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The Last of Us: Survival Edition - Playstation 3
Platform: PlayStation 3Edition: Survival EditionChange
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166 of 177 people found the following review helpful
Want to see the bonus content in The Last of Us: Survival Edition? Check out my video review to see it with your own two eyes.
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43 of 50 people found the following review helpful
on June 17, 2013
this is my short review and opinion of THE LAST OF US-Survival edition. the package includes:

#1 a steel book case for the game
#2 the first comic book issue of The last of us: American dreams By Dark Horse
#3 The art of THE LAST OF US (HARDCOVER) book
#4 the sights and sound DLC pack
#5 Official game soundtrack
#6 PS3 dinamic Theme
#7 PSN avatars: Winter Joel and ellie

Before i begin i advice DO NOT READ THE ART BOOK UNTILL YOU BEAT THE GAME. i know this because i let my friend read the book wile i started playing the game and he said the are SPOILERS in the book because the book goes to every part of the game. now that thats out of the way i would like to say this is one of the best games in resent times. The Graphic's are absolutetly amazing almost looking like a next generation game. gameplay is top noch amazing, this is NOT a Pray and Spray Shooter (like the call of duty series) this is a survival game, you do not have infinity ammo so shoting your way out is not the smartest action to take. there is an amazing implemented steath sistem which you can use to either take down your enemies or sneak pass them (thou sneaking past them is not always an option) in this game you also craft materials such as health kits, molotovs, shivs, smoke boms and spike grenades by using materials you find in the game, and upgrade weapons and impover you survival skill's by finding parts and pill's in the game. there is still action in this game, the brawling mecanics blended with the animations are one of the best of all time, even better than uncharted which is hard for me to say. the shooting mecanics are also prety awesome. everything all blended together is amazing, the animation effect between caracters on cutscenes or on in game cutscenes or in the gameplay is incredible. I HIGHLY recomend this game to everybody. i know and dont know. and thats only the game itself, the survival edition will give you even more extras on top of the game (if you into that kind of stuff like me) this is and amazing masterpiece game inside an amazing package with an amazing deal.

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40 of 52 people found the following review helpful
This review is for the Survival Edition and not just the game itself, which I will review once I start playing further into it.

What you get:

*Steelbook Game Case
*#1 Issue of The Last Of Us, American Dreams
*The Art of The Last Of Us

*The steelbook game case is great. It's all black and white with Ellie's face on the front side and Joel's face on the backside. The inside of the case is in color and has the voucher and stickers. All very well done.

*#1 issue of The Last Of Us: American Dreams comic by Neil Druckmann. This first issue sold out and they had to do a reprint, this issue that comes in the Survival Edition has a variant cover, pretty sweet overall. It's the standard single issue length of a comic, a little over 20 pages. This 4 part mini-series should be concluding in July.

*The Art of The Last Of Us was the main reason I wanted this. The hardcover is great, glossy and clean looking. Tons of pictures inside as well. If you got the Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (also a Naughty Dog game, like I need to tell any of you) this "Art of" book is very similar. Character development and design as they refined and honed in on the final look, level design and lay-out, great computer and hand rendered 3D models and texturing. At 170 pages you get to see a whole lot of the talent and attention to detail that went into making this game.

*One sheet with the DLC voucher code for the Sights and Sounds DLC pack with the Soundtrack download, Dynamic Theme and Joel and Ellie avatars.

*Two different Naughty Dog logo stickers.

*The Game*

I am a huge Naughty Dog Fan. I love Uncharted more than any other game series to date. So I have been eagerly awaiting this game. Basically the only complaint I have heard about this game is it's too short, at around only 12 hours of gameplay. People said the same thing about Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. I thought it was the perfect length and made for easy replay since it doesn't drag on. If you are like me and have been anxiously awaiting this game, you have undoubtedly been watching gameplay footage for the last year and seen how the controls are fluid and smooth for this third person game just like uncharted. So far, there is the right amount of action, cut scenes, sneaking and exploring, granted I have not gotten very far. The detail, the lighting effects, the music by world famous composer Gustavo Santaolalla (The Motorcycle Diaries, Brokeback Mountain) hits hard and dramatic and is intense. This isn't a typical post-apocalyptic zombie game, this is a survival game (Think Manhunt meets Uncharted meets Resident Evil 4), with the best cinema scenes done in a game that don't take you out of it but drop you even deeper into the perfection that is The Last Of Us, sure to be the Game Of The Year. Most everyone is scoring this game high and saying it is a masterpiece. So far I would agree. The controls are very similar to Uncharted, not too sluggish and the platforming in smoother than Uncharted. There is a lot of profanity which may bother some, and a lot of gore as well. I will update as I get further along in the game. So far, no glitches or frame rate issues or anything to complain about.

