Customer Reviews: The Inner Game Of Internet Marketing
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on April 13, 2012
In the world of internet marketing, I have come to "know" a number of authors, in the Facebook or LinkedIn sense. I have never met these people personally but have learned from them and exchanged messages with them in various forums..usually in forums where others have access to my remarks and their source. I have also purchased several IM-related products from these same people, including, as in this case, books. Too often these books especially are pretty thin on content and value, and while the reviewer in me wishes to say so, the aforementioned risk of exposure stops me. I WANT to be honest, but in too many cases, that would mean exposing what I see as minor-level scams....some people just shouldn't be writing books, much less charging twenty bucks for them.

What a joy to discover this book! I "know" both Connie and Geoff through different forums and have followed much of their teaching in various ways. Foolishly, I brought this book with me here to southern Mexico for an extended trip, having received it from Amazon just as were were leaving in January. Life - and guacamole - intervened. It is now April, and I have spent the last few days reading it, and can (MUST!) offer my heartfelt, honest praise for it.

First off, the teaming of these two folks is genius. Their individual orientations, backgrounds, and talents shine through both separately and - most exquisitely - in combination. Remember the old Doublemint gum commercials: "Two!" "Two!" "Two mints in one!" What we have here folks, is a book comprising two "books," either one of which could stand alone AND represent real value in and of itself. And it's gonna last a lot longer than that gum did.

However, lucky us, they are together..

Connie's success in IM is legendary and is clearly laid out here, replete with concise instruction and exercises from someone who not only has "made the grade" but is selflessly devoted to see others do the same. Her teaching ability is unparalleled, and she brings a lifetime of experience in inspiring others to every product she undertakes, including this one.

Geoff's writing on creativity is unlike anything I have encountered. I almost feel as if he has written my biography, he is that good at calling me out on how I get in my own way in this regard. As I read, I repeatedly broke into laughter....all the while saying, "That's me! How did he know this about me??" Here is a man, who, like Connie, has "been there, done that," and wants his students to avoid the energy-blocking hazards he has encountered along the way. You simply must read what he has to say.

Now to the flow part....the editing here is genius. Starting off with Connie's more "factual" - while inspiring - portion, going right into Geoff's more "ethereal" - yet grounded - contribution, followed by a modern parable by the inestimable Joe Vitale about "what might have been," and ending with a most vivid exhortation to action by Pat O'Bryan, another "force of nature" in this world.

Soooo....if you don't have it yet...get it! And if you do have it, don't cram it in your suitcase and forget to read it until the guacamole runs out, like I did. Read it NOW!
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on January 3, 2013
It's not exactly what I was expecting but it was well written with some good insights. Split in half, it might have been able to stand on it's own as 2 separate books. Connie Green discusses self confidence and Geoff Hoff takes on creativity. Geoff's half was a little more interesting for me because I've never really thought about creativity from a starving nor professional artist point of view. I had always assumed that if you had talent, people said 'hey that's great' and you spent your life working in your art form maybe making it and maybe working another job while you try to make it. His comments about any significant figure in your life suggesting you're not talented enough to do something is an issue best addressed with 'yes thank you' and carry on smartly is an interesting idea. The majority of us take the advice and relegate the passion to the 'hobby' section of our lives. I think back on quite a few of the things I've done in my life that people said I should not do and I am better off for having at least tried. His attitude toward gnomes is not one you're likely to find anywhere else.

In terms of the self confidence half written by Connie Green, there were quite a few examples she used in the book that will probably resonate with a lot of people. I don't think many of us realize what toxic lives we lead until we have a desire to make changes and suddenly find that we're too scared to do it even though we have enough degrees, experience, skills and money to do what we want. People don't realize that the nastiness we put up with in every day 9-5 life is not about our skills or our experience, it's all the personalities and whether they play well together or not. If you're one of those people lower on the totem pole, you'll find several situational experiences very familiar to you in the book.
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While reading this book my mind just seemed to open up with story and marketing ideas. I have 20 pages of writing on notebook paper, probably 12 total pages if I squashed it all down.

I enjoyed reading Connie's soul baring tales of her growing up and how she had to adapt to different situations and her growth from insecurity to confidence in herself and her ability to accomplish anything she set her heart and mind and hands to. She has given me courage to move forward with some lifelong dreams that I just keep putting on the back burner. I think it's time for this late bloomer to blossom.

I found Geoff's writing very entertaining. I'm one of those people that is the last to get a joke. I would find myself saying "what?" and then "oh I get it" and then I'd chuckle to myself. I felt very happy while reading this part of the book. I could relate to the "recovering perfectionist" syndrome. However, one complaint, Geoff you didn't need to throw that one "f" word in there. You didn't need it to make your point. I always feel this cheapens a work. I know it's very popular in today's culture. We are following the way of the British where this word has been mainstream a lot longer than here. I just feel it is crass and never adds to a conversation. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Geoff's part of the book.

