Customer Reviews: The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham
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on December 10, 2006
After seeing the movie, "The Secret", I wanted to know more about the Law of Attraction. Researching the Internet led me to the Abraham-Hicks website so this was the first book I decided to read.

First, I will say that the idea of Abraham being channeled would have ordinarily turned me off from reading the book at all. Fortunately, I bought the book *before* realizing that the non-physical entities known as "Abraham" was the teacher of this knowledge so I went ahead and started to read it anyway. I was going to skip the Foreward (written by Neal David Walsch) because I was eager to get to the basic teachings but even the Foreward "spoke" to me. I didn't skip anything after that.

This book has so much wisdom that after I got started I really didn't care whether Abraham was "real" or not. It's written in the format of Jerry asking his wife Esther, who channels Abraham, questions about the LOA and life in general. I began to wonder if Esther *wasn't* channeling Abraham, how did she know all of this herself? I kept post-it note flags with me while I read this so I could go back and pull out all of the things that were most impactful to me. After I finished the book, it had so many yellow flags sticking out of it, I didn't know when I would have the time to do it! Instead, I just purchased "Ask and It is Given", another book by the Hicks', hoping the more I read the concepts, the more they will stick in my brain and I will begin to live them.

The only reason this book did not get 5 stars from me is that it is somewhat repetitious in the questions asked. This is not a book to be read in one sitting, but slowly injested over many readings. I noticed the repetition more on the occasions when I read more. Read this book. It will change your life - or, rather, you will change your life.
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on October 21, 2006
Esther and Jerry Hicks have been putting out the channeled Abraham material for about twenty years, but it has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity. I only discovered it about a year ago and have read their last three books. This latest one, The Law of Attraction, is probably the most succinct and direct summary of the philosophy, which is actually quite simple, though not always easy to put into practice. I would recommend this book to anyone familiar with self help and/or channeled type material, as well as anyone new to this kind of thing. If you are already something of a self help or new age junkie, you will find Abraham amazingly clear and no frills. I mean this in a good way, for when studying a system of self improvement, you don't need a lot of theory and superfluous philosophy, ritual, chatter and so forth. Some of these can be fascinating, but if you are mainly interested in improving your life, what's crucial are the fundamentals. For the same reason, this book is an excellent introduction to the whole concept of the law of attraction. In the forward, author Neale Donald Walsch says, "This is it...put all the other books down." A strong statement, but it illustrates the power and importance of Abraham's message.

Abraham is described as a collection of evolved non-physical entities. They are channeled by Esther Hicks, who also gives many public workshops. Essentially, the message of this book is that your thoughts and feelings determine your reality. Esther acknowledges that she first encountered the phrase, "You create your own reality" in Jane Roberts' Seth books. The Seth material, however, while also channeled and carrying a similar message, is far more complex and technical. I find the Seth books interesting and may reread them some day, but if you are primarily interested in putting these ideas into practice, as opposed to studying them, I would recommend Abraham. The advice Abraham gives again and again is that it's important to feel good, because how we feel attracts more of what we have, whether good or bad. A simple message, and one that has been stated many times before, but unless you have truly mastered it (or dismissed it as impossible, in which case this book obviously won't be of interest -Abraham makes no effort to prove the "validity" of the ideas to skeptics) this book is one you should definitely read.
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon September 27, 2006
"The best scenario is to desire something and to bring yourself into the belief or expectation of achieving it...If you have a strong desire for something but you doubt your ability to achieve it, it cannot come, at least not right now, for you must bring your thought of desire and your thought of belief into alignment." - From the book

For several decades, a group of advanced spiritual teachers known as Abraham has channeled messages through Esther Hicks. What began as a series of audios has now been compiled in book and deck form, with Esther and her husband, Jerry, disseminating three major laws advocated by Abraham: The Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Intent, and the Law of Allowing.

In The Law of Attraction: The Basic Teachings of Abraham, the Hicks' convey the fundamentals of the "Creative Workshop" which is the place that we enter, every day, as we ponder what we want--and don't want--out of life. They assert that individuals are always creating and attracting, regardless of ignorance of the three Universal Laws. We create by default, they say, just by thinking and speaking along certain lines--believing in the likelihood of a result and gathering confirming data from our environment. Here's an example of this creation from the book:

"The steady offering of details of illness is very influential in the increasing sickness in your society. If you allow yourself to focus upon the constant barrage of unpleasant statistics regarding the never-ending stream of possible physical maladies, it cannot help but affect your personal point of attraction."

