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on January 15, 2004
The ending scene in this superlative film set an unusually high standard for special effects in cinema. We see the poor man sitting there, the live actor, skin all runny and saggy -- then, seamlessly, he dissolves right before our eyes. I have lain awake nights contemplating how they achieved that effect, for there was no cutaway, no editing, no shift of view: The man simply melted. One explanation is that the real actor truly did melt because we certainly never saw him again after this flick.
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on September 2, 2011
One of the bigger low budget horror films in the 1970s has made it to DVD via MGM MOD, while it may not be the pressed disc official release the transfer of this is really outstanding. It looks great in 18 x 9 widescreen with daytime scenes looking overall spectacular as well as the night scenes also being well done.
As for the film itself, for those not familiar with it, it is about a man , Steve (Alex Rebar) who is the survivor of three astronauts who fly to Saturn and get attacked by the planets radioactivity. He wakes up in a hospital bed only to find himself melting into a sticky gooey thing and needs blood to survive. He escapes from the hospital and is pursued by his friend, Dr. Ted Nelson (Burr Debenning) from the remainder of the film. Great special melting gore effects by Rick Baker. This also has B Movie legend Myron Healy as a General and Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith as a model. This has a little nudity and a modest amount of gore but nothing like a Lucio Fulci or Dario Argento gorefest. It has its campy moments, a little tongue in cheek and some lousy acting, but that's what makes these movies fun ! :)
The running time for this is 86 minutes, so as to whether it is 'uncut' or not I would say it could very well be. I have seen the Vipco DVD which was an awful Alpha Video looking transfer and the CMV laservision which was letterboxed and both seemed to be around the same running time.
The DVD also contains a full screen trailer.
I would say any fan of the film should pick this one up because it looks as good as its going to get and it is our long overdue USA release. MOD or not, this movie is a keeper for anyone who loves this genre.
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on May 29, 2001
I remember seeing the Incredible Melting Man as a child. It used was a film regularly aired by creature feature.I thought it was the most frightening movie of all time, and the melting man the scariest thing since Danny Glick from Salems Lot. I got the chance to see the Melting Man again a couple of years back courtesy of Blockbuster video, and I was surprised by how creepy I still found the film to be. Okay, so the acting is terrible, the plot rediculous, but the special effects are chillingly real, the music seethes as a sort of rabid sounding Three Dog Night, and hey, it's just plain scary. Fans of the horror genre will love it. I recomend it 100% to anyone looking for a cheap and creepy cinematic thrill. Beware of the woods and waterfalls, as I'm sure you will after you have seen the film. Good nasty fun with a pretty disturbing ending awaits!
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on May 27, 2014
You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll laugh so hard that you'll cry. I seriously doubt that director William Sachs (HITZ - 1988) had this in mind when he was making this so-bad-it's-good horror film whose only redeeming values are the gruesome effects by Rick Baker. When astronaut Steve West (Alex Rebar, who would later write and executive produce DEMENTED and executive produce TERROR ON TOUR - both 1980) is contaminated while viewing the Sun through Saturn's rings during Scorpio 5's mission, he is the only one to come home alive. Unfortunately he is slowly melting and needs human blood and skin to stay alive. He tears off half the face of the attending nurse while escaping into the woods. He then tears the head off a fisherman (we see his head floating down the river, eventually dropping down a waterfall and splitting wide open in slow motion). Dr. Ted Nelson (Burr DeBenning), an old friend of Steve's, is sent out to look for him with a geiger counter (since Steve is, of course, radioactive), all on the hush-hush since the Government doesn't want to scare the populace. Ted walks around the woods yelling: "Steve! It's Ted Nelson! I've come to help you!", before finding Steve's ear lying on the ground. (I guess Steve couldn't hear him!) A bunch of smoking youngsters and a horny elderly couple are the next to run into Steve. Fortunately, the kids escape Steve but the elderly couple are not so lucky. There's also a rather nasty electrocution. The film is so chock full of absurd situations that MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 did a great job of poking fun of it in their 7th