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on March 6, 2015
Its exactly what we thought it would be. The game is not easy at first, but after 4 times you play it, it is great. The pieces are like 2 !/2 inches high. The material is great, and the laser works perfectly. Each pieces has its space inside the box, and everything is very well organized inside, The box is exactly the size of the board and it has a little handle on top so you can carry it easily. The game have like 3 different options to play it, but after you get use to it, you can make your own arrangements. My husband loves it. A good twist of the chest board
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on January 2, 2012
Incredibly fun game. Quick to learn, very hard to master. A rookie can easily beat a seasoned player due to one dumb move. Lots of fun and exciting chess-like game. But the lasers are very fragile. To fire them you push down on the heads of the sphinx. Unfortunately, if you push a little forward or backward as you push down, it can break the laser instantly - with very little pressure.
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on December 27, 2008
very excited to give toy to my nephew. we had so much fun playing the game!!!
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on October 1, 2013
When the game arrived, it had clearly been used by someone else before me. There was no plastic wrap around the package or pieces, the box was torn in places, and the pieces were dirty (smudges on the mirrors). I am returning the game and plan to reorder. Depending on the condition of the replacement, I will update this review.
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on December 17, 2009
KHET is a great game I have been playing for years and recommend it to any one who like chess, checkers, or strategy in general. I find it very unique, and as I was raised on strategy board games such as chess, axis and allies, and diplomacy, that's saying something. It's nice to see a board game that is new, simple, and yet complex. A little bit of tomorrow, today is the best way to describe this game. Khet is a board game that is truly interactive with its pieces, this being the future and all ( to those concerned I figured by now I would also have a jet pack and pellet form food that taste great, but I am still waiting). My only real grief with the game is that it needs to be able to have four players. Now that would be insane fun (Maybe the makers will read this and draw something up).
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on September 7, 2015
My son and I enjoyed this game. After the first few rounds of teaching him, he wins all the time.
If I had listen to the low ratings about Khet 2.0 construction, I would not have purchase it. Coincidently, my co-worker has a set. I examined his set and did not see major issues with the construction. So, I bought it and I glad I did.
The lasers are fairly precise unless they are bouncing off 8 mirrors (for me). Then they are off a bit but still hit intended targets.
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on December 17, 2009
I have given Khet for gifts the last few years, and it has been the biggest hit each time. I have given it to kids about 10 years old all the way to middle age adults. It is fun for all ages. It is educational for the kids, keeps them off video and TV. It is a lot more fun than traditional board games, and can be as easy or challenging as you want it to be. This is for sure a MUST for everyone.
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My wife, son and I love to play chess. My six year old daughter is learning too. KHET 2.0 takes chess and turns it into laser tag, but strategy and forethought are still the keys to winning. It's a little easier to learn than chess, but no less complex or hard to master. A simple quarter-turn of a piece can be either a defensive or offensive move, or both! Kids will be attracted to the hi-tech component, but it is a game for all ages. The basic premise is to hit your opponent's pharaoh with a laser controlled by moving your mirrored pieces around the board and dispatching the enemy pieces in your way. It can be as easy as a game of checkers or as complex as a good game of chess.

Having played both this and the original KHET, I find I like this one better. It's much more travel friendly. The laser/mirrors are better aligned (on my set) and they are now movable. It doesn't hurt that less expensive either. Sadly, the TOWER OF KADESH and Khet - Eye of Horus Beamsplitter add-ons doesn't work with 2.0. However, there is enough complexity with the basic game to satisfy and challenge all but the most hardcore player. I recommend getting KHET 2.0 if you want a travel version. Or get the original set if you want to really invest in the game and its expansions. Good luck though, the original KHET (Deflection) game sets are getting harder and harder to find, and mine isn't for sale! ;)
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on July 11, 2013
I could not played the game yet, since one of the laser pieces does not make contact and the laser beam never lights on. Investigating the mechanism, I found that the swith never makes contact. I will install a microswitch to activate the laser on my own, since I live in Uruguay and it is very expensive to return the product for a replace.

Update 2/sept/2013

Soon after I written the review, the designer Luke Hooper write a very kind letter and offered a free replacement on the defective piece.
He soon shipped a new piece without asking me to return the other one.
Now I can appreciate this fine game and I love it. I am very fond of laser puzzles and games since my Sinclair Spectrum years!!.

Very happy with it.
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on December 25, 2014
Mind blown. LOL. Of course, I am no genius in the first place. This game frazzles and amuses me.

I do not play chess. It is on my bucket list. I got this game along with a selection of other games as a gift of dedication of time to my husband for our 20th anniversary. I selected games that he would like to play and promise to play with him when he wants to play. So, now you understand that these sorts of games are just not my forte. So, basically...I suck. Hah. But he is patient with me. So, are my non professional player thoughts...

First, a little bit about the game play. There are different beginning set ups and we have only used the classic set up so far. There are similarities to chess. There are pieces and you are trying to capture the Pharoah(king). That is where the similarity ends. There are not different move types for each piece the way that there is in chess. Each piece moves like a chess king. One space or turn per move. Then you activate the laser and see if you hit your opponent or yourself. Not sure if this is allowed, but here is a khet video with a little about it. [...] and [...] (or search youtube for How to Play Khet - the Laser Game - Chess Variant or Khet the Laser Game 2.0)

The Sphynx stays on its square and only turns, it does not move from that spot though. It is the piece that contains the laser. After each time that you move/place a piece, you press the top of the Sphynx to activate the laser to see where the beam hits (or misses).

But there are mirrors and frickin' lasers!!!! You can easily accidentally take yourself out! Hah! Just in case you think you have the geometry and physics of light mastered, you can get an expansion. The Eye of Horus beam splitter. This sends that laser light into multiple directions so you have a greater opportunity to take yourself out. Heh. (Be sure to get the correct beam splitter for the version of the game that you get. There is an original and 2.0 version. The tower expansion is not yet available for 2.0 as far as I know. Lots of growth opportunity for this game.)

The board and pieces are made of heavy plastic. Nothing fancy. Not flimsy at all though. Very solid. It would be nice to have the pieces and board be made of something more asthetically pleasing, but the uniqueness of the game makes up for that. One reason for the material choice is that the laser travels thru the piece or lights it up when it hits it making it super easy to see when a piece has been hit. It is, after all, about the game play and having fun.

I can tell that hours of fun will be had with this game. I will most certainly lose 98% of the time. The other 2% will be sympathy/pity wins to keep me interested in playing. LOL. But hey!!! I get to spend time with my husband drinking beer and blasting little ancient Egyptian characters with frickin' lasers!!!
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