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VINE VOICEon April 11, 2006
I had been thinking about buying a book on this topic for some time to further my self improvement process.

This book is about so much more than letting go. It is also about personal power. When you let go of something, it loses its power to control you, and you move forward with your life in a more empowering way.

This book is set up with daily meditations on different issues. If you were to open any page at random, you would probably find something very useful. It is easily read, and as you read can feel the shift in your perception, as these simple to follow principles make a lot of sense.

If you are like most people, there are plenty of things you need to let go of, and you probably have no idea what some of these are. The first step is to identify that a change needs to be made.

Here are many ideas you can use to improve your life. There are too many for me to list in a review, but here are a few biggies:

Attachment, guilt, blame, seeking appoval, codependency, fear, doubt, controlling, family issues, perfection, martyrdom, denial, grief, anger, victimhood.

You replace these non serving beliefs with something more empowering, as you start to practice detachment, self approval, develop an abundance mentality, an attitude of gratitude etc.

There is a principle in psychology that if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.

So,let go and move forward. Imagine how pleased you will be when you have made a lasting change in your life. All lasting changes in your outer reality are accompanied by changes in internal perception.

I highly recommend this book.
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on August 8, 1999
I'll admit it -- I read this book through a crisis and a time of life that saw transitions everywhere. And while I'm still reeling from pain, and disbelief of the events that have happened to me in the past few years, I am already so much better from reading this book.
When I find myself tempted by defeating behaviors, reading one passage reminds me why I don't want to continue down that road any longer.
The funny thing is, I never saw myself as a codependent or as an addictive person. It doesn't matter what type of turmoil you're going through -- this book WILL remind you of a better way of life.
It truly is a lifeline. I keep a copy at work and am discovering I'll need one at home to. If you struggle with any type of negativity, this book can help remind you that it's really going to be okay.
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on April 2, 1999
If I could only have one book throughout my life, this would be the book I would choose because it has made me feel so good! I was given this daily meditation book by a friend in 1992 and it is the first book I have ever read EVERY day! No book has ever made me feel so good about being me. The short, daily meditations lift my spirits and let my heart soar. They have let me enjoy being just who I am and loving it. Most of us deny our true feelings and supress who we really are. This delightfully written book reassures us that our feelings were designed by God and are o.k. to feel. When God gives us a feeling, it is his way of preparing us to have that need met. This book helps your spirit soar and helps you become the person God intended you to be.
I give this book as graduation, birthday, and anniversary gifts to those special people I love. I am now ordering another copy for me, too, as I have worn mine out from reading a short meditation every day that always makes me feel better! The author may not be an angel, but she definitely has connections that will touch your heart and soul!
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on August 6, 1999
I found this book not long after joining Al-Anon and establishing a daily devotional time. I was stuck in a long term emotionally abusive relationship and attempting to escape it. The Language of Letting Go showed me I deserved to be happy. It gave me so much hope for a better future. I still read it daily, its my bible. Thanks Melodie, this book helped me create a life!
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on November 2, 2003
I bought "The Language of Letting Go" when facing major loss, thinking it was a book about handling grief. It was one of the best mistakes I ever made. I am more grateful for this single volume than for my entire library of 3,000 other books, and daily experience more benefit.
Melody Beattie's book of meditations is a guidebook for life. It's about holding on to what is meaningful, and letting go of that which can only continue to hurt us. The meditations, one for each day of the year, seem to be divinely inspired.
No matter what pain you feel, these meditations are a healing balm for a wounded heart. Melody Beattie's clear and simple writing addresses the difficulties of living, loving, caring, surviving, being gentle with one's self, making mistakes, learning to detach with love, and finding balance.
During a year in which I experienced major loss, and mounting stress, caring for several family members with major illness, and coping with my own, "The Language of Letting Go" was my lifeline. This book helped me regain a sense of perspective. In times of great despair, it has been a lifeline.
