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on January 27, 2005
I will demur extended comments on the film to the reviewers below. Suffice to say, it is more taut, edgy, fast-paced, and visually compelling than the preceeding films. Obviously, the great script was paramount in Ms. Mirren's decision to return to the role.

My review has to do with the DVD presentation. I obtained this U.S. release from Netflix before I knew that it had been cropped and mastered in pan & scan. Much of this film has been shot with a super wide-angle lens, so after 30 seconds of viewing that P&S bastardization, it went back in the Netflix return envelope. Then I purchased the widescreen Region 2 PAL version from Amazon UK. It arrived in Los Angeles in under 10 days.

I have a Sony 34" 16X9 direct-view set, and an all-region JVC NTSC/PAL DVD player. You can pick up name-brand all-region NTSC/PAL players all over the web for usually less than $100. They come in very handy with DVD's that are not available in the U.S.

The Region 2 disc looked fabulous; I cannot imagine watching this film butchered in P&S. I highly suggest buying the widescreen version.

When you view all the other Pime Suspect DVD's, which are all also mastered in pan & scan, you realize they were originally filmed in widescreen. Perhaps some day, the entire, awesome series will be made available in the correct aspect ratios.
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Helen Mirren once again returns in her Emmy Award-winning role as Jane Tennison in what is, I believe, the series' most powerful police drama yet. This sixth episode in Prime Suspect, "The Last Witness," has Tennison hunting down the leaders of a paramilitary death squad in London. These men had perpetrated heinous crimes against humanity during the Balkan Civil War and could possibly be the cause of a terrible murder in Jane's jurisdiction.
Former Chief Detective Tennison, has now been promoted to overseeing all murder investigations in London. She is, as usual, battling the male establishment and coming to grips with advancing middle-age. At 54 she feels she is being pushed toward early retirement and the pressure and presence of ambitious younger colleagues who would love to have her job are ever present. At this point in her life Jane Tennison is also beginning to realize that her career has become her life - a sad and lonely realization.
When the body of a young Bosnian woman turns up, with signs of brutal, sadistic torture, Jane takes over the case. Her investigation leads her to one man, and perhaps two, who are alleged war criminals with much to hide as they attempt to make new lives for themselves in Britain. The murdered woman's older sister is finally found and promised protection in return for her story and assistance with the ongoing investigation. The police protection proves to be weaker than the will of the murderer to eliminate all possible witnesses to his crimes. And disaster strikes again with horrifying results. As usual Tennison risks all in her determination to bring the guilty to justice and in this sixth episode "all" could mean her career.
The Prime Suspect series has long been a favorite. Helen Mirren is superb as an actress in any role and absolutely shines as Jane Tennison. Ms. Mirren lends the correct mix of tough independence and vulnerability that are such an important part of the character. And her face mirrors all the emotion her character is feeling more eloquently than words. I heard Ms. Mirren say, in a recent interview with the press, that this will be the last Prime Suspect episode. I am very sorry to see it end but can't imagine a more fitting conclusion. Wonderful acting and drama. Highly recommended!
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on May 20, 2004
When this aired in Canada on CBC, it was the original widescreen presentation. I missed it when it aired on PBS recently, so I'm not sure if they showed a widescreen or full screen version. However, I assumed that HBO and Warners would release the original widescreen presentation, enhanced for 16x9. Apparently, that's how the DVD was released in Region 2. But despite what it says here on Amazon in the technical specs, this DVD is a full screen presentation. That's a real shame, and it makes me want to purchase an "all region" player and order the Region 2 DVD from the U.K. - so I can see Prime Suspect 6 as it was meant to be seen.
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on May 21, 2004
What makes this DVD even more frustrating is that while the feature itself is full screen, the bonus 'making of' featurette is widescreen and enhanced for 16x9!
The widescreen 'making of' featurette contains clips from the feature, and if you do an A/B comparison, you can clearly see how the left and right sides of the image have been cropped for the full screen presentation.
Shame on Granada, HBO or whoever was responsible for this decision.
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on April 26, 2006
Prime Suspect 6 is, without question, the best of the Prime Suspect series. The combination of a stellar cast, a fantastic script, inventive cinematography, and a haunting score add up to one of the more entertaining dramas I've seen, period. Helen Mirren is, as usual, outstanding in the role of Jane Tennison. The character is as strong as ever there is a real depth to her character in PS6, including some great scenes with Jane's father. I recommend this wholeheartedly. If you're a fan of Prime Suspect, and who else would be looking at this, you are going to love it.

I agree that the fact it is not widescreen is a disappointment, but it is still very enjoyable. I believe the UK edition (widescreen) is now out of print, so this is the one we've got. I'm not complaining.
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on January 16, 2007
Another great episode. The historic background in which the plot is developed around is another shameful chapter in Humanity's history-Bosnian War (1992-1995), and the story develops around two sisters who survived the atrocities of that conflict and a war criminal in hiding whom are suddenly thrown in each others paths for one last time. Mystery, suspense, sadness, shame, despair... are feelings that are respectfully not resolved in the last fifteen minutes but there is a little justice at the end, achieved only by the tenacity of Chief Superintendent Jane Tennison.
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on July 13, 2004
The acting is great and all, but what a great story. I think this may be the best of all the Prime Suspects--but they are all good. (I bought UK version so I saw it in widescreen.) The use of the fisheye (Super-wide angle) lens was interesting, although it made me almost dizzy sometimes.
No, Jane, you are not going to Bosnia. Yeah, right!
You'll recognize Ben Miles right away if you have seen Patrick in Coupling--in the first shot of him he has on his wayfarer sunglasses--reminiscent of the "stop playing reservoir dogs" scene from Coupling season 1.
Except for missing Haskins from the other Prime Suspects, this one is superb!
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on March 3, 2006
Superb! As usual Helen Mirren does a fantastic, convincing job as the conflicted, but tenacious Chief Inspector Jane Tennison facing multiple obstacles, personal, official and on procedural, while investigating a murder case. The subplot concerning the attempt to force Jane to retire, and the unexpected turns in the case that lead her to go face-to-face with man's inhumanity to man (genocide) in Bosnia are tense and well executed.

i admit I initially was a bit concerned about the level of quality of this episode, after the long hiatus since PS #5, but I need not have been. This is one of Mirren's best.

Go for it!
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VINE VOICEon March 19, 2006
This final installment in the Prime Suspect series has a few flaws--the directing is a little awkward and in some scenes they filmed Helen Mirren at some unecessarily unflattering angles. Despite this Mirren and her character Tennison are as enthralling and captivating as ever!

After viewing all the episodes you look forward to that moment when Tennison is overwhelmed, the odds are against her, she is on the verge of being fired and she pulls a brilliant intuitive deduction out of the air and resolves the mystery. British detective drama at its penultimate best!
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on May 2, 2014
Great show..... But the audio is the worst I have ever heard. Who ever mixed this should give up and go back to what there good at.... whatever that is...
The background is out of phase to the main.... the voice levels are at -12db but the background is at +3db. Trying to enjoy this show late at night is not much fun.
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