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VINE VOICEon November 13, 2012
A little over ten years ago, I was given a book by a coworker. He said, "This is way better than Tom Clancy." I was offended, not because I knew Clancy, but because I knew of him as an author that wrote great narrative blended with incredibly accurate, action-packed stories. My coworker was right. Vince Flynn is an excellent author. He has created a main character who is not afraid to have an opinion or take a stand. Flynn's series of books can be read in any order, and it's nothing short of a treat to discover the background of his characters when reading chronologically earlier titles.

Vince Flynn has written another title, The Last Man, which is as eerily prescient as his earlier Memorial Day. As I began to read the advanced copy from Atria Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint, the news of an actual terrorist strike on the US Embassy in Libya hit the front page of every news site and newspaper.

Flynn's uncanny timing unfolds with his go-to main character, Mitch Rapp, as he is called on to rescue a missing CIA agent from a safe house in Afghanistan. While not exactly what was unveiled in actual world events, the author does capture the very real world of secret operatives working off the radar in hostile territories. Irene Kennedy, the only person able to reign in Rapp's destructive prowess, leaves the safety of her office to aid in the rescue mission. Mitch Rapp and his elite crew strike out to retrieve their target from the hands of the bad guys, while elements within the US and Afghan governments attempt to foil his efforts out of a need to hide their nefarious purposes.

Perhaps the idea is not entirely past its prime, but the idea of a kidnapped, US government official being rescued from terrorists is not a new theme in the recent fiction and non-fiction genres. Maybe this is bad timing on the part of the publisher, but the non-fiction No Easy Day, released a month ago contains the basic elements of The Last Man. David Crouch's fictional Act of Valor also has the same basic premise. If Vince Flynn was not the author, I wouldn't have read the book. Overall, I'm glad I did. It was enjoyable, but it's a title I wouldn't choose to read a second time.

The characters are believable, high-strung and thuggish, but believable. Flynn is also a master at retaining the basic humanity of his main character. Although Mitch Rapp is a Rambo-like tactical genius, he is still very much human. He can be hurt. His friends can be hurt. Few elements in the story are predictable, taking turns when least expected.

However, it struck me that the last few novels by the author don't contain the same edgy pace of previous books. The imagery is not as vivid, nor is the dialogue. And the basic story line has been done. The language is certainly military-grade, rough, tough and full of zingers, but strangely, it didn't really enhance the action as I expected.

I recommend the story for fans of the genre and of the author. I would also recommend this book if you want a good read where you know the good guy will win.

This story is definitely high quality when compared to other writers in the genre. Only when comparing Vince Flynn to himself do I find certain elements lacking. This is an excellent story, but it is not the best Mitch Rapp novel on my shelf.
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on November 15, 2012
I circle the date on my calendar when a Vince Flynn novel is due. The wait is always worth it. This time was no exception.

An intelligence asset in Pakistan goes missing from a safe house. Rapp and his team are called in to assess the damage and find Joe Rickman, the missing operative. Rickman is a high value target - he knows names, dates and places and has planned many of the undercover operations against terrorist groups. Director Kennedy fears the fallout of Rickman's capture and resulting damage to her intelligence network. But even before Rapp can launch an investigation all hell breaks loose on the ground in Pakistan.

'The Last Man' is vintage Flynn - Mitch is front and center of an action packed, tension filled story. Things are never quite as they are portrayed. The writing is as good as the story, confrontations between Mitch, Kennedy and the bad guys du jour is worth the price. The current events aspect is so real you wonder how Flynn gets so close to the terrifying truth.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 13, 2012
Mitch Rapp is a hard-core agent, the kind of agent Jack Bauer tries to be, and the kind of man you definitely want to have on your side. As we read in Vince Flynn's newest Rapp novel, The Last Man, Mitch Rapp is the last man you want to come after you if he's not on your side!

Flynn's two prior novels, American Assassin and Kill Shot, took readers back to the Rapp's roots, setting up the background for Rapp's career and solidifying the reputation he comes into in the first novel (third chronologically), Transfer of Power. The Last Man takes place at the end of the series, following Pursuit of Honor. Not only does it bring us up to date with Rapp, it brings us right up to date with today's headlines.

Rapp is called in to assist with the investigation of the disappearance of a deep-cover operative in Afghanistan. His disappearance gets the attention of the CIA due to their fear that, if the secrets in this one agent's head were revealed, many agents in the field would be compromised. The whole thing seems fishy to Rapp from the start, and as he continues his investigation, he is targeted by an assassin and gets in the middle of an intragovernmental mess. But true to what we know of Rapp, he overcomes injuries and setbacks and doggedly pursues truth and justice.

Flynn doesn't disappoint with his detailed fighting action, believable political intrigue, and plot twists to keep the reader guessing. I can relate to Rapp's intolerance for terrorist coddling, and his frustration with bureaucratic garbage. Sure, he makes rash decisions, but he's always right in the end.

Fans of Mitch Rapp will be delighted by The Last Man. Readers who have never read Flynn's books will love it and will want to go back to the beginning to read them all. All will wish and hope that the USA has someone like Rapp to call on when we need him.

Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for the complimentary electronic review copy!
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on June 19, 2013
God Rest Vince Flynn, God Rest Mitch will be missed. I've read all 17 novels.....most more than once, I will be reading them all aqain
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on November 19, 2012
Over the past couple of years, Vince Flynn has been filling in the early, or "hidden," years of Mitch Rapp, the covert CIA agent who many of us hope has a real-world model out there. While the recently published AMERICAN ASSASSIN and KILL SHOT told the story of Rapp's origin, Flynn's latest places him very much in the here and now. Rapp is an uncompromising irresistible force capable of knocking any object in his way off its pins. THE LAST MAN finds Rapp in his 40s, extremely capable, but physically if not emotionally vulnerable as he faces enemies from within and without while in pursuit of a security breach that threatens to expose CIA assets to America's enemies throughout the world.

The novel begins in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, with Rapp in the middle of the aftermath of carnage. Such is not an unusual place for him; what is unusual in this particular case is that he is not the cause of it. The situs is a safe house set up around Joe Rickman, the head of CIA clandestine operations in Afghanistan; the house has been compromised, with Rickman's bodyguards murdered, his all-important computer gone, and Rickman himself missing, an apparent kidnapping victim. Irene Kennedy, the director of the CIA, has tasked Rapp with investigating Rickman's abduction and finding him, no matter what the cost.

Rapp is disturbed by what he finds; there are some things that simply do not add up at the scene. He is not entirely sure of what has actually occurred; what neither he nor Kennedy realize, though, is that Rapp is slowly being drawn into a trap, one in which he will be confronted with one of his deadliest adversaries, someone who has cost Rapp more than perhaps anyone ever has. Events conspire to make the two men uneasy allies in a firestorm where they are confronted with almost overwhelming odds. But the question remains: Who is orchestrating these events, which include Rickman's disappearance and the attack against Rapp?

Matters becomes even more dangerous when a shocking video is posted on the Internet that leaves Kennedy scrambling and Rapp looking for answers. The trail Rapp follows leads from the violent streets of Afghanistan to the twisted hallways of power in Washington, D.C., where a corrupt politician conspires with a power-hungry bureaucrat to bring Rapp down and Kennedy with him, even at the cost of the lives of CIA intelligence sources working behind enemy lines. Rapp has a good idea as to who is pulling the strings, and as the twists and turns of the plot against the CIA are slowly uncovered, he will need to utilize every element he possesses in his considerable skill set to come out alive.

Surprises abound here. These are not limited to plot change-ups; events conspire to reveal a couple of hitherto unknown sides of Rapp's personality. Additionally, he does something that is totally necessary but undoubtedly will have a number of readers screaming "No!" even as he... But that would be telling. Certainly, THE LAST MAN is one of Flynn's most complex installments in the Rapp canon to date. And Flynn, master storyteller that he is, skillfully navigates the reader through the twists and turns of the tale to a conclusion that puts the main plot elements to rest while setting up the next intriguing volume.

Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub
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on June 20, 2013
Vince Flynn died yesterday (6-19-13)

I will miss reading his books.

He never wrote a bad book!

Goodbye, Vince.

Goodbye, Mitch Rapp
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on June 20, 2013
Our family is so saddened having learned of Vince Flynn's passing today. Not only was he a fantastic writer...we absolutely loved every single one of his books...all keepers...our favorite author...He was a very wonderful man!! Mitch Rapp was part of our book clubs, our adult children's favorite author as well... his newest book each year was a Christmas present under the tree that each family member knew they were getting...even though I knew they would sneak to read at the library because they couldn't wait until Christmas day. They, of course, would have to request his newest book months before it's release date. If not the list of requests were always in the hundreds they then would have to wait until Christmas Day to find out the newest Mitch saga!! I would catch whispers, Mitch Rapp this and Mitch Rapp that. Something I so truly enjoyed. For me it was such a treat for me to read after the holidays and all was cleaned up, stored away for the next holiday season. I wouldn't let anyone mention anything about his newest book release until I finished every page. A nice family tradition. Each member of our family has every book he has written. They will all be read again and again. We are just so sad!!
Here is just one of many news link about Vince that captures what a great person he is:
We are just so saddened by this loss of not only our favorite author but to a truly good, good, man. :(
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on November 19, 2012
I have read all of Flynn's books to date, and this one is a good addition to the Mitch Rapp series. There is nothing really wrong with it, but I found it to be a bit too similar to the past offerings. There is little that happens in this book that we haven't seen before. All of it is exciting and well written, but some new twist is needed. Essentially all of the books feature:
- liberal members of congress or the senate trying to undermine the CIA's work and throw Rapp and company in jail
- Rapp disregarding orders and policy to get the job done

This book is no exception. I would like to see Flynn find some new direction to add interest. It makes for a good read as it is, but this series is starting to all blur together.
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on June 19, 2013
I was very upset to hear about Vince Flynn's passing. I have every single one of Mr. Flynn's books and have enjoyed each and every one of them. Love his Mitch Rapp character. My thoughts are with his family. He will be sorely missed by his readers. He was such a great writer, his books always took you on a trip. If you haven't read his books, start at the first one and keep going. You won't regret it!
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on November 25, 2012
Normally I don't Write reviews but I have become so tired of the constant one and two star ratings on really good books because of the high prices on the Kindle book. It's not fair to the author who doesn't set the price and who worked very hard to write these books for us. So, please people stop giving one and two star ratings because of the book price - you are just bastardieing the rating system, not accomplishing any thing and should spend your energy writing to the publishers. Amazon is powerless to change the prices.

Now, to the book. Mitch is back and better than ever! If you are a Vince Flynn fan, you will enjoy this novel. The plotting is very interesting as well as the action. I hope we get another installment soon.
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