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on May 6, 2005
The O.C. Season 2 is just as good as the first season. I like the fact that the show is not just about kids in high school, but also their parents and family and how they all interact. The cast is really good and believable enough to either make you love them or hate them. The show is very emotional at times and it is very addicting. I think what scared me away before I ever saw an episode was that I figured The O.C. was just another show about rich kids in California like Beverly Hills 90210 and/or Melrose place. The show is so much more than those other shows and has just the right amount of drama mixed in with just the right amount of heart. I highly recommend The O.C. for anyone who likes must see TV. This Complete Second season of The O.C. will be released on August 23rd, 2005 just in time for the premiere of season 3 in the Fall. This 7-DVD set will contain all 24 episodes from the second season, and a disc full of bonus material, too. The great news is that unlike season 1 season 2 will be in Widescreen. There will be an English Dolby Surround audio track, along with English, French and Spanish subtitles.

Here's a list of the bonus material you'll find on this:

The Wet and Wilde Kisses - outtakes from the "Rainy Day Women" episode

Beachy Couture: How O.C. Fashion Is Made

The O.C.: Obsessed Completely Retrospective TV Special

Gag and Goofs from Seasons 1 and 2

Extended cut of "The Rainy Day Women"

Commentary on "The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't" and "The Rainy Day Women" by Cast and Crew
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on May 27, 2005
The second brilliant season of "The OC" is true to form and typically blends halarious comedy with its at times controversal drama. Though perhaps not as consistant as its first flawless season, "Season Two" is nevertheless a compelling watch.

Picking up where we left out awesome foursome: Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) is back in his hometown of Chino; Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) has been blackmailed into living with her mother, for whome she has much hatred; Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), distraught and lost after his best friend's departure, has run away to Portland; leaving his girlfriend Summer ROberts (Rachel Bilson) behind in Newport.

Following the resolutions of these situations, come many more situations! These include: A long lost relative of the Cohens, a lesbian relationship, an ex-con coming to stay, a drug overdose, a near-rape, a divorce, a death and a shooting! Enough? 'Course not! I've merely skimmed the surface!

This season, perhaps a bit more than "Season One" takes note on some very prominant issues in teenagers' lives. Issues including, homosexuality, rape violence are explored. I love that "The OC" goes into these relavant issues, as the majority of viewers are teenagers whome must face them in real life.

Having said that, I also like how "The OC" always manages to have that comical edge to it. The screenplay, by Josh Schwartz, is full of more fantastic one-liners and wonderfully funny scenes, bringing out that "OC" style of never taking itself TOO seriously!

Finally, the music as per usual, is fantastic. This is particularly thanks to the addition of "The Bait Shop," a regular hang-out spot for the gang where bands perform live. It adds that extra "OC-ish" element to the show. The music definately has more of a prominant role in bringing out emotion and other moods to their full.

And without giving too much away the finale of this 24-episode is, in my opinion, is the best "OC" episode ever made. THe ending left me utterly paralysed and craving for the third season!

I thouroughly enjoyed this second season. My only criticism would maybe be that it started out a little dull, by it regained itself and finaled to a truly stunning finish! Through its great script-writing to the contagious music, "The OC" will be around for a little while yet!
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on May 14, 2005
The O.C. : The Complete Second Season is one DVD Box Set That you must add to your DVD Collection. The DVD has twenty four episodes, plus one full disc of special features. Here is what you will find on this DVD.

Disc One:

Eps. 201 - The Distance - Season Premiere. Features Seth in Portland living with Luke and Ryan living in Chino with Theresa. 3/5

Eps. 202 - The Way We Were - Seth and Ryan start the first day of school with Marissa with her new boyfriend D.J. (Nicholas Gonzalez) and Summer with her new boyfriend Zach (Michael Cassidy). It is also the time of the kickoff carnival and Seth decides to start a comic book club where Zach joins. Hailey leaves the O.C. to go to Japan. Last appearance of Amanda Righetti. 4/5

Eps. 203 - The New Kids On The Block - Seth needs a job and goes to the Bait Shop where he meets Alex (Olivia Wilde). Ryan also meets his new lab partner Lindsay (Shannon Lucio). Seth still tries to do whatever he can to win Summer's heart. 3.5/5

