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VINE VOICEon August 17, 2004
Ms. Peirce has written a thoughtful and well-organized guide to developing our relationship with the intuitive mind. Her premise is that each person has an intuitive faculty, which is our birthright as human beings. However, some people are more in touch with this faculty than others. Thus her strategy is to show us what blocks intuition, then how to work to unblock it. The exercises she provides to help us do this take up a large part of the book. In that sense, it is more of a workbook than just a book to read.

Part 1, entitled "Creating a Clear Lens," walks the reader through a series of exercises to clean out habits of thought, fears, and unhelpful beliefs which most of us carry around until we do our interior housekeeping. Many exercises resemble the work that so many people do in therapy, that is, uncovering painful issues from the past and clearing them out. This clearing opens up the channel from the "Big Mind," that is, the intuitive mind, so that we can receive guidance.

In Part 2, "Accessing Subtle Information," the focus turns to specific exercises for developing more sensitive perception and awareness. You will find here an emphasis on using your body awareness to tap into your intuitive mind. This makes perfect sense, as being grounded in the physical realm gives us a stable base from which to extend outward into the unknown.

Finally, in Part 3, "Making Intuition Useful," Ms. Peirce leads us through exercises on applying intuition to everyday life. She includes very good information on dream work, working with the creative process, self-healing, and accessing super-conscious guidance, among other topics.

This is really a lovely book. It is down-to-earth and practical, but also leads the reader gently into the spiritual realm. Ms. Peirce does not promote using ESP or telepathy in order to control the future, manipulate others, or otherwise get one's way in life. Rather, she encourages us to open up to a higher consciousness, and live our lives by creating in tandem with this consciousness. Through this work we become more at peace, more loving, more creative, and just plain happier.
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on November 8, 2005
Penney Peirce is a workshop leader and creative consultant and her book "The Intuitive Way" is one of the most practical to choose from on the market. It is organized like a 10-week course and is packed with reflections and exercises. After having it read once, I had success just picking up a chapter again and doing a few exercises. The exercises are fun and inspiring. It's a book you keep and go back to for that reason.

She starts by what she calls "The cleaning of the lens of perception" which is about tuning to your own intuition and preparing to open up to it. The second part of the book is devoted to using many tools of intuitive development to recognize and then interpret the messages of intuition. She gives us a good chapter on body-based intuition. The last part of the book focuses on day-to-day messages of intuition such as dreams and how to regularly follow your insights.

Good reads going with this most hands-on guide would be Julia Cameron's books, Natalie Goldberg's books and Ray Bradbury's "The Zen of Writing" (for those into writing) and Hal Zina Bennett's.
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on March 5, 2002
This very readable book is packed with encouragement and inspiration for those who want to learn how to tune into their own intuitive wisdom. I led a 13-week class based on the book, and every one of my ten students felt it raised their awareness and abilities. Some of them have told me that they periodically review the book for fresh inspiration and guidance. There are certain sections I, myself, like to review when I don't understand why something is happening to me. The book helps me reframe how I'm seeing things -- an invaluable ability!
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on October 18, 1998
This is my favorite book!!! I like to pull it out when I feel I need to be inspired. The exercises really work and when I do them, I find my intuition flowers! It is not just about intuition but about how to change your view of the world. It is inspiring and beautifully written. Read this book!
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on April 12, 2011
"The Intuitive Way,": The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness" is a very helpful and engaging book on essential steps to take in increasing your intuition. The following are some great insights that the author Penney Peirce shares on how to being in tapping into your wisdom from within:

