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on April 28, 2010
I saw this a few hours ago with a friend, and personally, I thought it was awesome! It was literally filled to the brim with action, comedy, and special effects. Clay, Roque, Jensen, Pooch, and Cougar are part of an elite United States Special Forces team that are on assignment in Bolivia. When they are betrayed by an enemy named Max, they become fugitives and are believed to be dead. They are forced to team up with a mysterious woman named Aisha who may be able to help them find Max. I understand this movie is based on a comic book by Vertigo, but I never read any, so I couldn't compare it. My favorite character was Chris Evans as Jensen, because he had all the hilarious lines. Another thing, was that this film reminds me a lot of 'The A-Team' If you love action, I highly recommend THE LOSERS!!!
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on July 4, 2010
On the surface, it's just another action movie. Stuff blows up, people get shot, the bad guy is trying to destroy the world and the good guys are trying to stop him. It's the perfect popcorn movie.

But take a closer look at The Losers and you'll start to see that there's more than just mindless entertainment going on here. It's not trying to deliver a message, thank god, and it's not an action movie with pretentions of being great art. But it's smart, well written and well acted, and that separates it from the last 10 action movies you paid good money to sit in the dark and stare at.

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THE LOSERS is anything but. Created to appear like a comic book in motion, writers peter Berg, James Vanderbuilt and Andy Diggle have come up with a script that has defined some strong, unforgettable characters, outlined an all over the place story line, and managed to polish it all off with just the right amount of parody, humor, steamy scenes, and silly dialogue that makes the movie work. It is a film highly dependent of pyrotechnics and special effects, but these also are pulled off in such a way that they, too, are entertaining an even set the audience to cheering.

The story comes across as a bit jumbled due to the many sites where the action takes place, but essentially it is the tale of a group of five men (CIA operatives) who in an attempt to save some children in a fated helicopter escape from a disaster in Bolivia instead are assumed dead when the report of the exploded helicopter reaches the US. The five men toss their dog tags into the flaming ruins of the helicopter and thus become lost to the world. The team is a talented and well trained unit and each of the members has a special identity and gift: Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is the leader (and womanizer), Roque (Idris Alba) is the brains, Jensen (Chris Evans) is the wildly funny guy, Pooch (Columbus Short) is the sensitive guy, and Cougar (Óscar Jaenada) is the sniper with the ever present hat. The team (the Losers) becomes the target of a betrayal in dealing with one Max (Jason Patric) who is preparing the bomb to end all bombs. Out of nowhere comes the mysterious Aisha (Zoe Saldana) who works her way into the group via Clay's attraction to her beauty. But Aisha has her own agenda and the team joins her in uncovering and hopefully destroying the lethal Max who is planning global warfare. There are unexpected twists in the plot and internal challenges to the team's structure, but it all comes round in the end.

Yes, this is yet another noisy action film with classy acting from not only the stars but from everyone in the large cast. It is a hoot of an action thriller and hopefully this cast will be reassembled for a Part II in the future. Grady Harp, August 11
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on May 2, 2010
Adapted from the short-lived Vertigo comic series, "The Losers" delivers a solid B-action-movie experience. It's got humor, `splosions, and an over-the-top bad guy played by Jason Patric. A few things holding this film back from true greatness are the over-stylized editing (it feels a bit gimmicky after a while), the fight scenes are fast and frequent but aren't that memorable, the plot seems like it was lifted from an "A-Team" episode, and there's no big name stars to pick up the slack for the less than original characters that fill the film. Jeffery Dean Morgan is the leader of The Losers, and while he did an excellent job as The Comedian in "The Watchmen," I couldn't help but wonder how much more an actor like George Clooney or Russel Crowe would bring to the part.

