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on October 6, 2011
I love all of Cyndi Dale's books and lately each one is better than the one before. I have read a lot of books on intuition and psychic development, and have been left unsatisfied by many. Some are targeted too narrowly - they address only those with very strong abilities for example, or just visual clairvoyance (seeing pictures), or are for people with no sense of their intuition at all. Some do not feel safe to me - they do not emphasize boundaries, and so can leave people feeling scared or overwhelmed by their intuition. Many do not make the connection to spirituality that is important to me personally. Still others are too abstract and do not have concrete exercises and information.

This book has it all. It includes everything Cyndi has learned, practiced, and taught over 20+ years. As she puts it, "This is my intuitive development bible - the book that I would like to have read years ago." Cyndi is unique in that she can both teach and write about intuitive development. I have found that many powerful intuitives cannot do this - their skills are so unique that they cannot really break down how it works, how they do what they do, in a way that is relevant to the rest of us, but Cyndi really can.

The first chapter includes a comprehensive quiz to help you identify the types of psychic sensitivity that you may experience. This initially provides you with a general sense of your sensitivity (or whether you have shut down entirely), and then later on in the book is used to help you refine your understanding of your gifts and challenges. The next few chapters provide a primer on energy bodies, energetic 'data', and establishing healthy boundaries, including specific practices for helping you develop safe energetic boundaries.

In Part II a 12-chakra system (described in more detail in Cyndi's The Complete Book of Chakra Healing, although you don't need prior chakra knowledge for this book) is used to categorize intuitive abilities depending on whether they are based in physical, emotional, mental, verbal, visual, or spiritual sympathies (and there are more than these.) Returning to the quiz from Chapter 1, you will learn to identify your own strongest and weakest areas (this refinement of understanding was life changing for me.) Then there is specific guidance on energy practices and approaches to both developing and protecting each type of intuitive ability (and you may have more than one.)

Part III focuses in on strengthening the three main gift types - kinesthetic (feelings/sensations in your body), visual (seeing pictures), and verbal (hearing messages/intuitive communications). Many people will primarily relate to just one of these categories, and the chapters are written in such a way that you can focus in on just one if you want. I found this section tremendously helpful as well, partly because my understanding of my own intuitive abilities really shifted as a result of the prior quizzes. The book ends with an exploration of 'what is next?' What do we do with our intuitive abilities? What is their purpose in our lives and our role in the world? How are they part of humanity's evolution?

Throughout the book Cyndi keeps the material very grounded and accessible. She is a working mother, and grounded in real life. She shares stories from both her own experiences and those of clients (anonymously of course.) I think anyone - whether you are entirely new to intuitive development or have been exploring the subject for years - can benefit from this book.
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on October 12, 2011
Stock up on your highlighters, and run, don't walk, to your computer to order this book! As a big fan of highlighting valuable information, I realized that after reading The Intuition Guidebook, if I continued to practice this habit, every page would end up being filled with that familiar neon yellow glow since it is all significant and intriguing! There is no doubt that this will be a useful reference guide for us all to use for a lifetime.

I am truly grateful as this book contains many necessary nuggets of material that I have been anxiously awaiting without even consciously knowing it. Finally an answer to a lingering internal question I have had about why some of us were blessed (now I can comfortably say "blessed"!) with being highly sensitive.

Going from being told that I am "too sensitive" by insensitive people, to reading this enlightening gem of a book, I feel like I am being catapulted from self-doubt to the highest place of self-worth, along with the development of a very clear understanding about what to do with my "psychic sensitivity" as well as the guidance of how to nurture my intuitive development.

The best part is that I am not done yet-not done reading this phenomenal book, and not done rereading it and referring back to it many times because hopefully, if all goes well, I am not done growing! And personal growth and awareness, in my opinion, most certainly comes from gifts that special enlightened beings like Cyndi Dale have chosen to share with us all.

