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on November 14, 2000
This book is quite insightful. O'Reilly offers a lot of his own advice for living a good, honest life. This book has a lot to offer people of differing political bases.
If you have ever watched The O'Reilly Factor you probably know how Bill O'Reilly thinks, and you will read a lot of those same opinions in this book. However, I think the highlights of this book are all of O'Reilly's short anecdotes, stories, and life experiences scattered throughout the entire book. They are about growing up, politics, the media, and tons of the silly and stupid things people have done. These stories and personal experiences are entertaining by themselves, and they are the main reasons why I recommend this book.
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on October 9, 2000
Bill O'Reilly should not be compared to beat journalists in your daily newspaper or news readers on your local TV news. It perplexes me that some have ripped him for not being "objective" in his well-written and thoughtful book. He is a news analyst, and only a journalist in as much as he gathers the pertinent facts before hand. His show is based on a philosophy of vetting out the so-called objective journalism based mainly on talking points. Bill goes out of his way to explain the premise of his show regularly.
For someone who graduated from one of the best public school journalism programs in the country, I believe O'Reilly meets the objectivity quotient by not taking sides and being tough on everyone. As he states in the book, he is a watchdog, not a lapdog.
This book is not Journalism 101, anyway. It's Life 101, a text many Amercians should read.
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on October 19, 2000
The fact that Bill O'Reilly admits that both his television show and his book are his OPINION is significant and against the grain with most modern journalists. -- Somewhere along the line they forgot that they are historians or scribes, tasked with reporting facts as facts and not opinions as facts. For this I admire him. The book was fun reading -- you don't have to agree with everything -- enjoy the book and think about the various "factors" in your own life. I finished it in two days.
BUT, I regret that he took a cheap shot at the Roman Catholic Church. I estimate my age to be within 3 years of Bill's and I was formally educated by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Brothers and Priests of the Society of Mary and both Jesuit and Benedictine Priests. I also was raised in the Midwest -- not the more "progressive" minded Northeast. I DO NOT recall a level of mental and physical abuse by these clerics to be nearly as close as he suggests. -- Why is it so popular to embellish the truth and cling to myths about the very faith that has influenced your life ? --- admit that Bill -- they (your Catholic mentors and teachers) helped shape the man you are today -- I'm proud of it -- I hope you are. I had to get that out of my system -- other than that outrage -- I truly did enjoy the book. Thanks for reading my opinion.
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on December 10, 2000
Although I like the show the O'Reilly Factor and therefore expected to enjoy this book, I was surprised to discover the book was even better than I thought. O'Reilly does a great job of exposing hypocracy in America and he makes insightful observations about such issues as to whether there is a class system in this country. For example, while Clinton was renting out the Lincoln bedroom, Ted Kennedy was renting out the Kennedy Compound for six figure contributions. However, the Kennedy guests would spend the day there but, O'Reilly points out that the contributors were not the Kennedy type of people (class system), so they were then taken to hotels for the night. I really have the feeling that O'Reilly is sincere and not full of himself, as he often comes off. He made observations about religion and I found him to be on target. Each chapter are his views and comments on a specific topic, such as race, religion, class, celebrities, success, etc. In his chapter on success, he aptly defines success as being respected, not financially prosperous. I like that type of thinking. His often irreverent comments are his way of stating sincere, deeply felt beliefs. Having read this book, I like Bill O'Reilly, as a person, even better than I previously did.
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on December 2, 2000
As a new fan of the Fox News Channel, I've watched Bill O'Reilly rip Republicans and Democrats alike, to shreds. And I've enjoyed it.
During the 2000 Campaign and Election, I've learned more about the political arena than I've ever know my entire life and part of that credit must go to Mr. O'Reilly. His no-nonsense approach to the facts made chapters like: The Politics Factor, The Race Factor, The Celebrity Factor and The Parents Factor among my favorites- each just telling it like it is. His "Notes" that begin almost every chapter deliver a straightforward punch to people like Sharon Stone, Pamela Anderson, Hillary Clinton and others. His "Ridiculous Notes" gives readers insight to the world of the absurd truth such as this favorite clip of mine:
"Hillary Clinton used her own intuition about sex to explain to a White House aide that her husband's goal with Monica was to `offer spiritual advice to a very troubled young woman.'"
Only Bill O'Reilly can get away with writing the truth, as the American people need to know it. This book is a must read for anyone wanting a straight approach without the BS that often fill our lives courtesy of the Clinton News Network [CNN] and other media outlets.
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on September 12, 2000
After spending the weekend in the recliner with this book, all I can say is wow. Bill O'Reilly, in his usual take no prisioners style, lays out his guide to taking on America... and winning. He leaves 'no stone unturned.' From topics of taboo such as class, sex, and politics, through jobs, celebrities, and success, he covers all the bases. In his final chapter, Bill O'Reilly shows, as his loyal viewers already know, that he truly is a class act.
This book should be required reading for every high school senior in America.
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on October 8, 2000
Anyone who watches the O'Reilly Factor on FoxNews is well aware of O'Reilly's straight forward, cut through the spin approach to journalism. And this book is no different. He is honest, straight to the point, and doesn't pander to anyone. He is an important part of American society, because he pushes the envolope forcing others to keep an honest edge. His book is a manifesto of his straight forward approach to life, and should be required reading. I highly recommend it to everyone, to hear the things that no one else dare say!!
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on October 22, 2000
This book is anything but subtle which should be no suprise to fans of Bill O'Reilly. The book is essentially a 300 page, very enjoyable rant. Bill packs a punch like no one else and has no sacred cows. I found my self laughing out loud and wanting to give out "high fives." If I had to give only one citisism it would be that Bill has almost become a characature of himself and tries a little too hard. That hardly mars a very enjoyable book. I'll be buying a case of these for Christmas presents.
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on October 2, 2000
O'Reilly has hit a home run with this book. A crystal clear,no nonsense,look at America today. finally,some has stood up to main stream media and yelled BALONEY. We need an educated population and this is a step in the right direction.Politicians beware.the TRUTH IS OUT THERE.
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VINE VOICEon September 19, 2000
O'reilly, as usual, takes a logical and smart approach to many topics in this book. Some are controversial, such as sex, religion, politics, and race. Others are much more personal such as his views on Parenthood, relationships, and friendships. His points are very cleary made, and whether you agree with them or not, his ideas are backed up by data and common sense. I would have given his book a 5, but the writing style took a little getting used to and seemed a little too fragmented. Overall though a good read. Read this book!
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