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on April 12, 2004
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was really the movie that put Jim Carrey on the map. The Mask is the movie that solidified his position as the funniest guy in Hollywood.
In The Mask Carrey plays Stanley Ipkiss the nice guy who always finishes last. He gets a hold of a mask that once he wears it his innermost desires come to life. Will Stanley let the mask rule his life or will he realize he's great just the way he is. You'll just have to watch the movie to find out.
Jim Carrey gave an awesome performance in this movie. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a musical or comedy. He didn't win it, but his performance was definetly good enough to have one it. Ipkiss is in no way Ace Ventura. He isn't the confident wild man that Ace is. He's the nice guy that finishes last that everyone likes. Carrey plays it to perfection. Once the Mask is put on Carrey becomes that wild man that we love so much and thats where the movie really excels. The animation they used for Ipkiss with the mask on is great and Carrey plays the wild man better than anyone ever. He sings, dances, and throws out some of the best one liners ever. Stanley Ipkiss is a great character and thanks to Jim Carrey for making him that.
Cameron Diaz is great in the film. This was the movie that introduced us to the formere model. She holds her own real well in the movie. Carrey was so hot when he did this movie riding the success of Pet Detective and she shines in this role. She is absolutely gorgeous throughout the whole film. She's not a bad actress and I really wish she'd do more roles like this.
The extras on the DVD are decent. There are some deleted scenes that are alright and the directors commentary is decent as well. The movie can be viewed in full or widescreen format and it features dolby digital sound. I wish they'd done some more with the special features though. They could have done something cool with the music or special effects, but they didn't.
The music is great in this film. I have the soundtrack as well and the music helps make this film great. Jim Carrey is great when he dances and sings in "Cuban Pete." There are some great swing songs like Royal Crown Revues "Hey Pachuco played in the movie. This really could be considered a musical in many ways.
This is a fantastic film. It's fun the whole familiy can relate to and is a must own. The DVD is pretty easy to find cheap, so don't miss out on this fun film.
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on June 28, 2000
For fun and visual humor, this film just can't be beat.
Jim Carry is superbly cast as Stanley Ipkiss -- "Mr. Nice Guy" and one of life's loosers. That is, until he happens upon an old carved Norse mask (supposedly having belonged to the god of mischief, Loki). Once having donned the mask, Stanley is transformed from a meek introvert into a hip "man about the town" who turns every situation to his advantage -- and this occurs in the most comical fashion imaginable.
Heavily based on cartoon-like animation (which the character, Stanley, has a passion for), the mask performs astonishing feats that will have you grinning from ear to ear. It's a cartoon show come to real life.
The special effects in the movie are very well done. The Mask's first experience on the town (as he leaves the rooming house) with an animated clock and his unsuspecting land-lady, Mrs Peenman; his encounter with a rude motorist ("I think he wants to communicate"); and the scene with a couple of overcharging mechanics ("Hold onto your lugnuts, it's time for an overhaul!") are very well done -- and only the prelude to even better sequences later. One of the most priceless parts is where the Mask is cornered by every police officer (including SWAT) in the neighborhood, then turns the situation into a song and dance fest with a Cuban flavor. It's hilarious. (great music too!)
Jim Carry is a natural straight comic - rivaling Robin Williams. His talents come across full-force in this film. And don't forget, sexy star Cameron Diaz also plays a prominate part opposite Mr. Carry.
This one's a treat for everyone. If you haven't seen it yet, rent a copy today. Only the most dour will fail to find something to like about the film.
As the tagline says, it's fantastic fun.
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on June 30, 2004
Did you know that this excellent comedy was planed to be a horror?! Based on popular comic, THE MASK would be a storu about green killer who tells sarcastic remarks, while he's tearing a part his victims with an axe. But, when director Chuck Russell got Jim Carrey for this role he decided to do a comedy. And lucky for him and us he did a great job. I remember when I saw THE MASK for the first time. Fantastic story, interesting characters, and of course, Jim Carrey in role which made him famous. Story is about unsuccessful, shy banker who comes in possesion of an ancient wooden mask which turnes him into a wild, green, party creature who now has everything: powers, money and love. It influented on me so much that I find the same dog like Milo (that is one damn smart dog!). Carry gave the best of himself: he danced, sang and made jokes all the time. Cameron Diaz left me breathless, and two caps..., well, see it for yourself. This film guaranties fun whole 90 minutes it lasts and trust me, you will love it.
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on June 19, 1998
As a somewhat cautious viewer of in-your-face comedy I was a bit surprised by the level of enjoyment found in "The Mask". Jim Carrey's explosive energy works well as a zoot-suited Tex Avery cartoon character -- he stops at nothing when donning the ancient green mask. Unfortunately though, these times happen to be amoung the only few highlights of the film. There is not much in the way of plot or character development. The special effects that are used when the Mask is on screen are phenomanol, and are alone worth watching the film for. But if you're looking for more, check out the great soundtrack that accompanies the visual effects. Carrey's rendition of "Cuban Pete" is hilarious and with the revival of swing music, be sure not to miss the performance by Royal Crown Revue. It's smooookin!! Fans of Cameron Diaz will find her movie debut as Tina Carlyle, a sultry nightclub singer, the first in a long line of amazing performances. Another supporting character worth mentioning is Milo the dog, Carrey's nemesis. Whenever on camera, he steals the scene. (For a spectacular special effect check out Milo near the end). If your're looking for a fun, energy packed film without too much complication, you'll be sure to enjoy "The Mask". If your're not a big fan of Carrey's humor you may want to skip this one, but be assured, it's much easier to swallow than "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". END
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on May 18, 2007
Watching this movie with the director's comments you learn that the operating budget for the film was 18 million dollars. Also the studio almost cut the 'Cuban Pete' scene until early screenings revealed it to be the most popular scene in the movie. Jim Carrey is actually singing however Cameron Diaz, who performs earlier is not. Charlie Russel does not say Cameron Diaz isn't singing but his silence during her performance spoke volumes to me. 18 million is an incredible figure because that amount of money would currently be required to get Carrey or Diaz in any movie that wasn't pure voice over work. The Mask is entirely Charles Russel's vision minus 2 deleted scenes. The scene where Peggy is brutally slain was rightfully deleted. The scene where Leif Erickson discovers America by accident as a byproduct of the cursed masks' disposal could have stayed in but would have begged a revisitation of sorts so was cut for brevity and cohesion. Carrey is sympathetic as Ipcus and hilarious as the Mask. The talented supporting cast misses no notes. Cameron Diaz has never been more alluring on camera. Many successful movies have employed surreal period themes. The Mask uses a circa 1940's theme to good effect. This movie was under rated in it's day but has stood the test of time and still represents Carrey's most cohesive and compelling comedy performance. The movie is also a lesson to studios that over meddle in decisions that are creative. As a result 'The Mask' is a much better movie than 'Bruce Almighty' even tho the budgets for the two films were 40 million dollars apart.
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on October 4, 1999
This movie is exceptional! The visual effects are to die for;Jim Carrey was hiliarious and very,very funny(as usual);The direction is brilliant.Those Capone impersonation killed me!
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on March 1, 2003
Reviewing the movie: I'm not a Jim Carrey fan, i'm really far from them (i think his acting in other movies is... well, dumb), besides, this movie is one of my favorites, and nobody could portray a better Mask character than Carrey.
This movie is not only a feast of special effects (by the ILM guys, inspired in the cartoon antics of Tex Avery), musical numbers, and laughs; this movie also has a message in it -- "From Zero to Hero".
Yeah! i know that this is part of the main title of the DVD (in theatres, it hasn't this title), somebody could think that Zero is refering to Stanley Ipkiss, and Hero is the Mask, but this title is NOT refering to the Stanley Ipkiss' Mask character, it's refering to Stanley Ipkiss himself! The Mask character is far from being a Hero, it's really a headache to Ipkiss and the society in general, but when Ipkiss realizes that he doesn't need the mask and began to confront his inner fears (and "the bad guys") without the mask help, that's when Ipkiss become a Hero... in the real life, somehow that's something that we can achieve when we stop "wearing our masks" and begin to act like ourselves, showing to the other who really are we.
Reviewing the DVD: The audio and video quality are good (the sound is Dolby Surround 5.1 and the video is remastered); this is a double sided disc, in one side you get the Full Screen version of the film, in the other the Widescreen version (something common in "old" dvd's), in the extras side, you can see 2 deleted scenes (but without commentary..), an audio commentary by Chuck Russell (here you can learn why those 2 scenes where eliminated... unfortunatelly the audio comentary doesn't have any subtitles, so, if you're not an English speaker, probably you'll have a problem); audio in english and french, subtitles in spanish, french and english; the theatrical trailer.... the box says that the dvd has Production notes, but i can't find none.
This is a good movie, and it doesn't matter if you're not a Carrey fan (like myself)
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on August 19, 2015
I'm not a Jim Carrey fan, particularly, but I feel like this wasn't one of his best. Nor has it aged particularly well. However, my 10 YO son and his 12 YO friend were over and really wanted to watch it. Both watched it in rapt silence and it held their interest. So, there's that.
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on August 27, 2004
The plot is lame: a shy, introverted banker transforms into a party animal extraordinaire just by donning an ancient Nordic mask. And not only does this guy know how to partay, he transcends the physical realm and enters cartoon invincibility. Throw in a bad guy who happens also to be interested in the mask, along with the shy banker's love interest, mix with a night club that plays nauseating big band music from the Forties, and we have a recipe for a flop, right?

