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on October 12, 2012
The season starts right where it left off and answers in the first episode many of the questions we were left with in the season 3 finale. Will Elena complete the transition and become a vampire? Will she have chosen Damon after remembering everything? What will happen to Tyler and Caroline now that Klaus is possessing Tyler's body? Will Damon kill Rebecca for her part in Elena's death? It is a very satisfying first episode for fans of Team Stefan, not so much for fans of Team Damon. But for fans of TVD who watch the show for all characters and love the high quality and consistency of the writing and acting on this show , it was fantastic.
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on August 11, 2013
This show makes me feel young and giddy again. Takes me back to the good ole Buffy and Angel Days. Though cant compare the writing to that of joss. I still thoroughlly enjoy!
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on May 16, 2013
WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS (but hopefully not too many major ones).

DISCLAIMER: I do actually like this show and plan on sticking with it, because I'm OCD and must see things through to the end. That being said, every show has a bad season - Buffy had the snooze-fest of season four, Angel had the truly terrible baby plot line in season three, Smallville had a dull-as-dishwater-Zod in season nine, and ... well, this is TVD's bad season. (I hope, because it's a mess and I'd hate to sit through another one.) The thing is, when the show is good, it's really good, and when it's bad, it's incredibly bad.

Watching this season reminded me of reading "Breaking Dawn." It started out promising then turned into total crap, but I kept reading hoping for the EPIC RESOLUTION that would make up for 500 pages of self-defeating, totally illogical bull that preceded it. Lo and behold, instead of an epic resolution, I got 40 pages of pontificating and vampires standing around glaring at each other, before everyone went home; a big buildup, the promise of epic violence, and ... no payoff.

In a nutshell, this is how season four of "The Vampire Diaries" plays out: a promising start, an epic build-up, some decent character moments, the threat of deathly peril and then... total crap. Not only is the pacing way off (long gone are the days of the series actually being creepy, and having episodic cliffhangers), it breaks all its formerly-established "vampire rules," spends way too much time on unimportant things and not enough on its villain, introduces pointless characters for one or two episodes rather than using and developing existing ones, and the finale, while "good," is so rushed, I felt most of it SHOULD have been a three or four episode arc at the end of the season.

The wasted opportunities this season are endless, particularly the finale: the writers bring back a bunch of vengeful hybrids, werewolves, vampires, and dead witches, and you don't really see them DO ANYTHING BAD in town! Where's the hell-raising Kol promised us? Where's him capturing Elena and torturing her for days? Where's Klaus having to face down his twelve angry, undead, can't-be-killed hybrids? It's a MAJOR LET DOWN, and worse, a missed opportunity. Sadly, it didn't shock me because the entire season is like that.

Breaking established "rules of the universe" in a series (or book, for that matter) is lazy, sloppy, and convenient, the epitome of bad writing. Here, they do it multiple times - baby vampires get the upper hand on much older ones (including an Original), a hybrid-werewolf baby is conceived, the sire bond isn't as rare as they said, and for that matter, neither are doppelgangers. Relationships are convenient rather than developed; characters are underused; consistently, the writers promise us something great and fail to deliver. Kol promises us hell on earth if Silas is freed - it never arrives; Klaus promises vengeance for Kol - it doesn't happen; Klaus swears vengeance on Tyler - and does nothing.

None of the originals care when one of them is killed - and Elijah even goes so far as to comfort his brother's murderer, with nary a mention of his senseless death (and no, the show's justification is invalid, since there's a witch in Mystic Falls capable of stopping Kol). The writers then have him turn around a few episodes later and spend half of an episode trying to convince Klaus how important it is to preserve family. (WUT?)

Granted, it all doesn't suck, and the first half of the season is even good. There's a few standout episodes, such as the aftermath of the Jeremy plot twist. Klaus' presence in the Christmas episode is unforgettable. Elijah continues to be fabulous, particularly when turning up in New Orleans. Damon and Elena have a nice moment together in the finale. Plus, it included the pilot episode for "The Originals," which between Elijah (who, me, biased? Never!) and Marcel (who out-awesome-s Klaus by ten million miles) may be a lot of fun next fall.

Will I be watching it next season? Yes. I didn't give up on Buffy, Angel, or Smallville after their crappy seasons. Hopefully, this is just a stumble and not an indication of the future of the series, because in spite of its faults, I do like "The Vampire Diaries"... and I want to see it get back on form.

Or at least have some sort of a PLAN next season.
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on July 30, 2013
It was such a good series. Can't wait for season 5! Totally hooked. Kind of dangerous getting the whole season because they are hard to stop watching.
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on June 14, 2014
I like this season because things took a darker turn (although TVD has always been dark which I like). The interaction between Elena and Katherine is great this season. I love having Blu-Ray discs of the show because they look so much better than streaming. I also love the fact I can binge my favorite show with no commercials and if you know TVD you know there are a LOT of commercials. So, if you are new to TVD - get started. This show will not disappoint. Season 4 is action filled and gives you many new angles to explore in character development.

Damon Rules!
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on May 30, 2014
I love this series! Any time I watch an episode I can't wait for the next. I like that the seasons are 22 episodes. I have recommended this series to multiple people and have never had anyone say they don't like it. While some things are always predictable this show seems to keep you on your toes with what will happen.
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on May 25, 2013
I want to start out by saying that I believe the first three seasons of "The Vampire Diaries" are absolutely phenomenal. This season, however, came as something of a disappointment. The first stumbling block came in the premiere episode in which the cliffhanger of Klaus having possessed Tyler was resolved way too quickly. There was an awful lot of potential in that storyline that just wasn't realized. Then, there's Elena becoming a vampire. It all started out well enough, only for another stellar idea to not be developed properly. Not to mention the contradictions of her sire bond to Damon. It all became a very frustrating experience to watch. Exactly what was the purpose of the new character, April? She flitted from episode to episode without any real purpose, only to be forgotten about altogether. Another missed opportunity was this season's MacGuffin: the vampire cure. When the cure was finally obtained, why did no one think to hand it over to Dr. Meredith Fell and have her attempt to synthesize more of it? Despite this season's many flaws, the talented ensemble cast never gave less than 100% throughout. I only wish they'd been given better material to work with. I'll definitely be buying the DVD release. Only I'm not sure if it will be as re-watchable as the previous seasons.
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on November 5, 2012
Despite all the hate folks are showing for TVD lately, it's still a wonderful show. I love all the depth the characters are developing, Elena is becoming less whiney as a vampire, Damon and Klaus are still hot...but I am anxiously awaiting the return of Katherine!
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on June 10, 2014
I love the vampire diaries series! If you have never seen it, try it ian somerhalder alone is enough to make me watch. This season blew me right out the water and I landed on my ass! The season finale never saw it coming.
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on March 21, 2014
Huge TVD fan & this has DVD, Bluray & digital copy. Only wish the digital copy weren't just for ultraviolet or flixster because I actively use iTunes so I would have to get that separately if I wanted it.
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