Customer Reviews: The Linden Method: The Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, OCD & Agoraphobia Elimination Solution
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on August 18, 2014
This is a complete SCAM. He gives you 9 pillars that are more about how his method id the ONLY method. One is to not talk to your doctor or therapist. You cant talk about your anxiety or panic to anyone. If you feel you need help then you are to call his support line. I NEVER got as hold of someone on his support line. I called different times of the day thinking it was a time issue as i'm from the US and still no one answers. I left a message on the machine and no response. I have tried to email Charles Linden and again I get no answer back. I am unhappy and want to return this package that I paid $197. I am told that I have to ship it priority to the UK even though it was shipped to me from Texas. Shipping it will cost me another $137. Since I wasn't getting any response if there is anything else cheaper I can do I resorted to asking Charles Linden on his facebook page. He deleted my comment then blocked me completely. I guess he doesn't want potential customers knowing the truth. The only chapter about actually downgrading the panic says to breathe, yoga, and splash water on your face. I paid $197 for advice that I already know about and do. Again this is a SCAM don't fall for it. Save your money.
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on July 4, 2010
The claims made in this programme are bullish. We are asked to believe that this is the one true way to rid yourself of panic attacks, anxiety disorders and phobias. At one point it says that it is the only cure for anxiety. But before looking at the evidence for such extraordinary claims, lets look at the process.

Firstly, one has to learn the "nine pillars", read the material, do the visualisation exercise twice each day, do Tai Chi exercises as often as possible and do exactly what the Method teaches you. Confusingly, there are then two "powerful" elements; diversion which apparently re-balances the sufferer's conscious logical thinking and subconscious habits. Secondly, the sufferer needs to breathe correctly and improve their posture.

So what are the nine pillars?
Stop visiting your doctor (and other doctors too)
Talk to your doctor about stopping the medication (confusingly as you are not supposed to visit them)
Stop looking for answers to your problems elsewhere
Only use the Linden method
Stop talking to other people about how you feel
Stop relying on other people for help with your feelings (which follows from not talking to them presumably)
Get rid of memories about your problem
Keep busy as a diversion (distraction)
Don't allow anxiety to change what you do.

You don't have to be a psychologist to see that 1-7 are all ways of saying "rely on the this method alone". That leaves two pillars which are about not giving in to anxiety. Good stuff, but not good enough.

Interestingly for someone who says that the way to getting better is not to dwell on the details of your past problems, Mr Linden offers the story of his own problems in great detail in the "Nine Pillars" booklet. The story comes to its culmination when he received Cognitive-behaviour Therapy. His cognitive therapist taught him all kinds of useful stuff, which Linden applied and added to. I found myself musing about this. Why is this person, who benefited from cognitive therapy (and added to it in ways any sensible CBT therapist would encourage one to do) now taking the position that other people should not seek help from anyone except himself? I'm keeping my answers to myself, I'm afraid.

The Nine Pillars book then offers a reasonable account of the physiology of anxiety (although some of it made me wince). Nothing unique here, and certainly not the best account available. For someone opposed to the use of medication Linden seems very fond of biological accounts of anxiety. Oddly, although he seems to have benefited from cognitive-behavioural therapy, the cognitive component does not come through directly. For example, this early section on Panic Disorder he neglects to mention catastrophic misinterpretation of bodily sensations, choosing instead to suggest that the brain has been programmed to produce panic. Linden is also fond of diagnosis, and paraphrases the American diagnostic system as a way of describing anxiety disorders. This improves later as one listens to the CD based material, but the nuggets are well hidden.

The chapter on stopping anxiety has some good snippets, and Linden is fond of the idea of hyperventilation, resurrecting the old "brown paper bag" idea. Some other practical ideas are to be found in "diversion tactics"; these are good old fashioned distractions, varying from splashing water on the face to eating apples. Maybe he thinks an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so it fits with his first pillar? But there is another major problem here. He gives no consideration to safety seeking behaviour. This is a shame, because a lot of his "behavioural activation" stuff (meaning: don't let your behaviour be changed, reach for the things you want) fits with current views on and evidence about the role of safety seeking in anxiety disorders. However, in places he is implicitly encouraging safety seeking behaviours. This in my opinion is further evidence that Linden's science is, as best, muddled.

The supplementary materials are interesting. The introduction on the CD is a pleasant and slightly soporific lecture which re-iterates the positive message in the nine pillars book. In the interview which follows, we are treated to more of the same. The visualisation exercise is even more soporific. It follows the convention set by progressive muscular relaxation, and again is worth doing for its relaxation and distraction potential, if relaxation and distraction is what you need.

