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on June 22, 2010
David's book integrates what he has learned as a corporate marketing strategist, and now teaches as a business speaker and seminar leader, into a practioner's guide for Marketing and PR in today's dynamic and competitive business conditions.

He emphasizes that while the most advanced technology cannot replace a fundamental and sound marketing plan and execution, the new age of web and wireless communication demands that marketing and PR people know and understand the latest tools and techniques.

The new rules of Marketing and PR, David points out, are especially beneficial for small businesses and organization, in that marketing staffs can now more easily select, focus, and reach their target markets in a more cost effective manner. Traditional mass media marketing and public relations activities have given way to a more advanced electronic and information technology based methods.

Throughout David's book, he introduces and explains by real case scenarios how the new marketing and PR tools can most effectively be used. Examples of the new techniques are detailed throughout his book and include:

* Social media
* Blogs
* Video/Audio Enhancements
* Podcasts
* Online PR & News Releases
* Internet & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

David continually recommends and reinforces his central theme of leveraging online media and use of current technology to successfully achieve your marketing objectives--here are some examples:

Social Media & Target Marketing
Through social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia) and blogging, one can reach target markets and drive them via links to your website. People and see and share content and ideas, plus make recommendations to others on specific products and services.

Video & Audio Content
Advancements in video technology, especially small, powerful, and inexpensive video cameras, allow a marketing/PR person to be their own videographer and greatly enhance the content and features on a website. Target market customers can see and hear the best attributes and amenities of places they want to visit as they conduct their decision making process.

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
This highly significant and powerful tool drives target customers to your website. Through ensuring and words and phrases on your website, blog, or other web links can be found by search engines, which brings already interested customers to your website and to your sales and marketing staff to be contacted, qualified, and potentially closed for a sale. Search engine advertising is another tool by which a marketer purchases words and phrases that appear prominently on a pay-per-click basis, whenever customers click the link to your website.

I'm a little rusty on how to use social media in my marketing efforts as Vacation Rental Manager for the Village of Nashaquisset on Nantucket; I am confident David's recommendations will help immensely.
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on December 31, 2009
This book is exceptional. It will not only tell you how to use new marketing and PR techniques to get noticed, it will help you understand how to apply what you learn and provide examples along the way. It was provided to me by the college I enrolled in for my very first course, Introduction to Internet Marketing. It set the tone for the next 24 months of my education, and did a great job in doing that. I have been involved in Internet Marketing for ten years, yet I learned a lot I didn't know!

This is a necessary book for EVERY entrepreneur, business of any size, and even job seekers! Reach your customers (or your future employer) and know how to speak to them, engage them and convert them!

Make sure it's at the top of your reading list for 2010!
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on March 3, 2011
If you don't know what social media is, blogs, podcasts etc.... Well, you should probably just google it. This book is so painfully outdated, I am sad for my 10 dollar loss for the kindle edition, and the time I wasted. Really if the author wants to write the "New Rules", he should write them every year or so. Or put a disclaimer on the book.

I agree with another reviewer ... What is this 1999. I honestly did not find one single useful tip; although I admit, I couldn't get past the half-way mark without cutting my losses.

He seems like a really smart guy, I am sure his ideas were cutting edge. But not anymore.
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on January 3, 2011
I can't speak in general terms about how effective this book can be - I can only speak about what has happened in my company. I started a technology consulting company in the Philippines early in 2009. My background is computer programming and software architecture - marketing was like a foreign language to me! After a few months into the business, I had some very talented Filipino computer programmers ready to take on client projects. The only problem was... we had no clients!

I remember listening to the audio version of this book over and over and over again while I was in the Philippines contemplating how I can continue to support my business without income. I would listen to the book everywhere I went. When the audio book ended, I would start from the beginning and listen to it all over again. I also had the people in my marketing staff listen to it. We would then have meetings about what we learned from the book. We had a slogan that we keep saying whenever we were stuck. We asked, "What would David Meerman Scott do?" I'm not joking. We really did that.

There were no results for the first few months, and I actually started to lose faith in the author's ideas. However, I kept my faith in the book's numerous suggestions, and our team continued to work hard to implement them. We created educational YouTube videos, a website full of substantial content, submitted online articles, and so on, as the author suggested.

I'm delighted to say that after about five months of implementing the ideas in this book, clients started contacting us instead of us trying to chase them. Now my biggest problem is trying to politely say no to some potential clients because we can only handle so much as we grow at a healthy pace. As a business, that's a wonderful problem to have!

I'm not kidding when I say that I would actually love to buy a big poster of this author, so I can hang it up and feel grateful every time I see it, the same way the North Koreans pay homage to their leader Kim Jung Il! Well, maybe not to that extent, but my gratefulness towards this author is definitely of significant proportion.

Although I have listened to the 1st edition of this book more than a injured jockey would beat his dead horse, I just had to buy the 2nd edition to find out what new ideas the author might bring forth. I am listening to it now!

