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on June 15, 2001
Fear not, Zelda loyalists, this new GBC adventure, even though developed by Capcom, lives up to the Zelda name in every way possible. Even surpassing Link's Awakening in the gameplay department, this game is a treat for Zelda purists and newcomers alike. There is great variety in Link's adventure this time around - you'll find yourself doing everything from riding mine carts to hopping, swimming, and flying around with your newfound animal buds. These animals are a great additon to the game: You'll meet all three on your quest, but you get one to "keep" as your pet. The main item here is the mystical rod of seasons. Adding great depth to the game, you'll gain the power to change the weather and landscape at will with the help of a nearby tree stump. The other items, found in dungeons and other places, are definetly the most amazing and innovative items seen yet in a Zelda game, including it's parter pak, Oracle of Ages. I won't list any of them here, but later in the game you yourself will be astounded. If the new 3D incarnations of the series are too easy for you, be prepared to meet your match. The action in this game is great, sometimes overwhelming, as the many enemies and huge, tough, bosses will certainly leave you gasping for a breather. Don't delay, even if those flashy Game Boy Advance games have caught your eye. You won't be seeing anything this good on a handheld system in a long time. And, even though its marketing scheme, don't pass up on Ages either. The two games Link together once you've completed one of them, adding more items, dungeons, and bosses into the mix. Get one, and if you're thirsting for an especially big adventure, get both. You won't regret it, and besides, its ZELDA. Do I really need to tell you this?
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on April 17, 2001
This must be the greatest Zelda game I have ever played. It is full of great graphics. Awesome storyline. Neat weapons. It is totally different from any other Zelda game ever. Changing seasons is a great new idea seeing the gorons and the zoras on the gameboy is new and fun. A must have for any Zelda fan!
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on June 7, 2001
Link's Awakening for the Gameboy was a lifesaver for me on a long trip when the game first came out, and I will forever be indebted to its depth of play, it's creative puzzles and its satisfying challenges. It was definately a great game.
Now on the eve of the release of the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo with Capcom have released two new Zelda games, one being the Oracle of Seasons. Let me say that it is almost as good as the original in every way. The puzzles are just as thought-provoking - if not hair-pullingly frustrating - as the original. just when you think you're stuck, the answer pops out at you. The graphics are a little more pumped up (as far as you can get in a GBC game) and very bright and colourful.
This is an excellent game to get as Gameboy enters its next phase of evolution. Great for those long, long trips!
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on June 6, 2001
okay, here's the deal, you may have heard already that Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Zelda: Oracle of Seasons are pair games in which you need both to get to the ending. This is true, but which one is for you? To answer this, I say what do you like. Oracle of Ages has more puzzles than this one, and Seasons has more action than ages. That said, it might be a good idea to just get both. These are both great games with intriguing plot, easy to understand and figure out, plus a good way to kick back. It's incredibly easy to give this game five stars!
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on May 12, 2001
Zelda is back, and it's hard to believe that something this good could fit on the GameBoy Color!! With new weapons like the Seed Satchel, Switchhook, and a now upgraded Roc's Feather which lets you jump over 3 holes if you play it right, this game has won my heart and is a definite buy for any Zelda fan. Iv'e played the first dungeon before, and already I was astounded at the great graphics, coll bad-guys, and the sweet boss. If you like Mega Man and Zelda, hang on, because Capcom AND Nintendo both made this masterpiece!!
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on July 12, 2001
I have recently beated both Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages. I wasn't sure which one I wanted to play first, but ended up playing Seasons first, just because I liked the box art more. However, at the end, I must say that they were both very fun, although I ended up liking Ages more.
You can start on either adventure that you want. When the game is completed, you will be given a password so that you can continue your adventure on the game's counterpart. By continuation, please don't think you will start off with the same items that you have found before. You will be given some benefits, however, it's really that the storyline that will change. Of course, whichever you choose, the second game should be easier than the first.
Essentially, the storyline is as follows: There are two lands, Holodrum (Seasons) and Labryana (Ages), which both have an Oracle. Twinrova (Zelda veterans are sure to have heard this name several times), plans to use their power to summon Ganon. So, you must save both Oracles in both lands, and then face Twinrova to save the world.
Since I played Ages as a sequel to Seasons, Ages was bound to be easier. However, I believed that even without the powerups, Ages would have been easier. Essentially, it took me 4 days to beat Ages, but 3 weeks to complete seasons! Ages is much more puzzle based (pushing blocks, etc.), and Seasons has tougher enemies. Since I'm much better with puzzles, it's no wonder why Ages was easier.
So, if you are still deciding which one to play first, I would recomend Ages, since it was easier as a whole, and then you may use your powerups in Seasons. Also, I felt that the bosses in Ages were much easier. Again, not because of the powerups, but figuring HOW to beat them.
No matter what you choose to play first, definately pick this up, it was a great game, and has lots of replay value (as you also get an additional password when you complete both games).
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on March 20, 2001
This game is very, very, very good. I got the game as Japanese, but it is still great. There is much more Dungeons, more weapons, Huge maps, Hard bosses, even alot of puzzles. I things i know that u can get are: Boomerang, Seasons Wand, 4 types of powder (Charge powder, form powder, flame powder, some weird smokey bomb powder.), L-2 Boomerang, Bracelet, L-2 Bracelet,Sword, L-2 Sword, L-3 Sword (I think), Sheild, L-2 Sheild (I think), Bombs, Rings (100 types (Some have special effects)). Thats all the weapon stuff i got so far.
There are trees that you can talk to on your journey. The more objectives you accomplish the more mysteries the tree gets.
I would really recommend you buying this game alot. Have great fun..... Ohhhhh wait there are warps you can goto the under world!
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on May 17, 2001
Oracle Of Seasons is one of the best games to grace the gameboy ever. Along your journey you are helped by a few friends like Ricky the kangaroo, Moosh the winged bear and Dimitri the dodongo, who all will help you in different ways. This Zelda is more enjoyable as they have put more details into the dungeons and maps, and created a hug arsenal of weapons and gadgets for us to use. This is a must have for any Zelda fan who will be aching to play this game.
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on June 2, 2001
This game is great from start to finish!It has everything a good Zelda game needs-cool bosses,tons of items and weapons,fun gameplay,and challenging dungeons.The season feature adds fun to the game(each season has special features) Once you start playing you can't stop until you beat the game.Everything about this game is good.Even when you're done,there is still more in Oracle of Ages. I have beaten the game and it is quite challenging. There are many secrets and items. It is the same as Link's Awakening in many ways but still good. This game is a must buy.
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on May 24, 2001
This game is awsome! I got it the day it came out and now I'm trying to get into the sixth dungeon. You can get a lot of cool items and you can also get special rings that do a variety of things. Most of the dungeons are easy, but some are hard to find(like the sixth dungeon). There are a total of 5 types of Mystical Seeds you can get to help you in your journey. There is a special seed(not a Mystical Seed) called a Gasha Seed that you can plant in soft earth and it will grow into a tree with a Gasha Nut on it and there there will be a prize inside. The more enimies you slay, the better the prize will be(that's what they said in the game). A lot of characters are in this game from Majora's Mask and The Ocarina of Time(like the Gorons). If you like Zelda, you must get this game!!!
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