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on June 14, 2013
Although I hated Dynasty of Dusk, I like this free game (June 2013). On a PC keyboard, you use the letters w, a, s and d to move the character. Space bar is used to dodge enemy fire, and the right mouse key attaches THE MAW to your character so that you both can move together and you can feed THE MAW by moving him toward his "snack". A simple game, but it was free, and I've spent 2 hours playing it so far today.
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on December 10, 2015
Taken as it is, it's a pretty simple third person platformer with a rather nice art direction. The game is really done a good service by the gimmick of escorting around, and helping to feed the Maw to complete levels and objectives.

The games two best qualities are the art design and gameplay gimmicks. It does make this pretty simple game a much better package overall. The entire game aesthetic is rather cute, and for a pc game is also extremely unique. It's almost a bit like a character platformer in some of the looks and character designs, and those don't really get much attention, or really ported at all, on the pc platform.

As it is, this is a decent game for kids. Because it looks cute, and the game, while not non-violent, doesn't glorify it, and handles it in a pretty tame manner that should be okay for the young ones.

Now the gameplay gimmick involves being able to give the Maw directions independent of the player character. So you don't directly control him. But it is fairly easy to get him to go where you want him to, because the level geometry isn't usually complex. But the point of directing him is to keep him from danger, and to lead him towards incapacitated food sources to make him grow. Fairly simple directive, but it can be fun.

The only real bad spots is the gameplay can get same after a while, and really benefits for playing it in sessions. My nephew has picked it up about 4 times and has yet to finish the game, though he's still having fun with it when he does.

There's also some glitches. The ones I've seen have been graphical and minor. But it's still a bit of an annoyance, and one was persistent enough that it required a total game restart. Nothing that has actually crashed the game, so far as I've witnessed, but still annoying nonetheless.

Overall, it's a cute, charming, and light game. It seems to go on sale frequently for a couple bucks or less, and it makes for a fine kids game. So if that's what you might be looking for, then do pick it up, especially if you can get it on sale.
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on January 5, 2014
I have yet to finish The Maw after starting it twice, and it's not because it's a bad game, but more so to do with the slow, plodding pacing the game provides. This was the developer's first XBLA game and it shows a bit so many years down the road; playing the game feels very slow and VERY by the numbers (go here, collect, door opens, repeat). The characters are REALLY cute & charming though and shows the beginnings of what was to come in 'Splosionman and Comic Jumper.
Cute, funny, but ultimately is a bit of a snooze to play.
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on October 4, 2013
The story was cute and I wanted to play it to see what would happen but this isn't really great to play on a PC (without the right controllers). The camera was annoying to control as you were walking. There were a few buggy things and some confusion about what you could do and where in the terrain you could go. There were enough hints to figure it out but rather than spend 30 minutes getting to a cliff that I later find out I can't actually reach, it would be nice if off-limits areas were drawn a little differently.
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on September 6, 2013
I got this in the "Indie Combat Pack (and Ticket to Ride)" and I wasn't expecting much from a title I had never heard of before.

The cut-scenes manage to convex the story without much dialogue. You've crash-landed on an alien planet and one of your fellow prisoners, the titular "Maw" seems to enjoy your company. You soon find a leash and collar for your pet, who you quickly notice has a hunger for just about anything and everything he can fit in his maw. There are side benefits to this as he takes on some of the traits of whatever he eats. It flies? Guide him over to eat it and he'll fly too. It's on fire? Well you'll just have to play to see what happens there!

The controls are simple and straight-forward enough for beginners and the gameplay is still engaging enough to keep advanced gamers attention for hours. (I ended up playing for a couple of hours the first time I ran the game).

One of the things I like about it the most is that it looks like this will be a game which both my girlfriend and I can finally equally enjoy together!

That coupled with fairly simple controls and fun, colourful graphics (think Mario 3D) make this a great game for young and old alike.
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on November 12, 2013
This game is "decent".

The game concept itself is pretty interesting. You're a blob that gets bigger the more he eats, and you can eat bigger things when you get bigger. It's a concept that took the Katamari series and propelled it to the hearts of many. It's a fun and proven concept. Except here, it's done terribly.

The game itself feels like a generic movie based video game. If you've ever played one, like the Spongebob: The Movie video game, you know that while the concept sounds fun, the execution can be very boring.

On to the game itself. The game runs well on the computer. Immediately apparent are the shaky camera controls: They're annoying. It might be one of those things that could be a deal breaker, but if you think you can deal with them, make sure you see a video of the game being played.

The gameplay for the game is puzzle based. However, the puzzles are extremely simple, and the game ends up being an annoying fetch quest style game. All you do is run across the map and get whatever object is required to pass through whatever obstacle is in your way. And this wouldn't be so tedious were the characters a little faster. The blob is slow, and you have to wait for it to catch up every now and then.

The game isn't too good. If you consider the possibilities of a gigantic, fiery blob wreaking havoc everywhere and think to yourself that it sounds like a great idea, this game isn't what you're expecting.
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on June 29, 2013
The core mechanics of the game are simple enough. Even when things get more complicated they're still very basic and easy. But its everything else about the game that I love. The art style, the humor and the music are all top notch. Luckily the game is pretty short because i could see it becoming boring if it went on too long.
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on July 14, 2013
This isn't the type of game I usually play, but its still pretty good. Its fun if you like to pretty much wander around small levels.
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on May 28, 2013
alot of fun, great game, highly addictive, highly recommended, looked for a game to kill time and have fun, and this is it.
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on June 23, 2013
Hard to complete some of the final levels without running into a game stopping bug. I'd stay away from this one.
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