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on July 8, 2000
That's right, you caught me reading a...gulp, dare I say it?...romantic mystery. First, let me say I originally purchased Henderson's novel for my wife. No, really. Second, I must tell you, this book is more mystery than romance. At least from this male's point of view. Oh, sure, Kate meets Dave, Kate falls in love with Dave, Kate and Dave face obstacles, and...well, I shouldn't tell you the end. But romance is in the air, no doubt.
A true mystery is also at work here. Dee Henderson lays out the groundwork of her story with spartan efficiency--sometimes lacking a definitive narrative style-and tosses in enough details to make you buy into it. She's done her research. The dialogue, in particular, flows naturally and breathes life and personality into these characters. Though the assortment of minor characters might be confusing to some, I assume Henderson was fleshing out the story for this and future books in the O'Malley series.
My wife, not an avid reader, finished the book a day before me. That's a good indication of "The Negotiator"s intrigue. The mystery is resolved, the roma--I mean, relationships come to satisfactory conclusions, and the lessons learned are Biblically sound and relevant.
I've since purchased Henderson's "Danger in the Shadows"--for my wife, of course. But if you read my review here later, don't say I didn't warn you.
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on June 7, 2000
Kate O'Malley faces the insanities of the world on a daily bases. As Hostage Negotiator Kate is legendary, her courage, wit and talent in her field has brought her to the top.... but nothing has been able to cure age old wounds. Dave Richman, an FBI special agent has spent his life protecting people, his courage, wit...and belief in God has led him to the top. When these two meet it is under a dangerous and stressful situation, but nothing can disguise the instant attraction they feel for each other. But can Kate open her heart enough to believe? And can Dave love a woman who has shut God out of her life? Soon secrets and old time enemies threaten both parties and both Kate and Dave will learn that God certainly does work in mysterious ways. The Negotiator is a wonderful read. Dee Henderson spins a beautiful love story and a suspenseful thriller. Only moderately predictable, Ms.Henderson sometimes relies on the cliched to pull her out of a rough spot. Such predictability can be overlooked in the wake of strong characters and a moving story line. The "inspirational" aspect is just that, inspirational, never "preachy" or high handed, God is softly intertwined with the characters and emotional plots and subplots. Satisfying to the end The Negotiator will have a place on my library shelf.
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on December 1, 2000
What is a family? For the O'Malleys it has nothing to do with blood, who as orphans decide to become a family. Each one has a unique talent that serves mankind but their loyalty is to the family. So when one hurts they all do, especially Kate when she learns her sister's secret. Dee Henderson running high on the triumphant success of DANGERS IN THE SHADOWS has returned with her promised THE NEGOTIATOR; delicious Dave's story.
FBI agent Dave Richman finds himself trapped in hostage situation, hidden from the captor but not the police negotiator. All becomes quite complex however, when the negotiator is a woman which terrifies Dave. Yet, Kate is like no other negotiator or woman he was seen before and quickly takes command of the captor with no help from him. What he can't understand is his sudden attraction to her and why that bothers him?
Kate O'Malley. as a police negotiator, had thought that she had seen it all. Of course who would have thought that a cocksure FBI agent would find himself a hidden element in this scenario. Now she has to keep her captor cool and the agent from doing anything stupid. But Dave is not stupid as he quickly realizes that Kate is one exceptional negotiator let alone woman. A woman he wants to get to know more, something that has always eluded him as he cared for his sister. Yet, as he later meets her family he senses that making time with Kate is going to be no easy task. But there are other even bigger hurdles to jump for both Kate and Dave.
Ms Henderson has crafted a vividly intense story of a young woman's search for answers to a child's strange past, accept without fear the love of a man she has come to cherish and how it is all possible when one accepts God's love. This story takes the reader on a incredibly plotted roller coaster ride full of suspense sure to keep the reader's heart in their throat as an especially evil element surfaces from Kate's past. THE NEGOTIATOR is the first of a number of planned O'Malley books; save keeper space because the men and woman of the O'Malley's are sure to learn what being wrapped in God's love means for each of them. Ms. Henderson's work has always been considered gourmet Inspirational Romance, but those who read other romance genre' need only to tantalize their palates with any of her wonderful offerings to learn what a truly gifted storyteller she is.
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on June 25, 2012
If I could give 2.5 stars I would.

