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on April 27, 2009
This is a great series. The current trend in Discovery/History Channel shows is ridiculous: some bombastic narrator is walking briskly down the street, blabbering away, as jump-cuts and overblown sound effects drown out the content. Or the other kind: shaky-camera, Blair-Witch-Project style, as usually idiotic people try to sound incredibly excited or scared of the material they are trying to tell viewers about, trying to jack up the mood and tension level, obscuring the source material, whether that source material is actually interesting or not. In both of these approaches, crazed sound effects, an altogether inappropriate level of false excitement and frequent commercial interruptions touting other, similar, series are all key ingredients.

The New Detectives is the opposite: a mellow narrator, moody yet very light musical score, and a focused, methodical development of the subject matter. Episodes go in depth, showing forensic methods used to solve actual crimes, many of which are well known cases. There is lots of science, and plenty of interviews with serious professionals. That being said, there is a mood and tone set here- and it is a creepy one, as this series deals mostly with terrible crimes. The music, narration, and some reenactments add to the atmosphere of quiet dread.

The steady pace and lack of grating sound effects and other nonsense fits the grim and frequently gruesome subject matter. This series is not for the squeamish or easily frightened, as it goes into pretty serious details of murders, serial killings, abductions, rapes, etc.

I love this series- the serious treatment of the subject, the mellow, yet still moody style, and the very in-depth documentation of real cases in which forensic science was employed to solve crimes, plus the great price point, make this an excellent DVD set.
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on February 27, 2011
I used to watch this show on the Discovery Channel all the time. I personally think it's the best forensic science/detective show ever on TV, even better than Forensic Files on Court TV (narrated by Peter Thomas). The New Detectives is narrated by the late Gene Galusha. His low key voice is perfect for the show. This show focuses on the techniques that are used by detectives and forensic scientists to solve murder cases. Crimes are reenacted. File footage is used occasionally. Interviews are conducted with detectives and forensic scientists. The acting is pretty good. The background music is pretty subtle and rather eerie.

If you're into solving mysteries and chasing down clues, then this show will give you your fix. Overall, a great show that I highly recommend. Not all nine seasons have been released on DVD yet, but any season will satisfy you.
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The New Dectectives is a tool that teaches a person about the ways that inspire law enforcement. Whether that means something new, like DNZ (touch DNA as well as the older styles of DNA testing), blood spatter, insects and their impacts, things on fire and other forces that can be manmade or "acts of god, or old cases that teach lessons to be applied, this utilizes them. It reminds me of being in Science Class and learning lessons from the labs there, only these labs are not about the ways that butterflies morph. These are about people and the things that horrifically apply to some human conditions, and the things that apprehend them.

Instead of feeling forced or made for a quick buck, these lessons have a quality to them. I personally like the way it is filmed and the way the episodes flow, giving it a quality that you normally wouldn't find. Even if you see it on TV you don't SEE it either, because TV bleeps out the horrific stuff. Here you have case files come on, and some of those are really gruesome illustrations that teach you what they want you to see. It doesn't pull punches - it truly tells a story of life and death.

I boughtt his and I thought it would be good. I learned it was better, much better, and said a lot. It shows the way that people falla nd the way that technology can catch people and find a way to bring them in, even if the file seems really out-of-ddate. Its worth having, worth seeing, and worth revisiting.

Thank you.
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on August 31, 2009
My favourite true crime and forensic tv shows are 'The Real CSI: The New Detectives', 'The FBI Files', and 'Arrest & Trial'.

The Real CSI is a hell of a lot less dramatized than 'The FBI Files', but ironically, the lack of dramatic acting, the narrator, the background music, and atmosphere actually make it a more hitting, stunning, and real. Most of the shows involve local police and sheriff's office, and very rarely the FBI. This seems to make the crimes feel more real and understandable in laymens terms.

I am now of the opinion that this is actually a superior program to all it's competitors. My idea of fun is to watch this late at night, lights dimmed or off, on a huge Philips LCD tv (42-52 inch), with a logitech z-5500 surround sound system, and scare the living crap out of myself. Forget horror movies, there is nothing more scary than real life, real stories, and the psychology between human beings hurting each other.

