Customer Reviews: The New Food Processor Bible: 30th Anniversary Edition (Bible (Whitecap))
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on September 6, 2003
I love this book. I love just reading it. It inspires me to use my food processor. Not only are there excellent tips, but terrific recipes I would use daily. When purchasing this book, I wasn't sure if it would be a flop and I was pleasantly surprised. One reviewer referred to the quantity of Jewish recipes. First, I didn't feel this was true and second, our family all kinds of foods: Mexican, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Russian AND Jewish. I am sure they are referring to the passover section at the end. But a lot of these recipes look very good, I would give them a try. The majority of the recipes (and there are many) are cookies, cheesecake, biscuits, marinades, appetizers, dressings, soups, etc. All from various backgrounds, that I would serve to my family DAILY. A lot of common ingredients are used and some not-so-common (but not out this world either). I was more than happy this book and would recommend it to anyone with a food processor.

August 2007 Update:
I still use this book all the time and from it's dog-eared pages and coffee stains you can see it's a favorite on my kitchen counter. One of our favorites is the egg salad recipe. I love using my food processor and I feel it was a good investment. There are so many great recipes in here that have enabled me to learn to use my food processors in so many ways and adapt old favorites of my own. A family favorite I have adapted to food processor friendly is: Chicken Enchiladas - I chop the chicken and onions for the filling and the without even needing to rinse the bowl I process the creamy sauce which is sour cream and cream of chicken soup. This is a great recipe. You can look it up at the Campbell's soup site:)

Update January 2009:
Over the past several months we remodeled our home and included my 'dream kitchen' into the project. I had to pack everything from the main level of our house into boxes and move it all into the garage. During this 'move', sadly, my copy of this book was lost. I have searched and searched but have not run across it yet. This book was a staple in my kitchen and miss it terribly. Today I am ordering another copy. Again, I say, "Money well spent!"