1) The benefits of active intuition (on page xxiii): Vital information is giving on some of the benefits of an active intuition such as exciting ones such as your creativity and imagination are going to increase. She also mentions how intuition helps with experiencing more grace, synchronicity, miracles, and good luck. I am told frequently in my life how lucky I am, and reading about the link between intuition and good luck in the book was a healing discovery. I say this because it made me even more aware of the mechanics behind how intuition and good luck is available to people from all walks of life.
2) Keep a Journal (page xxxiv): Exciting details are given on why it is good to keep an intuition diary, and suggestions on how to begin such an exploratory diary.
3) How Intuition Comes In (page 12): There are very vivid details given on the channels that your personal intuition makes its way to you. The exercise that goes along with it makes me think in a more expansive way on how I receive my messages, and helps me understand why I love music.
4) How Information Emerges (page 113): There is information listed on how information is processed through your brain, and ways to maximize this advantage when increasing intuition.
5) Harnessing Dreams and Imagination (pg. 123): Penney gives compelling reasons on why it is important to trust the power of your imagination. I like the story that she used to illustrate this with the musical dreams that one of her clients had. This resonated with me because my awareness spontaneously opened up on paying more attention to the musical dreams that I frequently have.
6) Obtaining Superconscious Guidance (page 149): There is writing on how to go within yourself for answers. The interesting and helpful information on how to improve your self-guidance is very empowering. She generously shares gems such as gleaning wisdom from dreams and working with your "spiritual council".
7) Applying Intuition in Everyday Life (page 169): There is some unique writings included on intuitive life skills involving matters such as how to achieve congruent communication.
8) The Ethics of Intuition (page 208): I found this extremely insightful and helpful that this section was put in there because the principles shared are ones that only bring harmony such as the example of the principle where she emphasizes to always ask permission to help others or to look into their private lives. There are other good principles that Penney also lists that must be honored in following the ethics of intuition.

I also am glad that Penney shared some common scenarios that can happen the moment that you set your intention to increase your intuition. The information contained in "The Intuitive Way" is very soul-nourishing book because it gives information on how to access and increase your intuition as well increasing your ability to believe in the answers that come from within your spirit. Overall, "The Intuitive Way" is a joyful book to get for anyone who intends to increase their intuition.
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on June 27, 1999
This book is one of the easiest to understand on how one can become aware, in-tune-with the universe. The exercises help with intuition but even more important, her views are that of the ancient mystery schools but offered to us in ways we are sure to understand. I highly recommend it.
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on January 16, 2012
The Intuitive Way is a book and work/guide book to be used each day as you work with different thoughts and exercises. I've just loved this process of developing my intuition and learning about myself along the way. This is the second book I've purchased from author Penney Peirce. The first was "Frequency" and I was very impressed with her writing style and meaningful exercises, so I purchased this book. I've found both of them to be excellent resources and material...with pages tabbed, highlighted, etc. Both of them have a permanent spot on my bookcase. What I love about her writing is that she discusses spiritual ideas, energy, physical laws, etc. in a very clear and down-to-earth way. There are so many books on the market about intuition, vibration, laws of the universe, etc. that are the same thoughtless mumbo-jumbo and seem disconnected to what is really going on on the physical and spiritual planes. Pierce's books are not this way and I'm sure you'll find her approach extremely accessible and thoughtful. Good luck to you on your intuitive journey!
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on September 20, 2011
It's one of those books that you have to put into practice in your daily life, so it can take quite a while to work through, but it is worth the effort, I think.
If you just read through it in a couple of days and then put it on your bookshelf when you are done, then you won't get much benefit out of reading it.
It's a book that needs to be applied, and not just read.
A book worth buying for the bookshelf, because it would be worth re-reading periodically.
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on September 19, 2000
I would like to start living my life more from the principles described in the Intuitive Way. At last, I have found a simple, direct, comprehensive guide about living from inner wisdom. Not only is it practical, well organized, and beautifully formatted, but also it reads like fine prose.
Penney Peirce writes clearly about teachings from psychology, East-West philosophies, religion, metaphysics, and business. One of my favorite parts of the book was when she talks about the etiquette and ethics of intuition. I have never seen these topics addressed as well in any other book. In my opinion, The Intuitive Way is to intuition what Conscious Loving is to intimate relationships.
I read Penney's book in 1998 and again this summer. I would like to start a discussion group based on the Intuitive Way with other like-minded people. I can be reached at
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on November 21, 1999
"In the business environment, employees are often asked to analyze facts but rarely taught how to use their instinctive ability or insight in the analysis. Penney Peirce's intriguing new book, The Intuitive Way, is filled with many practical exercises that will enhance an employee's sense of knowing and help apply a person's knowledge to what would work best for his or her organization. By using the revealing processes offered, I have been able to get in touch with my inner vision and knowledge more quickly, with profound results. I highly recommend this book for those who want to improve their business decision-making process." Cynthia Schmidt, President, Resources On-Line and Co-Founder of Prism Solutions, Inc. Los Altos, CA
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