season. It's one of their best episodes that has yet to reach the market. The best part has to be Ted yelling at two security guards: "I'm Ted Nelson! I'm Ted Nelson!" before one of the guards puts a bullet in his head. As if being Ted Nelson meant anything! I had a great time just watching the film straight as Steve begins to decompose until he is nothing but a pile of multi-colored goo that is swept up by a janitor. American International was hoping to have a new franchise on their hands with this one, advertising it as "The First New Horror Creature". After watching it, the executives must have had a heart attack. Hey, I love bad horror films. They fill a badly-needed void in a horror fan's soul. THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN will fill that void for a good couple of months. Also starring horror and western vet Myron Healey, Michael Alldredge, Ann Sweeney and the late, great Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith as a topless photographer's model. A Vestron Video VHS Release. Available on Blu-Ray/DVD from Shout! Factory. This is the one to get if you want to watch the film in all its original aspect, unedited glory. Rated R.
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on October 2, 2012
Clearly, this campy outing ranks with "Night of the Lepus" and "X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes", but you can't help the emotional attachment that underscores a story rich in special effects...the songs "I Fall to Pieces" and "Stuck on You" come to mind. "The Incredible Melting Man" derives its energy from the hapless victim of a space flight gone horribly wrong - Alex Rebar in his singular most notable (and only) acting stint, plays Steve, one of three astronauts who fly by the rings of Saturn - Steve announces his exhilaration at how the sun looks through those rings (his last transmission)... Now, being treated at an earth-based hospital - his two companion astronauts having succumbed to a deadly space disease - Steve literally comes apart...losing body weight the old fashioned way...a piece or two at a time. Not for the squeamish - you will laugh, you will cry - you will see a man literally dissolve in a gooey mass that reminds you of the last time you left your Three Musketeers bar outside in the hot can't look away! This movie follows the themes of "The Quatermass Experiment (The Creeping Unknown)" and "The First Man into Space". Rick Baker provides stunning special effects...I remember making a large pot of chocolate oatmeal, peanut butter drop cookies shortly after seeing this movie and marveling at the gooey, sticky batch - sweet!
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on August 1, 2013
The Incredible Melting Man is a delightfully bad 1977 sci-fi/ horror about ill-fated astronaut Steve West (Alex Rebar) who returns from a space mission exploring Saturn’s rings with a mysterious condition where his flesh is melting and he is radioactive. For some reason, just as mystifying as to how he got this way, (there is a hint it was caused by viewing the sun through Saturn’s rings but, it’s never confirmed.) Steve must consume human flesh to slow down the degeneration. As his mind degenerates too, West escapes the hospital and begins to chow down on the locals while he is pursued by friend Dr. Ted Nelson (Burr DeBenning) and Air Force General Perry (Myron Healey). As Steve melts more and more, the more locals, including Nelson’s in-laws, fall victim to the stricken astronaut who becomes less and less human by the minute. Can he be stopped? Can the process be reversed? Who will be his next meal? All the questions are answered and if this kind of flick is your thing, you’ll have a fun time watching the answers unfold. Despite it’s less then 90 minute running time the film is methodically paced. There are a lot of scenes of West roaming around the countryside with the last moments of the mission playing over and over in his head while Dr. Nelson follows his trail with his handy geiger counter. Most of the attacks are off camera thought there are plentiful shots of the gory carnage and one great shot of a dismembered head going over a waterfall and smashing on the rocks below. Aside from the gore and melting FX, which were done by the now legendary RIck Baker, there is plenty of hilariously bad dialog and unintentional laugh inducing situations. The film by writer/director William Sachs (Galaxina), has an uneven tone, though it’s supposedly not all his fault. Sachs claims he wanted something more campy and fun like the sci-fi flicks of the 50s, while the producers wanted a more serious horror flick and these artistic differences give the movie an unbalanced mix of serious moments and much lighter moments. But, the thing is, some of the more serious scenes come across as unintentionally funny and some of the humorous scenes meant to be funny, aren’t successful in their attempt and just come across as awkward. So they are entertaining