*UPDATE 6/16*

I'm nearly 50% complete and don't want to put the controller down. This game is intense, the "clickers" scare the crap outta me. My girlfriend sat and watched me play for nearly 2 hours, she couldn't believe how real everything was. The physics in this game are great, when roaming a half collapsed, tilted building, things roll the direction the building is leaning. The flash light effects are great, the batteries get low and you have to shake the controller to get your flashlight to keep working. The sound design is amazing. So far my only complaint is cycling through weapons is a bit clunky, especially when you're fighting for your life. I've died maybe like 5 times. My girlfriend kept asking me how I knew where to go and what to do, and it's really all due to the amazing level design, everything is so intuitive. Also, there was an autosave glitch day one that Naughty Dog has already fixed with patch 1.01. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on June 15, 2013
I am going to compose this review in two parts. First: the quality of the Survival Edition (contents, impression of the items, & etc). The second part will pertain to the gameplay itself.


Part One:

As mentioned in other reviews, the Survival Edition (which retails at $79.99; although, if you didn't pre-order it, you may not be able to find a copy at that price) comes with a few things that separate it from the standard edition. Three of those things come in the package itself (which is an over-sized version of the game box, designed to accommodate the art book): the hardcover art book, a variant cover of the Dark Horse "The Last of Us" comic book #1, and the game in a steelbox case. The other perks that owners of the Survival Edition (henceforth referred to as SE) obtain come through a special pre-order code. This code allows the gamer to download Playstation Avatars of the two main protagonists, as well as the game's soundtrack. Players need to enter the code through the Playstation Store via their home computer or directly from your PS3.


So far, I am in love with the SE. While the avatars and the soundtrack are nice, the comic and the art book more than make up for the additional cost of the game. The hardbound book is beautiful and has artwork of the various denizens (and heroes) found within the world of The Last of Us. The comic tells a story about the teenage girl (who is pictured on the game box) and gives you a little bit of insight into who she is and how she came to be within Boston. My impression is that the comic was a bit loose in the narrative; I suspect that it is setting up the rest of the plot for the other three comics being released by Dark Horse. While interesting, I feel that the art book is the better bonus of the two.

All-in-all, if you have the extra cash and can afford to pay for the SE, get it. The game is wonderful, and having access to the artwork and a bit of the background story for one of the protagonists is just amazing.

Part Two:

Controls, Music, and Graphics:

The Last of Us, developed by Naughty Dog Software (home of the acclaimed Uncharted series as well as Jak & Daxter), follows in the footsteps of other Naughty Dog games. That is, The Last of Us (TLoU going forward) is a gorgeous game with an expansive world to explore. The music is simply beautiful and helps so much with the atmosphere; between the gorgeously-rendered environments, amazingly-detailed characters, and an orchestral soundtrack, the game shows the care and passion that the developers at Naughty Dog have. With the weather and day/night effects, the world of TLoU comes alive. Driving rain obscures your vision; darkness envelops you at night, forcing you to use your flashlight to see. Music plays in the background, subtle, rising in a crescendo during tense moments of gameplay. The music is something that you may not always take note of, but you definitely notice whether or not it is missing when the environment is silent.

