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on August 24, 2010
Laura Ingraham has pulled back the curtains on No Drama Obama to reveal that there is plenty of drama being stage-crafted 24/7 by the current administration. Satire, in the form of fictional diary entries, purportedly written by key players in the Obama administration, is a relatively small part of this book. The narrative portions cover events that actually happened, hence the NON-FICTION designation.

The satirical diary entries are hilarious and believable because they flow naturally from the REAL words and actions of all the key players. It's entirely plausible that those who are currently running our country actually think this way.

Ms. Ingraham presents many cogent points in this book RE: the Obama presidency. The media marketing of Obama began with what she terms the Razzle Dazzle effect -- the glitzy packaging that was likely the main reason behind his election. Laura Ingraham peels back the layers behind the Razzle Dazzle to reveal the personalities behind the hype. For example, guess who might have Narcissistic Personality Disorder? The compelling revelations begin on page 264.

On page 253, there is a description of the night Obama received the Democratic nomination for the presidency. His soaring rhetoric included the remarks, " . . . This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal." Obama actively cultivated this messianic imagery throughout his presidential campaign. Ask yourself what type of person would think that his political candidacy had any kind of effect on the movement of the oceans or the "healing" of the planet? This is alarming.

The non-fiction narratives reveal that every action of the Obamas has been choreographed for maximum political effect. For example, the First Lady's vegetable garden was planted to grow much more than just veggies. This little vegetable patch launched the "Green Razzle Dazzle." Seeds were planted here to establish Michelle as a policy advocate for healthier living. Next came her anti-obesity campaign for America's children. Michelle is not only the gardener-in-chief, she has promoted herself as an authority on our health and nutrition. What fertile ground for the germination of - OBAMACARE! Think the FLOTUS likes REAL gardening? Go behind the scenes and read about the heavy-lifting efforts by National Park Service employees to plant, maintain and keep the vegetables in this garden viable for all the photo-ops.

This book is a journey well beyond the Razzle Dazzle fluff created by the White House handlers of the President and First Lady. Laura Ingraham has courageously connected the dots surrounding the personality cult of Obama. The narratives collected and arranged in this one book are like pieces of a puzzle. The puzzle, even with some pieces missing or concealed on purpose, presents a disturbing picture of the leader of the free world and his minions. The author offers concrete suggestions that any citizen can do to counteract the dire situation facing our country. There's a lot of information packed into this entertaining book -- it's a great read for any thinking person.
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on July 25, 2013
I am going to rate this based on its comedic effort only. Not a particular fan of Ingraham, although I have seen a lot worse personalities. First thing everyone needs to remember is....this is satire. Comedy. It is supposed to be funny.!! Remember back when GW was President?? Remember how Leno, and Letterman, and O'Brian (and so many others..) were constantly lampooning him for one thing or another. I personally think GW was one of the funniest Presidents I have ever heard speak. You could never tell what was going to come out of his mouth. He had the uncanny knack of saying something wrong, or pronouncing it wrong, or losing his thought process, or whatever else....And also remember how the media and the authors constantly jumped on him because of it....Well folks, that was because he was the object of satire....and satire is funny!!

This book is no different. It is a satirical commentary on the President. It has no basis in fact and anyone who 'believes' the anecdotes as reported within needs to have their head examined!! Ms. Ingraham has simply written a satirical piece that is quite humorous....and although it pokes fun at the President (and advisors, and ...), it is still just a piece of satire. Frankly, it reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit without the video. You know how SNL is willing to take on ANYTHING or ANYONE.....once again, satire. That is what makes it funny!

Unfortunately, a certain percentage of those who read this book think it is real and use it as a point of reference. (What? Really..??) Yep, those stupid people on the right..they don't even know that this is really fake. So say the stupid people on the left. And those left-leaning people are monstrously offended because someone has the unmitigated gall to lampoon their dutifully elected leader. (Can you even imagine someone writing something so WRONG, so HATEFUL...??!!) YEP...That is the way it goes. Right-wing theorists saying "...yeah, that sounds just like Obama. I didn't know those diaries were real...but there they are. Its got to be true, its written right there! He needs to be thrown out!" And the left-wing apologists running around with their educated noses in the air screaming for Ingraham's head...." can't talk that way about the President...he's the PRESIDENT. I love my PRESIDENT! Why just the other day I saw him step in a deep puddle of water and he didn't even get his shoes wet."

