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Season 2
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23. The Leavers Dance TV-NR CC

Lucas and Brooke's relationship becomes more intimate when they travel to New York for an overnight stay with Haley.

42 minutes
Original air date:
May 24, 2005

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The Leavers Dance

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Season 2
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    1. The Desperate Kingdom of Love At the hospital bed where Dan lies after a heart attack, Deb contemplates her role in the tragedy. On his way to attempt reconciliation, Dan had found Deb making love to Keith.

    TV-NR 44min September 21, 2004
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    2. The Truth Doesn't Make a Noise With the assistance of Peyton and Brooke, Lucas gives Nathan and Haley a wedding reception.

    TV-NR 44min September 28, 2004
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    3. Near Wild Heaven Although Nathan and Haley are already married, Tim (recurring guest star BRETT CLAYWELL) insists on giving Nathan a post-wedding bachelor party, while Brooke hosts Haley's bachelorette party.

    TV-NR 42min October 5, 2004
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    4. You Can't Always Get What You Want Brooke's smug new male neighbor rescues her after she is arrested for shoplifting. Nathan and Haley have their first post-wedding argument when he buys her a gift rather than a much-needed car.

    TV-NR 44min October 12, 2004
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    5. I Will Dare Felix (recurring guest star MICHAEL COPON) organizes a "dare night" to test the limits of his new classmates. While out playing the game, Lucas meets a mysterious girl, Anna (recurring guest star DANIELLA ALONSO).

    TV-NR 44min October 19, 2004
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    6. We Might As Well Be Strangers After dare night resulted in new relationships, Lucas shares a romantic evening with Anna (recurring guest star DANIELLA ALONSO) during a midnight meteor shower.

    TV-NR 44min October 26, 2004
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    7. Let the Reins Go Loose The opening of Karen's club, TRIC, brings the people of Tree Hill together. Lucas and Felix (recurring guest star MICHAEL COPON) engage in an altercation over Anna (recurring guest star DANIELLA ALONSO).

    TV-NR 44min November 2, 2004
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    8. Truth, Bitter Truth Brooke, Peyton, Haley and Anna (recurring guest star DANIELLA ALONSO) have a slumber party at Haley's apartment where secrets and lies are revealed.

    TV-NR 44min November 9, 2004
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    9. The Trick is to Keep Breathing Although Lucas takes Anna (recurring guest star DANIELLA ALONSO) as his date to the Tree Hill High formal, he's with Brooke at the end of the night.

    TV-NR 44min November 16, 2004
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    10. Don't Take Me for Granted Concerned about his brother's health, Nathan informs Karen that Lucas did not take the medical test for his heart.

    TV-NR 44min November 30, 2004
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    11. The Heart Brings You Back Haley is surprised when her older sister Taylor (recurring guest star LINDSEY McKEON) comes to town--but not as shocked as Nathan, who recognizes Taylor from a past tryst.

    TV-NR 44min January 25, 2005
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    12. Between Order and Randomness Nathan confesses his past relationship with Taylor (recurring guest star LINDSEY McKEON) to Haley, but Haley continues to keep her e-mails with Chris (recurring guest star TYLER HILTON, not appearing) a secret.

    TV-NR 44min February 1, 2005
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    13. The Hero Dies in This One After Lucas receives his medical test results, he moves in with Dan, straining his relationships with both Karen and Nathan.

    TV-NR 44min February 8, 2005
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    14. Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows Nathan experiences an emotional crisis and reverts to his former self as his marriage with Haley unravels.

    TV-NR 43min February 15, 2005
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    15. Unopened Letters to the World During the creation of Tree Hill High's time capsule project, Anna (recurring guest star DANIELLA ALONSO) and the members of the group confess their most intimate secrets to an anonymous video camera.

    TV-NR 44min February 22, 2005
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    16. Somewhere a Clock is Ticking It's Keith and Jules' (recurring guest star MARIA MENOUNOS) wedding day, and the event has caused a commotion in the town.

    TV-NR 43min March 1, 2005
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    17. Something I Can Never Have Keith has a violent confrontation with Dan after learning that Dan paid Jules (recurring guest star MARIA MENOUNOS--not appearing in this episode) to have an affair with Keith.

    TV-NR 44min April 19, 2005
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    18. The Lonesome Road On his way home from seeing Haley on tour, Nathan spends time with Taylor (recurring guest star LINDSEY McKEON), hoping for some fun and maybe more.

    TV-NR 44min April 26, 2005
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    19. I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning Nathan's Uncle Cooper (MICHAEL TRUCCO - "Pensacola: Wings of Gold") visits Tree Hill to take Nathan and Lucas on an auto racing trip.

    TV-NR 44min May 3, 2005
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    20. Lifetime Piling Up Lying in a coma after his race car accident, Nathan dreams of what life would have been like if Dan had stayed with Karen and Lucas instead of marrying Deb.

    TV-NR 44min May 10, 2005
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    21. What Could Have Been Nathan is discharged from the hospital and returns home to a pile of unpaid bills and an eviction notice.

    TV-NR 43min May 17, 2005
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    22. The Tide That Left and Never Came Back Lucas and Brooke's relationship becomes more intimate when they travel to New York for an overnight stay with Haley.

    TV-NR 44min May 24, 2005
  • from $1.99

    23. The Leavers Dance Lucas and Brooke's relationship becomes more intimate when they travel to New York for an overnight stay with Haley.