Thank you Connie and Geoff for a lot of inspiration and practical steps and exercises to get to where I want to be.
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on January 5, 2012
I may be a little biased in my review of this book because I've worked on several projects with Geoff Hoff, including our own book, however, this one is still a good read. It's actually two books in one, with Connie Green writing the first half and Geoff wrapping it up.

Connie's story of growing up poor and being raised by her mother was compelling and heartfelt. She goes into detail about how they struggled to survive, once even sleeping on a laundry mat floor. As the years passed and Connie started making her own money, she began to feel the joy of sharing with those less fortunate, just like she was, often buying her high school friends new clothes. Follow Connie on her journey from growing up in poverty to helping others who are in dire financial situations.

Geoff closes the book out by talking about what it takes to be creative and how everybody is creative, regardless of what anybody or everybody says. He shares his own stories of struggling with creativity and what he did to break through those barriers. He gives you fun and simple tips and exercises to help you get your proverbial creative juices going. All in all, a good and inspiring read.
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on March 9, 2016
Connie and Geoff are a really great team of writers. This book is about self confidence, particularly with respect to Internet Marketing and building an online business. Internet Marketing can be a cruel game and if self confidence is lacking, it will destroy the ability to be a successful marketer and to achieve financial independence.

Connie brings this out clearly in relating back to her own experience with respect to the age old wisdom of developing self confidence. I really appreciated the action steps at the end of each chapter and then Chapter 11 - a whole chapter with actionable steps on building an online business with confidence.

Geoff brought a different but equally useful set of helpful insights on creativity. I will be re-reading those chapters repeatedly since that is one of my development points. I especially loved his bluntness and him saying things like "...get over your little self...". Many of those sayings made me laugh which then put me in a more resourceful state to continue to digest and apply what Geoff was imparting!

Overall, I loved the book. It was well written, flowed well and had actionable steps that will make a difference in my own self development. I highly recommend this book to all people interested in confidently building an online business for themselves.
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on June 10, 2013
There are a lot of books written about internet marketing and sometimes it can be difficult to know whom to trust. You definitely want to listen to someone who knows the topic well and is successful and ethical in their business. Connie Ragen Green and Geoff Hoff are two such people. This is a terrific book, written in two parts, that goes deeply into how to be successful, not just in internet marketing, but life. It isn't the tactics and skills that hold people is all about the "inner game".

Connie, a warm, caring woman I had the privilege of meeting at an event, shares openly and honestly her childhood struggles and her journey through multiple challenges and successful careers. When circumstances changed she overcame her personal fears and self doubts and built a new successful career in internet marketing. Her mission is to truly help people and show you the way to gain confidence in yourself with action steps after each chapter.

I found Geoff Hoff through following Connie online and find his chapters on creativity genius. So often we doubt our own capabilities in this area and he opened my eyes to how to tap into my own creativity and believe in myself. He shares his personal struggles in this area and you will laugh, relate and be inspired to get your creative juices flowing.

This book is a keeper and one to share that I find myself going back to again and again for inspiration and a confidence boost.
Very happy with my purchase!!
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on August 20, 2013
I love when two experts join hands to put a book together and highlight their individual skills. Connie Ragen Green is someone I have the greatest respect for. Her authenticity and desire to serve shine through everything she says and does. She has the ability to simplify complex concepts and urge you to try one thing at a time on the road to sure success. Geoff Hoff is a creative writer and he deconstructs what for some may be intimidating: writing, expressing yourself and creating your vision. I enjoyed this book thoroughly and will revisit it to gain new insights. Geoff and Connie are a winning team. Go buy this book NOW!
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on March 2, 2014
This wasn't exactly what I expected-or was actually looking for but once I finished I was glad of the purchase and time spent. Maybe I didn't research the book enough upfront to realize this is really not about IM but more of a deep-dive into two examples of seemingly wonderful people with great stories to tell. There were some very inspiring messages and the willingness to open up ones personal closet isn't to be taken lightly.
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on March 25, 2015
This may sound strange but I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. After all, so much has been said already about the inner game of marketing, business, what have you. But Connie's latest book really took me by surprise, I really appreciate the highly personal stories that really drove home the importance of confidence in business.
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on January 2, 2013
I am new to internet marketing and this book is a great resource for starting with the mind and our outlook on our career to pursue one's goals. Connie Green gives the reader insight into her life of her own trials and tribulations which I can relate to which it even more interesting. Geoff Hoff speaks about creativity which was far off for me and then makes it very relatable as he describes using the five senses. My mind was going towards creativity with his suggestions of experiencing the senses. They both offered great exercises to expand and learn more about ourselves and our dreams. Great book.
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