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on September 1, 2014
The book was very rushed. You have this build-up from Drizzt's past, characters returning etc but then they never really feature. At the end of the book it was kind of like the author suddenly remembered that he included demons from his past but never mentioned them again, and suddenly, at the end, they make a cameo appearance. I really enjoyed most of the Drizzt Saga books but this one was very disappointing. I couldnt wait to finish it, and not because it was gripping, but because I really wanted to start on the next book to see if it has improved.

Also, the books of the Neverwinter Saga seems to be a lot less about Drizzt, and more about his companions. His fighting has become a lot less, and also a lot less descriptive. He fights more with the bow than with his scimitars and to be honest, what battle can you descriptively elaborate on when it mostly includes a bow? Bring back the old Drizzt that we all love, fighting mainly with his scimitars and proving superior to all on the battlefield with these two weapons in his hands. His scimitar fights have not become boring at all and he still meets a worthy foe that gives him a run for his money, and that is what I used to like; magnificent swordplay to the death...
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on November 29, 2015
This was an excellent book that wraps up this chapter (no pun intended) of the Drizz't chronicles. It was a wild ride, and the ending left me sad and wondering (although I only wondered for as long as it took for me to find and read the next series of books). You wont be disappointed in the conclusion to the Neverwinter Saga.
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on November 10, 2014
I enjoy fantasy fiction and started reading the Drizzt books years ago. Of the newer books some are obviously better than others.but few are as entertaining as the first dozen. It almost seems that they are not written by the original author but follow a similar story line. Several of the words used in the books I am unfamiliar with are not defined by any dictionary supported by Kindle or in any of my college edition dictionaries. I could nitpick and find faults with multiple issues but overall the story line is entertaining and I expect I will follow the series to its conclusion.
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on March 10, 2013
I have not been that fond of the Neverwinter saga, but The Last Threshold was better than the others, in spite of the ending.

The upcoming Sundering, from my understanding, is the return of the dead gods, and Ao putting all of the gods in their place and putting an end to their squabbling. I'm a fan of the gods, so I'm both nervous and excited about it. The next book in the Drizzt saga, the Companions, is the first in the Sundering series. They will be by different authors and featuring different characters, so new, and some we have seen from previous books. The Sundering will be taking place in 1486, and TLT ends two years before. The 18 year sleep Drizzt and the others experienced in the enchanted forest was probably Salvatore's way of "catching up" and getting prepared for the next book.

I found out about Drizzt's death prior to actually reading the book, but my throat still tightened a little. It was kind of bittersweet, because he was reunited with Catti-brie, so that made me happy, but the mournful cry of Guen as Drizzt breathed his last was heart-wrenching. I hope this isn't the last of the beloved panther. And this may seem irrelevant, but I would like to see Zaknafein, Drizzt's father, appear again. In Passage to Dawn, he appeared to Drizzt and told him his spirit was in a good place, and promised they would meet again. I hope Salvatore remembers this. I found out his soul was in the Green Fields, which is indeed a good place, but it is the halfling realm, which doesn't make sense for Zak. Perhaps Salvatore mistook it for Mielikki's realm? Still, the goddess does gift Drizzt, so hopefully they will be united. I admit, I am a sap, and I like happy endings (though I don't like all rainbows and butterflies). Surely, though, if Drizzt is reunited with the others, he should be reunited with Zak, too? I'm crossing my fingers. Please, please?

The intrigue about the gods was, well, intriguing. There was much speculation of whether Drizzt was a Chosen of Lolth or Mielikki. Perhaps the 18 year sleep was the forest goddess' way of hiding Drizzt from the eyes of the Spider Queen? Perhaps Drizzt will undergo apotheosis like Shevarash did and become some sort of demi-god? I was hoping Paul S. Kemp's Godborn would be first in the Sundering novels, but after reading LTL, I'm glad it's the Companions instead!
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on April 3, 2013
So when D&D decided to drop the very popular 3.5 edition and recreate the game completely so that every class was exactly the same, R. A. Salvatore had to quickly advance his storyline forward 100 years. A lot of very haphazard choices were made in the face of the spellplague, changing history of the continent, and more.

So just when Salvatore finishes with the upheaval of fast forwarding 100 years with new gaming rules in his universe... Wizards of the Coast (or their masters) finally realize that Pathfinder was outselling D&D 4.0, and decide to "go back".

As such, all kinds of non-sensical stuff happens including a 17 year sleep at the end, which I assume is R.A. Salvatore's way of throwing up his hands with the changes in course at Hasbro and saying, "Ok, this should wipe the slate clean and get Drizzt back to being on his own so I can start over in a world that makes sense."

Honestly I'm surprised there are any more Drizzt books coming.

I've been reading these books since high school and now I'm a middle aged nerd. It's just not quite the same to read about the same leaping and spinning and twisting and blocking of scimitars. Drizzt and Guen have hit the point where they're about as powerful as they can get without changing class to Wizard or becoming a Demi God.

