Customer Reviews: The IT Crowd: Season 2
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on June 23, 2009
I came across this show on IFC after watching another movie on that channel and being too lazy to turn just thought I would take a peek then turn if it wasn't interesting. Like the other reviewer, within minutes I was laughing so hard my neighbors came up to my unit asking what in the world was so funny as they could hear me through the ceiling. It was the episode where they were doing the geek calendar! The thing about british humor is that you eiter get it or you don't. I haven't laughed this hard since Ab Fab. I can't wait for my copy of season one arrives. I feel myself laughing already.
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The first season of the Britcom geekfest "The IT Crowd" was absolutely brilliant, technonerdy, and gutsplittingly funny. Guess what: the second season is actually better than the first -- it introduces a new insane boss to make life difficult for the IT department, and has them grappling with the difficulties of dinner parties, funerals, gay musicals ("It's a gay musical called 'Gay'... that's very gay") and assorted other problems.

Jen is annoyed when a possible date with the attractive Philip is turned into a "work outing" to a musical, and further annoyed when Roy pronounces Philip to be gay. Except the musical turns out to be a gay extravaganza, and Philip is well-acquainted with every gay person associated with it. In the meantime, Roy and Moss's efforts to find a bathroom without an attendant lead to a disastrous pair of mistaken identities.

Then when Denholm (or Reynholm, I'm not quite sure) walks out a high window, the IT department is threatened with doom at his disastrous funeral, and Roy becomes convinced that he's about to die. Then Roy becomes obsessed with watching a Korean zombie movie (with a twist!), while Moss's efforts to see new people ("We're stagnating, Roy! You're my wife!") have him signing up for a cookery course... except it's not really a course, but a personal ad run by a German cannibal.

Then when Jen has a dinner party for her friends and her new boyfriend's friends, she ends up having to invite Roy, Moss and Richmond... and her friends turn out to be a twittering nervous flake, a mummified model, and a drunken randy divorcee. Hijinks ensue. And when Jen complains about her bad bras, Moss creates the ultimate bra (which he calls the "Abracadabra") and plans to patent it... but as Jen finds out during a vital meeting, there are downsides to this bra! Finally, the new boss Dougkas makes Jen his new P.A., despite her reluctance to leave her nerdy friends -- but of course it's all a big clumsy attempt at seduction. With naked pictures and suggestive commercials.

Living bras, dead flies, really mean anti-piracy ads, German cannibals ("He WANTED to EAT YOU!"), the ultimate cell phone vibrate setting, handicapped bathrooms, gay musicals and a guy with the unfortunate name of "Peter File" (say it fast and out loud). "The IT Crowd: The Complete Second Season" piles the increasingly bizarre sitcom problems on our already overburdened, underappreciated IT personnel, and it actually is funnier than the season that came before it.

Part of this is from the brilliant writing, which is riddled with surreal situations (Moss's bra bursts into flames... on Jen's body) and weird dialogue ("If two grown men can't make a pervert happy for a few minutes in order to watch a film about zombies, then maybe we should pack up and move to Iran!"). And while the IT department's social awkwardness is still the main theme, their problems have become even stranger with time (Jen finds that the smoker's area looks a lot like a downtrodden Communist country, complete with Eastern European accents).

The three main actors are still utterly brilliant -- Katherine Parkinson's Jen struggles to avoid Douglas' ridiculously blatant come-ons, and falls prey to an old addiction; Richard Ayoade's twitchy Moss remains socially inept and jerky, but turns out to have some brilliant scientific skills; and Chris O'Dowd's Roy remains a bored slob who ends in over his head more than once. And Noel Fielding has some fun with mellow goth Richmond, who finds an unlikely girlfriend, contemplates evil omens ("I trod on a piece of Lego"), and turns out to have Spiderman-like powers.

And Matt Berry joins the cast as the very dramatic Douglas Denholm ("SPEAK, PRIEST!"), whose main goal seems to be to have sex with Jen. He's as crazy and out-of-touch as his dad, but way more lecherous.

More potent in its surreal comedy and awkward hilarity, "The IT Crowd: The Complete Second Season" is an absolute must-see for comedy fans.
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on July 4, 2009
The laughs continue in Season 2 of The IT Crowd, which spends most of its time putting the show's three central characters -- Roy, Moss and Jen -- into outrageous situations and pushing those situations to hilarious, politically incorrect extremes. The first episode of the season sets the stage as Roy and Moss join Jen and her allegedly straight date to a performance of "Gay - The Gay Musical." Midway through the show, Roy makes the mistake of using the handicapped person's toilet. As with every episode, the situation plays out in a brisk, satisfactorily resolved 23 or so minutes. Episode two sees the suicide of corporate malfeasant Denholm Reynholm and the introduction of his son Douglas (played by Matt Berry) as the new head of the company whose lecherous ways introduce an ongoing theme of workplace harassment. (The switch is a good one, shaking up the dynamic of a show before Denholm's manic corporate energy started to wear out its welcome on viewers.) Those easily offended should be warned that this series also finds humor in cannibalism, exploding bras and date rape drugs. But if you're looking for laughs, you'll find plenty of them in The IT Crowd, a geek-character-based show that only gets stronger in version 2.0.
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VINE VOICEon October 6, 2009
I started watching this on a friend's recommendation on IFC and I am glad I did. It involves people from two shows I love, Black Books and Look Around You and I can say if you like that type of humor, you will like the IT Crowd. If you work in IT, you will love it more. I mean, critics say oh the "have you turned it on and off" line isn't funny...but have any of those people worked in IT? Probably not. Most computer problems can be solved by turning the computer on and off or plugging it in. And this is why it is to frustrating for IT people to talk to the normals upstairs and they seem to always be in a dark room or basement.