Eps. 204 - The New Era - Seth and Ryan go double dating when Ryan takes Alex out on a date and Seth takes Lindsay out. In the end, it is something that everybody expected. The Killers perform on this episode. Best Episode on Disc 1. 4/5

Disc Two:

Eps. 205 - The SnO.C. - It is the annual SnO.C. winter dance where Seth asks Alex to the dance and Ryan asks Lindsay to the dance. Both of them say no. Later, Marissa asks Ryan if he wants to go and says yes. Then, it is all good in the end of this episode. 3.5/5

Eps. 206 - The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't - The biggest secret in Newport is revealed. Seth wants to make this year the biggest Chrismukkah ever, except it turns out to be one of the worst ones ever. In the end, the family celebrate a good ending. 4/5

Eps. 207 - The Family Ties - Lindsay is trying to accept that the Cohen's are her family. Seth tries to be a bad boy just like Ryan to impress Alex. Jimmy leaves the O.C. and leaves everyone confused. Last appearance of the original cast member Tate Donovan. 4/5

Eps. 208 - The Power Of Love - Sandy grounds Seth and Ryan from leaving the house. Kirsten finds out about Ryan and Lindsay. It is Kirsten and Sandy's 20th Anniversary and Sandy forgets about it. Julie gives D.J. a lot of money, but so that he can leave Marissa. Last appearance of Nicholas Gonzalez. Best Episode On Disc 2. 4/5

Disc Three:

Eps. 209 - The Ex-Factor - Seth feels shocked and left out when he finds out that Alex's ex is in town. He is also more shocked when he finds out who it is. Lindsay, Summer, and Marissa have a girl's night out. While, Zach, Seth and Ryan have a guy's night in. And Julie tries to make a magazine about Newport Beach. Best Episode On Disc 3. 3.5/5

Eps. 210 - The Accomplice - Seth decides to break up with Alex and start writing his own comic book. Lindsay wants to actually meet Caleb and see what kind of person he is. An old teacher asks Sandy for help to find his daughter. Marissa and Alex go to Los Angeles to find something from an ex. 3/5

Eps. 211 - The Second Chance - Seth and Summer spend some time working with the comic book. Lindsay and Ryan try to have dinner again, this time with Kirsten there. Marissa and Alex's relationship gets more intense and it could become the big thing. 3/5

Eps. 212 - The Lonely Hearts Club - It is Valentine's Day in The O.C. Seth, Zach and Summer go to San Diego to hope that their comic book will be a success. Instead, Seth has a major breakdown. Ryan tries to go and talk to Caleb so that he can have Valentine's Day with Lindsay. Sandy and Kirsten's conflict about Rebecca continues. Marissa and Alex decide to kiss for the first time. 3.5/5

Disc Four:

Eps. 213 - The Test - Seth still tries whatever possible to win Summer back. Alex wants Marissa to meet her friends for the first time. Kirsten questions Rebecca about her and Sandy's relationship. Also, Caleb offers Lindsay to be a part of the family, but won't without a paternity test. 3/5

Eps. 214 - The Rainy Day Women - It is raining in The O.C. and many things are going on. Lindsay decides to leave for Chicago after finding out that she is Caleb's daughter and Ryan is shocked. Seth still tries to win Summer back and finally gets what he wants. Marissa decides to move in with Alex. Rebecca runs away and Sandy goes home to Kirsten. Last appearances of Kim Delaney and Shannon Lucio. Best Episode on Disc 4. 5/5

Eps. 215 - The Mallpisode - Seth and Summer are back together. The two decide to take a bummed Ryan and a home alone Marissa to the mall where they get stuck in the mall. Caleb is confused about Lindsay's leaving. Julie works about Newport Living and finds an old past. An episode you don't wanna miss. 4/5

Eps. 216 - The Blaze Of Glory - It is the annual bonfire at the O.C. Alex is curious about all the time that Marissa is spending with Ryan. Seth is trying to bring back the good times of last year with Summer, Marissa and Ryan. Julie asks Sandy for help about he blackmailing problems. And Kirsten wants Carter to stay on the magazine. Last Appearance of Olivia Wilde. 4/5

