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on September 7, 2010
I should probably preface this review by stating the obvious: This shirt is clearly meant for people who aren't serious about our one-horned magic friends. I mean, the shirt's fabric construction and lavender color base are terrific, and as a casual-Friday garment, hey, it's better than a stupid Polo shirt. But the devil, as they say, is in the details, so caveat emptor!

First, the grass pictured is quite clearly Italian Ryegrass, and as everyone knows, unicorns prefer to frolic in Dog's Tooth Grass. Second, notice the gray spots on the unicorn's rear flank; are they patterned to look like a fairy? I think not. Third, why is the tip of the unicorn's horn glowing like some defective reindeer's nose??? We all know the horn is pure gold, but if the illustrator was trying to convey this specific coloration, then the whole horn should shine, not just the tip! Fourth, while unicorns transcend space and time, they do NOT exist in a world where it's day AND night simultaneously! A beautiful rainbow AND pretty stars? I mean, who approved this? It's like the shirt's maker is just mocking me...I'll bet he thinks taking Raggedy Ann to one's prom is lame too!!! Fine, shirt guy -- just go ahead and pick me last in dodgeball and tell my parents how I cried in woodshop when the teacher told me to "keep my wood to myself" and I didn't know he was talking about my erection which I couldn't help anyway because I thought about that one episode of The Partridge Family!!!

Anyway, on balance, the shirt's fine for kids and people of lesser unicorn expertise; don't expect too much and you'll be happy with your purchase, just like I was when I bought that ghost costume in Alabama last summer. People really freaked out when I wore that, and it wasn't even Halloween!
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on May 25, 2010
As I was approaching thirty I realized I haven't done a whole lot with my life and found myself in the middle of an early mid-life crisis. I did a few things to change the way the world perceived me. First thing I did is purchase a 1981 Chevy El Camino with an Edelbrock intake and a number 8 across the hood in honor of Dale (R.I.P.), I pierced my ear, shaved in my rat tail, and most importantly i purchased the Unicorn Castle T-shirt. This shirt has changed the way I view myself and the way the world views me. Girls can't seem to stay away from me to the point that is almost annoying. Something about mystical unicorns make chick think that I am a mystical kind of dude. Many girls have mistaken this shirt for a "My Little Pony" and I quickly have to set them straight. With the rise of Emo music it has made it cool for men to grow their hair long, tease their hair, wear make up and womens clothing so you can imagine how emo i look with a few scars and my purple unicorn shirt. I recommend buying a size smaller than you normally wear and ordering this with a bottle of spray on tan so that you looked extra jacked and tan. NOTE: Girls love mystical guys that are jacked and tan. If you really wanna real them in get a book on palm reading or some tarot cards as well to add to the mysticism of your new persona. Do yourself a favor and purchase this shirt. 3 Wolf Moon is outdated and it is time for a unicorn revolution. It is the unicorns time to shine and shine it does with a beautiful rainbow glistening in the background.
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on July 28, 2011
I purchased this shirt because of its pure majesty and detail, and was wonderfully surprised by how fast it galloped to my door after purchasing it.
I opened the package and a starburst exploded out of it, with a rainbow brightening the room.
My girlfriend was in route and had no idea about this amazing shirt, when I greeted her at the door, she erupted in laughter, tears, all out of joy. The shirt made her just as happy as it did for me.
She made love to me minutes later, and insisted that the shirt stayed on.

And we lived happily ever after,
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on February 22, 2011
First of all, I'm not sure why all you men are buying and wearing this. Yall take your wolf and moon teeshirts and leave us women be.

Now, I know any woman who is reading this and has bought this shirt will already know how powerful it is but I want to share my story for the women who aint bought it yet.

I bought my mountain unicorn castle shirt on December 16, 2010 as a Christmas present for myself because my boy friend Russel Joe sure as hell wasnt going to buy it for me. I got the rush shipping so I would have it in time to wear to church on Christmas day to celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ.

When I broke through the tape on the cardboard box with a beer bottle cap and pulled this shirt out of that box it was like magic. I held it up to me and stroked the unicorn picture. I didnt have it out of th ebox for more than 2 minets when Russel Joe came shooting out of the shed and into the house and told me to get my slippers on cause we were going to walmart.

When we got there, Russel Joe bought me a pair of faded glory jeans, a new dishrag and the new Beverly Lewis book. He said he didnt even know why he was spending money on me he just felt compeled by a higher power.

On Christmas day I put my shirt on for the first time and wore it to church and I swear I was the 2 nd most popular person there besides our lord Jesus Christ. Everybody kept on turning around during the service to look at my shirt, so pretty soon the pastor told me to just come on up to the altar and sit down so people wouldn't get a crick in there necks.

Since then I have worn the shirt almost every day and I feel truely blessed. Russel Joe pays so much attention to me and he takes me every where now cuase he can get free gas and cigaretts at the Tiger Mart when I am with him. He has beaten up 6 men that have proposed to me. I knew deep down he always did love me.

If you would like to be more popular at church or get mens attention, I think you should buy this teeshirt right away. And if you are married or got a boy friend, you should buy the biggest size you can get because you will be pregnant pretty soon. The men just cant help them selves cause this shirt has a power over them. Get the big size cause you will want to be able to wear it the whole 9 months. I am two months now!!!!!

Im hoping Im going to have a girl so I can pass this teeshirt down to her.
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on September 7, 2010
Seems like everybody has a story to go with these shirts. Here's mine.

When I came out at 35, I didn't witness shock among my friends and family, but more disbelief. I mean, people literally didn't believe me. I guess it was my large build, thick beard and Marine Corp tats up my arm. I just don't "look the part".