The actors are so funny. Moss, Roy, Jen, the ignorant bosses and the goth guy Richmond, who is locked away in the IT's dungeon. I find it witty and original. Whoever said the laughter is canned, it isn't. They show it being filmed in front of an audience, it's real sound. They truly jump into their character roles without being too cliche. The jokes come at you a mile a minute too. Even the minor characters are great. There is also a lot of Mighty Boosh crossovers here, namely Noel Fielding and Richard fans of that would find this show worthwhile too. It's got about the same vibe, though the IT Crowd is a lot less surreal. Where Mighty Boosh can be hit or miss, the IT Crowd is always on target. Haven't seen even a just ok episode yet, which is amazing to me. It reminds me a lot of the wonderful Black Books, where every show was worthwhile and hilarious. It has ideas that other comedy shows don't cannibalism or making light of car crash victims or doing a Russian movie parody of smokers. To me, if you have a sense of humor that is not witty or cynical, you might as watch The Big Bang Theory, which isn't that funny at all. I think they actually copied from the IT Crowd and put a hot girl into the mix instead of a Jen type, but I am so smitten by pale English girls that look normal, that appeals a lot more to me than what a "hot"girl is. To me, the hot, overly tan, dumb lead girl is so clique. Jen has smarts, even if she doesn't know what IT means. She shows it in other ways and isn't a cliche. None of the characters, even Richmond, is a total cliche. That is why it is refreshing to watch. So watch it!

But what I like most in the work put into the DVD. All the graphic scenes are well done and run for a really long time. You can get a chuckle out of the graphics as well as the episodes. The menus are awesome, the Russian graphic/cigarette Tetris is great, the Street Fighter parodies are awesome, wait for it at least four times, you won't be disappointed. Whomever did the graphic work on this really took the show into consideration. The commentary is good as well, found out a lot about the show and motivations of its writer/director.
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on June 17, 2009
I caught an episode of this show one weekend on IFC not too long ago. I saw an ad for it shortly before it was on, and thought, "looks kind of lame" but I was lazy, and left it on. Within the first couple of minutes, I was laughing harder than I have at a sitcom in a long time, it was the episode where Roy tries to fit in with some "manly" men at a pub, and ends up their getaway driver on a robbery. I searched around online, to see if I could find more eps, and was pleasantly surprised to see it was offered on Amazon. Having seen the first series, I'm just shocked that the writers were able to cram as much hilarity into each episode as they do. Then as I looked into it, I discovered it was created by the guy who wrote Father Ted. That explains it all! :)

Can't wait for series 2 to be released.
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on November 28, 2009
I was told about this show by a friend who's opinion I generally agree with when it comes to TV/Movies. I checked out the 2nd season from my public library. The Gay Musical episode is so funny that my wife and I had to watch it twice the same night. (and no the Gay Musical episode is not pro-gay or anti-gay, it's just a launching pad for humor) I have since purchased the second season. The first season is really good, the third season started really slow, but the last two episodes are great (loved: friendface)
My only complain is that there are only 6 episodes per season. Give me more!
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on September 18, 2009
This show is great. I mean really great. Don't be put off by what sounds like a laugh track--it is filmed in front of a live audience that is REALLY REALLY enjoying themselves.
The only letdown was the special feature about the taping of the show--it kept messing up!!! grrrr

There are some excellent episodes in Season 2. Gay the gay musical is a HOOT! Those boys are such trouble. So inept.

The dinner party one kills me too! HAR HAR HAR :)
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on April 3, 2014
Seriously, people. If you're the target audience for this show, and you know if you are or not after watching a couple of episodes (or youtube snippets), you MUST own this. And all the other seasons, of course.

What's the worst part of this show? That it ends after only 25 episodes.

And yes, there are extras with every season. And yes, you will want to watch all of them, even if some of the extras are just "eh".
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on October 6, 2009
Season 2 of the IT Crowd continues the witty insanity of Roy, Moss and Jen (and the Goth guy living in the server room). The first episode is perhaps the family favorite: Roy gets caught using the handicapped bathroom and plays "disabled" for the rest of the episode. Whenever any of our "crowd" does something odd, they just roll their eyes and say "I'm disabled" and it's a funny running joke. Just for those who have not seen this, there is no disrespect at all to handicapped people; it's Roy's personality that's "disabled". This is ensemble comedy at its best. Each person's quirks come out in new and surprising ways; the episodes all seem fresh and not rehashed at all. You just have to leave all sanity at the door and come along for the ride. There is just enough real world situations and context to set off the antics and each key cast member is a master of comedic timing, facial expressions and vocal expression. Highly enjoyable!
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on August 16, 2014
This is a real entertaining show. For US fans looking for good UK shows, this is it. My favorite episode involves destroying the internet, so if you can only afford one of the four seasons, search out that season. That episode is clearly my favorite of all time.
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