but, not for the right reasons. Sachs just doesn’t quite have the right touch to mix horror and camp as say, Joe Dante did in Piranha and The Howling though, it would appear that’s what he was going for. But, either way, this production’s heart is in the right place and the really cool work by future Oscar winner Baker is very effective… and of course all the intentional and unintentional entertainment it provides, is worth watching it for. The filmmakers were really trying hard here to deliver a new and horrifying movie monster but, the talent (aside from Baker) is just not quite there behind or in front of the camera and the disagreement between director and producers doesn’t help either. The acting is just as bad as the before mentioned dialog and the inept cast stumbling around finding body parts both of the victims and the Melting Man, produce far more laughs then chills. Also, some of the conversations between gore scenes are hilariously inappropriate, given the situations the characters are in and it’s hard to tell how much of this was intentional and how much was not but, it’s entertaining either way so, ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. To a degree Sachs got the kind of campy fun movie he was trying to make but, it’s not totally on purpose. Made by the legendary American International Pictures, Melting Man has earned cult classic status and has become one of MST3K’s funnier episodes and if you are a connoisseur of ‘so bad it’s good’ cinema then this is a prime example. The added nostalgia of this late 70s flick only makes it even more fun. The kind of movie they sadly don’t make anymore and a personal guilty pleasure of mine. Thankfully Melting Man is now available on a gorgeous extra filled blu-ray from the folks at Scream Factory!
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on December 8, 2013
This is certainly an enjoyable film if you like these older offerings (like I do), but I doubt, if one is not a lover of this kind of movie, that it will capture everyone's interest. But a movie that features a bloody melted goop being scooped up into the trash can isn't going to please every taste now is it (c'mon, the ending is obvious from the title)? I, however, enjoyed it much, and found the humor and gore effects interesting.
As for this Scream/Shout! release, it is immaculate in every way. I can't believe that William Sachs blamed this movie on his mother, but that was a hilarious interview. The picture is widescreen and thoroughly cleaned up (or at least it appeared so to me), so you needn't worry about any lack of TLC in the transfer. It's as great of a presentation (and as similar a format) as the current SHOUT! releases of "The Town that Dreaded Sundown," "Lifeforce," and "Rolling Thunder" (all favorites of mine now), so there's no complaints from my end.
Overall, if you enjoy science fiction, horror, mystery films, or just old-fashioned B movie exploitation, this one will be for you. If you aren't in our camp, then I expect you wouldn't be on this page! Peace all of you fellow B-movie addicts. Shout! is up to some good business, and I can only hope they keep it coming.
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on April 13, 2016
Thank goodness I did not pay full price for this I love the movie but this release by shout factory is a waste of money and so is the company. why I will tell you why Arrow Films has this in dual format DVD and Blu-Ray plus High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentation of the feature, transferred from original film elements
Original Mono audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
Audio Commentary with William Sachs
Super 8 digest version of the film
Interview with Writer/Director William Sachs and Make-up Effects Artist Rick Baker
Interview with Make-up Effects Artist Greg Cannom
Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Gary Pullin
Collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film and more! compare Arrow to Shout you get more for your money with Arrow I should of spent my money on the Arrow release instead of this one buy from the Arrow Films site if some one is reading this if you can not find it through a trust worthy 3rd party seller on here go to the website I mentioned I say this because I feel I wasted my money and with shout factory I notice they do not give a lot of extras for the money they want for their Blu-Rays and a lot of times you only get a poster with your purchase
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on July 25, 2013
Scream Factory continues its reign as the kings of classic horror restorers with the release of "The Incredible Melting Man" on Blu-ray. Here's a movie most home entertainment companies would look at and giggle when presented with the opportunity to give it a proper high-definition transfer. Not Scream Factory. They're more than willing to pony up the cash to give cult followers of this 1977 schlock-fest what they want.

