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on April 10, 2009
First off, let me say the show itself is great and very funny, and deserves five-stars. The only reason the DVD didn't get five-stars is because it isn't perfect. Namely, it is missing two features that appeared on the UK version: audio commentaries for each episode and outtakes. It doesn't make sense really, considering the UK version is also one-disc, so I don't think it was a space issue. And what's worse, when BCI Eclipse was going to release it (which they sent out review copies for) it included them! So, if you really like the show, and have the ability to watch a UK DVD, you'd be better off getting that so you don't miss anything.
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on February 7, 2009
I was shocked and bewildered at how ridiculously funny and entertaining The IT Crowd is! I have not laughed this hard in years! I would love to find new ways to communicate just how much this show rocks, and I would love to emphasize to everyone just how much you NEED to check this show out!

Stellar and amazing, The IT Crowd gets my absolute highest recommendation, and my highest rating of approval.

5 stars....... Absolutely brilliant!
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on February 2, 2009
The IT Crowd is more gold from the united kingdom. The jokes are not too nerdy but there are enough nerd-core in-jokes that the geek in your life will love this series. Fantastic character work pull off a simple idea and make it phenomenal.
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What Reynholm Industries actually creates or produces or sells is a mystery, but what the IT department of Reynholm Industries produces is terrific comedy led by a talented trio playing Jen, Roy, and Moss (ably assisted as the show progresses by whomever is the head of Reynholm in this first season, and that's all I'll say about that). You will laugh your head off at the nerdy way of things.

The players: Jen, the "dynamic go-getter" whose idea of lots of computer experience (a nice little fib at her job interview) is turning the computer on and off, sending and receiving email, rinse, repeat. In other words, zip qualifications to work as the manager of IT, the department exiled to the nearly windowless squalor of the basement. She gets the job all the same.

The IT department's tech-savvy workers are Roy and Moss. Roy is Irish and Moss has a guffaw-inducing strictly parted afro. They're consummate nerds (look at the posters, the t-shirts, the games they play, the social awkwardness). But with Jen at the help as the "people person" to buffer for the non-people people that are Roy and Moss, a team gels that continues to fall into mishaps that ensure laughter.

Trust me, the show is way, way better than my encapsulation. Moss is my particular fave. In series one, the episode where he has to lie is a hoot. My fave Moss-mess in this series is the fire episode. He's wonderful in his lack of practical knowledge. In later series, he just keeps getting funnier and more clueless about practical, non-IT matters.

Jen, though not a nerd, is hilarious in other ways (the SHOE episode!), as well as offering an earnest ambition and likability.

Roy is hot-tempered and feisty and will make you chuckle at his frustration at the computer illiteracy of others. His standard answer of "Did you try turning it on and off?" and "Are you sure it's plugged in?" will be a running gag for a few episodes, but in fresh ways.

Nerds rule comedically here, and you'll love their antics. Brits manage to be goofy and funny BUT smart, too. And this is another beloved Brit-Com to add to the list. My hubby, a software engineer, likes the little in-jokes that can be found in the accessories (posters, knick-knacks, t-shirts).

Each set/series has six episodes. In series one you have:

Yesterday's Jam--Jen is hired as manager, and the guys want her gone on the grounds of her not knowing squat about IT. But people skills count for something, yes?

Calamity Jen-- the shoes episodes. My husband and I nearly had laugh-induced strokes over the emergency number (the Brit version of 911). OMIGOSH, I won't ruin it for you, but it's dangerously funny.

Fifty-Fifty--bad date/dating episode. "Poop" on the forehead, too.

The Red Door--Roy is trapped under a desk with two female employees sitting on either side. No escape! And the wonderful Richmond (goth hilarity ensues) is discovered in the basement.

The Haunting of Bill Crouse--Jen is in avoidance mode, and Moss, bad at lying, panics and tells everyone she's dead. Heh.

Aunt Irma Visits--the IT boys are affected by Jen's monthly cycle. It becomes and epidemic of sympathetic PMS among nerds.

Supreme Thumbs Up! And just think, you have two more seasons to look forward to. Long live the IT CROWD.
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on December 22, 2007
This has got to be one of the funniest TV shows I've watched this year. Whether you work in the IT industry or not, you will laugh. Watch out for the homage to old computer games in the title credits.
Its worth buying a cheap all region player to view such funny shows.
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on November 13, 2007
It's absolutely horrible this is only available as a Region 2 DVD, because this show is hilarious. There are only 6 episodes in this season, but each one is as funny as the next.

Even if you're not a fan of British comedies, you should check this out. I'd like to get a region free DVD player just so I can own this DVD, but until then I'll settle for what I can find on Youtube.
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on January 16, 2009
No, the DVD isn't out as I write this, but I want to encourage North Americans who haven't seen the show to check it out on BBC America. This is the funniest show I've seen for years. My husband will get me this DVD for Mother's Day if he knows what's good for him. :)
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on January 16, 2013
I decided to catch this show on Netflix based on the great performances of two actors in REALLY bad American films (Ayoade in "The Watch" and O'Dowd in "Bridesmaids"). As bad as those two films were (IMO), I thought they stood out and had not heard of them doing a show together...particularly one this funny!!

From the cheesy 8 bit graphics of the opening credits, to the set design (a geek/technofile's dream if you really pay very close attention to the items laying about their basement office), this is easily one of my favorite BritComs (next to SPACED that is). Although it pre-dates "Big Bang Theory" by a year, if you are a fan of "BBT", you simply must check out The IT Crowd. Moreso if you miss how funny "Big Bang" USED to be before they "jumped the shark" or "nuked the fridge" in season four.

The more I go back and watch these episodes (bought all four seasons since Netflix no longer streams the show), the more I even pick up similarities to a little show called "Seinfeld". Now...before you Seinfeld fanatics seek to berate me with your scorn, think about it. Seinfeld was really the first show on TV that truly perfected the method of finding insanity in the mundane. I find this show, on several occasions, manages to put incredibly mundane situations into the realm of absurdity.

In short...I can't recommend this show enough!
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on November 26, 2013
This show is just off the hook. I would love to see an American re-make, but it might be confused with a Big Bang Theory rip off.


First of all, it's older. The humor is the British fondness for nonsense.

While Moss is by far the most facinating character, the others are not fillers or straight men. The show is a good laugh all around.
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on May 18, 2009
There aren't too many things that make me laugh until I cry - the IT Crowd is one of those things though. British comedy at its finest. Had to buy a copy for my brother the minute I saw the US version.
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