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The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is partially about the misadventures of Ryner (magician) and Ferris (swordswoman). I say partially because despite their pictures on the Blu-ray boxart, there are episodes where they're nearly absent for other characters and storylines. The bulk of the main and mini-stories does gravitate around Ryner and Ferris however.

Legendary Heroes is a political drama at its heart; dealing with the kingdom of Roland and its neighboring nations. There is a lot of conversations between different characters, laced with flashy action sequences and the occasional slapstick humor. Composition wise, I'd say 50% drama, 30% action, and 20% comedy.

What stands out in this show for me, is that most of the characters are a little rough around the edges. There is no morally high ground character who only accomplishes good deeds. Everyone has varying levels of selfishness, and to me, makes for a show with some friction that mirrors reality. I guess in simpler terms, most of the characters have depth, and do not simply play an archtype.

Another theme I enjoyed about Legendary Heroes is that even seemingly 'evil' characters have their uses, and sometimes ally themselves with the supposedly 'good' characters to accomplish a common goal. There are only a few clear cut instances of actual good vs evil.

Other Legendary Heroes keynotes:

- Ryner is the focus of physical abuse. Mostly by Ferris.
- The mood of the show is primarily brooding. This trend is broken on occasions with humor at the expense of Ryner.
- There is no outright romance. Though there are hints of romantic tension between certain characters.
- The action sequences are fun to watch, comprised of magic and sword users.
- Death is prominent. Characters die, and in many cases, in gory fashion.
- There is no fanservice or nudity.

I am writing an pre-release review, because I watched this show on Hulu. Initially, the odd title caught my eye and I thought I'd watch an episode or two to pass a Saturday afternoon. Little did I realize that I would be at episode 19 the following Sunday morning. Episodes flew by quick, and my normally reserved self was eagerly eating up episode after episode.

I watched the show in Japanese with English subtitles. However, I've no doubt that the English dubbing will be as equally good by the Funimation team. Mostly the same voice actors from the following shows, also vocal their acting chops in Legendary Heroes: Clannad: Complete Collection [Blu-ray], My Bride is a Mermaid: Complete Box Set S.A.V.E.,Baka & Test: Summon the Beasts - Season One (DVD/Blu-ray Combo), and Spice & Wolf: Complete Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo). Other great shows I'd equally recommend by the way.

In summary, Legendary Heroes is highly ripe for purchase and ownership!
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on January 21, 2013
Ryner Lute would like nothing more than to sleep the days away in peace. Unfortunately, he has a strange and unrivaled magical power sleeping within him. His old friend Sion, who is now the King, pairs him up with a beautiful yet overbearing girl named Ferris. Ferris is an excellent warrior that fights for the right to enjoy sweets. The unlikely pair is on a mission to find relics of a Legendary Hero. These relics will ensure that the Kingdom will remain powerful and rule over the land with justice.

This anime surprised the heck out of me. It has excellent animation, voice acting, and a great soundtrack. There are lots of cool characters, an involved story, plenty of comedy, action, and drama. It has it all. The title is kind of generic and lazy, so I didn't expect much. That goes to show you that you can't judge a book by it's cover. If you've seen shows like Berserk, Record of Lodoss War, or Ragnarok; and liked them, you'll probably like this series. Personally, I think it's better than all of the titles that I mentioned before. I believe that there is something here for every anime fan. Definitley give The Legend Of Legendary Heroes a chance.
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on April 17, 2012
This review covers the whole series (Part I and II) and contains no spoilers.

- Introduction -

These 24 episodes are a prelude. A prologue. This anime is an adaptation of the light novel series. It is an excellent series nevertheless, in anime or light novel format.

Unfortunately the light novels which cover the story after these 24 episodes, as of now, remain largely untranslated. The story gets so juicy after 24 episodes. But. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

Ryner Lute and his friend Sion go to a military school for the poor and the orphaned. They train for war as tools for the nobels. The setting is much like Europe, multiple nations, multiple war fronts, and tension between all kingdoms/nations.

The school is sent out on a mission. I won't say how it ends, for it would be a spoiler but it's not too interesting. In fact, it is rather predictable. The anxiety and constant fear of the red headed main female character gives it away.

Ryner is arrested after the battle and is tortured for being an Alpha Stigma, a powerful magician-berserker. Sion is chosen to be the hero of the battle and the red headed female is released in exchange for Ryner's freedom. (The red headed female is such a minor character I can't recall her name.)

Ryner spends years writing a thesis in regard to legendary relics of power. Sion, now king, discovers this thesis and spares Ryner from the death penalty (given automatically to Alpha Stigmas).

From here Ryner meets Ferris, a bishoujo that is a demon with the sword -- and dango consumption.

I think that's enough summarizing. Let's get into why this anime is so good.

- Characters -

Ryner and Ferris both have lazy and laid back personalities. Whereas Sion has a workaholic drive and endless ambition. This foil creates a fun and comedic atmosphere. Ryner and Ferris slack and Sion gets on their case for being such slackers. All three of these main characters change subtly throughout the anime, then at the end you can see the accumulation of all the subtle changes. It's drastic. They've changed. And it changes the relationship dynamic. Bonds are broken and bonds grow closer.

In short, the characters are fun and memorable.

- Plot -

You won't be disappointed with the plot. There are political elements (corruption, struggles for the throne, crises, alliances), constant war (nations fighting against one another, major powers rising, weaponry), and how the characters play into these worldly events. The characters featured in this anime are major power players. The world moves around them in this anime. They are the strongest and they are the most powerful. The most powerful change the world.

