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VINE VOICEon October 18, 2007
I first came across Joe Vitale's material back in the late 1990s when e-commerce began to take hold on the Internet. Personally, I find his style to be a bit overblown. But that doesn't mean his stuff doesn't work. It just means Joe is very passionate about what he teaches. And for a guy who was once homeless but now is a millionaire, such passion should be expected.

For most people, this book will, if put to use, make a profound difference. Most of us are replaying negative, self-defeating internal scripts in an endless loop. This book provides insight into eliminating self-sabotaging inner dialogue and replacing that with thoughts and expectations that lead to positive results.

This book is divided into three Parts.

Part Three is basically promotional material for Vitale's other products. Normally, that's not a good thing in a book. But in this case, it seems like a natural and logical way to conclude the book because it helps the reader take the next steps.

Part One is the tutorial. Here is where Vitale explains the concepts. He goes into what they are, what problems they solve, and why they work.

Part Two is the exercises portion. It consists of 10 Chapters, each describing one of ten "clearing methods" and providing actual exercises so you can put them to use.

If you have found yourself frustrated when pursuing your goals, if you have been blindsided while struggling to make something happen (such as career advancement), or if you seem to have a streak of bad luck, this book will show you the key to changing any of those situations. That is not to say this book is for losers. It is for people who want to do better but somehow keep finding their path blocked. That's a pretty large group of people! Joe Vitale has dedicated his life to making that group much smaller.
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on November 17, 2007
In this audio book (Audible download), Joe Vitale presents the idea that one needs to clear both conscious and subconscious blocks or conflicts - beliefs - in order for LoA techniques to have any positive effect. In fact, LoA is always working, but perhaps not to ones liking because of those beliefs, conscious and unconscious. The key is getting clear of those blocks and understanding how certain beliefs can be detrimental to the quality of your life - either by effecting your perceptions and actions (one school of thought) or effecting how you actually create every aspect of your reality through the power of thought and emotion. Joe Vitale presents many techniques he has found to be helpful in uncovering and dissipating unwanted beliefs and blocks to positive manifestation.

All is fine while the author is reading his manuscript. Vitale is an engaging speaker who is conversational and enjoyable to listen to. However, on many occasions he simply lets the "author" of any particular technique explain that technique to the listener on the audio production. In some circumstances, the readings are almost unbearable to listen to - making it difficult to process the information contained. Many appear to be speaking over a telephone line, not the best fidelity as you can imagine. But honestly, the problem I had is that the delivery is often stilted and unprofessional - and did I mention unbearable to listen to? Like fingernails on a chalk board in a few cases. They may be just fine in an interview format, but here they are obviously reading from a script with their list of steps in a rapid fire presentation over a phone line. Brad Yates presentation on EFT is a notable exception - he is an engaging speaker and his presentation is a benefit to the recording. I wish the same could be said for the final speaker who also finishes the recording. Over 40 minutes is devoted to a speaker who not only sounds uncannily like SNL alum Jack Handy, but often uses similarly twisted analogies delivered in a comparably deadpan fashion. To be honest, I could listen to only about 5 minutes of this speaker before ff to the end. Many of these presentations would benefit from text versions, which made me think I probably should have purchased the book over the audio.

I so wish Joe had just continued his presentation rather than turning it over to these other speakers. His writing and delivery is really as hypnotic as he claims. He could have easily digested and described these techniques himself to the great benefit of this recording, in my opinion. I assume some listeners will be just fine with this audio version of The Key - I admit that I once tried to listen to one of those Jim Dale "Harry Potter" audio books that are so loved and found it completely unlistenable, just awful to my ears. However, I listen to lots of podcasts and spoken audio and nothing has struck me as unlistenable before - just Jim Dale and some of the speakers in The Key!

By the way, it feels as though The Key could have preceded Vitale's excellent Zero Limits. It seems as if the author had picked up a lot of these techniques over the years - but the essence of all that is truly needed within the framework of conscious and subconscious belief modification, and personal growth, is presented in Zero Limits. The techniques in The Key help one identify or question beliefs that one recognizes, or emotions that one experiences. Zero Limits and Ho'oponopono (it is presented as one of the 10 techniques in The Key, by the way) feels more profound in both its scope, and ultimately its simplicity and effectiveness in releasing beliefs - even generational memories - that one may never consciously grasp. Many of the techniques in The Key are, in effect, asking you to be your own therapist. Ho'oponopono, as well as EFT in many respects, transcends the need to get to the bottom of every emotion and thought pattern to experience change and growth.