In regards to the atmosphere, Naughty Dog borrowed from its predecessor, Uncharted. That is not to say that it copied the story or the characters, rather, Naughty Dog used their experience with creating a gorgeous world for the setting of TLoU. Plants have individual leaves, limbs, and flowers. When the wind is blowing, you see them wave in response to the drafts, rustling as they would in real life. During a thunderstorm water cascades in sheets; the lightning briefly illuminates the landscape and thunder rumbles overhead while you are moving through the world in an attempt to find shelter. Shadows change as the lighting source differs; illuminating an object with your flashlight casts different shadows depending upon the angle of the light. Details like this bring the world of TLoU to life, drawing in the player and immersing them in the apocalyptic ruins of Boston, Massachusetts.

Controls within the game are fairly easy to adapt to, yet sometimes I found that manipulating your hand-held item in a frenetic setting can sometimes be frustrating. The game has the controls configured so that you can swap through your inventory by using the D-pad, aiming with L1, shooting/attacking with a weapon is mapped to R1, and using a first aid kit is accomplished by selecting the kit and then holding down the "X" button. Since first aid kits take a few moments to use, you have to make sure that you are safe from attack for the duration of healing yourself. This is where things can get hairy: if you are dealing with a room full of baddies, the AI is such that they will move to any sound that you make. The AI is also smart; they will cry out, alerting other nearby bad guys to your presence and will pursue you for quite a while, going around obstacles and climbing over things (if necessary) to get to you.

While all of this makes for a tense gaming experience, shuffling through your weapons to use a shiv (melee) or finding which type of gun you wish to use can be frustrating. In one instance, shortly after I acquired the revolver, the game prompted me to switch to it from my currently-equipped gun by selecting it with the D-pad and holding down "X". It took me a couple of minutes to accomplish this; I repeatedly followed the directions as shown on the screen but the game did not seem to recognize the command right away. Adding to the irritation is the fact that the game would not allow me to move forward or do any other task until I successfully completed the action. Fortunately, however, the moments when things like this happen are not frequent. As the game progressed I was able to use the hand-held items more fluidly, minimizing my damage from attackers.


This is where The Last of Us shines. As the title implies, TLoU is about the surviving members of the human race, nearly decimated twenty years prior to the main storyline. The game opens with the protagonist's daughter sleeping on the couch. Soon he walks in, waking her. She stayed out on the couch, even though it was nearly midnight, to give her father his birthday present: a watch. After that it is bedtime: you find yourself controlling the daughter after a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night. You go searching for your father and find the house empty... the television is on the den, and a newscast about some sort of riot is on. It is near your home!

Finally your father runs in the house, slamming the patio door behind him. He tells you to stay inside, away from the windows and doors... and then his crazed neighbor breaks through the glass and charges him. Your father shoots him... to your horror, and then the story takes off.

The basic plot of TLoU is nothing new: an infection by a mysterious disease spread like wildfire through humanity, those afflicted going crazy and attacking others. The disease vector is spores, and indeed, those infected look to have some sort of mushroom-like fungi growing on their skin. Twenty years after that fateful birthday night, you wake up again, only this time you are the father. What remains of society is gathered into zones that are kept under marshal law. Ration cards are the currency of the day; survival is a cruel allusion to the game's title.
Soon you will find yourself on a quest to cure the disease plaguing humanity, joining your partner-in-survival Tess and a strange teenage girl thrust upon you under strange circumstances. Suddenly dodging the curfew and outwitting fellow survivors becomes child's play as you adventure through the decimated world of TLoU.


1) Engaging story; truly addicting gameplay

2) Excellent camera work

3) Beautiful graphics, music, and sound effects

4) Voiceovers rock!

5) Huge environment to explore

6) AI is very intelligent; the baddies WILL find you and WILL do everything that they can to kill you

7) Simple menu system to create weapons, improve your stats, and to view items collected

8) The art book and comic are beautiful (for those who purchased the Survival Edition)

9) Free online play is you buy a new copy

1) There are a few glitches; from "shimmer" with the graphics to the bullets from my rifle repeatedly being ejected from the gun (it is bolt action).... when the gun is strapped to my back

2) Quick-swapping weapons is confusing at first; remembering which combination of buttons to push to swap out guns after using a Molotov cocktail, for instance, can waste precious time until you have acquainted yourself thoroughly with the controls