However, the cast has some major talent with Zoe Saldana (kicking butt and in her underwear no less) and the future Captain America, Chris Evans. I doubted Evans' ability to pull off the part of Marvel Comics' most patriotic superhero, but his performance in "The Losers" has convinced me otherwise. Overall, "The Losers" was a fun action film and hopefully they'll come back for another go-round.
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on March 19, 2011
People who don't like this film say that the movie has plot holes or that it's simple. That's sort of the point. It's a good, old-fashioned action film. It has good looking studs, hot women, cool weapons, a bad-ass villain and numerous explosions. It's meant to be a ride, not an Oscar-worthy, mind-bending drama. Enjoy it for what it is - fun.
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on July 27, 2010
This is a good action movie, and I was pleasantly surprised by the film when I saw it in the theaters. It keeps the core elements of the comic book series, and manages to not lose the books charm. You DON'T have to read the books to enjoy the movie, but if like the move, the books are even better.
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on January 31, 2014
Fast-paced action, quick-witted humor, one gorgeous woman, and a few hot men equals one very satisfying movie. Bad guy Max is a bit bland at first, and would seem to be either a poor actor or inadequate direction, but as the movie progresses, Jason Patric's droll delivery couldn't be more perfect for a man convinced of his own intellectual superiority. All the major players are in top form, and though I find Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Clay to be far less-interesting than his (in)subordinates, that's only because the other characters are just so well-acted that the leading man's performance pales by comparison.

Columbus Short gives us family-man Pooch, who snarks with the team he's stuck by even when he'd much rather be home with his wife. Cougar doesn't say much, but Oscar Jaenada is convincing as the sociopathic sniper we're lucky chose to work with the white hats. Roque is a man on a hair-trigger, and the incomparable Idris Elba brings that tension to life with ease. Zoe Saldana is both mercurial and tough as mystery-woman Aisha.

The real show-stealer, however, is Chris Evans as tech specialist Jake Jensen. Whether singing Journey in falsetto, filling the silence with his rambling commentary, or pimping his niece's soccer team by wearing a Pepto-pink shirt, Jensen is the star of virtually every scene in which he appears, and scenes in which he is the intended focus are absolute perfection. From the second he strolls in wearing bright yellow bicycle courier attire until his unconventional escape via "superpowers", the entire scene at the Goliath office building is just one great moment after another.

Finally, despite being a movie (originally a comic) about betrayal and revenge, there's also a lot of focus on loyalty and morality. In fact, in the climactic confrontation, Max forces Clay to choose between revenge and "the right thing". Our heroes aren't perfect, but in the end, they make the best choices they can... well, except for 6-foot-and-built Jensen, who really should know better than to pick a fight with a woman bigger than he is.
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on May 7, 2012
THE LOSERS is one whale of a fun flick. When a group of CIA black ops specialists get betrayed and then are presumed dead by the American government, it's time to kick some serious bad guy arse. And the villain is Max (Jason Patric is a hoot), a maniac who will stop at nothing to sell a new doomsday weapon to the highest bidder. The specialists pair up with a mercenary named Aisha (Zoe Saldana is worth a couple of wolf howls), whose motives for stopping Max aren't quite clear, and the group hatches its plot and goes into nonstop action. Of course the action is over the top and approaches cartoon proportions, but again, it's so much fun. When shoot-'em-ups really let the lead fly it's cinematic bliss for this immature hombre.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans (who is another memorable character), Idris Elba, Columbus Short, and Oscar Jaenada play the wronged CIA specialists attempting to restore their reputations and even the score; this group has terrific chemistry and the locker room interactions are worth chuckles galore. Yes, THE LOSERS is predictable and occasionally lame, but it's well done and the plot moves and the action is pedal-to-the-metal furious. And the ending is entirely open, meaning a Losers II might be coming to a theater near you. I'm game.
--D. Mikels, Esq.
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VINE VOICEon September 17, 2010
The Losers is a story of betrayal and retribution that doesn't take itself too seriously that concerns an elite U.S. Special Forces unit sent into the Bolivian jungle on a mission that goes awry. Were they set up by someone within their own government? The team: Clay, Jensen, Roque, Pooch and Cougar, must go rogue since they have been betrayed by the mysterious and powerful Max, an operative high up in the heirarchy of the CIA. They are recruited by the beautiful Aisha, who may have her own agenda, but it is one that also involves getting revenge on Max. Working together, they must remain deep undercover while tracking the heavily-guarded Max, a ruthless man bent on embroiling the world in a new high-tech global war.

The Losers is based on the DC Vertigo graphic novel by Andy Diggle with illustrations by Jock. It is an action thriller but there are also a lot of strangely bent and humorous moments, mostly provided by Jensen (Chris Evans), the designated comic relief, but the rest of the cast also get in a zinger or two. The scene where Clay (JMD) and Aisha meet--ostensibly a hook up but actually Aisha knows exactly who Clay is and is recruiting him--is amazing. It is smokin' hot, if you like fighting as foreplay, and Clay and Aisha definitely do.

