Customer Reviews: The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth (Magic School Bus)
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on October 11, 2003
"The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth" immediately picks up where its predecessor, "At the Waterworks", left off. At the end of each book, Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen provide a subtle clue as to the nature and content of their next collaboration - a sly wink to those of us who catch such details.
"At the Waterworks" concludes with Ms. Frizzle looking at a map of a volcano, which tells us the next book in the series will probably be about our world's physical structures. And that's where "Inside the Earth" steps into the spotlight. Written in 1987, Cole and Degen prove in their second effort that there is no such thing as the dreaded sophomore jinx. This story is just as, if not more, educating and entertaining than "At the Waterworks."
The book starts out with the kids in Ms. Frizzle's class appearing restless over their current learning topic, animal homes. They've been researching the subject for almost a month and "were pretty tired of it." So the class jumps for joy when the Friz announces they're starting something new. "We are going to study about our earth!" she exclaims.
However, things don't go exactly as planned. Only four kids actually bring their homework to class the next day - "Each person must find a rock and bring it to school," said Ms. Frizzle. So she decides to take them on a field trip to collect rock specimens . . . and that's when the fun begins!
Ms. Frizzle lives up to the expectations she set in "At the Waterworks." By the time this field trip is done, her class has learned all about the physical features of the earth. The kids discover how rocks are made of minerals. They delve deep into the ground, getting up close and personal with Earth's crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core. Ms. Frizzle educates them on the three classes of rocks - igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. She relates to the kids how processes inside the earth take millions of years. She even takes them on a tour through a volcano! All throughout the field trip, the class receives hands-on experience with various rocks - basalt, granite, limestone, obsidian, pumice, sandstone, shale, etc.
And these details are only scratching the surface of what Cole and Degen, not to mention Ms. Frizzle, have lined up for readers in this book. Blending comedy with truth, this is a welcome addition to any children's bookshelf, either in the classroom or at home. And just as they did with their first story, Cole and Degen use the final pages to distinguish what things were accurate in the story and what things were made up.
As is her fashion, Ms. Frizzle leaves readers a hint at what is to come in her next adventure. My guess is that it has something to do with the human body. Talk about an inside-job!
Cole and Degen surpass the benchmark they set in "At the Waterworks" with "Inside the Earth." There are facts and figures, hilarity and humor, bursting from every page. Don't miss out on a chance to ride the magic school bus.
As Ms. Frizzle herself would say, "This way, class!"
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on May 27, 2001
This best-selling children`s science series is excellent for reading aloud, while older kids (and parents) will appreciate the range and depth of information, as well. The story-text of the original series is at once humorous, engaging, and packed with facts. Lively and amusing illustrations include cartoon bubbles, as well as "reports" by the students in the story. Ms Frizzle is a Mary Poppins-like teacher with oomph, and a wardrobe to match, who challenges and leads her students, recurring characters who reflect the multicultural nature of the US, on amazing fieldtrips.
In INSIDE THE EARTH, the fabled bus turns into a steam shovel, provides the kids and the Frizz with workclothes and digging equipment, to explore to the earth`s core, Jules Verne-style. Along the way, they learn geology, but with the Frizzle spin.
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on April 30, 2014
We have been through over a dozen reference books on geology in the past year. Some on loan from the public library, some on loan from private libraries, a few purchased at sales, and one or two wholesale. All in the interest of figuring out what we're looking at on the ground outside our house.

A frequent exclamation around here is, "Cool! Look at this rock!" Almost daily someone will find their new favorite rock.

I have yet to find a truly good source for deciphering backyard rock specimens. Is it because geology and rock formation is just so terribly complicated that it's not possible to write an "easy guide"? Not sure. The search is on.

However, this MSB Inside the Earth is, surprisingly, the easiest to understand reference we have found thus far in terms of explaining the broad stroke picture of what rocks are and how they form. It is a delightful read. It's packed with info. The kids love it. They have learned lots and so have I!
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on December 14, 2002
This book is a great book to teach kids about the inside of the earth, and other scientific stuff. It gets your imagination flowing! Its fun and interesting; I always loved the Magic School Bus series! Ms. Frizzle is so funny!
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on May 30, 2013
The kids loved this book... we read it again and again and they loved it every time...

The book is educational and fun... The illustrations are fun and there is a lot of detail in them... you find something new every time you look..
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on January 28, 2014
This book is packed with information about the Earth. Plus, there is enough humor mixed in that my kids were interested throughout the entire story. There is enough science in this book that kids can learn something new each time they pick it up. This is not your average "one and done" book. Children of all ages will go back to it again and again. I know my kids will!
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on November 15, 2009
I got about 5 of these books in the series for my 4 year old. he is hte classic, why why why these book answer that. they are great. I don't read all the extra detail and side stories yet, but htey are really fun, I'm learning too and they make science fun. highly recommend thetm
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on August 17, 2009
Two of my favorite kinds of books are the ones you can hold inside your hand, "the teeny tiny books", and the "big books", the ones you will open on a table. Well, this is one of those "big books", and it is filled with another Magic School Bus Adventure, called Inside the Earth. It's all about geology, and how the earth is formed over millions of years. Once again, Ms. Frizzle is taking her students on a bus for a field trip "inside the earth", to foster an appreciation for the earth's structure.

As you already know, she wears clothes that match the experience; for instance, look at her shoes in this story: crocodiles with sharp teeth and starring eyes, rhinoceros heads and even archaeologist's boots. Even her clothes show what the field trip will be about. I remember a teacher who wore a lot of costumes so that we would be excited and interested about the subject; it worked.....I still collect rocks from places I visit.

Well, this book is filled with genuine excitement, guaranteed to increase your heart beat and scare the fear out of you. (Now, is that possible, to scare the fear out of you?) There are side notes resembling children's assignments; there are various displays with vocabulary words to identify the objects. The adventure inside this bus to the earth's inside will have you reading to find out more about the fact and fiction in this book. The author, Joanna Cole is very clever in creating a book that features virtual reality, long before computer games. Happy Digging!
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on May 21, 2000
It all began with a new kid in Miss Frizzle's class. The class was studying animal homes and longed for something new. Then Miss Frizzle sat down and began to wonder what was inside the earth and asked everyone to bring a rock to school. But the next day only four people had done their homework, so the class had to go on a field trip. The class had no idea where they were going, but there was something about the Friz's dress that worried the class. What kind of field trip is the Friz planning on? Is that old, beat-up school bus going to make it?
I think the book was great because it gives you excellent facts about rocks and the earth in a funny way. Read the book and find out some especially interesting facts.
Buy it on Amazon!
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on January 14, 1999
I liked it because you learned about rocks. It was funny what happened to the bus.
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