Disc Five:

Eps. 217 - The Brothers Grim - Ryan's older brother Trey (Logan Marshall Green) is released from prison and moves in with the Cohens. Although, Ryan thinks that he will be his normal self. Zach returns from Italy and Summer doesn't know what to think since she got back with Seth. Julie talks to Caleb about her movie that she made when she was younger and tries to make a deal. 4/5

Eps. 218 - The Risky Business - Sandy decides to work the O.C. Auction Sale where Trey steals something valuable to the Sale. Ryan and Seth work to get the item back. Carter reinvigorates Seth and Zach's comic book dream, and makes Summer annoyed. Marissa lives with the Cohen's for a while since Julie and Caleb are gone for a trip. Best Episode on Disc 5. 5/5

Eps. 219 - The Rager - It's Trey's twenty first birthday and Marissa decidest to throw a little birthday party which turns out to be a "rager". Seth is left in hot water by both Summer and Zach, but why? Sandy wants to make a friendship with Carter. And, Julie shares a night out with her old friend. First Appearance of Nikki Griffin as Jess. 4/5

Eps. 220 - The O.C. Confidential - Sandy, Seth, and Ryan make a plan to try and get Trey from going to jail after he told the cops that the drugs were his at the birthday party. Kirsten and Carter take a trip to the wine brewery. Seth again is in hot water because of Summer and Zach. Caleb returns home and questions his marriage with Julie. 3.5/5

Disc Six:

Eps. 221 - The Return of the Nana - For the first time, The O.C. hits Miami. Sandy, Seth and Ryan decide to go and hit Miami to see the Nana where she is getting married. Kirsten is shocked when Carter says he is leaving the magazine. Trey tries to make his friendship with Marissa go further and attempts to rape Marissa. And, Zach makes a home cooked meal for Summer where she goes and kisses him when seeing Seth licking whipped cream off of a girl. Last appearance of Bill Campbell. 3/5

Eps. 222 - The Showdown - Seth and Zach both declare Summer and turn into rivals. Marissa is still trying to get away from Trey after he almost rapes her and Ryan is curious about what is wrong with her. Sandy confronts Kirsten about her drinking problem. Caleb gives Julie the divorce papers and call a divorce. Kirsten has a terrible ending when she gets hit by a truck. 4.5/5

Eps. 223 - The O.Sea - It is Prom Night in the O.C. and Seth and Zach both want to take Summer to the prom. Ryan decides to go to Chino to see what is wrong. When he is there, he meets an old friend (Theresa - Navi Rawat). Marissa wants to go to the prom with Ryan, but Ryan is gone. So, she is lonely. Kirsten gets released from the hospital and Caleb and Sandy try to help her with her problem. Julie wants to spend one more night with Caleb and turns out into the biggest shocker possible when Caleb dies. Final appearance of the original cast member Alan Dale. 4/5

Eps. 224 - The Dearly Beloved - The Second Season Finale of the O.C. Kirsten tries to deal with the loss of her father. Jimmy Cooper (Tate Donovan) and Hailey Nichol (Amanda Righetti) make special appearances to check on the family. Sandy must make a life changing decision to save his and Kirsten's marriage. Seth, Summer, Marissa and Ryan get caught in a crossfire and turns out to bad results at the Bait Shop and Trey is having problems with the people of O.C. (including Ryan, Marissa, etc.). Best episode on Disc 6. 5/5

Disc Seven:

These might not be all the special features and might not be on the right disc, but here they are. Special Features include:

- The Wet and Wilde Kisses - outtakes from the "Raindy Day Women" episode

- Beachy Couture: How O.C. Fashion Is Made

- The O.C.: Obessed Completely Retrospective TV Special

- Gags and Goofs From Season 1 and 2

- Extended Cut of "The Rainy Day Women"

- Commentary on "The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't" and "The Rainy Day Women" by cast and crew

This is so far what I know about the special features on The O.C.: The Complete Second Season. This DVD is a must get to anyone that is a huge fan of The O.C. The DVD comes out August 23rd, 2005. So, make sure you pre-order your copy or wait on August 23rd, 2005.
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VINE VOICEon June 27, 2005
I know a lot of people out there these days buy television shows on DVD in order to watch them at their leisure - and commercial-free, so for those of you planning to pick up season 2 of the OC here is a quick recap of what to expect.