First, the pros. The book starts out very interestingly, good action, and incredibly, unlike other reviewers, I didn't think about how unrealistically perfect the o'malley family is. I simply liked the unique structure, and their commitment to each other. Its a "clean" book. It has a unique plot, and offers interesting views into police and airport work. It seemed to have everything for a great story, at first, but then it took a turn for the worse because of

the cons

Dave is a) a professional, highly-trained FBI agent. b) He is a strong and dedicated Christian. Given a and b, it seems highly implausible that he would invite a strange woman whom he is protecting (as part of his job) to live in his house. Not only that, at home and on the job, he is constantly touching her. Granted, in a brotherly plantonic fashion--but really, a top FBI man cotinually hugging, stroking hair, cheek, etc. someone on the job? Sitting on the couch hugging her? Where is his respect for her as a woman and as a fellow officer? His professionalism, though stated, is inevident. And this brings us to

Kate. At first a strong, intriguing, professional, described as enigmatic--someone with years and years work behind her--she changes to showing almost exclusively a weak, commonplace side, as though convieniently her expertise and professionalism, like Dave's disintegrates. Granted she is a dynamic character, and change would be expected. However, the change should be in tune with who she is in the beginning of the book. Yes, she's going through a tough time, but she should respond to it as the Kate we first meet. So one of the strongest cons is inconsistency in character development.

Also--would investiagors really permit family members of an officer to practically take over a branch of an investigation?

The book did keep my attention (I read 95/ in one afternoon), but at the end I felt like you do when you've had too much chocolate. Too much, to "sticky", wrong, somehow, somewhere. Its a pity. Especially because she seems to be laying groundwork for a story on each of them, which could be attractive, but I'm afraid the "something sticky, sweet, and wrong" would attain near fatal levels if read in close succession. Oh, one more thing--for writing style, think faintly Karen Kingsbury.

Give it a try...just don't expect it to be entirely plausible.
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on November 30, 2012
At first I thought the author was doing a fairly good job of developing the characters. However about 2/3 of the way through it I just got bored. The connection between hero and heroine seemed tenuous to me and I did not really care who had done it or why which is to say the plot development was lacking. The family connections did nto seem to hold water and got too melodramtaic. I also found the religious conversion overtones very distracting.
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on February 15, 2016
Just recently reread this book. After reading some of Henderson's newest books I just felt the need to revisit old friends :)

I really love the beginning of this story when Kate and Dave first meet. Their interactions are so funny because they are each so opinionated.

I also really love the sibling love with all the O'Malley children. I love how they meet up for basketball, cookouts, coffee, and anything else any one of them needs. I also appreciate how the minute one of them meets someone that while they look at the relationship with deep scrutiny but once the person passes they bring them right into the fold.

Another of my favorite parts of almost all of Henderson's books is how she usually brings at least one character to Christ within the pages of her novel. I love how Kate began to read the New Testament her sister gave her and began to ask questions and figure out what it meant to become a Christian!

I can't wait to finish rereading the rest of the series
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on June 4, 2015
by Andrea Renee Cox

As a hostage negotiator, Kate O’Malley lives life on the edge. When she’s thrust into the center of an investigation in the aftermath of an explosion that killed over 200 people, she struggles to maintain her calm resolve. One of her siblings springs a dark secret on her and promptly declares she can’t yet share the news. Under all that pressure, will Kate uncover the truth before the bomber comes after her and the people she loves? Will she learn to trust God before it’s too late?

The O’Malley Chronicles is one of my favorite series of all time, and reading The Negotiator by Dee Henderson for the third (at least) time only served to further cement that. Suspense, action, drama, comedic moments… this book has it all. The characters are so rich and realistic they’re easy to relate to. And the adventures that find them! You won’t lose interest in these books.

What I really love about these stories is the principles woven into each one. At their core they’re all about finding God’s love in a personal way and then sharing Him with others. Beyond that, each book focuses on its own set of principles. The Negotiator worked with justice and mercy—and the balance that’s necessary for each to shine brightly.

I will never tire of this book or its companions. Have you given them a try yet?
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on February 13, 2015
I'm working my way through the O'Malley series for the sixth time. I've come back again and again over the years to visit these old friends. They revive my mind with honour, patriotism, love of God, love of others through public service, good conquering evil and, good old fashioned romance. There is danger, intrigue and Christian example of flawed but faithful servants.
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on November 12, 2012
I almost gave this three stars, but I'm going with two because I don't think I'm going to finish it. I'm about 2/3 the way through this story, and the negotiation scene was great, the dialogue is cute, but the hero and heroine have been in each other's company for seemingly EVER and they haven't even freaking kissed yet. And the hero has decided he can't marry somebody unless they believe in God/Jesus. And he talks to God in italics, pretty regularly now. First time I've seen this in a book, and honestly I can't stomach it.
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on October 13, 2014
This a good book with element of a suspense thriller with the romance of Harlequin with out any of the sex. It adds religious beliefs in such a way that is not proselytizing . It is the first in series but it stands alone.with other books but could also read as a family saga about a group of orphans that adopted each other and has each others backs. This one starts with what seems like a random hostage negotiation were are romantic Leeds meet. then while checking a securtity at oh hare there is a bomb threat with the word tell kate O'malley I have not forgotten the past followed by ..... I will let you read the book it is very good so why should I spoil it.
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