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This was a fun movie. Great concept about (potential spoiler) a landlord who is a slave to a couple of demons and ensures a steady stream of tenants who can double as food for the demons. Its a fun tongue-in-cheek style horror, obviously much more focused on comic elements than achieving actual scares. While I very much enjoyed the concept, the production values were just awful. For example, the demon shown on the DVD cover art is a character in the movie. Its a normal guy (not CG) who carries a ton of makeup to look like the demon, not a mask or any other special effect. The problem is that the makeup is very unevenly applied, and changes in every shot. In some cases, especially side shots, you can see clearly where the makeup artist got tired and just gave up. I know this is low budget and meant to be low budget, and there is a certain kitch-yness to low budget horror, but that got a bit distracting after a while. Also, there's scenes shot outdoors where individuals clearly not extras accidentally ended up being part of the shot merely by virtue of their observing the filming. Very amateurish. Also, while the story was clearly fun, there were a lot of extraneous elements that just confused the matter. There's an affair that just doesn't quite add any value to the story, a separate group of different breed monsters/demons that also add no particular value. In short, it tried to achieve too many plot elements that ended up distracting and not adding value to the story. Again, it was a cute movie that could have been better, but clearly is very worthy of at least a rental.
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on March 10, 2015
From the impressive poster I was expecting a truly frightening movie with heroes battling demonic baddies in an apartment building. What we got was a cheap, cheesy, bloody, uninspired comedy (?). IF I was in the mood for a humor with badly made up demons and bad acting I might have enjoyed The Landlord but there was just too much BAD in this movie to make it even bad-good. The characters and their motivations were silly and, although an interesting germ of an idea (thus 2 stars) I just did not like the people I saw on the screen or the "fun" narrative: Demon serial killing and the much put upon Landlord getting rid of those pesky bodies. Sorry. This one is not recommended.
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on December 29, 2014
Terrible movie. Not even entertaining in the least. I thought paying for my prime membership had more benefits than 2 day shipping and horrible movies. I couldn't even make it past 5 minutes into this one. The dubbed in voices made it unbearable. Cheesy effects weren't even worth humouring. "Tales from the dark side" back in the 80's is more enjoyable. This one just makes you want to find hot pokers to skewer into your eyeballs. Waste your time if you're stoned and already laughing at your dog scooting his butt across your friend's white carpet. Because you can already assume you're not even paying any mind to the torture called "the landlord".
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on April 24, 2010
I enjoyed this film, I picked it up last year in 2009 at a horror con in Chicago from the filmmakers. I feel that it is not meant to be true horror film but rather a horror comedy type of flick. The main character in the film is rather funny from the way he does things. Some dude has these demonic things living in one of his apartments that he has somewhat became buddies with. The demonic creatures kills the tenets before the owner can collect the months payment...I like it when the cops come to investigate as they are just waiting for the landlord to slip up and make a mistake...the landlord always gets stuck cleaning up the mess that the demons leave behind (most of the time). I would recommend this film as I have seen nothing like it before.
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on April 21, 2016
Rather than repeat all the other legitimate comments about how awful this movie was I'm, instead, going to bring your attention to the only person who thought this was worthy of FIVE stars and called it "the best low budget movie I've ever seen..." That reviewer gave it 5 stars because he was "amuzed" (sp).

I hope I'm not the only one who appreciates the beautiful irony of that.
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on September 20, 2015
Damn !!! I loved this movie. Couldn't stop watching it. Had some funny parts. Interesting story line; kept me amuzed. The best super-low budget Movie I've ever seen. Not for everyone. But if you like weird, somewhat gruesome, low-budget movies, check it out.
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on January 21, 2015
TERRIBLE! I could give it no stars, I would. I wasted 20 minutes confirming it was awful. The production value reminded me of a cheap cheesy porn movie. The make-up looked like it had been done by a kid doing paint by numbers. It wasn't even funny. I want my time and money back.
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on November 10, 2014
[2.5 ~ Campy Bad/Good.] This movie is so bad that it's good, and what saves it from being unwatchable is that it doesn't take itself seriously. As a campy horror comedy about an apartment house haunted by a family of Ghouls & Devil-Worshipers, as well as fully human slaves bonded since childhood, all held in the thrall of a very powerful Demon and her less powerful male sidekick, it has plenty of jarring (and very gross) examples of truly good humans (including a virtuous and brave Mistress of White Magick) being summarily annihilated, all except the few who get away: I won't say who. The special effects are almost cheap enough to be done on a smartphone camera! But the crew and performers all worked hard and it's a fun watch - once. Added bonus: there's some decent original music, soundtrack available as well. Get some lager in and watch it with your besties. Mind, there is a bit of a "puke factor," though. There are some very gross scenes.
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on March 8, 2010
Too many low-budget films are too ambitious for their own good. What's wrong with making a genuinely entertaining film on the budget you have to work with? The makers of "The Landlord" clearly had this in mind, and the result is a low-budget film that almost completely avoids most of the pitfalls that detract from the entertainment value of many low-budget films regardless of genre. Lead actor Derek Dziak is excellent and endearing as Tyler, young landlord of a three-flat where the top floor is inhabited by a pair of demonic entities with a bad habit of eating new tenants as soon as they move in. Meanwhile, Tyler's policewoman sister Amy (Michelle Courvais) and her partner try to keep the city's supernatural forces from spilling out into everyday life while skimming a little off the top for themselves. The film moves at a good clip, with strong performances across the board, and while the special effects aren't the center of attention they get the job done-- you'll probably be having too much fun to care. One of the best independent horror films I've seen in ages, definitely recommended for horror fans looking for something fun and unique!
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on November 20, 2014
The beginning was terrible but the story develops very nicely. It's almost as if they thought out the story as they went on as it didn't feel very consistent. If the movie had a bigger budget and it was done professionally this could have been a hit. It was funny and entertaining.
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