If you have the time, I would read the hard copy and skip the audio version of The Key.
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on January 22, 2008
As I have testified before repeatedly - this "Key" book is a worthless ripoff. Half of all pages are blank. The pages with print are nearly all half blank. Every brief page of text advertises some other Joe Vitale book. The first ten text pages (spread over more than 20 paper pages) advertise 11 books. Do you want to pay for advertising? I think not. I think you will agree with me that this book is a total ripoff and completely worthless.
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on May 12, 2008
This book is fine for an introduction. Joe has found a good number of topics and methods from other sources and compiled this book as a bit of a taster in regards to what is out there, especially in the area of emotional healing and clearing.

However, each of the methods and topics doesn't really have enough information (in this book) to be effective or to be used with any great efficiency. EFT alone could take up 10 books. Ho'oponopono another 10.
At most it provides an intro on what is out there, but the reader will need to go and research, take courses and do more work themselves.

It could have some value for those who have not met any of these methods, but again, nothing new in this book that isn't already on the Internet or out there.
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on July 19, 2008
My apologies to any Joe Vitale fans but I just can't come away from anything this guy writes or says (and he seems to pop up everywhere on the net these days!) without feeling that we're dealing with a complete weasel here. That gleam in his eye...where have we seen that before? -- perhaps on the faces of desperate used car salesmen around the last three hours of a Super Weekend Sale and new MLM representatives (Amway,etc) just before the crap starts piling up in the garage.

In this book Vitale calls himself the "star" of the movie "The Secret". Riiight. :) Him and about 25 others. Unfortunatly it was "Dr" Vitale's presence that ultimately turned me off from "The Secret." That and Vitale's presence on Larry King where he claims that, yes, that little girl actually "attracted" the sexual pedophile. (The good old Attractor Factor at work, right Joe?!) And as someone else has noted..."The Secret" (book and movie) fails the Auschwitz Test. You have to believe that all of the six million Jews who were slaughtered by the Nazis actually chose and "attracted" their fate. Each and every one of them. Think about that one for awhile. 9/11 victims too.

But I digress. I've tried to like this guy. You visit his Blog and find things like "If you enjoy reading these blog reports then you should know that Joe really likes getting Amazon Gift Certificates..." And don't miss the podcast on Itunes where the Feng Shui "expert" visits Joe's cluttered office and listens to Joe "demand" $25 million dollars a month from the Universe.

Don't talk to me about all the self-promotion in this book. Those were the parts I found most amusing. A real weasel at work!

Read some Wayne Dyer instead. (Well...maybe not...see my review of Dyer's latest book)
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on December 17, 2009
I agree with other reviewers who were saying this is very disappointment book. Endless self advertisement and empty pages. What I really can't accept is "copy-paste" technique. If you are claiming to be a writer work on your vocabulary then you will not have to exercise copy-paste. This was my third Joe's book and this is it, I am done spending my time with such writer. Saying that I do not mean the subject is worthless. The law of attraction is wonderful and life changing experience. I would rather suggest to look for other authors who respect readers. As I said in the title - if you read one Joe's book consider you read them all, even those he did not write yet.
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on October 31, 2007
Joe Vitale shows us how to live without limits. For some he is a little over the top. He put me off in the beginning, but I have always been able to take what works and let the rest go. In my retreats in Sedona, Az I work with people from all over the world who have watched The Secret and are searching for answers to apply it. Joe's book is presented in three parts and offers answers to find the deeply rooted beliefs that need to be released before you can attract what you want. Most are stuck living from conditioning and false beliefs that were given from family, peers, and their environment. Until the false beliefs are removed and new beleifs are put into place the same patterns are created over and over. This book offers the key to remove false beliefs and create love, passion and abundance. Read it with an open mind and apply the tools.
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on August 16, 2009
I cannot believe that I paid money to listen to an info-mercial of products and services I do not want. In my opinion, Joe Vitale is the snake oil seller of self help. I have listened to several other of his titles, not purchased but borrowed and it's all the same junk. Please direct your efforts and money to ethical and honest writers like Jerry and Ester Hicks. Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness
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on September 18, 2008
People have given this book mixed reviews. I read the book and from where I am in my progress with the law of attraction, I found it to be very helpful. I actually enjoyed getting the links and information he is giving out so I can add to my resources. The spirit of the book is clear, and that is to assist those of us studying the law of attraction find sucess. I am baffled by the negative reviews and wonder why so many of the reviewers sound so angry. Resistance? Makes you wonder.
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on January 9, 2009
When I read the title " The Key: The Missing Secret..." my mind underlines the words "missing" and "secret". Then, I believe there is something "vital" that is a secret and that I'm missing it. That's why I buy the book. But that very belief - "I'm missing a secret that is sabotating my capacities to manifest what I desire" - is the sabotage factor. And this factor precludes what the book have to tell me. All gurus need our primary belief in our ignorance and incapacity.
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