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It's about time! Of all the British sitcoms that I've watched through the years (and there have been more than I can count), I never understood why "The Inbetweeners" hadn't received more notoriety or even a proper DVD release for North American audiences. Finally, I'm thrilled that Entertainment One is correcting this egregious oversight. This program, in my opinion, has enormous cross-over appeal and is one of the better coming-of-age efforts that you're likely to encounter. It miraculously manages to feel both truthful and absolutely absurd and that's not easy to do! Featuring a quartet of prep school boys navigating the road to adulthood, the show plays to similar themes that we've seen countless times in other TV shows and movies. But with sharp writing and a spot-on cast, these misadventures seem refreshingly original. Bawdy and crude, the screenplays also succeed with smarts and wit. That's why I really love this show. It's quality entertainment masquerading as lowbrow humor, but it's more biting and daring and absolutely merciless than most conventional TV fare.

The four friends at the center of "The Inbetweeners" aren't quite in the popular crowd, but they still aspire to make their mark. To do so, however, they will face countless humiliations. There is no plan that they can't derail, no situation that they can't make awkward. By trying too hard to fit in, they stick out even further. Just like real life. Early episodes revolve around Will (the impeccable Simon Bird) as he transfers to a new school and ends up with an equally maladjusted trio played by James Buckley, Blake Harrison, and Joe Thomas. Buckley life is filled with bravado and big stories as he constantly brags about sexual escapades that seem rather unlikely. Harrison is the requisite dimwit, hilarious in his offbeat view of the world. And Thomas spends much of his time pining for a girl who has been a lifelong friend. When Bird enters the scene, he thinks he is above it all but soon becomes the target of bullies which pushes him into the new social circle. You believe these four could be actual friends, and each actor perfectly embodies his role.

The Complete Series consists of three seasons worth of episodes. This being British TV, however, each season is only comprised of 6 episodes. So here you are getting a total of 18 episodes at about 24 minutes each for a total package for over 7 hours.

Season One: (1) The First Day, (2) Bunk Off, (3) Thorpe Park, (4) Girlfriend, (5) Caravan Club, and (6) Xmas Party.
Season Two: (1) The Field Trip, (2) Work Experience, (3) Will's Birthday, (4) Night Out In London, (5) The Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and (6) Exam Time.
Season Three: (1) The Fashion Show, (2) The Gig and The Girlfriend, (3) Will's Dilemma, (4) Trip to Warwick, (5) Will is Home Alone, and (6) Camping Trip.

I truly love this show and give it the highest recommendation possible. It was twice nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Comedy, Bird was nominated twice as Best Actor and Buckley picked up one nod. Simon Bird, in fact, won two British Comedy Awards for this role and the show picked up that top prize for its 2010 season. Hilarious and occasionally heartfelt, you'll identify with these boys more than you'll care to admit. One of my favorites. KGHarris, 4/12.
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My fellow Amazon reviewer - K. Harris - has already posted a very detailed review of this DVD so I won't repeat much of what he has written (all of which I agree with) but, rather, add some more info that I think you will find helpful.

"The inbetweeners" ran on the commercial Channel Four network in the UK from 2008-2010 and, as K mentions - British TV series are only usually six or seven episodes per season. So this DVD package from eONE contains all three seasons.

The series follows four boys in a "comprehensive school" in the UK. (Wikipedia defines "comprehensive school" as a state run school similar to high schools in the US. The four main characters are obviously "under 18" (as many lines in the script refer to that) but we're not sure what grade they are in since they seem about 17 in the first season and continue in class as the seasons progress.

One thing to say for these guys is that their hormones are working overtime. They want to "have at it" with not only the young "birds" in school but - ready for this? - with their friends mothers. (If this fact shocks you, then this is probably not a series you will want to watch - honestly - but it's all done with a sense of raunchy humor. I found that a lot of the language and situations in the short 25-minute episodes - reminded me of the "American Pie" series of movies. And I at times it went even further. This may have been a TV series but it probably exceeds most US cable shows in the number of times the F-word and similar expletives are used. And there is nudity but most often bare male buttocks. And the "toilet humor" is not just a style of humor, but a lot of scenes seem to occur in a toilet. And there is virtually a "bodily function" joke at least once in every episode. Again, I'm just pointing this out for those who may not know what they are getting into.