Aisha: [whistles at the sight of Clay's Bolivian hotel room] Wow. It's everything a girl can dream of. Do you have a bathroom?
Clay: No, I specifically requested the only hotel room in the world that doesn't have a bathroom.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in Watchmen, and this scene reminds me of a similar one between Nite Owl II and Silk Spectere II. Hard to say which scene is my favorite, but they are both intense. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was also Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy, but after two great performances in Watchmen and The Losers, he is exonerated and his stint on Grey's is expunged from his record.

Roque: Okay, you stay with us. But if anything smells like a trap, I get to put a bullet in your skull. Does that sound fair?
Aisha: That sounds fun.
Jensen: Sounds like my parents...

Aisha is played to perfection by Zoë Saldaña. She was Neytiri in Avatar, Nyota Uhura in 2009's Star Trek, Anamaria in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Laila in Drumline. But what really impresses me is that she was in 2002's Crossroads with Britney Spears. That film also had a Grey's Anatomy connection in that it was written by Shonda Rhimes, the creator and head writer of Grey's. But Zoë has a beautiful body, so we won't hold that against her. Zoë Saldaña is beautiful and talented and her star is definitely on the rise.

Clay: Jensen, are we wired?
Jensen: [disguised as a street vendor] Max is westbound... and these hot dogs are *delicious!*

Chris Evans as Jensen was brilliant. As Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four he was also a stand out, a perfect mix of cocky self assurance and self deprecating mockery. Great rapport/tension between Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, too. It's clobberin' time! As Jensen, Chris Evans was my favorite Loser (Zoë Saldaña wasn't an actual Loser, so Evans wins).

Clay: Whatta you have on her?
Jensen: Besides a pant-bustin' crush? Her Company file is blank. CIA has a standing kill order on her, as does Hamas, Sinn Fein... pretty much everyone with the exception of PETA wants this chick am-scrayed.

Roque, Pooch and Cougar may be Losers, but they are no slouches. And did I mention Jason Patric as the evil Max? Does anyone remember him as Michael in The Lost Boys? He was an excellent villian in The Losers. He was on par with Sam Rockwell in Iron Man II, or Julian McMahon as Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four.

Roque: Come, on, Clay! Look around you. I mean, do you think we're in a position to actually take on some CIA super-spook?
Clay: Roque...
Roque: It's a hell of a plan. You know what? Pooch could set up over there by the taco stand, and Jensen could set up communications right there by the hookers.

The Bottom Line is that The Losers was a very entertaining film with great action and special effects sequences, but it also offered character development, both comedic and dramatic. This film came out before the remake of The A-Team and the Sylverster Stallone vehicle, The Expendables. I just saw the trailers for those other two films, but can't imagine that either film was as good as The Losers. Don't know why The Losers didn't do better at the box office. Got the feeling that A Team was a botched effort, but Expendables may have been worth a watch just for the cast of action heros, both young and old. The Losers was a tightly written action movie with some laughs along the way and at least one very sexy scene. It had everything you could ask for in a movie of this genre. Zoë Saldaña won my heart, but Chris Evans was my favorite Loser.

Roque: [Seeing Jenson's Pink Petunia shirt] Am I the only one who sees this shirt?
Jensen: Oh, yeah. It's my niece's little league soccer team, the Petunias, they're in the finals, so I...
[the whole team walks away in disgust]
Jensen: They're... they're in the finals!

Watchmen: The Director's Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition) (2009) Jeffrey Dean Morgan was Edward Blake / The Comedian
Avatar (2009) Zoë Saldaña was Neytiri
Star Trek (Single-Disc Edition) (2009) (as Zoë Saldaña) Zoë Saldaña was Nyota Uhura
Vantage Point : Widescreen Edition (2008) (as Zoë Saldaña) Zoë Saldaña was Angie Jones
Downloading Nancy (2008) Jason Patric was Louis
Fantastic Four (Widescreen Edition) (2005) Chris Evans was Johnny Storm
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) (2003) Zoë Saldaña was Anamaria
Drumline (Widescreen) (2002) (as Zoë Saldaña) Zoë Saldaña was Laila
Crossroads (2002) (as Zoë Saldaña) Zoë Saldaña was Kit
The Lost Boys (1987) Jason Patric was Michael

