sequences later on in the programme. Ron Jones does a particularly excellent job, especially with "The Best of Both Worlds" and newcomer Jay Chattaway's score to "Tin Man" turned a mediocre episode into something more emotional.
This season shines with great episodes such as The Enemy (Romulans!), The Defector (real spy thriller stuff), The Hunted, The High Ground (terrorist episode). There are however 2 stunners: "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "The Best of Both Worlds." Alternative timelines and the Borg have always made some of the best episodes - Yesterday's Enterprise gives Tasha Yar a chance to return for an episode where the Federation is still at war with the Klingons. The Best of Both Worlds is the high point of the entire series - great story, great effects, great music, and that feeling of "they can't do that" when the "To be continued...." line appeared on the screen. Great stuff.
Episode List:
The Ensigns of Command
The Survivors
Who Watches The Watchers?
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213 of 239 people found the following review helpful By Ned on May 9, 2002
Format: DVD
This third release of Star Trek The Next Generation on DVD contains all of the episodes of its third season. During the third season we see Dr. Crusher return to the series, we see Sarek (Spock's Father) and a favorite of many the Borg are back.
All 26 episodes are contained on 7 disks.
Evolution - The crew assists Dr. Paul Stubbs in a research experiment. Wesley accidentally releases nanites and the ship is plagued by serious malfunction and possible disaster.
The Ensigns of Command - Data is sent to Tau Cygna Five to evacuate the human settlers there before the Sheliak come to destroy them.
The Survivors - The Enterprise finds two survivors on Delta Rana IV, an old man and his wife who refuse to leave. Troi is being driven mad by music in her head, and Picard wrestles with an elusive alien vessel in orbit.
Who Watches the Watchers - Riker and Troi masquerade as Mintakans, in an attempt to find a missing anthropologist. Picard is seen and believed him to be a god.
The Bonding - An archaeologist is killed on an Away mission, leaving behind his young son. Picard must play a game of wits with a powerful alien force that wants to raise the boy.
Bobby Trap - The Enterprise becomes ensnared in a 1000-year-old booby trap.
The Enemy - Marooned on Galorndan Core with a Romulan crash survivor, Bochra, Geordi and he must learn to put their differences aside in order to survive.
The Price - The Enterprise is host to the negotiations of the rights to the Barzan Wormhole. But a Ferengi DaiMon has plans to sabotage the conference, and Troi learns a dark secret about Devinoni Ral.
The Vengeance Factor - The Enterprise attempts to assist in the cease-fire between the Acamarians and the Gatherers.
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76 of 83 people found the following review helpful By Stephen Eutsey on March 29, 2002
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Is this the same TNG? Wow, so much so that I think fans often look back at season 3 as what propelled the show to its legendary status. Lets review the changes: first, it appears that many of the officers get new quarters. Data's quarters in seasons 1 and 2 resemble a receiving room in an airport hangar; here he and everyone else get really nice, spatious living areas. The uniforms have been mentioned by a number of people: they go from tight stretched, peel-off-to-undress-looking T-shirts and tights to collared, sweatshirt-resembling uniforms without that annoying seam down the middle of the chest. Now there is a place for command rank pips (there's a 1st season episode where Picard's pips are bunched together at one end and spread out at the other end!). There is a new and better title sequence. The crew begin to settle into their positions and pesonalities as well. Troi is more at ease, her empathic powers more even and toned down. Geordi, perhaps my favorite of the characters, settles into his chief of engineering position for good (in season 1, you never knew what the crew would be doing each episode - Data might be chief of security and Worf the transporter chief). Q is back and isn't so malevolent as in the 1st and 2nd seasons; he becomes more of a trickster character from here on through Voyager. Riker and Picard are more trusting of each other, and thank goodness Dr. Crusher is back to stay! Why didn't Dr. Pulaski work out? Because she was supposed to be like Dr. McCoy. Two things are wrong with that: no one could ever be like Dr. McCoy, and the restriction banning any personal conflict between characters was still in place then.
That leads me to say as well that what helped the show this season more than anything was the stability in the front office.
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