At the same time I was watching this DVD, I've been catching up on the US TV series (on broadcast TV) "The Big Bang Theory". Like "The Inbetweeners" it revolves around four friends (this time they are post college geniuses) and their attempts to meet women (including the "hottie" across the hall. Each of the four is distinct and in a few cases they parallel the four guys in "The Inbetweeners".

This series seems to have a cult following and I must say that, once I knew what to expect, I had a lot of fun watching the series. It's definitely over the top but most guys can relate to similar experiences. (well some, anyway).

The eOne set is LOADED with bonuses, though they are probably for the true fan more than the casual viewer. Each of the three discs has a separate "making of" or "behind the scenes" featurette, plus a "video diary" created by the cast. There are deleted scenes and outtakes (these last items under a minute each) and more.

So, check your inhibitions as to language and check out the guys in this DVD. It really is a lot of fun.

By the way, the series was followed by a "feature film" about the quartet's post school years, which as not yet been released on DVD in the US. Since the "trailer" is the first thing you see on this set, and the DVD has an insert saying the film will be "in Theaters September 2012", I guessing that eOne will release it on DVD by the end of the year.

I hope you found this review both informative and helpful.

Steve Ramm
"Anything Phonographic"
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on June 25, 2011
Perhaps the number 1 English language comedy. This is not subtle humor (sex talk and innuendo dominate) and the language is typically English and un-edited, thus may not be for everyone. However, I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud so often.

A tip that I passed on before. Purchase for +-$40 a region free DVD player and purchase non USA DVD's from Amazon UK. The savings (even with the shipping) will more than make up for the cost.
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on July 23, 2012
I first saw the show when I visited the UK in 2009. I am a huge fan and clearly this is a very biased review. I originally purchased the DVDs but they were coded for a different region. So, sadly, after watching them on my MacBook a few times, I had to place the DVD's in a closet since I ran out of options regarding choosing a particular region for viewing.

So, here we are in 2012, and the boys have finally jumped the pond. Wonderful. They're on iTunes as well but you can only get seasons 2 and 3 via that service. I understand the movie will be out on DVD in the US later this year, still another reason to live just a little bit longer! :-)

The boy's friendship is evident in each very well-written episode and the situations hilarious. Their experiences and motivations tend to focus on girls and the related angst is typical for their age group For American viewers, think Animal House meets the Big Bang Theory, but with more cursing and British accents.
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on January 20, 2011
The Inbetweeners is a hysterical series on secondary school life and the twists and turns of the character. The four main characters are well- developed and each have their own traits which are hilarious. Please note this series is not for children under age 15 or so as much of the language is crude.
This is truly a laugh out loud show which is typical of British comedy. We loved the box set and have watched it many times. The humour is still funny even when you have seen the episode more than once. I hope they will continue with this series.
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on August 6, 2012
The description said for "all regions" which doesn't exist. However, the DVD series arrived and I'm happy to say it works in any DVD player within the USA! Finally. Now when will the film be released on DVD? It will be in theaters on September 7th, but what about owning it? Hilarious! Buy if for a great laugh regardless of your age.
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It wasn't but two or three decades back that the late John Hughes made being a teen cool again. Especially for girls. No offense to any of the fans of his movies, but Hughes always played more in the girls' wholesome sandbox than he ever did the boys. Granted, boys were always present - in much the same way a young Anthony Michael Hall sought after and showed a girl's underwear in exchange for a dollar bill - but they were never front and center. Molly Ringwald was. A few years back, the film SUPERBAD kinda/sorta did for teenage boys what PRETTY IN PINK and SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL did long before for girls - with some modest thematic differences - and thank goodness the British import THE INBETWEENERS explores similar territory.