The season opener commences a few months after the finale from season 1 - with Ryan living in Chino with pregnant Teresa and Seth living 'abroad' after his impromptu sailing expedition. Back home things are on the messy side...Kirsten is depressed, Sandy is frustrated, and Summer and Marissa still aren't over their missing boys, at least not entirely.

As you might have guessed, the OC wouldn't exist without Seth & Ryan and yes they do return...but that doesn't mean everything is rosy. A crop of new characters enter and exit the OC social scene throughout the season, which is no longer marked by extravagant parties and constant fist fights.

Most of the turmoil from this season comes from ever-changing relationships between ALL of the characters, including the adult leads. Trysts, affairs, triangles, experimenting, questionable behaviour, fights, frustrations and secret (and not-so secret) crushes dominate this much more intricate season - and yet there are still many more questions to be answered in the coming season.

Some of the new characters include teenagers Zach, Lindsay, and Alex, as well as adults Rebecca, Carter, Lance, and Reed, and the return of Ryan's older brother, Trey. A few highlights of the season include the "The SnO.C.", "The Chrismakkah That Almost Wasn't", "The Power of Love", "The Rainy Day Women", and the last three or four episodes.

Altogether this is a strong season of the OC when looked back on, but it's missing a lot of one element that really propelled the show forward in it's first season - fun. The stand-alone "fun" episodes seem out of place and unrealistic, and many of the storylines are much heavier and more depressing then what occured in the first season. Still if you've watched the first season of the oc there is no doubt you will be clamoring to watch the second - so don't pass it up, it's still a great show overall. Amusingly even Seth comments on how "last year was so much better" in the episode "The Blaze of Glory". True that - but the OC still thrills viewers and produces laughs, and I personally am looking forward to a new season.
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on November 6, 2005
Let me start by saying that I have no life. I am almost 30 years old and on Thursday nights I can't wait to sit down and watch as the lives of Ryan, Seth, Marissa, Summer, Julie, Sandy, Kirsten and the rest of the Newport elite unfold before my eyes. Maybe I am drawn to the show so that I can live vicariously through other people, but it doesn't matter. This is a show I don't miss.

And even though I don't miss it, I found this DVD set to be fantastic, a welcome addition to a collection that is both eclectic and growing.

Of course I never expected The O.C. to be as strong in the second season as it was in the first. After exploding on to the scene in its first season, there was sure to be a letdown and there was, but that doesn't change the fact that this is still an enjoyable television show with some great characters, solid writing and some good acting.

The season opens where the first season left off (naturally) with Seth in Portland with Luke and his dad after sailing away in the season one finale. Ryan is back in Chino, living with Theresa, who is pregnant with their baby. Kirsten is knocked out by the departure of her two kids and has turned to the bottle a little more than normal. Sandy copes with her and the ongoing construction in the Cohen household. Marissa, with Ryan departing for Chino, has also hit the bottle and has been forced to live with her mother (Julie) and step-father (Caleb). Her father (Jimmy) is taking it easy on a boat with Kirsten's sister Hailey (Guest star Amanda Righetti) and Summer is still reeling from the departure of Seth and is trying to rid herself of anything pertaining to him.

Okay, now that we're caught up on where everyone is, it is time to talk about where everyone goes and in Season Two, some people certainly went places.

Early on, Hailey took a job in Japan, jilting Jimmy, (Tate Donovan) who in a moment of desperation, proposes to her. Of course the Japan job was just a way to right Righetti out of the show so she could concentrate on the short-lived North Shore, which had debuted in the summer. Jimmy eventually also sailed away, which will be noted later.

Theresa, noticing that Ryan (Ben McKenzie) seemed distant and basically still in love with Marissa (Mischa Barton), lied to him, telling him that she lost the baby and basically pushing him back to Newport and the Cohen's beach house. It becomes quickly obvious that she still has the baby, and this certainly can be a story line in season three and beyond. Preparing to return to Newport, Ryan, at Sandy's urging, goes to Portland to convince Seth (Adam Brody) to return and the two make a triumphant return to Newport Beach.