So read the book or not...I don't care. It IS a funny piece of work. But if you absolutely MUST bring your personal political bent to the discussion....the humor will probably be wasted on you.
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on May 17, 2014
I'm listening to the audiobook version, I'm in chapter 5 and I the only reason I'm listening to it is because I can't believe all of the petty things being said to tear down the Obama family. Its kinda like listening to a woman gossip about someone she doesn't like by picking every petty little thing apart about them. She acts like the Obamas are not human beings by trying to cast this negative image on their everyday normal family issues. Every family has things they have to work out when they don't see eye to eye. This book is so ridiculous that I have to read it.
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on August 27, 2010
I have read the Obama diaries and find this work by Laura Ingraham very eye opening and entertaining at the same time. She uses the very words used by the Obama's and others in his administration to show the reader what they beleive about the people of the United States, and the very documents that the nation was founded upon. If you have ever listened to Laura on the radio then you know how she entertains and informs and The Obama Diaries is Laura at her best. I seldom pay full price for books but did for this and it was worth every penny. Buy it read it and enjoy it it is hard to put down once you begin reading.
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on July 16, 2010
I think I detect a pattern here. Liberals review a conservative book immediately, and a few days later, conservatives start to review it, with exactly opposite opinions. Obviously, liberals review a book in the same manner as their Washington counterparts pass legislation...without reading it.
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I picked up this book because I was at the bookstore and was informed that I could get one more book for free at the counter. So I went over to the shelf and just grabbed this one as I did not want to hold anyone else up at the checkout line. I was somewhat troubled by the fact that the author was a regular contributor to Fox News and a host of The O'Reilly Factor but decided to take a chance on it anyways. I started reading and by page 20 I realized this book was essentially not humorous and was more or less a political polemic or a diatribe.

Anyone who is not a staunch conservative or who is a liberal are routinely called america haters, dishonest, liars, and narcissists throughout this book. The author holds up Reagan as the perfect image of what a conservative should be. Nevermind that Reagan wasted billions on the Star Wars project, not exactly the picture of fiscal responsibility.

The authors of certain books such as Lies My Teacher Told Me are accused of undermining America by providing a portrait of American History to readers that is glossed over in most of the textbooks today. A lot like the way that Japanese history books ignore the war crimes of Hirohito's army in Nanking and other places in the pacific during World War 2. IMO there is nothing wrong with teaching the actual history behind the Thanksgiving holiday to kids, the treatment of certain populations in our history. Before you assure yourself that your country cannot do something, you should look at what it has already done to the natives, the Japanese-americans during WW2, etc. However, such a perspective is considered to be anti-American by Laura.

The author also defends the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other fellow wingnuts by attempting to say that when conservative movements are successful their success is reflected in the amount of hate they receive in the press. Even though the Tea Party has stated several times that they want to repeal the minimum wage law, argued that child labor laws are unconstitutional, that education should be nonsecular and religious in nature, that the 40 hr work week is unconstitutional, and that public education should be defunded. Im sure these planks of their platform have nothing to do at all with the ridicule directed at them. Glenn Beck is a master of Nazi analogies and weaving conspiracy theories. Rush has more than once shown himself to be a bigot, however according to Laura people dislike both of them because the media tells them to and most people are sheeple.

She also attacks Obama's secularism by saying that he uses faith to achieve his political ends. Since when has any president not done that? The simple fact that during every election people are more concerned about what the person believes than what they will do in office speaks volumes about the previous statement. JFK was booed when asked to confirm that he was indeed a Catholic since he was one of the first presidential candidates that was a Catholic.

Laura also calls atheists "anti-religious bigots" and that they are the most dogmatic thinkers. I honestly don't know how a dogmatic mindset can lead to someone becoming an atheist since we know that vast majority of the atheists we have today were believers at one time. In my experience, they tend to be the most skeptical of all claims and not just ones of the supernatural variety.

She also attacks Jeremiah Wright as well and claims that Obama's use of religion for social change is a sign that he doesn't "really" believe in Jesus Christ. Apparently Laura is ignorant of the role that the church plays in black neighborhoods.

Apparently there are no such things as coincidences when it comes to Obama's actions, when he scrapped plans for interceptors in Poland since it happened around the time of the seventieth anniversary of the Soviet Invasion of Poland.

In Chapter 8 she spends the entire chapter going through the DSM-IV's definition of narcissism and using isolated incidents as evidence that Obama is a narcissist. While psychological research tends to support the idea that most of the successful politicians are narcissists (I'm a psych major) it is still a pretty low-down thing to do to someone IMO.

After the Gates incident where Obama made a gaffe by calling the police officers stupid he did try and remedy the situation but he is attacked for that as well by Laura.

At the beginning of Chapter 9 she claims that Obama is guilty of demonizing all enemies. Is anyone else noticing the irony of Ms. Ingraham complaining about such a thing? Very quickly Obama is attacked for dismissing Sarah Palin and listening to experts on the issue of nuclear arms reduction. Laura frames it as Obama making an ad-hominem against Palin (irony), ignoring the merit of the opposition argument (irony) and his general narcissism.

I could mention the bobbing and weaving with the Tea Party but I wont go into that, as I have already pointed out the fact that their agenda would set America behind 100+ years. Laura also tries to claim that the definition of right wing extremist includes ALL people with conservative attitudes and not the militias, Neo-Nazi groups, and survivalist groups that it actually does include. She also dismisses the charges of racism against the Tea Party because no one who was slandered as a n***** wanted to go on Breitbart's show to win money. I imagine the requirements of winning such a monetary prize were probably so tight as to be nearly impossible to win. Hence giving Breitbart a political/propaganda victory either way. Also the expectation of two people who were walking by a group of Tea Partiers to have a camera filming the event is absurd besides I doubt they would be that stupid to do it again once the press found out about such claims.

She also links Obama with Saul Alinsky since Obama was a grassroots organizer and Alinsky wrote his book for the powerless to get power and effect social change.