Update: June 2009

Again my favorite cookbook didn't let me down. I was looking for a Pizza recipe to make with the kids and this cookbook had it all starting with the recipe for the crust! We were so pleased, and it turned out fabulous!
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on December 12, 2001
Owning a new cookbook by Norene Gillettz is as exciting to me, as a new computer is for my husband. I've known about the Processor Bible for several months and I was anxious to see how it was different from Norene's other books. While it is not in binder form, it stayed open when I started to read it. You don't need a magnifying glass to read the recipes. The printing is clear and well spaced. The ingredient list is printed in a different colour than the instruction part of the recipe. That's a good thing. This way you can see if you have the ingredients before you get started. To the left of the recipe, you will see how much it makes. Is it enough to feed all of us or should I double it? Yes, it says I can freeze it. Good thing. I have time today to make it and I will freeze it until I need it next week.
The best part of the book, you guessed it, is the recipes. I've made about a dozen of them and I got rave reviews from my critics. Norene makes me look good in the kitchen. If you want to feel the same way, add the Processor Bible to your cookbook library.
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on September 25, 2002
Nearly every kitchen today has a food processor (or should), but most people do not even begin to use this versatile and invaluable kitchen tool to its full potential. Norene Gilletz is about to change all that. Her new book, an encyclopedic reference on the food processor -- including over 500 recipes, will teach your old food processor how to do an impressive array of new tricks.
This book provides an indispensable guide to the modern kitchen. No longer will it take hours of tedious prep time to create fabulous dishes. In addition to the time saved with your food processor, Norene always includes and tips and notes with each recipe, letting the reader know what recipes or steps can be done ahead of time and what can be frozen and reheated later. She also covers food safety information, microwave cooking options, dairy-free options, and health conscious and vegetarian options to many recipes. There are even 130 recipes suitable for Passover (Norene is the leading author of Kosher cookbooks in Canada).
Recipe categories include: appetizers; soups, sauce and marinades; fish and dairy dishes; meat and poultry; vegetable and side dishes; super salads and dressings; yeast doughs, quick breads and muffins; cakes and frostings; desserts and tortes; chocolates, cookies and squares; pies and pastries; Passover recipes.
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on April 20, 2010
I'm not exactly sorry I bought this book. Some of the recipes are interesting and as someone new to food processors I've found helpful hints and information. But...first of all, I didn't realize this is a kosher cook book. So there are no recipes which use meat with dairy, no pork, no shellfish. That's OK because I have plenty of other cookbooks but it is seriously limiting. I noticed one of the recipes she calls for rice, but doesn't say if it's raw rice or cooked rice, and that's just from a quick glance through the recipes. Apparently this book is a new adaptation of an older cookbook written by the author. So she says that she adapted the recipes to be more nutritious and less fattening, but there is zero nutritional information! The parts where she explains how to use the processor are useful but I would expect a "bible" to be more complete. I learned more from the booklet which came with the processor, honestly. I don't think there's anything out there specific to food processors which is better, or I would have purchased something else. But I have to say I'm a little disappointed and think the book could be made much better with a few pictures, a little heavier on the processor "how-to" lessons and at least a calorie/fat/carb/protein count with the recipes.
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on November 3, 2006
I'm not a big cookbook fan, but I do have a bit of a shelfload of them in a kitchen cabinet and I use most of them. This is the one I use most. When I first got a food processor sometime during the Pleistocene Era I latched onto Ms Gilletz' book, a predecessor edition that was spiral-bound and which fell apart for overuse and the passage of the ages. For awhile during the dissolution I scanned recipes of hers that I used a lot into my computer, but after some time the book just disintegrated and eventually vanished. I was delighted to find this successor volume -- properly bound and containing many of the same recipes the original had. I highly recommend the barbecue sauce and the challah formula -- though she forgets the quasi-pagan ritual of tossing an olive-sized chunk of dough into the oven as it pre-heats to assuage the Lords of Carbohydrates. I recommend the book highly, and the food processor is optional.
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on September 5, 2005
Although I still have my original Cuisinart, and don't use it very much (although it is indispensable for some things), even *I* find this cookbook indispensable! The recipes are well-tested and unfailingly delicious ... I don't think you can go wrong with a Norene Gilletz recipe. And the directions are crystal clear, showing how to use your food processor in the best possible way.

One reviewer complained that there are too many Jewish recipes. Huh? I'm Christian, and the recipes are awesome for any palate. These are dishes you could proudly serve anyone and receive nothing but compliments ... You can't help but love them, and the directions virtually ensure success. Accordingly, while Kosher is obviously important to Jewish cooks, the recipes are appealing and delicious for any palate.

Although there are millions of cookbooks published each year, only a handful offer delectable, tried-and-true, well-tested recipes which are very clearly written and almost guarantee success. In addition, this wonderful book shows you how to get the most out of your food processor. It is a marvelous addition to any kitchen, and perfect for anyone who cooks. Highest possible recommendation!
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on May 10, 2002
The Food Processor Bible tells you 10 times more valuable information on how to use your food processor to the fullest than any other instructional books I've found. Once you've read this book you'll be a pro and all of your kitchen chores will be quick and easy. I thought I knew a lot, but I learned so much. The recipes are a delight, and they work. My favorite recipes so far are the Sesame Cheese Straws which are marvelous and the Sticky Chicky which extremely tasty and showy. I really love this book.
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on March 3, 2007
I just bought myself a food processor and thought it would be good to have a book to help me use it more. This book is awesome. I have only had it a few weeks but everything I've made has been excellent. The Crusty French Bread is THE BEST BREAD I have ever made. It took maybe two minutes of mixing and the rest of the time was waiting. It was so easy. I also tried the make-and-bake pizza. Again, maybe two minutes of mixing and the dough was ready to go and it was perfect.

What I love is the recipies use everyday ingredient, not fancy stuff and they are easy to read and easy to execute. I read the entire section on "Using your food processor" first. I have lots of cookbooks, but clearly this is one that will get referenced often.