'Man is the cruelest animal'.
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on November 7, 2012
THE NEW DETECTIVES, as seen on The Discovery Channel, takes you into the real world of high-tech detection and crime solution, following the trail of clues along with renowned forensic experts and criminal investigators. These modern Sherlocks employ a variety of extraordinary techniques, using anthropology, physiology, chemistry, entomology, psychology and computer technology, to solve today's crimes.

This show is really great. If, like me, you enjoy watching shows like "Forensic Files", "48 Hours Mysteries", or "Dateline NBC", then you'll have a great time watching THE NEW DETECTIVES. The way each cases are presented, the narration, the people interviewed, everything is great about this show. I recommend this show to anybody having an interest from Criminology and Real life mysteries. :)

So this 4-disc set contains Season 1 and Season 2 ( 16 episodes ). Each episode is 50 minutes long.

Disc 1
- Soldier Stories: Forensic scientists solve the mystery of soldiers who went to war and never came back.
- Dead Men Do Talk: Profiles the work of world-renowned forensic experts and the procedures they use to solve murders and other mysteries in minutes or centuries after they happen.
- Deadly Chemistry: Investigators trace chemical poisoning.
- Mind Hunters: Bringing criminals to justice with psychological profiling.

Disc 2
- Camera Clues: How crime scene photos can provide valuable clues to investigators.
- Double Helix: An examination of DNA, one of forensic science's most valuable tools, can convict or exonerate suspects.
- Web of Clues: The arrival of insects at the time of death, and beyond, can provide precise identification of victims, and time and cause of death.
- Faces of Tragedy: Victims' faces are recreated in clay to solve forensic mysteries.

Disc 3
- Without a Trace: Forensic scientists use evidence at a crime scene to track and convict a suspect even though no body is found.
- Burning Evidence: Sifting through the ashes of crime scenes reveals valuable clues for investigators.
- Short Fuse: Fiery explosions leave surprising clues for forensics experts.
- Death Grip: Modern science has revolutionized the art of fingerprint identification, allowing near instantaneous results to FBI agents in the field.

Disc 4
- Signed in Blood: How handwriting analysis provides profiles valuable clues to a suspect's psychology, mood and motive.
- Witness to Terror: In the aftermath of an airplane crash, often the only witness is the Flight Data Recorder.
- Trial of the Century: How LAPD used forensics to bring O.J. Simpson to trial for murder.
- Deadly Target: The unique signature of ballistics gives investigators an edge on killers and their weapons.
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on June 11, 2009
This DVD set is well worth the money. I had seen some of the episodes on TV, but many I had not seen were on here. The episodes cover an array of events, from young to old, and how the crimes were solved. Don't miss out on this set!
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on July 27, 2012
This was a FANTASTIC series, but I wonder if it would be even better if released on Blu-ray. Not sure how it was shot..

I'd also like to get "The Medical Detectives" with the excellent Peter Thomas narrating . . . this also had some really, really harrowing true stories.
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on April 25, 2013
I have seen this series before, quite a few years ago. Love forensics. Bear in mind the cases are older, such as the 70's, and such, the picture quality is okay, not as good as I had hoped. The series is based on actual real cases, which I like. I don't care for CSI Miami, because not based on real cases, and I find it too predictable, and unrealistic. The acting on CSI is horrible in my opinion. If you want real facts on real cases, this is for you, and the newer technologies that are available. I like Forensic Files much more. My only issues is that this series is sort of drawn out, maybe I'm impatient. Also with taking the CD's out of the case, they don't go and snap back in place, so they may get scratched. The tabs to hold them in the case could have been made much better.
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on January 17, 2014
This package of cases are so informative, and precise. The DVD pictures, graphics are so clear, and the sound is perfecto! I give it 5 stars.
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on July 12, 2014
I love this disc set! The New Detectives is a really good show, and I'm very pleased with my purchase.
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