David Meerman Scott, I just want to express my deepest thanks for the wisdom you have shared with me by writing this book. I seriously believe I would have gone out of business and be severely broke had I not discovered this book. Words are insufficient to express the depth of my gratitude. Thank you, and please continue doing your good work... and please tell me where I can buy a life-size poster of you!
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on January 10, 2010
The book is a good read. The 2nd edition has been completely revised and updated compared to the previous version.

Apparently, we all know the reason why David Meerman Scott started to write this book in the first place. In the digital market, the "New Rules" indicate a paradigm shift as far as marketing & PR is concerned. As mentioned by David himself, in the past before the Web came along, there were only three ways to get noticed: buy expensive advertising, beg the mainstream media to tell your story for you, or hire a huge sales staff to bug people.

So what has changed? David went on to use himself as an example. The process of promoting his new book is exactly like a live demo illustrating how David lives up to the "New Rules" depicted in his book. He did not spend a buck buying the ads and promoting his book through PR agencies. Instead, he sent out hundreds of free copies in advance to other influential bloggers in exchange for their reviews. This kind of practice is commonplace in today's world because of the "long tail" phenomenon, which says our marketplace has been dramatically democratized and everybody now can be a reporter and publisher.

David's book can be organized into three parts

I. A rigorous overview of how the Web has changed the rules of marketing and PR

II. Details about each of the various media

III. Detailed "how-to" information and an action plan to help you put the new rules to work for your organization

Essentially, the message in the book is plainly simple and easy to understand: cut off all the inefficient layers in between you and your buyers so you can reach them directly. But I would suggest you treat the "New Rules" as a how-to book and implement ideas introduced by the author. In addition, I particularly enjoy the following aspects covered in the book, including topics such as social media, video/audio podcasts, news releases, blogs, search engine marketing, etc.

This review is part of a blog post I wrote on WebStudio13. If you like it, please leave a comment on my blog [...]
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on January 4, 2010
This book is great and I think it should be required reading for every outbound-facing person, not just marketing, but sales, bus dev, product management, and senior executives.
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on January 10, 2010
There are few people so qualified to write about how companies can tap the online medium to reach prospects and win them over. David is an authority on this subject, and he has a unique grasp of the Brave New World of marketing and public relations in the world of social media and "conversational" mediums. His new edition does more than update people on changes since his first... it includes new tips, examples, and sage advice. A brand, agency or PR firm should make this mandatory reading, as it's a must-have handbook for not just large corporations but even entrepreneurs that are overwhelmed by Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and blogs... but know they need to harness these tools to educate, promote and engage with customers and prospects.
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on June 7, 2010
I say that this was probably the single best book I've ever purchased for several reasons. First, I found it in a book store by accident really. I'd been doing some consulting work in PR and had been asked to explore "social media." I'd joined Facebook and Twitter. I enjoyed the former but really just didn't get the latter. But I'd also seen "Julie and Julia," and I was intrigued by the power of blogs ... yet I'd never spent any time at all reading one. I also started looking for a new job and found that most every job I was applying for required some active knowledge of ways to use social media. These cyber-curiosities were now part of my daily reality, and I thought I better do what I could to learn more.

I found Scott's writing to be just as he describes good Web content should be--easy to understand and concise. Talk about your page-turner! I recommend that anyone reading this book make sure you have a note pad and pen handy because, if you have any interest at all in starting your own business (or, in my case, a non-profit), you will find yourself endlessly inspired with how to harness the Web to promote your business or services as never before. It's full of examples of ways other businesses have used blogs, Web content and social media to their advantage.

As a PR professional who graduated at a time prior to the Internet Age, I'm embarrassed that it took me this long to seek out a book like this to further my education. I've recommended it to everyone I know who is looking for a job or running a company. It is truly a fascinating read!
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on May 30, 2011
I consider myself web savvy. There were really only few things David Meerman Scott mentioned in this book that I had to look up. It's not the tools he tells you to use than give this book its value, it's how he tells us to use them.

Now, I've seen complaints about this book being "dumbed down" because it is written like a blog. I think that's ridiculous. People reading this book need to see it written like a blog because that is how to put these ideas into practice. Further, I kept stopping because I had to run to my computer and implement ideas it gave me (whether directly or indirectly). The blog format was perfect for letting me put it down and come back to it.

David Meerman Scott is right. Nobody wants ads shouted at them on the internet. We go there to hunt and find entertainment and ideas and to share them at our own speed. I don't want to be interrupted by ads. It delays me from getting to the content I really want. This book tells you exactly how to create the content your buyer wants, instead of just delaying them from it.

This is a great read and it's already going in to practice in my business. I've already ordered his book about Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead.
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VINE VOICEon April 24, 2011
This book was one of a kind when it first came out but now it is just an overview of what has been happening for some time and as such seems very out of date. Still, if you are new to the topic of marketing online, it gives you a 40,000 foot view.

If you want clear how-to guides, to get you started on the Internet try some of the more up to date information coming out on the Kindle. The top Kindle authors are often really in the weeds when it comes to Internet marketing, and can tell you how to get started quickly, without wasting a lot of time. Time is certainly money in terms of the new marketing, so more than likely save time and money on this book unless you are looking for more of a history lesson than hands-on, practical advice.
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