Here are a few more snippets of Abraham's wisdom as conveyed in The Law of Attraction, as channeled by Esther:

"Your negative emotion is your indication that you hold beliefs that are contrary to your own desire."

"The more you think of what you want, the more the Law of Attraction will bring the evidence of it to you, until you *will* believe it."

"If there are others who see something in you that they do not approve of, most often you see their disapproval reflected back through their eyes, and you feel that you have gone wrong in some way. And we say unto you, it is not *your* lack, it is *theirs*. It is *their* inability to be the *Allower* that brings forth their negative emotion; it is not *your* imperfection."

"When you consider many subjects at the same time, you generally do not move forward strongly toward any of them, for your focus and your power is diffused, whereas if you are focusing upon that which is most important in any point of time, you move forward more powerfully toward that."

Now, let me share a bit of my impressions and experience. As a teaching, I was first introduced to the Law of Attraction by Michael Losier. In my opinion, his book of the same name is far superior to this title by the Hicks'. I had experience with manifesting what I desired before I read Michael's book, so I was familiar with the law of attraction. However, I have some misgivings about a portion of it, and here
is my reasoning:

Most times I read something on the Law of Attraction, I feel sick to my stomach. I was totally turned off by Lynn Grabhorn's Excuse Me! Your Life is Waiting, but found Michael Losier's book Law of Attraction pretty darn sensible.

Yet, I can't help but feel the Law of Attraction is a bit simplistic--offering only a portion of the big picture. I'm especially troubled that the Law of Attraction seems to fly in the face of the wisdom of avatars like Jesus. For example, the Bible encourages compassion with passages like "weep with those who weep". Yet, books like the Hicks' pretty much advocate turning away from anything unpleasant and instead focusing on "feeling good". After all, those poor souls are only attracting what matches their vibration--so let them suffer with their miserable magnetism.

I agree with Abraham that being joyful is the best gift we can offer to the world, but I can't see how burying heads in the sand will add good vibes to the planet. Yes, what you focus on increases--I agree with that, too. But to run away from those who are hurting and suffering merely because we don't want to taint our precious vibration field... It smacks of "fiddling while Rome burns".

While I appreciate the wisdom of the Law of Deliberate Intent, the Law of Allowing and even much of the Law of Attraction-- I can't help but feel something is missing from this picture. (Perhaps...heart?) I'm very big on "over thinking" to my detriment. And even Abraham advises that it's best to "follow good feelings" rather than monitor our thoughts 24/7. But for one such as I who is a "mental type", it's not so easy to turn off the constant evaluation of thoughts when buying into the Law of Attraction. It can create a cycle of fear, in my opinion.

To be fair Abraham *does* address this very thing in The Law of Attraction:

"...some of you feel uncomfortable with what seems like the overwhelming task of monitoring thoughts, sorting them out, and offering only those that will yield things that you *do* want. We do not encourage a monitoring of thoughts, for we agree that would be incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome, but instead recommend a conscious utilization of your Emotional Guidance System."

I totally concur with this idea, but the rub is that in order to be aware of how we create by default, we need to educate ourselves, in part, as to how our thought patterns, expectations, and emotional state contributes to manifestation. And that involves a degree of thinking/monitoring--at least in the beginning stages--which can be a bit frustrating.

I love the information on Segment Intending and the Art of Allowing, and know them to be very helpful in deliberate creation. I just feel that the way in which Abraham's wisdom is offered is a bit "top heavy". If you're just beginning your journey towards Deliberate (conscious) Creation, I recommend that you get Michael Losier's book, as well as two decks from the Hicks' (also published by Hay House): the Ask and It Is Given Cards and The Teachings of Abraham: Well-Being Cards.

However, if you want thorough information straight from Abraham's mouth, then you'll no doubt want to get this book. The Law of Attraction is quite readable, but the way some of the wisdom is presented may give you a bit of a headache--especially as you juggle some of the ideas on attracting undesired situations.
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VINE VOICEon December 20, 2006
The Law of attraction is not magic. It is not about making things appear out of thin air. It is about consciously and deliberately focusing your mind, your heart, and your spirit on that which you do want rather than what you don't want. Many times people think that it's all about "wishful thinking" that it's just sitting in your living room waiting for something to fall in your lap, and sometimes, things do work out that way. I have had several incidences where without any real effort on my part, things just seemed to fall into my lap. But more often than not, the Law of Attraction gets us to start expecting great and wonderful things to happen and what we expect usually comes to pass. If we expect the day to turn out crummy, it will, even if wonderful things happen, because our attention is so focused on it being crummy, that we literally by-pass all the good and choose tofocus on the not-so-good so then we can say with pride, "Well, that certainly was a crummy day..."