If you are considering purchasing this book, don't hesitate, it is excellent.
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I splurged on a high end food processor many months ago and have been on a quest since then to expand my usage of it with the perfect cookbook. It's been quite the quest.

I discovered that food processors must have surfaced at a time when pickled foods were really hot and everyone was into things floating around in gelatin. I kid you not, the food processor cookbooks I looked through were like a menu for a 1960s or 1970s party and I wasn't sure why. I want a cookbook that's full of things I can use my food processor to create that will result in my family or guests requesting the recipe. And not just one or two recipes pulled out of the book. Not much to ask, right? Odd that it took me so long to find it. And I shopped hard.

But this is truly a NEW, MODERN cookbook for today's food processors, the power behind 'em, and at a whopping almost 500 pages, it really is a "food processor bible".

Whether you've had your food processor since the day they were invented or you just purchased a 14-cup stainless modern processor with a commercial induction are good to go here and will be busy every day of the year cooking with it, should you so choose.

Divided into the following sections:

Using Your Food Processor
Soups, Salads, and Marinades
Fish and Dairy Dishes
Meat and Poultry
Vegetables and Side Dishes
Super Salads and Dressings
Yeast Doughs, Quick Breads and Muffins
Cakes and Frostings
Desserts and Tortes
Chocolates, Cookies, and Squares
Pies and Pastries
Passover (an unusual section to add but understandable since the author is a freelance food writer, food consultant, cooking teacher and also an author of KOSHER cookbooks. Although these foods weren't ones familiar to me within this section, I gotta admit the few I tried were GOOD. Learn something new....)

My food processor is now whipping up some meals and saving me time doing it...I've created homemade pasta dough, some excellent dressings (try "Marty's Garlic Cheese Dressing" and "Green Goddess Salad Dressing or Dip"), Dreamy Creamy Chocolate Cheesecake, bagels, Onion Cheese Quiche, Quick Potato Soup, Honey Garlic Sparerib Sauce, Homemade White Bread, Chinese Chicken Dinner-In-A-Dish, Cheese Cannelloni, Mushroom Almond Chicken Stir-Fry, and Cinnamon Buns so far with perfect results. If you don't eat meat, these are all easy to adapt with substitutions.

The instructions are easy to follow and there are even suggestions for makings the recipes lighter if desired.

Negatives: Because a product is rarely perfect, I try to give the full picture with negatives as well. But this is really a great and extensive cookbook. I know some people love photos in their cookbooks...While it should be noted that there aren't any, it should also be noted that the book contains so many recipes that it probably wouldn't fit in my cookbook holder if it did due to the already large size...personally, I'd rather have the recipes. That's just me.

Conclusion: There are a wide varitey of dishes in here, no matter what your mood...there are just as many "All-American, family pleasin', and even kid friendly" dishes that everyone is bound to love as their are more exotic dishes. A huge cookbook, this is chock full of recipes so you'll find an enormous collection of new things to use with your food processor...from main dishes, to soups and appetizers, to salads, to desserts, to breads...if you can make it in your processor it's probably in here. And you'll create them faster and easier, just as the food processor was meant to do.
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on June 24, 2003
Norene's latest book is a wonderful resource for using your food processor and has great recipes, useful tips and information, especially how to prep, whether your can freeze it or not, and her section on Passover. Read this book and you will be friends with your food processor.
The appetizers, desserts and Passover sections are my favorites. Please try the Hot Cheese Cake (page 129) as a main dish for brunch. It'll be a hit. Also the Chocolate Matzo Bark (page 446).
I've been referring to Norene's cookbooks for years. As a university student, my culinary reptertoire came mostly from her Pleasures of Your Food Processor and Second Helpings Please. This new and updated food processor book has provided me with updated information and new and useful recipes.
You don't need to be a kosher household to love this book! It's vital to any cook.
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