Well, I spotted this shirt on Amazon and just knew I had to have it. Here's the life-changing part: As soon as I started wearing it, people started believing I was gay. No more insisting on my part - the shirt says it all.

It's just gorgeous, and there aren't too many of them out there yet, so you'll definitely feel special.
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on September 25, 2010
I think the worst thing about this shirt is that it didn't exist before the recession. If it had existed then, who knows how much better off we'd all be?
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on November 8, 2010
Yes I live in San Francisco but I'm a straight male (26) and I own this. And yes I really am 100% straight, but I don't think that matters. This shirt is awesome, it is sure to turn heads.

I'm 6'3 175 and the medium fits me pretty well if you like your shirts kind of tight. The sleeves are shorter, which is good because I have nice arms. The torso length is a little long (at least compared to the sleeve length. Considering that I'm pretty tall, and I got a medium I'd say that even if you don't like to wear your shirts tight you might want to consider the torso length, because it will be kind of long. Overall it fits great. I'd upload a picture but I don't see that option.

Good things about this shirt:
1. It is purple, the color of the royals.
2. It has a sweet unicorn on it (and a castle).
3. You will get a lot of attention (so ask yourself if you want it first)

Bad / Questionable things about this shirt:
1. People will think you're gay.

Basically I got this shirt because f* what other people think. Gay is the new black. If you're not supporting it now in 20 years your kids will be wondering why you didn't do anything at all. Even if it is just wearing a stupid shirt and telling people what you think when they ask you about it, or accuse you of being gay.
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on March 19, 2013
If you were to take every Barry White, Al Green and Marvin gaye song ever written, mix them with honey and cinnamon , wrapped them in pastry dough and bake them in Vulcan's hearth heated by the lightning of Zeus, you would still be a green with envy faced pastry eating loser standing next to me while I am garbed in this celestial divinity given form and weave!
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on June 14, 2011
Dear Amazon,

I received my "The Mountain Unicorn Castle Purple Adult T-Shirt(Small)" about a month ago as a gift from a friend. At first I was a little put off by the gift and wondered why a man would buy another man a purple shirt with a unicorn on it. It sat in the closet for about a week until I ran out of clothes and decided to wear it as a funny Casual Friday garment. I have to say once I put it on I instantly noticed the amazing quality and texture of the silky smooth 100% cotton as it snuggled tightly against my freshly manscaped chest. It also gave me a delightful new boost of confidence.

Later that day, I was stepping out to start my rewarding new career as an Assistant Janitor at the local Adult Theater. I padlocked the door to my trailer and turned to begin my daily routine of removing the T- tops of my 1987 Camaro when I noticed Bonquiqui, the pretty gypsy girl who makes and sells little garden gnomes out of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. She was smiling at me from the trailer across the park. With my new found confidence I waved to her and thought to myself this is my moment to finally make an impression. I jumped in through the passenger side of my car (which was the only way in due to my meth head neighbor deciding to take apart his lawn mower at 3am in my driveway) and cranked the volume to a techno remix of White Wedding by Billy Idol that is stuck in my tape deck. I gave her a wink and commenced a burnout down our alley. Unfortunately, I accidently hit her cat with my right side naked girl silhouette mud flap in the process. I would have to say that other than giving her cat a permanent limp it was a great success. She came over that night with her cat wearing a white and red paper mache cast she made out of her empty Lucky Strike Brand Cigarette packages. We talked about her life growing up as a Bangladeshi street performer and she told me she never would have even given me a second look if it wasn't for amazing collaboration of the Unicorn, Castle, Rainbow, Moon and Stars that were radiating from my shirt.

To this day every time that I wear my "The Mountain Unicorn Castle Purple Adult T-Shirt (Small)"it seems as though women can't resist me. It's like the dyes used to create the majestic colors were mixed with some sort of experimental high potency pheromone. It's amazing!!! Sometimes I even think to myself this must be what it feels like to be Chuck Norris. Just three days ago, this tall glass of water with torn white washed jeans in front of me at the checkout in Wal-Mart even offered to pay for my package of Red Man smokeless tobacco and my assortment of Adult, monster truck, and fishing magazines as long as I let her touch the tip of my Unicorn's horn. I eagerly said ok but "just the tip". Honestly can life really get any better? Thank you Amazon and The Mountain!!

Warning: Do not mix this item with "The Situation's Instant Self-Tanning Spray;" the combination is EXTREMLY DANGEROUS. I went to a Bon Jovi concert and felt like a cheeseburger in Somalia. I mean even John himself pointed and winked at me from the stage. Things really got out of hand after I applied a fresh new coat. The glistening dark orange skin mixed with the explosive pinks and purples of the shirt had a dangerous effect on the women in the crowd. If it wasn't for my extensive martial arts training thanks to my Mom's Bill Blank's: Tae Bo and Boot Camp video collection, I don't think I would be here today. Seriously, don't combine the two. DON'T DO IT!!
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on February 20, 2012
I saw this and thought it was beautiful, so I bought it for myself, but as soon as I tried it on I realized it makes any lady who wears it look like she owns a dozen cats and needs a rag on a stick to wash herself. The unicorn head was disappointingly disfigured by one of my sweater puppies. However, it makes a cool dude look even cooler. So I gave it to my sister's new boyfriend. He met our oldest brother for the first time wearing it and made a magical first impression. Our other brother was so jealous I had to give him The Mountain Men's Kitty Overalls Shirt and he still wouldn't shut up about how he really wanted the unicorn shirt. When I suggested a trade he clarified that he didn't want to trade. He wanted both shirts.
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