3) Although rare, if any of your in-game partners cross in front of your character on a narrow path, they will keep trying to get behind you while you try to push forward, resulting in a chopping movement forward

4) Online play costs $9.99 extra if you buy a used edition

I waited anxiously for this title, and I can honestly say that I am glad that I did. The gameplay is fun and challenging; the story is engaging, and the bonuses from the Survival Edition are very much worth it. The Last of Us was one of the most-anticipated titles of the year, and after playing it for the last two days, I can definitely agree. TLoU is a mixture of many genres, with some platforming (à la titles like Assassin's Creed), some stealth (think Metal Gear), and some shooting. You have to survive, and in order to progress in this game, you need to be aware of your environments, your inventory, and your skills. Do you want to go through, guns blazing? Or do you want to toss a bottle to create a distraction so that you can sneak up and shiv a baddie? The choice is yours, and your decision will mean the difference between surviving... and death.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on August 15, 2013
Amazing game! everyone who likes action games AT ALL MUST play this! Beautiful!
You will not be disappointed! I laughed. I cried. I used some colorful language.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2013
This was a life-changing moment in gaming for me. I was trying to pick between this and the Watch Dogs collectors edition, and MAN am I glad I got this. This has to be the best game I've played in a LONG time. Even if you're not on board with the whole 'Zombie' theme everyone is obsessed with now days, this is far more than mindless killing, blood, and gore. Having to create your own weapons, being able to sneak past enemies knowing you don't have the resources to make a weapon to kill them, and limitations on what ammo/supplies/health kits you can carry gives off a realistic survival environment. Beautiful game, beautiful collectors edition. Highly recommend.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on June 23, 2013
The Last of Us is easily one of the best games of the year. It starts off the beginning with the plague and then shifts to the aftermath quickly. Its good to experience the story itself without giving much detail. There is a lot that could spoil little things that are surprises that happen throughout the game.

What I loved?

There is a mix between fighting and hiding. You can get through some areas by without fighting but some encounters you will have to but its mixed very well.

The characters throughout the game will talk about area you are in giving it a sense of realism and talking about what once was. Ellie doesn't know much about he world before so she often asks about things within the world she sees as you travel.

There is a nice sense of exploration for items necessary to upgrade your abilities, to make items, and such. There is also documents, comics, and such to be found.

Humans are sometimes a bigger threat than the affected.

It is a beautiful looking game.

The story is very moving and is one of the finest examples of developing characters seeing their struggles and seeing how the bond between Jolie and Ellie form.

Those are the strong points. There isn't much weak about it. Its an incredible experience. There are some impactful things happen that I thought would end the game but it kept going. I beat the game and can tell you it is well told from beginning to end. I highly recommend this game. The Survival edition comes with a nice dynamic theme background and the art book is pretty nice. I don't think its necessary to get but I happy with it, especially for such an incredible game that was really addicting to play, incredible to look at, and so immersive.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 22, 2013
I'm an illustrator and avid gamer. I love the game for many reasons, and I've played it over and over again. Never gets old. Now about the Survival Edition; its totally worth the extra money. As an artist it was awesome to see the comic and the art that goes into creating a Naughty Dog game. Book comes with concept art, character sketches, and more - great for reference or as a coffee table book! Awesome case for the game, and although I threw out the big box it all comes in, I'll keep these guys forever.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on June 18, 2014
The game is great! It is intense and emotionally draining. The story really pulls on your emotions and the gameplay tends to keep you tense. It's the best survival horror game since resident evil 2 or Silent Hill 2. I also got the first issue of the comic book series which is a nice bonus that leads up to the DLC chapter and a full size Art book that features concept art and promotional art. The package was really cool but the best part is the game!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on December 12, 2013
I love love loved it.

I got the Survival Edition and so happy they didn't gyp you on the art book. It's big and has a hard cover and contains the beautiful concept art and some original concepts that did not make it in game. The comic book was really nice too, starting with miss Elie. And the tin case was something I adored. Over all this game is really amazing and I would recommend people to play it. The graphics are beautiful and the story is very deep. The moment I laid eyes on the trailer during the VGA, I knew it was going to be a good game and how right I was. c':
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