    TV-NR 42min May 24, 2005

Product Details

Genres Sports, Drama
Director Gregory Prange
Supporting actors Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz, Paul Johansson, Sophia Bush, Barbara Alyn Woods, Barry Corbin, Craig Sheffer, Moira Kelly, Sheryl Lee, Katherine Bailess, Spencer Cain, Lee Norris
Season year 2005
Network The CW
Executive Producer Gregory Prange
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

52 of 53 people found the following review helpful By B. Knox on June 8, 2005
Format: DVD
The second season of One Tree Hill was fantastic. Although not up to par with the first season quality wise, the second season is still ten times better than the other shows on television today. The season starts off a tad bit on the slow side, but no need to worry, because things get heated up real fast.

Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz) announced in the season one finale that they got married, so now, the second season has them starting to deal with their marriage. Things don't exactly go as smoothly as they had planned. There are temptations along the line, as well as their dreams for the future which start to bring them apart from one another. Haley starts a musical career with Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton), a new guy in Tree Hill, and eventually, she leaves Tree Hill and Nathan to go on a concert tour across the US, leaving Nathan devistated.

The love triangle drama from last season between Lucas (Chad Michael Murray), Peyton (Hilarie Burton), and Brooke (Sophia Bush) has been solved, and all three are friends with one another. Brooke finds herself attracted to her new neighbor, Felix (Michael Copon), as the two eventually hook up. Felix's younger sister, Anna (Daniella Alonso) finds herself attracted to Lucas, but she has some secrets of her own to hide. Felix brings much of the drama to Tree Hill between the teens in the second season, by intimidating most people, and of course, the classic 'Dare Night' he arranges.

Peyton finds herself lonely, because last season, she felt herself romantically attracted to Jake (Bryan Greenberg), but problems with custody of his 6 month old daughter, Jenny, caused him to leave Tree Hill.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful By Johnny Boy on June 13, 2005
Format: DVD
This season ROCKS. The group throws a wedding for Haley and Nathan. We are introduced to 2 new characters: Anna and Felix. Haley leaves Nathan to go on tour with the Wreckers. The music is AWESOME. "Unopened Letters to the World" was a great episode, and gave some new insight to what the individuals of the group are feeling. Brooke gets voted student-body president. Nathan crashes in a race car, and has to get surgery. "Lifetime Piling Up" was done real well. I'm glad they showed us what life would have been like, or what Nathan thinks it would have been like, if Dan had chosen Karen over Deb. The season finale was shocking! Dan in a fire, Peyton found her mother, and Haley is back? Overall, this season is a MUST for any OTH fan.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful By Steve H TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on October 6, 2005
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
The second season of One Tree Hill picks up where all the drama, comedy, and romance of season one left off.

Does Dan survive? Are Nathan and Haley truly married? What will Tree Hill be like, since Keith and Lucas decided to leave? All these questions are answered, and the season then sets up and will have you asking a couple dozen more questions along the way.

Dramatic television series do have the tendency to fall off after the original season, but that was not the case, with season two of One Tree Hill. The twists, turns, and drama remains. Some of Tree Hill's residents have dramatically changed since the beginning of season one, while others have not. Can you tell which ones have changed and which ones are pretending?

There is something about One Tree Hill that is unlike anything else on television. In fact, there are several things unlike the rest of dramatic television today. The greatest shame is that a work of this high quality, with so many talented people on camera and off does not receive even greater recognition. One of the fantastic things about One Tree Hill is its dependence on music, to help tell the story. This is emphasized even further in season two, tying music further into the story-line. Finally, the performance in One Tree Hill are simply fantastic. You'll be hard-pressed to find overall work this great anywhere else on television.

Tree Hill sees several new residents during season two, and they make an impact on several lifelong residents. Impacts that might change people forever. If there is anything you should be warned about is that the questions you will have after watching season two will have you eager more than ever, for season three.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful By Carol on July 24, 2005
Format: DVD
One Tree Hill is by far the best show on t.v. right now. It's a captivating, witty drama geared for teens but watched by all ages. Peyton is a artist brooding over the boy she loved, Jake, who had to flee town when his baby's daughter came to seek custody of her child. Peyton's best friend, Brooke, is your typical head cheerleader - rich, popular, and beautiful. Brooke, however, soons discovers that her seemlingly never-ending source of spending money has run out when her father's business went under. Brooke has cope with a life without luxuries and discovers her true self along the way. Haley dreams of being a musician, and her husband, Nathan, is nothing but supportive. He spends the little money they have on items to help her get a music career started. When an arrogant musician comes to town and tries to persuade Haley to go on tour with him, Nathan and Haley's marriage is thrown into turmoil. Lucas finds himself dating the new girl at school, Anna, who happens to be the sister of Felix, a boy who has his eyes on Brooke. When Lucas realizes he's dating Anna to try to supress his feelings for another girl, he has to decide what to do and when to do it. This show is very well written, and the plotlines are highly intriguing.

In addition to having the show on DVD, the special features that will be offered appear to be just as fantastic as the show itself. Mark Schwahn, the creator and writer of One Tree Hill, recently announced some of the special features for the season two dvd which include commentaries by Paul Johannson, Bryan Greenburg, and Mark Schwahn; a feature on the show's music including footage from the One Tree Hill tour; interviews with the guest stars on the show including Tyler Hilton and Lindsay McKeon, and quite a bit more.

I'd definitely recommend this dvd set to anyone; you won't regret it.
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