Customer Reviews: The Metabolic Effect Diet: Eat More, Work Out Less, and Actually Lose Weight While You Rest
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on June 17, 2010
Most of the reviews I've read here read like advertisements for this book and diet plan. I understand that the authors would like a groundswell of support and Amazon is a good way to begin this, but the reviews here are likely not reflective of what you'd hear from your average reader and user of this plan.

There is very little (perhaps nothing, actually) that is new in this book. Have you ever read a diet book that directs you to eat several small meals spaced out during the day, not to eat too close to bed time, to eat fruit, vegetables and lean meats, and walk 30-60 minutes per day with a few weight-lifting work outs a week? You have? Well, so have I, and you'll read that advice again in this book.

As in most diet books, the authors walk you through basic metabolism and basic nutrition. They write about hormones. It's nothing that hasn't been outlined in other diet books many times over. Overall I've found that diet books tend to focus on the parts of biochemistry and nutrition that most closely match the plan they are promoting. This book is no different.

After taking a questionnaire you are given a general grouping of your metabolic type and directed to a diet that contains more or less of the same ingredients in slightly altered quantities from each other. It's a fairly boring diet plan overall - no surprises, you can imagine how many ways lean meats can be combined with fruit and veg and "acceptable fats", can't you? South Beach would tell you similar things, as would Weight Watchers and probably countless others. There are some cheat meals - again, similar to other diet plans I've read. Cheat, but cheat smart. You've heard that before as well most likely.

The exercise plan I've already outlined - do it moderately every day for 30-60 minutes and then follow a strength training routine the likes of which you'll find monthly in Shape magazine or similar. If you need something mapped out for you, this book will give you that.

Reading back over my review I see I sound pretty "meh" about this book, and that's an accurate take on it. There's nothing revolutionary here and I would suggest checking this out of your library rather than purchasing it, as it's not the diet book you'll want or need on your shelf long term. I would take the bulk of the reviews already listed with a grain of salt. If serious personal trainers and workoutaholics who have written surprisingly excited reviews here about this book haven't already heard the information contained in it a thousand times over, I'll eat my own laptop.
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on June 26, 2013
I love the approach to hormones, exercise, and food in this book. It really helped me to view all of these as just methods of communication within the body. It took the confusion out and I was simply able learn how I was communicating inside. I didn't understood some of the key connections between hormones and food/exercise and I KNEW there were things I was missing there. Time after time, my searches to find someone who addressed these issues came up empty. Since reading this book, I feel more in tune with my body. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because, as a holistic nutritionist, I disagree somewhat with the point of view portrayed in the book on whole foods and healthy fats. Low fat is touted as beneficial still and I thought we all wised up to the fact that it's modern day processed fats (and foods) that are the bane of society, not fat in general. Grass fed fats, extra virgin organic coconut oil, and others like these are, in my humble opinion, essential to a balanced way of living. However, no big deal because I have just tweaked certain food choices to fit what I know is best for me. Now it works like a charm! Thanks to the author for searching out the connection and then integrating the information on hormones, food, and exercise.
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on August 27, 2012
Perhaps, this message is not an entirely new one, but it did spark my interest and get me moving in the right direction. I have found that using the guidelines in this book that I have been able to lose pounds, experience increased energy, have better quality sleep, and feel like a new person. I realize that timing and motivation are everything when beginning a new 'diet', but this book/diet provides a way that you can eat, lose weight, and feel better for the rest of your life. I love this book and have given it to family and friends to spread the word.
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on March 26, 2010
I discovered about ME at my gym and came accross their website when I was searching information on it. Lo and behold, it was the best move I have ever done. I thought I have always been fit and ate somewhat healthy. Little did I know, my "healthy" definition of eating was totally different from the ME lifestyle. After reading all of the articles from the ME website, I was convinced that I needed to reasses my diet. I got rid of the rice, pasta, sugar, salt, and fat. And I immediately dropped 15 (from 125 to 110 lbs) lbs within three weeks. I started noticing my waist, my face, and my thighs getting smaller. People started noticing the difference on my body. It's been almost three months that I have been doing the ME excercise and ME diet and I am a true believer! I am proud to say that I am a lot stronger (I can do 5 pull ups straight compare to only one at a time, and can do at least 50 push ups). Over all, I feel so much healthier and stronger. Thanks Jade and Keoni!
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on March 28, 2010
I have been on the 10 wk fat loss plan since Feb. 22. The information I've learned, which is all clearly outlined in the book, has changed my life. I do not crave sweets and starchy foods as much as I used to and I actually crave vegetables like greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts and salads. I was familiar with the ME workout method before I joined the fat loss program and continue to find it a refreshing and liberating way to workout. I was on my way to being a sprint tri lover. However my life was sidetracked with other priorities and athletics took a back seat, by choice. The ME method allows me to get great quality workouts in short order. It's freeing to know I can be in shape without spending hours and hours on a bike, running or swimming. The key to success is preparing food/meals in advance or at least having a fool proof strategy to eating your meals on time. If you can eat 5 - 6 small meals and not get hungry you will be amazed at how little your crave sweets or other foods that may be your weakness for your burner type. I practice the tips on cocoa powder, honey before a workout, and fiber supplements like apple pectiin in smoothies, drinking green tea and taking the ME Metabolic Complex vitamin. What you read in the book is pretty much all there is to the lifestyle and after you've followed it a few weeks it is a breeze. There is nothing cumbersome or complicated about the ME lifestyle. I recommend the book and encourage you to use all the ME resources available on the web.