I think a saving grace would be if Drizzt retires to a natural place, like near IceWind Dale, and begins training other heros... sort of like when Drizzt trained Wulfgar, and they hadn't discovered everything on the planet or found all the best weapons yet.

Salvatore is talented but you can tell he's fed up with the corporate BS behind WotC now. It shows in these books.
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on January 12, 2014
I purposely avoided every review with spoilers in it for this book and every other book in the series. Still not sure why people give a synopsis of the plot for a review.

The ending of this part of the Drizz'y saga left me a little off at the end. The ending is not something I really saw coming even though there may have been a few hints to it in the previous books. Not real happy with the ending but then again its not my choice, I didn't write it.

If you have read the other books extolling on the adventures of out Drow friend Drizz't you will be find jumping into this last installment of this saga.

One thing to note...this is something like the 15th to 20th book in the entire saga of Drizz't. If you haven't read the earlier ones you will be lost. These things have book numbers on them for a reason. Lot of characters over the past of the series and its almost impossible to keep them all straight if this is the only book you have read.
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on April 30, 2013
(Contains Spoilers)
By reading other reviews I can see that a lot of people werent really happy with this novel, but I think it really was a logical story regarding Drizzt's emotional state as all his old companions are dead except Guen.
I don't count Entreri as they have always had a love hate relationship.

He is miserable, the only thing that makes him happy are his memories. He tries to redeem others to make his life seem as if it has a point. He wishes be loved Dahilia but she is too emotionally screwed up.

He searches for his past while it seems the whole world is out to destroy him and his new companions who he will always find wanting... The only logical conclusion was for him to leave this plane. I don't want to think of him as dead as its just too damned sad.

All that said I really liked the book but not so much for the adventures which were excellent if not abundant, but for showing Drizzt as a 3 dimensional character and not just a comic book hero.

Even Dahilia who everyone hates has such conflicting emotions and psychosis which leads her to challenge Drizzt because she thinks she loves him lol

Anyway, I see the next book has Drizzt on the cover so be cant really be dead, but I don't know how they are going to move forward at all.
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on March 15, 2013
Postive's for the book; some great fight scenes, some interesting character developments, and let's be honest, if you're reading this, or writing one of your own, you love the character of Drizzt Do'Urden. Mr. Salvatore continues to write some truly interesting, exciting, unique fight scenes; drow, driders, demons, skulllords, wights, zombies, sea devils, medusas, gargoyles, oh my! it's a complete grab bag of the collest fantasy creatures I could think of. I enjoyed the character devo of Artemis and Effron in particular.

some negatives; a truly meandering plot, Mr. Salvatore's continued use of Drizzt's journal entries, some not-so interesting character arcs, a really peculiar ending, and at least on my kindle version, weird editing. it felt like the kindle copy editor forgot to do a complete read through before this went to press, so to speak. one place in particular cuts from one group of characters in one location to another group in another location on the next sentence. I have not enjoyed Dahlia's character at all through the Neverwinter books. This book solidified it. Drizzt waxes historic about Innovindil more than once, he should have been allowed to go find her and dump Dahlia off at the nearest rehab center. I hope with all fingers crossed that she's not back in the next Drizzt book, "The Companions."

If anyone at Wizards of the Coast, or Bob himself is reading this, it is long past time for the Zacknefien and Jarlaxle back story.
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on April 11, 2013
When I was 15 years old, The Crystal Shard became the first book I had ever read by choice. I read it for myself because I loved it; it spawned a love of reading and fantasy fiction that will follow me to my last days.

Now after 21 years following the exploits of Drizzt Do'Urden I was horrified to find him ultimately betrayed by the very hands that lovingly crafted his story over all those years for our enjoyment.

Leap frogging his story through time in these last few books, dissolving the very foundations, characters, and principals that made him so beloved and ultimately ending the series with a fantasy fiction rendition of a bad made for TV movie.

The whole Neverwinter series put together feels like the author is in a headlong rush to toss his years of work with Drizzt off a cliff "from on high"! Disregarding the cheesy time skips and half hearted explanations he gives along the way and all the untold stories buried beneath his mad rush. He blew past two far more fitting endings with either Errtu or Barne back to back at the very end of the novel in favor of an abysmal finish!

My advice, skip the book, or the Neverwinter Saga entirely if you can, it adds nothing of substance to the Drizzt saga and takes away so much.
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on December 21, 2013
I have loved the character Drizzt and his creator R.A. Salvatore for the past twenty years. I have read all his books twice! I don't understand how Salvatore could lose his passion for the readers who have come to expect nothing but excellence from Drizzt and his fighting style. As a Black Belt in two different styles and a Brown Belt in Judo, I don't see this young elf kicking his arse the way she did. Sorry R.A. you could have had a real winner here but you dropped the ball on this one. Makes me sad. I will try Companions, but if it sucks like the Last Threshold, I am affraid that I will have to stick with the old Drizzt novels.
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