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on April 7, 2014
I had seen parts of Ang Lee's Hulk so I had little hope for this one, but I am a Marvel Fan and wanted to see how they did this one, I thought it was much closer to the comic than the other, better story all around, and Tony coming in at the end is perfect!
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on May 31, 2016
Easily the weakest link in the Mighty Marvel chain of movies, with a orphaned plot line and abandoned cast, but still fun to watch. Not terrible (especially compared to the 2003 attempt at a Hulk movie), but compared to most of the other Marvel movies it's definitely the odd one out. The post-credits "Easter Egg" and William Hurt as "Thunderbolt" Ross who just turned up in "Captain America: Civil War" are the only things that tie it to the rest of the series.
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on July 24, 2015
I give this product five stars because it works and I had no issues with it. The movie was not my favorite of the Marvel classics, so I would probably give it four stars. My husband requested getting all the Marvel movies so we had the full collection. I have a ways to go, but this is a great start. Also, it is really hard to beat the price of this product! Good deal!
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on April 28, 2016
Awesome looking bluray, I have all the Marvel Phase One on BD but this, now it is complete. Just the bluray, no digital code, decent price, fast shipping, great movie. I like Mark Ruffalo as Banner now, but thought Norton did well in his version.
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on March 7, 2014
I love this movie, but I have to admit that I like the actor who plays Banner/Hulk in the Avengers better. He plays it much like the old TV show from back in the 70's. One this that I absolutely loved was the small segment where they showed a bit of Bill Bixby's old TV show, The courtship of Eddie's Father. It was a small but great tribute to the actor. I also loved them using Lou Firigno (not sure of the spelling there) as a cameo. The actor is deaf which makes him a favorite of my mom's because she is also deaf.
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on August 15, 2015
This movie is not up to par with the other recent Marvel series (Ironman, Avengers, Thor). The acting is good, the sets are good, even the plot is all right, but the special effects around the Hulk are inconsistent and the ending is lame. Bruce's changes into Hulk sometimes take forever and sometimes happen in seconds; Hulk sometimes appears to be a really large person in it 10 ft tall...and other times he towers over the trees at what must be 25 ft. or more. He's somehow capable of leaping MILES across the desert in a single jump and flinging cars aside with one hand, but then has difficulty fighting off a large dog. The inconsistently is atrocious.
On another note, the whole movie plot is decent right up to the end, when it feels like the producers decided they'd run out of time and had way too many hanging threads to actually weave together, so instead just tied a big knot and called it good. The ending is abrupt, unlikely, and very unsatisfying. It's obvious this was only made to provide background for the Avengers film. Which is probably why this movie sucked at the box office and is being sold cheap compared to the others.

So, the important questions! Is it worth watching? Sure, and provides a very small amount of background info that may one day tie in to the other story lines in Ironman & Avengers.
Is it worth owning? If you're limited on space or funds, NO! But if you're collecting the whole series and can afford the $6 then yes, you'll probably watch it a couple times.
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on March 14, 2014
Now lets see some more of the Hulk working alone. Or Maybe he could team up with the Agents of shield on the TV searies. Now that he can control the on set he can be hepfull not just a threat. I Like It, I love it, I want more of it.
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In 2003, Ang Lee directed a brooding, inward-looking movie about the Incredible Hulk... and it bombed at the box office as badly as it did with fans.

So there was much rejoicing when the franchise got rebooted five years later with "The Incredible Hulk." This is what a movie about a giant green rage-monster should be -- a lean, muscular action movie with a thread of bittersweet romance, and solid performances by William Hurt, Edward Norton and Liv Tyler.

A few years ago, Bruce Banner was exposed to gamma radiation in a failed military experiment, which turned him into a giant green berserker. Ever since then, the cruel General Ross (Hurt) has been mercilessly pursuing him, so they can create giant green soldiers.

And after a few years hiding in Brazil, Banner is finally found by the military... only to end up on the run after he Hulks his way out of the confrontation. He may be able to get a cure, but only if he gets the original data from the experiment, which means sneaking back into the US to see his ex-girlfriend Betty (Tyler). Betty is also Ross's daughter. Awkward.

And after the military attacks him again, Banner ends up hulking out, then goes on the run with Betty to find a cure. But he doesn't know that Ross has taken special measures to capture him, by dosing elite soldier Neil Blonsky (Tim Roth) with a supersoldier serum -- which unleashes a monster far worse than the Hulk.

"The Incredible Hulk" gave audiences everything that Ang Lee's movie was missing. It has pretty much everything you can ask from a movie about a giant green id-monster -- lots of explosions, gunfire, chases, and a core story about a man whose life is destroyed by the ambitious people who want to use the Hulk's power.

And the movie lopes along at a fast pace, slowing down for the occasional romantic scene when Betty and Bruce are alone. There are some funny moments ("Don't make me... hungry!"), but the overall mood is a somber one -- you're always aware of danger, and how much Bruce has lost through no fault of his own.

The one problem I have with this movie? Edward Norton. Don't get me wrong, his performance is absolutely stellar, and his rewrites of the script made the movie even better. But he doesn't quite work as the quiet, shy nerd -- he can't turn off the wiry intensity that he always exudes.

But the other actors are spot on -- Hurt as a cold, sociopathic soldier who doesn't care who dies as long as he gets the Hulk, Tyler as the loving supportive Betty who can soothe the savage beast, and Roth as a battle-happy soldier whose obsession with fighting turns him into a monster.