Of course, Marissa and Summer (the delicious Rachel Bilson) are not immediately receptive of their two Knights in shining armor. Marissa has spent the summer drinking away the days and hooking up with the lawn boy, while Summer was devastated by Seth's departure and wants noting to do with him when he returns.

Julie (Melinda Clarke) and Caleb's (Alan Dale) strange marriage continues to take even stranger turns, as Caleb is indicted and eventually is forced to reveal that he fathered a child with another woman while married to Kirsten's mother.

And things continue to get interesting from there. Lindsay (Shannon Lucio), Caleb's illegitamite daughter, and Ryan begin dating before realizing just what the situation is with her father. The story line with Lindsay started out very strong, but fizzled out near the end, although it is questionable why she at least didn't come back for Caleb's funeral in the final episode. After all, he is her father.

Summer moved on from Seth, meeting Zack, (Michael Cassidy) a water polo player who is interested in comics. Seth is torn between his friendship with Zack and his relationship with Summer. The triangle is a fantastic arc through the whole season and Cassidy, of the four new guest stars this season, lasted the longest and deservedly so. His Zack was someone you could root for, making it hard to hate him when he took Summer from Seth. The trio put together a graphic novel (Atomic County) and even pitched it to a couple reps with interesting results, including an all-out fight between Seth and Zack in a comic book store.

Seth, with Summer seeking comfort with Zack, dated wild child Alex, a tattooed-club manager (Olivia Wilde). Alex was a great addition to the show for the time she was there, dating Seth and then eventually getting in a relationship with Marissa. The storyline with her was strong, like the LIndsay storyline, but eventually wore out. However, her club The Bait Shop, became a great set with bands playing in many different episodes.

The Marissa and Alex relationship was only one of a few stories for Marissa. She also hooked up with DJ (Nicholas Gonzalez) her family's yard guy. That relationship pissed off Julie and eventually came to an end. The story line was never built strongly, and probably thankfully, as there became so many characters to focus on.

Sandy (Peter Gallagher) and Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) suffered through their toughest year of marriage yet, as they were both tempted by others outside of their union. Sandy's ex Rebecca (Kim Delaney) returned for a short arc and Kirsten found herself attracted to Carter (Billy Campbell) an editor assigned to the Newport Group's new magazine. His departure pushed her further toward the bottle and eventually into rehab as the season concluded.

Julie found herself cheating on Caleb with her ex, Jimmy. When the two were caught by Marissa, Jimmy figured the best thing to do was to get out and he sailed to Hawaii, only to return in the finale and in the start of season three. Caleb, possibly one of the creepiest men on television, also caught Julie with another ex, Lance (Johnny Messner). Lance managed to show Newport more of Julie than they every imagined, with a porn tape from her past. Caleb filed for divorce, but a heart attack, his second of the season, did him in in the season's penultimate episode. Ironically, Julie had called him to the house to basically poison him, but couldn't bring herself to do it.

Ryan's brother, Trey (Logan Marshall-Green) also gave Newport living a try after being released from jail. He brought not only trouble, but some good story lines as well, as he tried to mend his former ways. Getting high and hitting on Marissa changed everything between the three (Ryan, Marissa and Trey) and eventually led to the shocking final scene, as Marissa shoots Trey as he and Ryan fight.

As I have said, I am addicted to this show, so I was bound to like this set. But the two commentary tracks added a good insight to the show, as did a good blooper reel, a feature on fashion and the Obsessed Completely special that ran prior to the start of the season.

All in all, a fine effort. California, here we come indeed.
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VINE VOICEon June 17, 2005
Although the OC Season 2 hasn't been released yet, I have to say that I loved this show- although I think that the second season wasn't as good as the first, contentwise. But the show keeps maturing, which is excellent overall. On season one there was a lot more sex and intrigue, and they toned that down for season two.