The Law of Attraction gets you to pay attention to what you are focusing on. Focusing on things just makes those things appear even larger. That is why I do not necessarily believe in the Fundamentalist Christian way of thinking. They focus on guilt, on punishment, on judgment, on hell, on the devil and then a lot of them wonder why they feel so oppressed. They somehow think that God is picking on them or condemning them. When in actuality it is simply because they are focusing on these things that are not "heavenly", not "godly", not "lovely" and so it will appear as if they are being tested or tempted or misdirected all because they have used the Law of Attraction in a negative way. Trust me, I used to be a fundie and I used to think that was how God got His kicks; by picking on me. I'm not saying to not be accountable for what you may have done or didn't do, but to me, the glorious thing about God is that God is a God of Love and Love does not lack in any good thing. God is always willing to make "all things new". What would happen if my primary focus became one of Love, of Peace, of Goodwill? What would happen if I focused more on the Heaven within rather than focusing on a heaven in some future existence? What would happen if I focused more on my brother's innocence rather than on his guilt? The Law of Attraction simply states that I will get more of what I am focusing my attention on.

Everything is already available to us. The reason why the majority of us are not living the life of our dreams is because we are literally "hell-bent". We see things as they are and not as they can be. We forget to express gratitude and appreciation for all the things that we are receiving on a moment-to-moment basis. How many of you today actually said, "thank you" for the clean water that came pouring out of your faucet this morning? Clean water is a gift. Did you know that there are many countries in the world today where clean water is rare? This is not to make you feel bad or guilty for having clean water at your disposal, it is simply saying that we have so much to be thankful for. We have eyes to read this, we have ears to hear the songbirds in the trees, we have trees and songbirds, we have minds and hearts and souls and bodies and we can go to where it is we need to go today with these amazing things called cars. Most of us will eat at least twice today. Most of us will sleep in dry, warm beds. Most of us will watch television or listen to the radio or work on the computer. If the only prayer we ever had to pray was, thanks, it would be enough.

The Law of attraction works because it has to. It is a law and whether or not we believe in this Law does not negate the fact that it is working. This book will help us use it in a more conscious and more deliberate way. It is not about ignoring other people because they may be fat, or poor, or not as attractive as you might be. What it is saying is to not give your energy to these things. A person is more than their weight, more than their financial status, more than their disease. If you truly want to see the person as they "truly are" focus on their inner beauty, on their magnificent soul, on their inherent innocence. It will be these attitudes that will not only heal them, but reveal to you, what you already know about them deep within. I had a few negative comments thrown my way on my review of the movie, the Secret. Nevermind, the fact that a lot of people really enjoyed my review and appreciated what I had said, I focused my attention on those people who tried to put me down and guess what? Through the Law of attraction I attracted more of the same. I didn't beat myself up over this, I just laughed at myself since I can be very entertaining at times, blessed these people and just got back on track with that which I want to express, extend, and experience in my life.

You see, a lot of people think we should just be happy with what we have and we should! But there is always something within us that's wants to be more, do more, and experience more. Maybe this is our soul...our spirit...that knows how huge it really is and wants us to realize with Real Eyes see all the good that is available within us right now. You could say to the caterpillar, "Ah, c'mon, you should be happy to just crawl around all day eating nothing but leaves..." But the caterpillar "knows" that there is something else he must do. He must die to his old self and be the beautiful butterfly that is already within.

There is something within each one of us that wants more. That is what desire truly is. Desire literally means, "of the Father". Our desires are already within us and if we can envision something and hold to that vision and do whatever it is required of us to have that vision, there is nothing that will prevent that vision from manifesting.

This is a good book, a great will be a gift to it! Make 2007 the year you live Heaven on Earth.

Peace and Blessings, Beings of Light.

john "the light Coach"
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on April 21, 2007
Back in the mid-to-late `70s, when I was still a fairly young pup, I tried my hand at wading through the works of existential guru, Carlos Castaneda. Even now, Castaneda is a powerhouse of metaphysical gems of wisdom designed to expand the mind; so I occasionally venture down memory lane and re-read all those tomes of wisdom he produced in an attempt to better understand his thought processes. For the most part, I have been successful. Yet the one thing that I still had a difficult time with until recently, was comprehending Castaneda's concept of `intention.'

What was this mysterious `intention,' to which Castaneda repeatedly referred, and why couldn't I grasp it?