Wrong! THE MASK is able to sweep all of its annoying flaws under the rug by the sheer comic energy of Jim Carrey. And did I say energy? Carrey throws himself into the lead role with all the subtlety of a Cat IV storm; he yells, screams, jumps, runs, bounces, dances, sings, and makes enough facial expressions to earn a padded room. The comedian puts this film on his attention deficit shoulders and carries it firmly from possible disaster to grinning entertainment. And did I say grinning? Well, I actually meant laughing, because Carrey is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud from his first zany appearance to his last.

A young Cameron Diaz looks good, and doesn't get in the way of Carrey's comic tantrums. Her legs alone are worth 4 stars. And so is THE MASK.

--D. Mikels
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on May 31, 2013
This is a very weird type movie which fits Jim Carrey's personality well. This is a movie about an introvert banker who's nice guy, romantic personality causes him to be treated like a doormat by the women in the movie. He (Jim Carrey) finds this medieval mask that transforms him into a mischievous demonic type character. The mask seems to posses the person wearing it, amplifying the person's inner most characteristics. The movie is funny and is worth watching. I think that this movie is more for adults as the scene between Carry and Diaz at the park has sexual overtones, sort of dirty, as is with most Jim Carrey movies. Cameron Diaz is a knock-out in this movie, whoa!
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