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on June 23, 2012
With the boxed set entitled "The Ninja-Thon Collection" - Switchblade DVD authoring has provided a (reasonably priced!) nice little 3 pak of female ninja themed tales - each on its' own separate disc! Martial Arts purists may be a little disappointed in the `martial action' aspects of these 3 flix, but fans of naked Japanese girlz hamming it up in Ninja-gear will doubtless find their wishes fulfilled! The `action' in all of these little `kunoichi' offerings is definitely skewed to the erotic side and features lots of interesting little `kinks' to lift the ero-elements above the mundane.

Although there are some thematic similarities in all 3 movies, there is no interconnection of the plots - each story and the characters portrayed are unique in themselves.

"Ninja She-Devil" provides the most pulchritudinous of the Ninja-ettes in actress Yuma Asami. As `kunoichi-philes' know - ninja maidens possess certain `sex powers' that often give them an edge over their opponents - this film's heroine has a particularly bizarre one: the `transport power" which allows her to `carry the seed' of a man for up to 7 days and transmit it to another woman! Esoteric as this `power' may be it becomes the focal plot point for this film as the female ninja is conscripted to carry the `seed' of a dying warlord to his distant mistress so that they can produce an heir. Needless to say, her `trip' isn't smooth! This flik has the `softest' of the erotic scenes - mostly built around the `transmission' and `delivery' of `the seed'!

"I Was A Teenage Ninja" has more `mystical/magical' elements within its' contents and the most complex of the plot-lines. The super cute teen ninja (Saki Ninomiya) has a mysterious `Christian' background that plagues her with guilty feelings as she carries out numerous kills at her `master's' bidding - until one of her designated victims presents a startling revelation about her past. The sex gets a little wilder in this film with more of an emphasis on girl/girl encounters.

"Ninjaken: The Naked Sword" rounds out the trio and it is the kinkiest of the batch in both plot and ero-action. While on a mission to dispatch a rival war-lord, kunoichi `Asa' is wounded and ends up in a Buddhist convent to recuperate. Unfortunately for her though, it turns our that the `convent' is actually a `front' for a female slavery ring and our poor ninjette is subjected to rigorous erotic `conditioning' in order to make her appealing for a slave auction. Throughout this flik our heroine (played by perky Kaede Matsushima) finds herself in bondage a lot - being groped by the bad guys - until she `plays her aces' in the final reel!

All of these `movies' are shot direct-to -video affairs with a typically short runtime of about 75 min each. The cinematography is pretty decent and the productions values are `sparse' but OK for the quality of the general product - which is decidedly sex-ploitational. That said - the primary selling features of this set are the generous doses of nudity and sex scenes portrayed, and in that department all 3 deliver pretty nicely! While not total `knock-outs' - all of the actresses featured in the films are plenty attractive and spend more time out of their ninja-suits than in them. The sex scenes are (of course) all relatively soft-core simulated with no `full nudity' but also no annoying fogging' block-outs. I found that the 235 odd minutes required to sit thru them all whizzed by fairly effortlessly. I'd likely even give them all more than a single viewing - light weight fare but worth a look if U R into this particular sub-genre of Asian cinemarotica..
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on September 21, 2012
Nudity is galore here. Asian women are hot and thats why I purchased this. I was not dissapointed. Neither will you. The movies have good storylines and good fight scenes. But you see a lot of female nudity here. SO dont buy this is nudity offends you. All the movies are worth checking out for this one low price.
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on October 15, 2013
Many films these days are being a bit for "tasteful" about using nudity in movies. Although like any "B" movie, there is going to be some nudity or adult situations. Especially films from foreign countries, that tell a story from "their" style of films.

This DVD set is about 3 different stories of 3 different girls who are trying to battle evil. Each story involves a beautiful girl who is either loving a man or gets herself captured and becomes a slave to their lustful ways. All 3 DVD's are of a "B" movie nature and are just teasers when it comes to the sex scenes. No real sex is shown as well as no form of physical sexual penetration can be seen. The fight scenes are a bit obvious that it was not too well managed. The story and script are not the most enjoyable, but it does tell a story nonetheless. It was also obvious that they tried to use a location which didn't disturb the public, as they always seem to be outside in remote locations which there was little to no public disturbance in the way of the filming. The quality of the film is not too bad, but I can tell they used a very low budget camera, although they did seem to use a very good microphone to record the sounds very well. If you are looking for movies with a good story or good fight scenes, this is "not" the movie for you. As mentioned, this is a "teaser" movie set (Teaser = movies that would encourage you to buy because there's naked women) If you don't mind bad script, poor fight scenes, "B" movie style in general, then go for it, for that is what this is. This DVD set is definitely for adults only.
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on May 15, 2016
Each of the three films starts out the same with a definition and entomology of a Kunoichi, or female Ninja, going back to China. The three films are soft core films and have very little to do with actual Ninja fighting. The first film, "Ninja She-Devil," I found to be the most erotic and you might opt to watch it last for whatever reason. They movies are not connected and can be watched in any order, the older of the films being the third in the set.

The duty of the Ninja is to be captured and groped

On three separate discs.
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on March 18, 2016
I like B films, I like cheap Asian films. I joined the service in the early 70s and became addicted to Martial Arts films, and all kinds of Japanese films, from high quality Kurosawa, to anime, to the lowest soft core. I like it all.
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on April 2, 2014
This was a disappointing collection of neither good action sequences nor plots. The sexploitation was merely titular and seemed to be used as a distraction for the other two deficient features.
The only attraction was the female characters, but one may just as well be watching a girls pajama party.
So, if you just want to see some young Japanese female nudity then this may suffice.
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on September 20, 2013
The review that I read that said this DVD contains loads of nudity is correct. The movies on this DVD may have been a little hard to follow but the nudity made up for that.
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on June 19, 2013
Somehow the Ninjas did not look very fierce, but that didn't really matter. Beautiful Asian girls provided some escapist entertainment for an evening.
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on July 14, 2015
Cute girls (cute is very 'in' in Japan), shiny swords - that's about it. Plot (hmm, must've missed it). Acting, uh, did I mention cute girls?
A fun collection of girly-ninja flics, but not worth the bother if you're looking for serious film making, strong acting, or even really convincing fight scenes and proper samurai/ninja film gore effects.
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on December 20, 2012
These 3 films are about female ninjas who are scantly clad and use sex magic. If you are easily offended by sex scenes DO NOT WATCH THESE.
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