Finally, after reading the words of Abraham in The Law of Attraction, the meaning became clear: intention is merely the process of creating, or bringing into existence, that which we desire. Simple; yet, for some reason, one of the most difficult things for most of us to comprehend, much less attain. Yet, again, it all boils down to `intent.' When one desires something strongly enough the Universe has no choice but to oblige.

Lately, however, it seems the Law of Attraction on which the recent movie, The Secret, is based, has come under fire. How, postulate many who are either unable or unwilling to see the logic behind this Law, can creating be as simple as the adherents proclaim?

Are the debunkers right? Is this `Law' merely some New Age, woo-woo mumbo jumbo or a bona-fide Law similar to gravity, or possibly something in between?

In all fairness, I have to admit that, I too, wondered how it could be so simple. How could one possibly desire something badly enough to `create' it into existence without, oftentimes, even acting on that desire, other than to think about it? And what about such desires as, say, wanting to fly? Could we manifest an ability that seems to go totally against the physical Laws with which we all must (seemingly) abide? Although I've not personally experienced this, what about those who are purported to levitate or bi-locate or miraculously heal themselves or others of terminal diseases? It seems to me that if it is, indeed, possible to do these things, could it not also be possible to fly?

And yet, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that...isn't that what we do every day? We desire something that to many would seem impossible, we think about having it, and if we think long and hard enough, eventually (if not sooner) we find a way of manifesting whatever it is we so strongly desire into existence. As the saying goes, a house begins as a fleeting thought, then becomes an idea, eventually makes its way to a blueprint, and ultimately finds expression in being `manifested' or constructed out of tangible, material substance. Yet, it began as a mere thought, a desire.

In fact, some of our greatest Teachers and thinkers - from the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Hindu, Chinese and Native Americans to Socrates, Plato, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Gandhi and Mother Teresa taught some version of `thoughts become things.'

Even with all the evidence indicating that humans are capable of achieving feats far greater than even they realize, why have the majority of us believed that either the average person isn't capable of greatness, or that the greatness which has, historically, been achieved is some fluke?

I suspect that, for the most part, it may be because we, as a conglomerate society, have been taught that only `the gods' are capable of creation. Further, that we must sacrifice all to `the gods' and rely on their good graces (and their whims) in order to experience the benefit of their bounty. Has this not been what has happened throughout the world over the last three- to four-thousand years in the forms of various religions?

Yet, is this really true? Do we really need to worship some elusive Concept of our own (or possibly someone else's?) imaginative creation in order to reap the benefits we all so richly desire and deserve?

Speaking from a scientific-cum-psychological point of view, my belief is that we certainly `reap what we sow.' If we choose negative thoughts, we will reap a negative outcome. If we are positive in our intent, we reap positive benefits. So, why is this concept so difficult for us to understand or believe?

Who of us doesn't know at least someone who is so tenacious, relentless and ambitious that they never once listen to the `realistic' advice of friends and family who tell them something can't possibly be done, but instead follow the beat of their own drummer and end up achieving exactly what they always knew they could achieve while we stood on the sidelines gaping, jealous and in awe.

Individuals such as Hammurabi; Abraham (father of the Jews and Muslims); the Hebrew prophetess, Deborah; Buddha; Cleopatra; Jesus; Michelangelo; Leonard de Vinci; Nikola Tesla; Einstein and many others come to mind. Had they listened to well-wishers who just `knew' that they were following the `wrong' path, the world would be without all the great achievements it has accrued to date.

I fully believe that we are all part of the Collective Unconscious, the One, the All That Is and therefore have access to abilities of which we have, previously, only dreamed. If that is true, then are we not all gods and capable of manifesting anything we so desire?


"Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quotes (German Playwright, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist. 1749-1832)
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on November 5, 2006
All I can say is WOW! I watched the movie "The Secret" 48 Hours ago, and now have found Esther and Jerry Hicks in that same time period. If you are earnestly seeking a better Life, you will find it. "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" I am just blown away with my Transformation in the past 2 days. I went to Barnes and Nobles last night about this time. We couldn't find any of Esther and Jerry's Books. I just began walking around, believing some how, some way this book would find me. Well the Employee at Barnes and Nobles tracked me down, and guided me to another section. We still couldn't find any of their books. The Employee walked away and I thought I would never see him again. Well, as I started to walk away the third time, he came walking towards me with asserment, and handed me the Book "The Law of Attraction" Never in my Life at Barnes and Nobles had I met a Employee who was so PERSISTENT on finding me a Book. Then I began asking?? Was this myself, the employee at Barnes and Nobles, or the Principles of the Law of Attraction? They say when the Student is ready, the Teacher will come. Well it's 10:35 P.M. almost 24 Hours later and I have read all 194 pages of this Book. I truly have found what I am looking for in this amazing Book. In life there are Laws, Laws of Gravity, Laws of our Government, Laws of Prosperity, Wealth, Health,etc. If you want to play the Game of Life, you must know the Universal Laws. It starts with getting a foundation within the Laws of Attraction. When you think your life sucks, your work is awful, your relationships are just horrible, guess what you will attract?? Those exact things. Your life is a magnet, what you think about you will attract, it's a Law. When you think about Health,Wealth,Prosperity, Great Relationships, you will attract those things. Your Life's make up is within you, you dictate how it will be played, not your surroundings. Get your mind right and start today. Read this amazing Book!. I had no idea who the Hick's where 48 Hours ago, but by reading this Book my life has been transformed overnight. I will never be the same person again, and the same goes for you. Think outside the Box, and if you earnestly want change, start by buying this book today!!
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on November 8, 2006
Esther and Jerry Hicks's books on the teachings of Abraham have inspired millions already. For those not yet familiar with the Abraham teachings, this book is definitely where to start. It is the perfect introduction to how we use our thoughts to attract what we want or do not want into our lives. For the current student of Abraham, there is much that will enhance and clarify past teachings. The section on segment intending, setting forth your intention regarding each segment of your day, is especially helpful. Abraham also speaks with common sense upon such topics as the power of our emotions, whether evil really exists, and why we cannot control other people.

The book is a must read for anyone who wishes to have a happier, more enjoyable life. Having been a student of Abraham now for two years, I have seen results in my own life from these teachings, and this book only makes me feel more clear and calm in my wanting process. Read The Law of Attraction, and when you have finished, read The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent and Ask and It is Given in that order so that each lesson will continue to build on the one before. Attract Good Into Your Life!

- Tyler R. Tichelaar, author of Iron Pioneers and The Queen City, available on Amazon
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on October 18, 2006
This book further clarifies many of Abraham's basic teachings. Law of Attraction is an important concept in almost all spiritual philosophies and this book helps you understand it is your core vibration, HOW YOU FEEL, that brings everything (good or bad) to you. You don't have to monitor your thoughts - just pay attention to how you feel! I encourage everyone to read this book, if it does not speak to you it will have at least left you with good ideas and a pleasant experience. Sounds simplistic and it is - probably why we all need so help understanding it.

Any fan of Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, John Gray, Christine Northrup and many others will see a kindred spirit in Abraham. I can not recommend this book enough, it not only changes your life - it teaches you how to makes life wonderful! This is my Christmas present to everyone this year!
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on February 10, 2007
In contemplating ideas from the book, I have a few questions about desires and attraction. If you've aquired answers to these questions, please let me know...

1. Should desires always be followed?
2. If not, how does a person rightly evaluate their own desires?
3. Are there things I want which I shouldn't want?
4. Likewise, are there things I don't want to attract, which actually I should be desiring?
5. What if a person gets every desire of his/her heart, but still has no happiness, no peace, and no joy?
6. Do bad things ever happen to good people?
7. If so, were those things attracted by the person?
8. Let's say a 14-year-old girl comes down with Leukemia, should she try to figure out what she did to attract the disease?
9. If God exists, and I experience blessing in my life, should I attribute those good things to God, or should I attribute them to myself?
10. Were we designed to live for something outside our self?
11. Is it possible there's an emptiness in the self-centeredness of my pursuing what I want so I can get what I want and have what I want?
12. How can I re-orient my desires outwardly towards serving something bigger and better than myself?

These are real questions - important ones. And I wish the book had at least attempted to answer these, at least the first five related to desires.
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on October 18, 2006
If you are interested in attracting and creating a life that you desire---then this book is a must read.

"The Law of Attraction," a great Universal Law, is explained more clearly than I have ever seen. You will learn what the Law of Attraction is, how it works and how to work with it, to create the life you desire.

I love all of the work that Jerry & Esther Hicks have done with Abraham and the teachings that they have presented. But, if I could choose only one of their books to read, this would be the one.

The Law of Attraction is something that affects all of us, all of the time. By learning more about this great law, we can better understand how our thoughts create our realities and what we can do to start creating and attracting the lives that we desire.

I would definitely recommend reading this book first, before reading "Ask And It Is Given" by the same authors. It provides a very good foundation for the information that is contained in that book.

So few of us realize how powerful we truly are, how our thoughts are constantly attracting our life experiences and what we need to do to attract what we desire. This book provides not only information and answers, but also guidance and techniques to work with the Law of Attraction.

Rev. Jeff, Professional Clairvoyant & Reiki Master
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