Jade is a wonderful teacher, leader and motivator. He totally supports his work in a very hands on way and has a very humble spirit about him. If you have questions please email the ME staff and they will help you in any way possible. The ME staff and brand is a great dependable resource to help you reach success in your fat loss journey.

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on May 4, 2015
If you are a menopausal woman who can't seem to lose weight even though you are working out and doing all the right things according to the "experts" read this book. It is will give you the tools to achieve your goals in a real world setting.
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on July 5, 2012
The promise on the cover is no lie. Metabolic Effect lifestyle has been a game changer for me.

This is a terrific book with lots of helpful information at many levels. I have read portions again and again as I work through this process. I have lost 15 pounds and 4% body fat points over the past six months after almost a decade of eating the wrong foods for me, overexercising, and slowly losing muscle and gaining 20 lbs of fat(which is almost gone!). A huge bonus for me is that for the first time since I was very young I do not suffer from chronic migraine headaches.

I think the title should be changed to "Metabolic Effect Lifestyle" but perhaps that would deter distribution. I am 54 years old, which adds to the testimony of the helpfulness of the information in this book. I found a Metabolic Effect exercise class and trainer at my gym and that has been extremely helpful too. Assistance is advised in the book and is available through online trainers also, through the Metabolic Effect website.

I am completely baffled by the the poor review saying there is no new information here and the ME plan is just like Weight Watchers and other programs. I could not disagree more. I am so happy that ME found its way into my existence. Weight Watchers inspired and then failed me numerous times and "Eat to Live" was slowly turning my body into fat for lack of protein while I felt constantly hungry, sick and tired.

Get this book and find a good class, or use the online assistance, and I imagine you can find success for yourself too.

Good luck!
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on March 6, 2014
Probably the most accurate book I've read about nutrition. These guys aren't out to promote the latest fad diet. Sound doctrine from doctors who have done the research to prove it. I am currently changing my eating habits according to the book and I did lose 6 lbs the first week without effort. It makes sense to me me that when you exercise more you need to eat more or if you exercise less you need to eat less - however most diets will tell you to restrict your calories to lose weight - I have been on all kinds of weight restrictive diets and have lost but then gained it all back. I've dealt with eating disorders just because it finally came to that with restricting foods so severely. My doctor told me 20 years ago when I started to battle weight gain after 30 that I had slowed down my metabolism from all my severe dieting and that I needed to increase my calories a little at a time to get my matabolism going again because it was so used to living on nothing. Our minds have been conditioned to think we need to starve ourselves to lose weight and that is such a lie. From all of my years of dieting and severe restrictive calories I've gained over 80. lbs. with this eating plan and eating all the time I am not starving and therefore no bing or overeating. I actually am losing. I am exercising in moderation instead of killing myself for an hour to burn off the calories and then only to hop on the scale and see a gain! I am getting stronger and building muscle now. If you take a look at some of the new products out there from other very popular souces they are using basically the same method - WeightWatchers has stopped measuring food, Beachbody now uses "containers" Jillian Michaels encourages you to eat more if you exercise a lot and not go under a certain calorie count to prevent starvation mode - it's all coming around to the truth and this book has the truth.
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on July 8, 2013
There are many, many diet books, fads, and just plain JUNK being sold today and this IS NOT one of them. Excellent info backed by education and clinical experience. This information WORKS. I've lose 101 pounds in total and would recommend this book to anyone asking. The book encourages its readers to never take shortcuts and starve themselves to weight loss. This is not going to work long term. This book puts together the process of raising a person's metabolism and using nutrition for sustainable fat loss. I highly recommend it. It works.
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on September 8, 2014
To be honest I cannot vouch for the eating part...but the exercises really work. I chose four exercises for 20 minutes and did them about 3 times a weeks. It took about 10 weeks. The changes in my body were phenomenal. These were better results than I have ever had with weights. I am a large woman, mainly I walk and do some light aerobics for exercise. I was getting toned and I developed definition in the rear I never thought I would ever see. Then I developed some health issues (not related to the exercise) know the rest of the story. Soon as I can I am getting back. Just 20 minutes for such great results.
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