After all, what's it truly like to be a teenager boy? No longer a child but not yet a man, the `inbetweener' is constantly barraged with peer pressure in ways too numerous to recount. From beers to girls - from driving to drinking - a young man's life is little more than an assortment of one misadventure to the next. He doesn't wanna disappoint his girl, but he can't live with alienating his `mates,' either. THE INBETWEENER mines the inescapable embarrassment of being a teen in modern times. Even when that means having the hots for your best friend's mother!

Will McKenzie (played by Simon Bird) is enduring a tween-life crisis. His mother (the comely Belinda Stewart-Wilson) is divorcing his dad, and the loss of household income forces her to put Will in public school. The transition from jacket-and-tie existence to less formal uniforms is the least of his worries when he befriends lovable dufus Simon (Joe Thomas), the always clueless Neil (Blake Harrison), and borderline sex pervert Jay (James Buckley). Together, they'll wreck havoc all over town, even when they don't intend it, and they'll brave the tail end of their adolescent years with the hearts on their sleeves, the smell of beer on their breath, and the dreams of their next shagging in their minds!

Put aside your understandable prudishness and fully embrace what it was like to be a raving `tween' again. I've no doubt that you had friends like Will, Simon, Neil, and Jay in "the best years of your life," and maybe you still do today, though I'll hope (if you won't) that they've matured somewhat. Yes, there are some borderline offensive jokes, and, yes, there are a few subject matters (like pedophilia, for example) that are treated with kid gloves a bit too much ... but there's still an awful lot of innocuous charm wrapped up in what it meant to make it through the era of raging hormones, acne, your first beer, your first kiss, your first club, your first fight, and making out beneath the bleachers.

THE INBETWEENERS: THE COMPLETE SERIES was produced by Bwark Productions and Young Films. DVD distribution (stateside) is being handled by Foundry Communications and EntertainmentOne. It all looks and sounds solid, and - for those of you like me who sometimes struggle with British accents - there's even an English-subtitling track. Each season includes six episodes (three discs total), and each disc includes a solid handful of special features including deleted scenes, outtakes (not all that funny, but there are a few clever moments), video diaries, behind-the-scenes specials, and audio commentaries.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. As is the nature of bawdy comedies, THE INBETWEENERS certainly isn't for everyone. I will say that it wasn't as raunchy as it could've been, and I'm comfy admitting that not all of the territory covered was all that hilarious. Still, the program approached so much of the boys' misadventures with a sense of benign harmlessness that I found it easy to won over by the charm and commitment of the four leads. Plus, there's a major motion picture that made a bucket of money from the British box office, so if you're looking for a solid primer before catching it theatrically in the U.S. , you might be well served. At times offensive but more often delightful, THE INBETWEENERS deserves to be discovered, at least, by like-minded male nitwits the world wide over.

In the interests of fairness, I'm pleased to disclose that the good folks at Foundry Communcations and EntertainmentOne provided me with a DVD screener copy of THE INBETWEENERS: THE COMPLETE SERIES by request for the expressed purposes of completing this review.
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on February 12, 2011
I can only second the reviewer above me, in saying this series is absolutely hilarious. I highly recommend it. There is language, as well as nudity but what else is to be expected in a series about teenage boys. But beyond that they are oddly charming, and every episode made me laugh aloud.
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on March 29, 2015
This is easily the funniest show I have seen in a long time. The antics the characters get into reminds me of high school. I first discovered this show on Netflix and was instantly hooked from the first episode. This dvd collection is great but there is one problem. The music from the series is removed and replaced by other songs. This is the only downside of the dvd collection. In some cases it doesn't matter but during Neil's dance routine at the cavern club the choice of song matters. It was originally "sexy back" and this dvd replaces it with some weird country song. It must have been for licensing issues but it is still frustrating.
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on April 22, 2013
Inbetweeners! really can one say more....

ok i will ... IT BEATS! the hell out of any high school tv show made in america in the last 15 years

because it's more like how high school is and not the sweat Fale made up junk that US. Tv throws up every few years yea i'm talk about 90210 The lam Creek One Free Hill and Orange county all that White teeth perfect everything that is NOT! NOT! Real about life in High school "Inbetweeners!" is and they said and did it all in just 3 sessions and One Cool movie!
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