I highly recommend The Intuition Guidebook to anyone and everyone, because life can be a tough road to navigate, and a tool like this one can truly help us on our path of discovery of a more fulfilling and meaningful way of being. Those of you who know that you are "psychically intuitive" and those who are not quite sure (but will be after experiencing the joy of reading this book), will be very happy that you made the choice to read yet another masterpiece created by Cyndi Dale. Thank you Cyndi, and good luck to all of the current and future seekers on this beautiful journey called Life...
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on February 15, 2012
This is my first book that i ahev read from the author and i am very impressed. Her style of writting is very easy to understand and a wealth of information i did not know ealier. She included tons of info that other books on intuition forgot to include. She teaches you how to protect yourself, how to and when to be psychic, how to shifter information from spirit world and stay grounded. I have gone ahead and purchase her other books.
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on May 11, 2012
The Intuition Guidebook, Cyndi Dale, Deeper Well Publishing, 2011, $16.95
Author Cyndi Dale combines her knowledge of intuition, energy, chakras and healing in a dynamic book to assist readers. Dale helps you understand and develop your intuitive abilities, while learning about psychic boundary development and healing on all levels. There is a psychic sensitivity quiz that helps you determine your personal sensitivities. I found that I was primarily a kinesthetic or feeling psychic, with my auditory and visual abilities trailing behind. I wanted to be more visually inclined, yet when I read the chapter on the kinesthetic psychic sensitive, it felt like Dale was sitting across from me, talking to me about me. I went on to read the chapters on auditory and visual sensitivities, finding helpful material especially in the visual chapter, which contains a wealth of healing and information gathering visualizations. I tried one of the chakra meditations at my healthcare job where the environment is saturated with human suffering. The result? It was one of my best days at work. I felt great, my coworkers complimented me on my work, and my patients were easy to work with despite all of their emotional and physical difficulties. As a healer, intuitive and householder mystic, I loved this book and its wise guidance.
-- Nea Akayla, "New Connexion Journal"
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on June 27, 2013
Must read when you want to become your True Self!!! And that's if you have the courage to get honest about your family of origin,and be willing to examine youreslf. I have used my local library, but I realize I need to OWN this BOOK! To a Christian that I AM, it is like a 2nd BIBLE. I thank GOD for giving Cindi Dale the knowing and inspiration.!
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on December 13, 2011
I have read many of Cyndi's books and this one, along with her Energetic Boundaries book, are my favorites. While some of the material will be familiar to her readers, this book takes it to a new highly practical level for those working to develop their intuition. It hits the perfect balance between depth of information and accessibility, and is not just for beginners. In this regard, the book works like a manual, with an extensive quiz on psychic gifts, exercises, and a level of discussion that will satisfy even more advanced intuitive readers and healers. Anyone in the intuitive field ought to have this book in their collection.
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on December 12, 2014
The Intuition Guidebook: How To Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense by Cyndi Dale contains various tools for increasing and strengthening intuitive faculties. For instance, in the introduction Cynthia Dale gives some pointers on how to tell if one is a highly sensitive psychic sponge. On a positive note, she shared how she was often able to help other people with the information that she was picking up on. In pages 41-55, she covers ways to help understand your sensitivities and spiritual protection (pages 72-74). I also like that she shares information on celestial gatekeepers (pages 141-144).
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on February 10, 2012
The Intuitive Guidebook is a "must have" for anyone who is interested in intuition or presently doing healing work. Cyndi's writing style is easy to understand as she teaches you safe ways to set-up boundaries, clear energy and heal that keep you the practitioner protected. I consider this book my new reference manual and have referred back to it several times in my practice.

Cyndi Dale is a gifted intuitive, writer and speaker.
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on December 29, 2011
I loved it and learned a ton! This is a great book that appeals to a wide range audience. To those just beginning to connect with their intuition it is a perfect tool full of insight, exercises, and safety nets. For those seasoned in the use of intuition it is also a useful tool lending insight that refreshes and expands any practicing intuitive.
A must read for anyone with an interest in the metaphysical or really for anyone who just wants to live a better life and be more connected and clear.
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on September 8, 2012
Cyndi Dale has put together an unmeasurable resource for those who wish to develop their intuition, study their chakras and energy on a more in depth level. The Intuition Guidebook How To Safely And Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense is perfect for beginners and delightfully stimulating for the more advanced. Cyndi Dale covers subject matter not widely talked about but very vital to healthy energetic growth and intuitive development. Some of our favorite subjects in The Intuition Guidebook:
1. Five steps for safe psychic activity.
2. How to prepare yourself to be able to become more intuitive.
3. The role feelings play in psychic discernment.
4. Universal laws and how they are all recognized by people and indigenous cultures from all around the world.
5. The importance of getting a gatekeeper, a special being that will help you discern helpful from unhelpful energies, messages and behaviors.
6. The infinite power of love.

One of the reasons we became best friends and have gotten along so well for 26 years is do to the fact we both are very intuitive and empathic. We always talk about following your intuition and developing your psychic skills. Cyndi's newest guidebook gives you the tools to do this. When we take the time to develop our inner selves and then in turn teach these tools to our children, we empower them to lead more fulfilling, connected and rewarding lives.

"The basis of all psychic issues-whether the problem lies in your auric field, your chakras, or any other energy body-is in your programming. A program is a belief that controls our thoughts, emotions, activities, and reactions to life events."
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