Season one left off when Ryan went back to Chino to be with pregnant Theresa, and Seth ended up sailing away. The first episode of season two opens with Sandy and Kirsten, who miss both boys very much. In an attempt to get Seth back, Sandy goes up to Portland, where Seth is staying with Luke and his father. Unsuccessful, Sandy gets Ryan to go up to Portland to do the same- with better results. Theresa lies about losing the baby, and encourages Ryan to go back to Orange County. Finally, both Seth and Ryan go home- setting up the events that take place in season 2.

I am anticipating the release of this boxed set because I love this show so much. The OC is one of those shows that I can watch over and over again, and never get tired of. The producers really pay close attention to the history of each character, so that the season finale doesn't seem like a series of events that scream, "season finale!" I'm glad that Fox is airing the whole season again, two episodes every Thursday night, since I missed several episodes in the middle. In addition, the producers listened to fans gripe about there not being enough extras for season one, and so this time around there are a lot more. I absolutely cannot wait for season three to start on September 8th, as I'm sure that a lot will happen.
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on June 5, 2005
If season 1 didnt get you going, season 2 certainly will.

The first few episodes carry on in great fashion from the finale of the 1st season and the relationshp between summer and seth is incredibly gripping.

Watching these episodes over and over again you pick up small things that the directors have cleverly inputted, like duplicate lines being used from the 1st season to produce wit to those who notice it.

Seth's (adam brody) humour is hilarious and seth's mission to go 'stealth' one night had me in tears.

This season though, is all about its ending. The final episode hits you hard and all of the previous episodes gel together once you watch ep 24. Things that shouldnt happen do, and the kitchen scene with kirsten, seth, sandy, hayley and ryan will make you feel weak at the knees.

As for the final scene, for a supposed 'teenie flick ' it becomes more of a high class drama movie and the acting of all the characters shows us what a great programme The O.C has become.

I am a big big fan, and if you give it a chance, behold the addiction. Enjoy.
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on December 20, 2011
Alright, I will start this off by admitting that I am a 27 year old male and my friends gather once a year for an OC marathon weekend. I promise you it is much cooler than it sounds. Anyway, for the second annual this year we threw in season 2 after seeing that it was only $9.99 (now $11.99 at this writing). Let me tell you, while often overlooked as a letdown to a spectacular Season 1, Season 2 brings the heat. I think this has been forgotten over time. Clearly, it deserves a number 2 ranking (1,2,4, worst season ever: 3) in the OC season pantheon.

Yes, there are some misses: Mallpisode, Any scene with Mischa Barton that did not include Olivia Wilde, Lindsay/Ryan awful romance, most of the Zach/Seth comic book stuff, and of course DJ trying to steal Ryan's thunder as Marissa's boyfriend who doesn't talk.

But to judge a season you need to look at the hits, and there were many: Great Caleb season all around, Kiki's drinking problem (fresh margs anyone?), Olivia Wilde incredible breakout lesbian performance, The Bait Shop somehow becoming the number 1 performing venue in the country, Christmakkuh 2, Julie Coops, and Summer/Seth Spiderman scene. Plus, WHO KILLED CALEB? Spoiler.

You could probably skip like 6-8 episodes (since theres 24 which is absurd) to enjoy this even more. I recommend drinking heavily while watching.
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on August 29, 2005
I first heard of the OC in the middle of the first season from a friend. It sounded great, so i begged my parents to let me watch it. They didn't know if it was appropriate for an 11-year-old, so they watched it with me for the first few episodes. Although there are some "raunchy" scenes, I feel The OC is appropriate for people my age, 13-year-olds, because although it deals with mature subject matter, some stuff is good to know for us. I think the 1st and 2nd seasons are both amazing, and seem much more real than some other shows that are meant for my age group. These shows aren't as mature as we are, and i think young teens are a big part of the show's ratings.
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on July 8, 2005
There were a lot of people who had issues with season 2 -- mostly because it didn't resemble season 1. but this season, while sometimes inconsistent, was more nuanced, textured, real and ultimately rewarding... The 2nd half of the season was especially great -- the Rain episode, Trey's return, Julie's porn scandal, Kirsten and Sandy's marriage headed for trouble... and the finale. No matter who complained about the season, everyone was devastated by the last ten minutes. What other show makes you laugh, gasp, cry, feel and rock out like the OC. nothing else like it on tv. buy it!
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