Imagine reading one book for five minutes each morning or night, and literally having it change your life for the better. This is that book. "Language of Letting Go" is clearly written, accessible, and direct. I recommend it to anyone experiencing pain, confusion, despair, depression, loss, anger, frustration, and grief. It will help you find your way.
A personal aside to anyone put off by use of the word "God" in books about recovery. For many of us, the word "God" was used to shame us as children, when hearing it or seeing it, we still cringe. A fixed belief in the limited view of God we received in childhood is not necessary to understand and benefit from the meditations. I use a phrase that has meaning and relevance for me: wherever a book says "God", I use "The Assembly of Higher Powers as I Understand Them".
"Language of Letting Go" is appropriate reading for anyone desiring greater clarity of thought. I suggest that you will rediscover yourself within its covers, being loved, and recovering long-lost hope. This book can help you find peace of mind, and restore your courage to face each new day.
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on April 10, 1999
Co Dependent No More helped me greatly. It was like a slap in the face and a big wake up call. So I had to buy this book as well! Because ,I could not let go of relationships in my life that had died long ago. I was obsessed with any and all people,upon knowing them for two minutes. This guide is very inspiring and helpful,helps you get through the day. Melody's books were suggested to me by an excellent Therapist.
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on August 17, 2002
Hello All,
I bought this book on the advice of a 27yr veteran in Alanon. I've never regretted purchasing this book. The readings are insightful, and go hand in hand with another great read "The Courage To Change". I've yet to discover why Alanon has yet not recommended this book?! Trust me, this is one of the best daily readers you can get!
I like this book so much, that I've given SEVERAL away as gifts to those that I love dearly. To this date, I've NEVER received a single complaint, only compliments on the depth and wisdom, of the words written by Melody Beatie. So, if you want a great daily reader, then I HIGHLY recommend this book. On yet another note, I just purchased "More language Of Letting Go" so, as soon as I've read a bit of it, I'll post my comments here.
Ciao All!!
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on December 5, 1999
This book of meditations gives you inspirational thoughts to begin your day with. A must read for anyone dealing with codependancy issues. In her words, Melody Beattie gives me a spoonful of wisdom every morning; a tonic to support me all day! For those busy people who don't have time: Slow down, relax, and take 5 minutes a day to do yourself some good!
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on September 28, 2001
I have owned a copy of 'The Language of Letting Go' since its original publication in 1996 and am still finding it useful and pertinent to my daily living. I bought the book at a time when I needed some guidance and this book provided this and more. It has allowed me to understand that what I feel is both normal and natural and that I should not deny emotions and thoughts that inevitably surface.
I have suffered from post-viral depression, stress from studying, loneliness and yes, co-dependency. Melody Beattie, in this book has helped me to realise that I shouldn't try to push my fears and needy emotions aside. Rather I have come to realise I should just let the feelings go, and realise I can't control everything in my life.
I am still using the book, not everyday but when I feel I need to. Inevitably I find what I need in each daily meditation. This has always been a daily tonic to me.
Recently I lent my book to a good friend who is going through a very rough time - She was involved in a bad car accident she was told she should have died in. Since that time she has suffered from an eating disorder and has tried to push her closest friends and family away from her, afraid that she could hurt us with her pain. I know this book has helped her enormously, she told me so. Now I'm buying one for her. I think this is probably the best gift I could give her.
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on October 29, 1997
Having read the book 5 years ago, I still pick up the book everyday, especially when I feel those codependent controlling emotions resurfacing. The book literally saved me from myself the self-defeating behavoirs of trying to control life. It has changed my life. My book is falling apart from use, it is my daily spiritual guidance and encouragement. I couldn't live without it. Thank you from a very codependent who was brought across that bridge into the light. This book has saved me, in financial crisis', in my love relationship, in every aspect of my life. It has taught me that I cannot control life. My screen saver here at work says, "You cannot control people or events... trust, believe and let it go, just let it go"! This book is powerful, a life saver.
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