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on December 31, 2008
I'm surrendering to my temptation to rate this set just below 5 stars, soley base on how many scenes Peggy Lipton is in. She failed to show up much in one episode, so I'm shaving off a star. Seriously, this IS the reason why I'm buying up this series; I haven't outgrown this schoolboy crush I have on Peggy, but I have outgrown much of what television has to offer me. The Mod Squad, however, ..and I'm very surprised by this, doesn't annoy me. It's quiet, charming and has a strong ethical core. In this set you get the abortion issue with a psychic slueth, a charming episode about a family-less mexican boy, capt greer and linc fall in love, a charming con-man, a dangerous quack, and a very adorable Peggy Lipton singing a Carol King tune, country style! What's missing from all these sets so far, is commentary from Clarence Williams. This particular set has no commentary at all; no special features. The soundtrack is original, and the writing is very good. Very well worth a purchase, even if Peggy Lipton isn't the sell.
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on August 5, 2008
Love and loss are highlighted in the latest release of The Mod Squad in a half-season DVD boxed set.

Thirteen episodes, representing the first half of the Second Season of the Classic TV iconic police drama, are expected to be included, along with additional features and interviews to be announced.

The Mod Squad is the original counter-culture phenomenon that remains a favorite, replete with one of the best and most memorable TV musical themes ever composed. It is remarkably watchable despite its age - ironically, now older than young people of that era were warned never to trust in adults.

Premiering Sept. 24, 1968, during the height of the Vietnam War, The Mod Squad lasted five action-packed seasons with episodes that dealt as much with social issues as it did crime in the streets.

Set in Los Angeles, the premiss was simple enough: Three young people in trouble with the law were given the opportunity to avoid jail sentences by infiltrating the counter-culture as undercover cops and exposing criminals who prey on youth by bridging the generation gap between the youth and the "fuzz."

The three "delinquents" were Pete Cochran,(Michael Cole) who was arrested for car theft; Julie Barnes, (Peggy Lipton) who ran away from her prostitute mother in San Francisco; and Lincoln Hayes, (Clarence Williams III) who was arrested during the Watts riots. Tough talking Capt. Adam Greer, (Tige Andrews) was in charge of the special squad and eventually became a father-figure to them. (Lipton, who later played Norma the waitress in another cult classic - Twin Peaks - was nominated for an Emmy for her role as Julie, and won a Golden Globe in 1970 for her portrayal of the character.)

In the series, Cochran drove an old green "woody" side-paneled 1950 Mercury station wagon with two surf boards on top that became a lasting symbol of the show, along with cooooool bell-bottomed pants! Sadly, the wheels were destroyed in this second season when the car was set ablaze by an arsonist. (The Woody was wrecked in Ep. 35, "The Death of Wild Bill Hannacheck," which is included in this boxed set. At the end, the Squad stands and watches their "old buddy" burn. Linc has the classic line "Good bye olde paint." During the Reunion movie in 1979, Pete is rich so he buys a Woody when the three of them unite once more.)

The stellar series spawned a block-buster movie in the 1990's that was horrible by comparison, failing in all respects to capture the chemistry and remarkably innocent sincerity of the original.

Episodes expected to be included in this DVD set, with their original airdates and brief description are: The Girl in Chair Nine (9/23/1969), the Squad befriends a young mother; My Name is Manolette (9/30/1969), the Squad "adopts" a nine-year-old boy; An Eye for an Eye (10/7/1969), Capt. Greer falls in love unaware that he puts the woman in danger; Ride the Man Down (10/14/1969), Pete is framed for murder; To Linc - With Love (10/21/1969), Linc falls in love; Lisa (11/4/1969), the squad helps a woman with a split personality; Confrontation! (11/11/1969), racial strife and murder at a college; Willie Poor Boy (11/18/1969), Pete helps an illiterate boy accused of robbery; The Death of Bill Hannachek (11/25/1969), Julie poses as a country western singer; A Place to Run, A Heart to Hide In (12/2/1969), the Squad pose as college students to investigate a murder; The Healer (12/9/1969), the Squad investigate a faith healer after a patient dies; In this Corner - Sol Albert (12/16/1969), the Squad try to find a slum landlord; and Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break (12/23/1969), the Squad try to catch a con man with a con.