The "Panic Attack Eliminator" seemed more promising on the basis of its preamble. And I mean promising; the promise is there, right at the beginning; "this is the conclusive method for disarming panic attacks". Apparently it can work on the first occasion, but might take up to three times. In the rest of this seven minute wonder, the sufferer is told that they cause their own panic. "Place every square millimetre of your body in my trust" Linden intones. Go with it, let it do its worst. Discover that it can't do anything bad to you. At last, something resembling cognitive therapy! Not set up properly, but sensible. Fear of fear is emphasises, as are vicious circles. But they are not explained properly, and of course it is not fear of fear which is the problem in panic, but fear of the consequences of fear. Sadly, it is clear that this is not the conclusive method.

This is all a bit sad. One way of looking at it is that Charles Linden had cognitive behavioural therapy, found it helpful, embellished it and now markets it as his own one true way not just for the problem he had, but for all anxiety problems. It's not.

Now don't get me wrong, this is mostly sensible stuff for panic, and if it cost $5.99 at the bookshop, I'd be recommending it, suggesting that there might be useful snippets here and there.

My opinion is that it will be of no value to people whose anxiety is not fuelled by panic, and only limited value to most of those with severe and persistent panic. So would I recommend it in a limited way?

What makes any recommendation impossible is the cultic element. The explicit method is, use my method only (and pay my price for it). The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) anxiety guidelines are now available, summarising the best science. Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is the treatment of choice. The Linden Method has no evidence underpinning it and therefore doesn't even make third choice for NICE, which is guided self help based on CBT principles. Charles Linden's method is not evidence based, the science is flawed and the price is ludicrous. In essence Linden claims this treatment is novel and effective; sadly, it seems likely that what is novel is not effective, and what is effective is not novel. My title for this review is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; there is no such evidence
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on March 21, 2006
I have used this method. I went through a period of anxiety for about a year. I saw a real Psychologist, not one with a bogus `holistic' degree from a mail order school. He was highly recommended and is considered one of the best in the United States. It was effective to a point. The biggest thing was getting over that hump. I did not take drugs for this; I did not want to go that route. I stopped going to the doctor, thinking I was cured. But I wasn't.

Then I heard about the Linden Method. I was skeptical at first. When you have anxiety you read a lot of `possible' solutions. There is a lot of crap out there. But I told myself I had nothing to lose. I remember sitting in the park reading that book and crying. Finally, someone who understands! And then I heard his CDs and I felt more assured. Within a month all the terror, being scared all the time and not understanding what was happening to me stopped. That yearlong nightmare was over.

I know some people are saying that I only had anxiety for a year and I can't understand what they are going through.... CRAP! The length of the time you have had anxiety is no badge of honor, it just means you have not treated it effectively. I had EVERY symptom you can imagine. I went from happy go lucky to looney in one instant. I had 2 MRI/MRAs of my head, multiple CT Scans of my head and chest, X-rays of my lungs, heart, & back. Lyme disease, Glucose, STDs/, AIDS/HIV, liver and a million other blood tests. I went to 2 GPs, 3 Chiropractors, Psychologist, Neurologist, Pulmonary MD, holistic doctors and a couple of others I have forgotten. I don't even want to mention how many times I went to the emergency room, thinking I was having a stroke, heart attack, seizures, etc. The only thing I had in all those test was high blood pressure-caused by the anxiety! I had over $100,000 of test according to my insurance company. I stared at the walls all the time. Lost 40lbs just from not eating. I thought I had diabetes, Asthma, MS, Lupus, Parkinson's, AIDS, ALS, every cancer you can imagine and some diseases maybe 5 people in the whole world have gotten. I had and today continue to have NONE of those things.

Mr. Linden might not be a doctor, but he is still helpful. He is not diagnosing anyone. The people buying this I am sure have gone to doctors already. They know they have anxiety. Mr. Linden's method I find is very effective for most people.

Mr. Linden does not say to never see a doctor. He says stop seeing doctors after they told you all that is wrong with you is anxiety. Any legitimate psychologist would tell you the same thing. Many people with anxiety develop some form of hypochondria, because most people don't understand how anxiety causes physical symptoms. And medical and mental health doctors really don't explain it. Seeing a doctor over and over will just prolong and worsen the anxiety. If you have not seen a doctor, see one. If you have no underling medical issues (which most with anxiety don't) than why do you need to see a doctor every time you have a symptom?

Mr. Linden states to stop researching you condition. THAT IS GOOD ADVICE. Most people with anxiety have read a million things already. All these chat forums about anxiety are populated by scared people with anxiety. When you talk to them you get more scared because they are just pulling you down with their horror stories. Then you research your psychical symptoms at all these medical sites, and you think you have MS, AIDS, ALS or the Bubonic Plague! THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO IS RESEARCH ANXIETY OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

For a cheaper version of this program, go to his website and you can download the book, DVD and CDs.

