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on May 8, 2013
In this set, these films are centered on Spanky - he is shorter than the other kids, pudgy, but clearly he has a commanding presence. Alfalfa, sans his cowlick, makes his first appearance in this set as a talent contestant in "Beginner's Luck." The running time for these shorts average 18 minutes.

Honky-Donkey - The rascal's mule runs amok in a posh mansion.
Mike Fright - The rascals enter a radio talent contest with their makeshift band.
Washee Ironee - Waldo's mother wants him to show off his violin playing skills, but before its time, he gets muddy.
Mama's Little Pirate - The rascals want to find treasure in a cave but its too dark; Spanky goes home to get a flashlight.
Shrimps for a Day - A rich couple are magically transformed into children and are whisked off to the orphanage.
Anniversary Trouble - Spanky takes his club's money home for safe keeping; it gets mistaken for an anniversary present.
Beginner's Luck - Spanky, while reciting "Friends, Romans, and Countrymen", fends off flying beans with his shield.
Teacher's Beau - Kindly Miss Jones is getting married; the new teacher will be Mrs. Wilson; they try to stop the marriage.
Sprucin' Up - A truant officer moves in across the street with his lovely daughter; Spanky & Alfalfa vie for her affection.
Little Papa - The rascals want to play football but Spanky had to mind the baby; if only they could get him to go to sleep.

Picture (DVD - 2011): 3 to 3.5, good contrast. Subtitles: none.
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on October 27, 2011
I cannot take credit for the following message, but it was told to me by a film archivist who has close ties to the entire Our Gang and Laurel & Hardy films: The reason for the abrupt cut in this certain scene of Washee Ironee is because the lab that remastered the print, accidentally destroyed it. So when the shorts went to distribution, they didn't have the good sense to find a Blackhawk print that might have had that scene and re-insert it. In their haste and neglect, we are subjected to this short in a slightly edited format. And by all means it is not a syndicated racial cut as done by King World back in the 70's. It is just the neglect of assorted "brain surgeons" who didn't go thru the proper people and get help on this project.
So unless you have an old Blackhawk or other type of 16mm film that may have this missing footage, we will never see the light of day of a full uncut copy. If there is someone out there who wants to take on the challenge of restoring it back and press new discs, I will welcome that. But there's already enough money invested that I don't think that it would be worth the time of day for these yahoos to do something good for fans of the series.
The trouble is is that the folks who put these discs together never consulted film archivists and purists who would have helped in restoring the entire Our Gang project. Unfortunately the swelled corporate heads prevailed. All things considered, the out of print Cabin Fever versions and the Vivendi discs, which are the Cabin Fever re-dos, are the best sources bar none. Don't buy the DVD box set by Genius Entertainment. And they are by far geniuses !. It does not have original titles on most of them and the liner notes are completely fabricated. So buyer beware ! Although I must say that the current Laurel & Hardy collection that was just released WAS overlooked by aforementioned film archivists and is a must buy !
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on June 17, 2016
The Vivendi Entertainment version does not include any Blackhawk prints which are horrible. Love these 7 Volumes. I also own the 21 Volumes of the Cabin Fever Entertainment VHS collection. Our Gang, His Rascals, The Little Rascals never looked or sounded like this back in the day when they were viewed in movie theaters. Enjoy this snapshot in time which couldn't have happened at any other point in time with any other actors/actresses and with current 35mm film technology
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on May 26, 2016
NEWS FLASH for frustrated collectors of this series: While the discs of the 2008 set, which follows the same contents list as these separate discs, did not live up to the 'complete', 'uncut', 'from original masters' claims on the box at that time, it seems that once remastered c.2011 to better fulfill the promise, each disc was issued separately (as here). Collectors assumed that the boxed set continued to supply the inferior 2008 discs, and that one had to purchase the 2011 discs separately to get the upgrade.

What is less well known, and which I discovered the 'expensive' way, is that these 2011-remastered discs are identical to those being used in current printings of the box set as well. I bought the set (with inferior transfers, many not from masters) in 2008, years later buying these much improved separates, then in the last few months, I bought the box set again. The discs of the set (whose box markings still carry the c.2008 date - but whose box has dropped the 'from the original masters', 'remastered', 'restored' and 'uncut' claims form the front), all say c.2011, have the MGM intros where the 2008 set had Blackhawk films intros, etc., and are identical to the 2011 separate disc issues. Though the newer boxes have dropped some of the claim blurbs which were on the original boxes, it remains unclear if they were dropped prior to 2011 during the controversy generated by disappointed fans, or if they were dropped at the same time the upgraded discs were being used. As this remains a mystery, it is still going to be uncertain whether a particular sealed box set will have the 2008 discs or the upgraded 2011 discs, so I would go with purchasing an open set after inquiring with the dealer first.

Good luck!
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on May 30, 2012
Oh my goodness!! The quality of this set of DVDs by Vivendi Entertainment is absolutely wonderful! Considering that The Little Rascals movies are, on average, 70 years old I am absolutely thrilled that they have been re-produced in this good of shape!! Vivendi has done an outstanding job and should be commended. It is a total waste of money to purchase any Little Rascals dvds that are not by Vivendi because the quality is HORRIBLE.
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on August 4, 2011
Since some reviews of The Little Rascals: The Complete Collection complained about reduced quality, blackhawk transfers with unoriginal titles, and edits. So, I decided to buy the inexpensive individual sets from vivendi entertainment. They are EXELLENT. The quality is what all Rascals movies deserve to be, and worth a lot more than the $4.00 I paid for it. What a deal!
I would highly reccomend these inexpensive, great quality sets to any Little Rascals fan. They are a better deal than the boxed set. The only problem is the DVD case was a little squashed, but that was just my copy.
review image
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on June 21, 2011
I received my new Vivendi sets and immediately went to Volume 5 to check out "Washee Ironee".
The scene with the Chinese boy "washing" the clothes is cut, it does not have the entire dialogue.
I compared it to my Cabin Fever Laserdisc and I am correct.
Most of the prints look good, but these small details are aggravating.
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on October 2, 2013
Had the VHS versions from Cabin Fever..brings me back to my days as a kid watching them on Weekday afternoons and weekend mornings!!
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on February 23, 2015
Brought back many old memories. I will be looking for the one about Uncle George next.
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on January 11, 2013
Of course, the content is amazing. No one since has gotten performances out of kids like you'll find on these shorts. Word of warning, they're racist as hell... well as racist as people were in the 20s and 30s, which is... very. Also, until later years, these didn't have much of a plot or story. Mostly some cute kids getting forced into weird situations and filmed with a few slapstick moments.

The quality on the other hand... not so good. Audio is sometimes very hard to understand, and I'm not just talking about Buckwheat. Someone said these were taken from the Cabin Fever restorations... that is a lie. I have a few of those on VHS and they're another world of quality. Sadly, they're gone and hard to find. So if you're looking to get the Our Gang comedies for a decent price, I guess this series is pretty good, but it's no "Cabin Fever" for cheap.
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