Created by the legendary TV mogul Aaron Spelling, he produced it along with Danny Thomas and Sheldon Leonard. Harve Bennett replaced Spelling in later seasons. Hopefully, the remained of the series will soon be released.
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on February 22, 2015
So much to learn about the 60s. Certainly in the archives of 1960s entertainment The Mod Squad must be included. The squad brought to the smaller TV screens diversity, dialogue with the elders and sex appeal all the while confronting the issues of the day as they unfolded on the streets, college campuses and churches. In our advanced age beyond rotary phones and transistor radios we could employ some lessons in gratitude and humility neatly packaged for Pete, Linc and Julie on a weekly basis.
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on November 28, 2012
I remember when I was little, my mom would watch this show and really be into it. I often sat with her and watched too. It intrigued me to see these hippie characters who really were not cops but assisted them. As the years went on the show was not on anymore and other shows came along. I happen to love police drama tv shows and I suddenly remembered this one. Vi looked it up and found it. I am not disappointed.
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on January 5, 2013
The first two years of this series have turned out to be excellent. I especially enjoy the humor that was put into the series. The actors do a fine job of playing their characters who care about people, especially young people in trouble; but sometimes make mistakes themselves as they try to help and still catch the bad guys.
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on June 18, 2013
I loved this dvd. I loved this show in the 70. I never missed an episode or the repeats in the 5 years it was on. So owning these episodes on dvd is like reliving my childhood. The stories are still revelant even if the clothes are not and the scenes that use stuntmen are not as sharp as now but the real reason to buy these, is the stories and the relationship of the 4 main characters.
They care for each other and they take care of each other. Anyone who watched this show in the 70's will still love watching them now. I bought the first two season, can't wait for the other three seasons. Please bring them out soon.
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on September 2, 2013
I was more than pleased with my purchase. I love the fight and chase scenes with Michael Cole and Clarence Williams 111. I wish I could get this network show in the area where I live, I love the retro TV shows. I'm just very great full that amazon has a wide selection to choose from, so thank you very much for keeping retro alive!!
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on January 18, 2013
I loved the Mod Squad when it was in syndication for many years. Then suddenly decades ago is just disappeared. Now it is back and on DVD. At least the first two season have made it and that looks like this all we will ever see. Season two was a very strong season for the show and I would highly recommend this season to any fan of the show. High quality restoration with excellent sound quality are the highlights of this set. The DVD case is very solid sturdy and colorful and really protects the disc well. I would get this set now before it once again fades into obscurity. Come on Paramount get the rest of the season out now. We are waiting for season 3.
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on December 15, 2011
This is a very good series. I,ve never seen any of these episodes before (I live in the UK). We had some episodes from Season 1 on cable. They were great, so i thought i,d give the whole of Season 1 a chance. It didn,t disappoint. I bought Season 2 - Vol 1, hoping for episodes of a similar high quality. They are superb entertainment. The only criticism is... the series might be dated. Although a lot of the dialogue is "hip 60s talk", it doesn,t spoil the shows. Can,t fault it. Season 2 - Vol 1 is definitely worth owning(as is Series 1).
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on February 20, 2009
The best police drama in the history of the planet! These sets are "solid." 5 star!! What's there to complain about? I've waited decades for this to be released! Watching this brought me to tears. The interviews on the first DVD (season 1 volume 1 & 2) are awesome! One of the best casts of any TV show in TV history! I had my first boy/girl thing with Lipton. She's still as beautiful as ever! I'd marry her right now in an L.A. second (much faster than a New York Minute)! I'd cook and clean for her! Anyway, If you loved the Mod Squad don't blow it by not getting this groovy series. Much of what I learned and encouraged in life (no drugs, racial love and peace, friendship bonds, etc,) I learned from the superb performances or Peggy Lipton, Clarence Williams III and Michael Cole. Obviously the writers were awesome, but it takes the art of acting to bring it to the screen and reach people's hearts!

Thank you Peggy, Clarence and Michael! I hope you realize the positive impact you've had on an entire generation! My generation!
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