Good luck to everyone! And I hope and pray you will be well soon. Trust yourself and you will. I did it. I am in the best physical and mental shape of my life. I enjoy life every day. It took me awhile to say it, but anxiety is the best thing that ever happened to me. I discovered more about myself and life than I could have ever had before. I know you will say it one day too.

"When thinking won't cure your fear, action will" -Plymouth Stone
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on May 4, 2011
The program is pure garbage. I have suffered from GAD and panic disorder since I was 11 years old and am now in my 50's. His home page sure makes you believe you can end your panic, but it isn't so. Charles asks us to agree we are the reason for our panic disorder. While I DO agree with him somewhat, I want to know what I did at 11 years old to create panic attacks?? But . . .
that is not the issue. His information really offers no true guidelines on eliminating panic, just that you are at fault, stop it now (as if being scolded) and keep your mind occupied and distracted. What? My mind is fully occupied. It is as if Charles believes all I do is worry about panic disorder 24 hours a day! And oh of course we are to "embrace the panic" as the symptoms are a natural thing. (Racing heart, heightened awareness, breathing issues, etc) just pretend you are on a surfboard or some other exciting venture to make the symptoms a part of the real world. OK, next time I have a panic attack I'll play chicken on a crowded freeway, that will make it all real. But seriously, anybody with full blown panic disorder can tell you it is the last thing to embrace. Perhaps I should embrace a broken leg if I fall down stairs awkwardly as it is a natural occurance? The meditation - also junk. EVERY one except for his speaking to you of the meditations is freely available on the web.

As for the return guarantee, it cost me almost half what I spent for the program to return it from the U.S. to the UK, yet the program is sent in the U.S., so don't expect a full refund once you subtract return shipping. NO, save your hard earned $$ on this one folks and Amazon, shame on you for affiliating with this BS artist. (I do hundreds of dollars worth of business through Amazon every year - you are too reputable for this)
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on August 19, 2008
Thats the Linden Method. Is just face it. I just saved you $177.00 First let me tell you about myself. I have panic disorder with agoraphobia and have tried two psychologists (at home) programs such as E.F.T, The Linden Method, Brain Sync, Attacking Anxiety and Depression, Zen Mind For Beginners, The Worlds First Digital Drug. Not to mention countless teas and pills such as Seredyn. None worked. Out of all of these miracles the worst by far was The Linden Method. If you have no idea what anxiety is and have no idea why your heart is pounding 1000 miles an hour then do reasearch online and save yourself $177.00

This guy tells you his story, then tells you to get over it and his secret is the funniest part of all. I almost died when I heard it. The people who have better results than me may have a better support system or a lifestyle that forces them to get out more. Im surprised this gets so much praise because its nothing special. To let you in on a little secret, there no miracle cure for anxiety or agoraphobia. You have to deal with it head on and thats what this tells you. Why do I continue using programs, you may ask? I more or less look for coping skills in programs and not so much that the program will make me anxiety free. It all comes down to how bad do you want it and a lot of hard work and all these miracle programs do is give you information freely availble on the internet. DONT BUY IT!
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on May 13, 2013
The Linden method is Not For All !!!! In fact it played on my anxiety ensuring I did not seek help else where. I gave my all to this program and became a complete mess! One year of my life became complete emotional pain because I listened to the linden method and did not seek the professional help I needed. I literally went from bad to worse. I did not speak to anyone about my anxiety or depression and withdrew my medication as stipulated by the linden method. I distracted myself continuously.... The apparent holy grail to recovery!!!! What did it result in? A complete mental break down! What's worse I completely blamed myself... Obviously I had done something wrong because it guarantees success if all the pillars are followed! I must have made a mistake! WHAT RUBBISH. I had done nothing wrong I was just very ill and in need of professional help (the exact thing the Method advises against). In my fragile state of mind I had bought into the intense advertising that Charles Linden splashes around the internet.

Not until I sought the help of a professional psychiatrist and psychologist did my life start to dramatically change for the better. Being placed on appropriate medication and having a great support team to talk to and confide in has changed my life for the better. I now find it extraordinary that the Linden Method advises against this! After navigating the truly horrendous world of mental illness I can say my life is back on track :)

STAY AWAY FROM THIS METHOD seek the help of medical professionals. Your health is to important to waist anymore time.