"The Incredible Hulk" is exactly what you'd want from a Hulk movie -- romance, tragedy, and Hulk smashing. A fun popcorn movie with some darker edges.
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VINE VOICEon October 27, 2008
A few observations about the mostly successful, mostly entertaining 2008 film "The Incredible Hulk"...

The movie is billed as a reboot or totally new version of the Hulk, not a sequel to the 2003 Ang Lee film that was simply titled, "Hulk". I'd call the movie more of a semi-reboot. Why? Well, the earlier movie ends with Bruce Banner in hiding in South America, with General Ross and his cronies madly searching for him. And the new film, well... opens with Bruce Banner in hiding in South America, with General Ross and his cronies madly searching for him. I think Marvel smartly structured the film to appease both camps: if you liked the earlier movie you can- contrary to all the "forget the earlier movie!" hype- view this one as the next chapter in the story. And if you didn't like the earlier film, you can point to the recasting of the actors and the less introspective, more "big summer movie" tone and say, "Whew, it's NOT the same storyline!" Your money, your choice.

The new film offers a more kinetic, visceral, action-oriented story, peppered with just enough quietly dramatic moments (in other words, talking scenes) so the movie doesn't turn into a relentless, flashing, pinball machine. If you ever read the comic book, it really feels like a three-issue run from the mid-70's "Hulk Smash! era.

The deleted scenes in the 3-disc special edition are interesting. Apparently a more pronounced love triangle between Betty, Bruce, and Betty's new boyfriend Leonard (who we learn, via one deleted scene, is actually comics character Leonard Samson, pre-irradiation experiment) was a bigger part of the original conception of the film. Though the five or six deleted scenes involving this triangle are intriguing to see, I think I like the final film's decision to simply allude to the tension between the three characters instead of turning the middle part of the movie into an episode of "As the Hulk Turns".

There are one or two deleted scenes involving General Ross that I wished were kept in the film. Though never depicting him as warm and fuzzy, a couple of those scenes showed that his motivation to capture the Hulk and harness his power, though misguided, didn't come from an evil place. If they were included in the film, those scenes would have made it easier to swallow the General's semi-change of heart at the end when he decides to extend an olive branch to Bruce and join forces with him to take down the Abomination. That's a quibble, though. The film and its developments in the current cut still work; there's just less explicit evidence on display that the General is capable of making that emotional leap.

Other treats abound. There's a fun little cameo involving Iron Man's alter-ego Tony Stark which was clearly moved from its original "Easter egg" post-closing credits position to the final scene in the main body of the movie after the huge success of "Iron Man". As said, it's an enjoyable cameo, but a little confusing: Is Tony asking General Ross to help him recruit the Hulk into the new super-team he's forming or offering the use of that team to help Ross take down the Hulk? I guess we'll have to wait for the next round of Marvel movies to find out. Also fun but somewhat under-written was the obligatory Stan Lee cameo, where we see him as an innocent bystander who drinks some gamma-infected soda pop (the scenario is not as inane as it sounds) and then freezes up and drops the soda bottle. It's amazing to me that they missed the opportunity to have him writhe on the ground and turn at least a little green, if only for a moment. Oh, well.

More about the three-disc DVD I bought: Though generous, the set is not as lavish as the term "three-disc DVD" might suggest. The first disc is the movie (looks and sounds great) along with a commentary track; the second disc contains a thirty-minute or so "making of" piece, a few short (about ten minutes each) companion pieces that provide additional details about different aspects of the production, the deleted scenes I mentioned, and a cute piece (a few minutes long) showing how a scene from the movie was inspired by a scene in the comics. The third disc is simply a digital copy of the film that you can upload and watch on your PC.

I hope that the DVD release of "The Incredible Hulk" puts the movie over the top financially, offsetting its somewhat lackluster box office (so much for blowing the Ang Lee film out of the water). It would be be nice to see another chapter in this saga, after all, and without having to suffer through another re-boot, or semi-reboot, or whatever confusing technique they'd end up employing in a hand-wringing gesture to overthink the concept of what people want from this character that's simultaneously highly commercial and "what's he really about?" offbeat.
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on March 15, 2015
Now that's what I'm talking about!
One of the worst superhero movies of all time has to be Ang Lee's 2003 film "Hulk". While visually amazing, the film was two and a half hours of the most shockingly boring material you would ever suspect from a movie about The Hulk. The only way in which "Hulk" beats "The Incredible Hulk" is in the area of visual effects. The visual effects in "Hulk" were undeniably amazing. However, the visual effects were literally the only thing that was good about that movie. There was very little action. The Hulk is onscreen for like 10-15 minutes(again, 2.5 hour long movie) and even when he's onscreen, he's mostly just running away from the military.
The film's reboot, The Incredible Hulk, is exactly what you would hope for; the complete opposite of it's predecessor. The film is face paced, exciting and literally action packed from start to finish. Marvel definitely went the right way we choosing "reboot" over "sequel". The film can just move on it's own pace without having to worry about the dull, convoluted plot lines of it's predecessor.
The Incredible Hulk ends with an outstanding cameo appearance from Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man. He delivers some incredibly exciting "Avengers" set-up dialogue. That dialogue may not be as exciting today in 2015, as "Marvel's The Avengers" already came out in 2012.
But back when I saw the film for the first time back in 2008, Stark's presence and the dialogue that fallows was something big. VERY BIG! Not to mention overwhelmingly exciting!
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