Astronaut Steve West (Alex Rebar) wakes up in a hospital after a trip to Saturn and discovers he's melting. His body is literally turning gelatinous before his (and our) very eyes. His new "condition" drives him mad and gives him an appetite for human flesh. When word of Rebar's escape gets out, Doctor Ted Nelson (Burr DeBenning) and General Michael Perry (Myron Healey) must track him down before he does any more harm to innocent civilians or himself.

If ever there was a film ripe to be given the Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Horror Remix treatment, "The Incredible Melting Man" would definitely be a "high-priority" candidate. Everyone knows about "Mystery Science Theater 3000." If you don't live in certain areas of the country, you may not be familiar with a "Horror Remix." Horror Remixes whittle your standard 90-minute horror or slasher film down to its bare necessities, which usually brings the running time in at 30 to 35 minutes. As they say, "It's All Killer, No Filler."

So much time is wasted with the Incredible Melting Man stumbling around through the woods. We also get highly awkward close-ups of actor Burr DeBenning. Another entertaining sequence features some of the most useless bantering between an old idiotic couple who run into our tragic anti-hero while walking in the woods to steal lemons. Yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds... and I love it! Add to all this a giant dose of awful dialogue and badly timed editing and you have a true low-budget feast.

The real star of "The Incredible Melting Man" is Rick Baker's makeup effects. The oozing and dripping globs of dissolving flesh are genuinely nasty. Scenes of half-eaten limbs and a partially disintegrated head only add to the stomach-churning fun. There's nothing quite like watching an eyeball slip slowly out of its socket and run down the gooey face of the lead character. Baker's handiwork leaves you wanting to take a shower after viewing the film.

"The Incredible Melting Man" was originally released in 1977 and was rated R. It has everything you would expect in a low-budget sci-fi/horror flick from that time period. There's plenty of gore, violence, bad language, and one scene of nudity. Did we need the nudity? I don't think so, but every producer of these types of films did back then.

Although its Blu-ray transfer definitely makes "The Incredible Melting Man" easier on the eyes, it doesn't rob it of any of its raw, "real" film flavor. The movie is presented in 1080p High-Definition Widescreen (1.78:1). Unfortunately, all we get is DTS-HD Master Audio Mono as far as sound is concerned. A 5.1 surround upgrade would have been ideal, but it still sounds better than it has in any other released format.

As is to be expected, Scream Factory's Blu-ray debut of "The Incredible Melting Man" comes with impressive special features. Audio commentary is provided by Director/Writer William Sachs. There are also new interviews with Director/Writer Sachs and Academy Award-Winning Special Makeup Effects Artists Rick Baker and Greg Cannom. Theatrical trailers round out the bonus material.

"The Incredible Melting Man" is obviously not for everyone. If you're a film snob only interested in high-brow cinema you won't appreciate this piece of horror history. This is for lovers of B-movies dripping with terrible acting that are so bad they're good. Once again, Scream Factory deserves a hearty pat on the back for all the work they put into preserving these lost cinema classics.
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on September 17, 2014
This is a perfect example of what comes from tampering. The producers wanted a serious horror flick while the writer/director William Sachs states that he wanted to make a parody of horror films. Apparently, there was quite a bit of editing and reshooting going on behind the scenes, resulting in this inconsistent mess. No one involved really got to see their vision fully realized on the screen. (When you seek to sabotage, make sure it's at least in someone's favor.)
It's not the greatest film ever ruined, it still retains enough of what it could have been to make it enjoyable to watch. Parts of it are still funny and idiotic (finding the ear hanging on a tree like a Christmas ornament). There are even a few horror elements that work. It got slightly better as it went along. Rick Baker's makeup is brilliant (if for nothing else, this movie deserves points just for that). I especially loved the head floating merrily down the stream.
The plot is fairly limited. A spaceflight goes horribly wrong resulting in the only surviving astronaut melting as he goes on an eating binge..........of people. If there was a moral in that, I failed to find it.

A high quotient of madness and fun, I liked it.
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