Jensen: Did you know that cats can make one thousand different sounds and dogs can only make ten? Cats, man. Not to be trusted.
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on April 23, 2010
"The Losers" has been released on the heels of "Kick-Ass," a comic book adaptation that audiences love and will probably always prefer. That's a shame. "The Losers" is, in my view, a winner - vastly superior as an action spectacle, a comedy, a character study, and above all, a story. This means that, while it certainly revels in all manner of fun comic book violence, it also has the ambition to be about more than violence; we're engaged because we're actually being told something. I left the theater feeling not empty and sad, as I had with "Kick-Ass," but energized, entertained, and satisfied instead. This is how the movies are supposed to make you feel, right? For the first time in what felt like ages, I was confident that I had gotten my money's worth.

Based on the comic book series created by Andy Diggle, "The Losers" begins in Bolivia, where we find five tough CIA agents on a mission to take out a ruthless drug lord at his compound. They are: Jake Jensen, a hacker (Chris Evans); "Cougar" Alvarez, a long-distance sniper (Oscar Jaenada); "Pooch" Porteous, the pilot (Columbus Short); William Roque, the second in command (Idris Elba); and the team leader, Franklin Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). When the mission goes wrong and ends in the death of twenty-five innocent children, our five men realize that they've been set up by a mysterious figure known only as Max and vow to have their revenge. They're no longer CIA - they're the Losers.

They've officially been declared dead in the U.S., leaving them stranded in Bolivia without money or a way to get home. Then along comes Aisha (Zoe Saldana), who repeatedly proves she isn't quite what she seems; she meets Clay as he dines on steak in a seedy dive, and although she comes onto him in the least subtle of ways, their retreat to his hotel room doesn't end the way one would expect. Long story short: She claims she knows where Max is and can get the Losers home. Clay is immediately taken with her. Pooch, Cougar, and Jensen are willing to go along with her. Roque, however, isn't convinced, nor is he sold on the idea of revenge against Max. All he wants to do is get out of the game and live the rest of his life.

And speaking of Max (Jason Patric), he never seems to be in the same place twice, always travelling around the world making deals with shady people for his own equally shady purposes. What is his scheme? Let's just say that it involves one of the coolest terrorist weapons ever conceived of for a comic book adaptation. How fitting for a man with the most extraordinary sense of humor, always with the sarcasm, the dry wit, and the homicidal tendencies (God forbid the wind should accidentally blow aside an umbrella if you're holding it over his head). Funny and oh so bad, Max is the most deliciously evil movie villain since Colonel Hans Landa from "Inglourious Basterds."

Great humor can also be found amongst the Losers, especially Jensen, who, despite not having seen her for some time, is devoted to his niece and her school's Soccer team. I particularly enjoyed a scene in which he must improvise a way to escape the security guards in a Miami office building; with a little help from Cougar, he pretends to have telekinetic abilities, which he says gives him the ability to shoot bullets with nothing but his pointed fingers. He seems to enjoy Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," and so too does director Sylvain White, seeing as he strategically has it playing during some of the more intense actions sequences. You'd think it would be a horrible fit, but no - it's actually quite amusing.

And as for Clay and Aisha, not only are they a pleasure to look at, their subplot is also very intriguing, probably because both are troubled characters with goals in mind, neither able to reach them without the other one's help. I know it's an awfully overused critical observation, but it's true: Morgan and Saldana have great onscreen chemistry, not merely as love interests, but also as occasional adversaries. In some ways, that's even harder to achieve; it takes more effort for actors to fight well than to love well, probably because fighting is generally more realistic.

What fun this movie is. There aren't enough like them these days. Sure, you can spend your money on "Kick-Ass," but I think you'd be doing yourself a great disservice. "The Losers" is proof that even comic book adaptations can successfully be more than mean and mindless depictions of violence. Yes, there's plenty of action, but there's also a plot, and it involves characters who are not only magnetic, but are also given some depth. Nowhere is this more evident than in the film's final sequences, both of which display a goofy sweetness I found very appealing. Obvious work went into the screenplay. Obvious work went into the whole film. When movies like this come around, it makes me wonder why many other comic filmmakers don't try a little harder.
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