- Packaging -

The packaging for this anime is rather nice. Individual slots for each disk, a decent box, and a small tarot card bonus for each Part. The special edition for Part I includes a red box inside with some neat character art, but both Part I and II have lackluster art on the outer boxes. Part I's special edition box's backside is akin to the DVD covers. The DVD covers feature main characters and also decorate the inside. They're alright. At least consideration was taken into decorating both the inside and outside of the DVD case (whoops, I forgot, I meant Blu-ray case). The DVD's/Blu-Rays are nothing special. Blue themed disks for Blu-ray, red for the DVD's. The art on both is just an Alpha Stigma symbol. Not exciting but it works.

Can you tell by now? I'm sure you looked at the product picture and could figure it out. Part I and II are a combination of Blu-rays and DVD's. So you get to watch the whole series in either Blu-ray or DVD quality. Yippie. It's a nice bonus.

- Quality -

I won't review the quality aspect of this release. I don't have time anymore to watch the whole series again (for the third time) but I can tell you that it should be good. Come on. It's Blu-ray.

- Thanks for Reading -

I hope you found my review helpful. I really enjoyed this series and therefore put in my time for a detailed review.
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on November 12, 2015
This series is a very interesting has the typical anime arch types in it...but like many good anime this on fleshes out all the characters and also adds interesting plot twists and turns in it. Basically the new king who was a semi-friend of a man on death row....gets him pardoned once he is crowned king....and then sends him off to collect ancient relics that legendary heroes had...the king does this because the man on death row has a secret power that is considered on of the legendary weapons....which scares most people....and was the reason he was put on death row...because the previous rulers where afraid of him. Anywise the man then team up with the sister of one of the greatest assassins to do his mission she gets payed with dango a candied food product and the promise of excitement by the king....the reason the king hires her is aside form knowing her from a number of years ago...he asked to do it by her brother whom is possibly the greatest assassin alive....a semi payment tot he assassin so he will help the king with advice. Its a very complex story but also a real good anime.
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on April 17, 2012
I loved this series.
I didn't know what to expect when I started the series. The main story revolves around Reiner. However, this anime has a huge cast and is not always focused on Reiner.

The story starts off light, but as more and more characters are introduced, you see that the anime is much darker. Political undertones, action, comedy, and light romantic hints.

I originally watched this anime online and loved the story. I decided to purchase the blu-ray version to see the anime in all it's glory. The blu-ray version does not disappoint. You can watch it dubbed or subbed with the original Japanese track. The first blu-ray disc has two episodes with commentary. I do wish there were more extras. But I can't complain as the main reason to get this was to watch this fine series with blu-ray clarity.

After all of the episodes, the anime is a bit unfinished in the grand story. Hopefully they will do a continuation in the near future.
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on April 25, 2012
ok i saw this series as a recommendation by amazon due to me always buying anime and manga. i decided to watch some episodes on youtube to get a feel of the series, and omg im hooked by ep 2, this is a great anime and its blue ray.
i really wish part 1 and 2 were in a complete collection not separated but oh well. ordered part 1 b ray and im looking forward to it.

i swear im going to have a library of anime if i keep this pace up.. but would that really be so bad ?
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If you enjoy anime series like Tower Of Druaga or Fairy Tail this is a nice addition to those titles though keep an open mind that the story is one we've probably seen in many other anime series and while the characters do endear themselves to the viewer their personalities and relationships are also pretty generalized. While the series give us a wide range of various characters the three primary are Ryner Lute a young man who has the mystical ocular power(Alpha Stigma)to analyze various forms of magic and use it to his own advantage, this power though comes with a drawback as those who usually have this ability become insane and destructive at a young age thus many are killed before this happens and are also greatly feared as a result of this tragedy. The second main character is Ferris Eris a young attractive female who travels and protects Ryner on their journeys but also acts as a safeguard in the possibility that she will end Ryner's life if he loses himself to the insanity and rage of his Alpha Stigma. Like with many of these series you'll have the standard conflicts and how the characters in the series must choose their sides in this conflict as well as the hidden darker threat that endangers everyone.

The series animation and soundtrack area a nice fit and obviously the Japanese subbed cast did terrifically in their roles as did the English dubbed cast. If you're still unsure of the series I'd advise checking a few episodes online just to make sure if this series is for you...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 26, 2013
I found it to be a reasonably well-dubbed anime with good artwork, interesting characters and an original plot/world. Starts slow (which I have no problem with) but a real shame it essentially ends with several unfinished story lines and no plans to carry them forward onto more dvds. Bottom line - Nicely done so long as you can live with some cliffhanger endings (that or continue by reading the books.)
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on May 17, 2012
This is a very good one to watch. the main characters are fun to watch and the sense of humor is very good in this anime. The main guy would love nothing more than to nap his life away, unfortunately his best friend is the king and wants him to work and the way to make that happen is he threatens a very strong sword... and she loves dango, but if she does not make him work the will burn down the dango shop she loves. So in order to save the worlds dango they adventure and cause problems.
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on May 12, 2012
It is kinda pointless to write more about the story. The people before me have done that already although speaking from a personal POV I must say I really liked it. It is one of the few series that does not rely on pointless and idiotic fanservice with panty flashes and boob exposure.

The set contains BOTH a DVD set AND a Blue Ray set so even if you haven't a blue ray unit you can still enjoy it until you can afford a BD player.

Another good thing is that both the DVD and the Blue Ray set work perfectly on Region 2/B machines. In other words it will work just fine if you have a PS3 unit from Europe. (It works perfectly on my slim PS3 and my unit has official firmware and is not modded in any way to bypass protections and stuff.)

The same goes for the second part of the set.

All disks will run on region 2/B machines.

So for anyone still unsure I say feel free to buy it. You won't have troubles watching it.

Small detail that I must clarify though. I am using an HDMI cable and HD monitor to watch it and it works fine. However I can NOT confirm it will work on old TV sets that can not support NTSC signal.
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