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on December 7, 2001
Bring out the tissues! I cried from the first example of animal communication she gave to the last. She puts the practical, step by step instructions right up front (where I could skip over them and get right to actual messages which she had received, which are conveniently in italics!).
For those considering doing this for a living, as Carol does, she covers: long distance communication, choosing a pet and having a pet help you choose another pet, behavior problems, moving a household without losing a pet, finding lost animals (this is her specialty, though she spent as much time on every other topic as this one), helping sick and injured animals, and facing death with animals.
The only thing you have to do is work through the exercises (some require a partner)- and decide how much to charge. The exercises are extremely easy, and only require about 10 minutes (except for the long relaxation/meditation one). I was able to describe the first excercise to my skeptical husband in such a brief and easy way that he actually agreed to be my partner. We were amazed when he was able to accurately receive my thoughts! The excercises work, and it was no effort or time at all.
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on October 19, 2001
The Language of Animals is THE BEST communication book on the market. It is clear and concise - a step by step plan that anyone can follow. Carol offers great exercises with fun and interesting examples. I just ordered a dozen to sell at my How to Communicate with Animals workshops. Thanks Carol for a fantastic book that will enlighten and help millions!
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on September 18, 2001
Wow, so many kind words, so little space. This book is for every animal lover that knew their animal was trying to tell them something, but just wasn't quite sure. After reading Carol's book, you will know what your animal is trying to say. Carol's book is so wonderful, so easy to read, which makes her teaching's easy to understand and practice. I have purchased copies for my friends, and they are now communicating with their animals. Make sure once you have opened the book, you have enought time to finish it. You will not want to put it down. You will also need a box of kleenex for Carol's touching stories. Animals are so very special and do so much for us. This book will help you do something for them. Hear them, love them and understand them! From my heart to yours, Thank you Carol:)
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on October 6, 2008
A few months after reading this book, my mom's cat, who was born in her backyard and has lived his whole life there, wondered off while she had him on vacation at her beach house. She was distraught and so was I. For a month we tried to accept that we'd likely never see him again. I just couldn't give up though. Using the lessons in this book, I tried to help him find his way back to the house (while I was 1500 miles away). Almost a month to the day from when he started his beach adventure, my mom found him walking toward her house from the bushes across the street. Ever since then, whenever I visit, the cat that was nothing but aloof and skittish around me, cuddles with me whenever he can.

I've had other experiences with him and other animals in my life to validate my belief in the steps in this book, but none as powerful as that.

Oh, and I'm not one most people would consider a hippy, new-age, nut. I'm an engineer with a masters degree.
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on April 28, 2003
What I liked about the book was that it gave me validations on some "communications" I've received from my dogs. Their communication came to me the way she said they could. Their thought or opinion just flashed into my brain from their brain. They don't have to be looking at you; thoughts from them just come, like she says in her book. She says to be "open" to your animal, to let them "say" whatever they want. I did this, and one of my adopted strays brought up things like "I've had a hard life" and "I had to run from cars a lot". When I asked my other dog about her previous life (also a rescue dog) she said "I was bad", meaning she fought w/the other household dogs.
Now, my husband would say that I picked up these things because of prior information I may have already known about them, or was obvious. But after reading her book, I don't think so...
I also liked how she taught us how to communicate with our minds to our animals, explaining things clearly to them. The dogs act like they aren't paying attention, but they are-- just like she says in her book.
I don't have the time or patience to "meditate" for long periods, as she recommends, in order to reach your "center" where you can communicate w/animals. That part seemed a little too touchy feely.
I am glad I read this book, and glad that I have it on my bookshelf. It had some helpful "tidbits" and the examples of what SHE did were interesting to read but don't think it is practical enough to recommend. I certainly don't feel like I can go out and understand the thoughts of animals because I read this book, but maybe it's because I'm not willing to put in all the "touchy feely" time that may be needed to do it. However, it did give me a few tips for communicating w/my own dogs.
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on October 2, 2001
Gifted Animal Communicator Carol Gurney has written an easy to read book which covers all aspects of learning to communicate with your pet. It also explains to the reader from a spiritual aspect why your pet is in your life and how they teach us important life lessons, especially about love. The book also covers many aspects of pet ownership including specific help with lost animals, issues surrounding death and dying and solving behavior problems.
I found it to be a sensitive, compassionate book with many anecdotal stories from Carol's years as a professional Animal Communicator. No one will ever look at an animal again and not see the wisdom and love that resides in each animal and how they enrich our lives.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a deeper, more personal relationship with their animal. A must read!
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on September 4, 2001
I thought I was reading a book to teach me how to communicate with animals, but I got so much more. This book helps me not only relate to animals better but to people as well. It really put me in a compassionate place. Carol's writing is so clear that I felt like I was sitting in one of her classes. It was like she was speaking directly to me. I could literally feel her love of animals touching me through her book. Thank you Carol for such a wonderful gift! I have already bought this book for 4 of my friends. (and their owners!) :)
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on October 26, 2005
Carol Gurney's book is an excellent place to start if your goal is to actually gain an ability to communicate with animals. She does a great job of explaining her methods and of giving "for instances" and exercises to build the reader's confidence. Follow this book with Learning Their Language by Marta Williams.

Shon Wylie, Paris, Kentucky
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on August 1, 2008
What a great read! How many times have you said to your pet, "Why are you looking at me like that? I know you're trying to tell me something, but I can't figure out what!" After reading Carol Gurney's gook, I find that it is easy to tap in to that look and hear the message that my dog is trying to tell me. Animals are so connected with us on such a deep level, and yet we must seem oblivious to them! As Carol said, "If I can do it, anybody can!" I have shared this book with friends and they are as blown away as I was! I now feel I have richer, closer relationships with my dog and horse than I ever imagined was possible. In fact, when I lunge my horse, sometimes all I have to do is think the word trot, walk or canter and picture it and she just automatically responds as if I have said it out loud. Wow! I think too many animals are ignored on this level - they are just waiting to be heard! This is the best animal commnication book I have seen. Set aside your skepticism and this book will open your life to a whole new layer of communication and connection with your pet.
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on November 21, 2002
This book was highly recommended by my dog's animal communicator. I found it easy to use and just plain fun. Even sceptics could enjoy the exercises presented.
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