Good luck on you journeys
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on February 17, 2013
Tried it for four months. Didn't work for me. The worst parts? They say it's the ONLY thing that will work and they blame you if it doesn't. The phone support is rude, petulant, bossy and abusive. They say they're trained counselors, but they're not. How do I know? I called at least 15 times and was usually treated like garbage. I'm glad it's worked for some people. If you have severe anxiety with depression, stay away!
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on May 4, 2012
Dr. Claire Weekes, an Australian M.D. and research scientist, created the "bibles" that define anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and phobias, especially the paralyzing Agoraphobia (fear of leaving the safety of home).

Written in the 1960's, her groundbreaking books "Hope and Help For Your Nerves" and "Peace From Nervous Suffering" and several compilations from them provide the original cognitive approach to cure that are the basis for Linden's method and that of virtually every other successful anxiety treatment program. The Weekes books are remarkable for their clarity and absence of medical jargon.

To bypass all the "magical" promises and hype of others and avoid the often addictive medication path, read Dr. Weekes's life altering books or order the "Pass Through Panic" CD from Amazon and hear her compassionate, encouraging voice outlining the way to overcome anxiety, panic attacks, phobia and depression. She is the real thing.
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on January 22, 2015
I am writing this review after in regards to actually doing the Linden Method program itself. I purchased it back in April 2014, and it is now January 2015. Do I think the method works like Linden says it does? No. But do I think it works? Yes.

Linden was the only person who ever gave me an actual medical explanation of my anxiety that no doctor or psychatrist ever did. I spent July 2013-April 2014 in an imense amount of pain, pain that would make me panic. Not full blown panic attacks, but prolonged, horrible times where adrenalyne was just coursing through my blood stream. At the time, due to my circumstances, there was always a high level of cortisol in my bloodstream, which was painful enough. But because it was so new to me, my mind took it as a threat and also released the adrenalyne. What it ended up as was a chronically painfull life. The pain screwed with my ability to function, it clouded my thinking, I had a very negative opinion of myself, and I pretty much resented everyone who could go home and relax after a long day at the office. Because I couldn't do that, I couldn't relax.
Before Linden, I desperatley went to the doctos in search of anti depressants. I just wanted the pain to end. What it did was intensify my fear by 100%, making everything far worse than it was in the first place. I think I stumbled across the Method a few days after I went off of the drugs.
I was relieved to find the answers I had been looking for, and immediatley put the pillars in place. I stopped seeing my therapist, I stopped talking about my anxiety to people, and I tried very desperatley to fill my days with activities. However, I put so much pressure on myself to "divert" that it alot of times it made my anxiety worse.

I actually started feeling better, more like myself around October of 2014. Some really horrific things had happened to me in September (mom died, partner left, best friend raped by cousin, etc) and it got to the point where I could no longer see two steps ahead of me. Which has been an absolute blessing, it's helped me live in the moment a bit and not worry about tommorow. I also changed jobs in October (my old job was a huge trigger) and went on vacation. I was convinced that I had cured myself and that Linden was just a big old waste of money, judging by the fact that it took me six months to start feeling better. I went as far to email them for my money back. And a few days before I was about to send my refund request in the mail, I started to feel some old anxiety sensations creep back in. I coached myself out of it, using nothing other than methods I learned from Linden. I decided right then and there that Linden, in some way, had worked for me.

To anyone that suffers from severe anxiety and depression like I did, hold on to your hope. You might not be able to feel hope at all, but there are answers for you outside of therapy and drugs. Patience with the program comes in handy, as it doesn't work over night like Linden says it does. It took me several months just to get the fight or flight mechanism in my brain permanantly off. Don't get discouraged if it goes off for a little while and comes back on, it's only natural for your brain to revert back to old habits. Keep trying, keep pushing yourself even though it hurts. And one day you're going to feel like yourself again, I promise!
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on March 16, 2009
Just make sure you really, really want to try this. I have an anxiety disorder & have researched & tried many, many things. I thought with the money back guarantee what did I have to lose? Money. That's what. I got only $110 credit from the $177 cost (I had to pay return postage, too). If you order from their site, they ship to you from Idaho, but you have to return to UK. You must email them just to get the return address - it's not on their site.
I guess UK customs added fees (I don't know why, as I put on the customs form that it was a Return) & Linden ppl told me that was $30 some dollars, then, with no backup as to what the fees were, they deducted $67! I had already paid about $37 at the Post Office to send Priority overseas, insured. So, my net money back was about $73.
I am hearing impaired, so the CDs did NOT relax me, as I had to turn up the volume to hear them. Every time the talking started, it startled me from any relaxed state. Also, the British accent was difficult for me to understand. This may work for many ppl, but just make sure you're willing to not really get your full money back. I wasted almost $100!
I wanted to rate it 0, but had to choose at least one star.
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