She also claims that only conservatives are called seditious and individuals who attacked Bush as Hitler were not called seditious thus this is evidence of a pro-liberal bias in the media. However, she is ignoring the times that Olbermann was attacked for doing just that. Also she is ignoring the calls to secession, threats to senators and congressmen after the healthcare plan was signed into law on the part of said conservatives.

She also claims that the flawed education policy in place will lead to our kids being indoctrinate with PC mush. Interesting since the last time I checked conservatives were the ones allying themselves with creationist organizations such as the Discovery Institute and others. Primarily it also has been conservatives who have tried to force creationism in the back door under the guise of "teaching the controversy". I guess it is okay to drive down science education but not historical education......

Under the heading "Despair" she also frames cooperation across parties as something negative and to be stopped thereby showing her true colors as a wingnut (political extremist). This is bolstered by the last line that says, "the notion that there is no significant difference between Republicans and Democrats is absurd". Even though most people if you cornered them on their political beliefs would concede that they can find agreement with the opposing side so to speak.

She closes out this horrendous diatribe with a paranoid paragraph about liberals taking away freedom and liberty, destroying America, etc.

"If you havent gotten the joke yet, these diaries were my way of pulling up the curtain on Obama's activities." So that's the only 'joke' in this book which sells itself as a "hugely entertaining" book that will "inspire laughter"? The only thing this book inspired me to do was to pass on all of her other books no matter how they try to sell themselves.

Im still not quite sure what to make of this book. It is not funny at all, it contains stilted language in many of it's letters which play on racial stereotypes (Is that supposed to be funny?), it stops short of calling Obama a secret Muslim (Obama's middle name is always shown), it uses ad hominems, false analogies, false equivalencies, and many other fallacies. If you are a die hard conservative who watches Fox News only you may like this book but if you are someone like me who reads to be informed or entertained you probably won't like it at all.

Im sure people reading this review will say I overreacted and I am too sensitive. However if a book masquerades itself in such a way as to be full of humor and is instead a diatribe in the style of Ann Coulter then I have no problem tearing it apart piece by piece.
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on February 19, 2012
At a time when more than ever we need a "real" substantive response from the other side to Obama's smooth talking, pandering, triangulating type of non-leadership, we get this: lies about him packaged as fake racist-laced diaries, called satire? It is nothing but a fake license to conduct racist politics by other means and is enough to make a grown man puke.

These "fake" diaries masquerading as satire, and embellished with pseudo-patriotic and racist commentaries, is nothing but more unintelligent vulgar trash from the right. The only thing worse is the actual policies being put forth by Eric Cantor, John Boehner and other leaders of the Republican Party. Those policies make it clear that this kind of vulgar racist-laced ignorance is no accident: It is well-planned and is poisonous for our country and what is left of our democratic dialogue.

Contrary to this author's main subtheme, it is she and others like her on the far-Right who have no idea what this country is really about. Liberally quoting Dick Cheney, Ms. Ingraham is quick to defend slavery and extermination of Native Americans as sins of the past that should be written out of American history books? According to this slick/sick treatise, this country should still be the United States of White (Only) America.

This book pushes the U.S. discourse into the sewer to a new low. Covered beneath a thin layer of racist rhetoric of American Exceptionalism. Ms. Ingraham, trashes the office of the Presidency, the first family and everyone associated with the Obamas.

Far be it for me to defend the Obamas, (I don't like them either) but this is trash that even falls below Ann Coulter. At least Coulter pretends to know a bit about U.S. history. This white woman has made it all up and it is a sickness that has no lower bound. No stars.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2010
'The Obama Diaries' by Laura Ingraham is both funny and serious.

The author uses satirical diary entries of various people in the administration and Congress mixed with factual information and astute commentary to paint a picture of a disastrous presidency. It includes instances from the campaign as well as the first 18 months of the Obama presidency. The fictional portion of diary entries feature the 'writings' of President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, First Grandmother Marian Robinson, and many others. It also includes well placed entries regarding the president's apparent primary psychological condition, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, from the DSM-IV. These highlight many of the very apparent traits of that unofficially diagnosed problem.

As Ms. Ingraham says, 'The satiric diaries bring the Obama reality show into clear and frightening focus: the titanic egos...the devious plans...the stunning incompetence.'

Two of the (many) very funny entries include one by Grandma Robinson referring to Mr. Obama as 'President Prissy', and some commentary on White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's infamous 'shower bullying'. Another one that is hilarious is the entry of the Narcissist in Chief after meeting with the Pope.

A couple of very thought provoking parts include a striking example of hypocrisy in the way that the Obama's have insisted that their children not be used for political purposes while doing it themselves (starting at page 163) and the incredibly elitist and thoughtless constant vacationing. Speaking of his first year in office, Ms. Ingraham stated, 'Obama traveled to more foreign destinations in his first year than any president in history (with less to show for it than any president in history).' As he is currently on number vacation number six for the year as of 8/21/10, while the nation (and world) is in the midst of a terrible recession with lots of people suffering, it is clearly not getting any better.

I could certainly go on for a long time about this book, but I will skip that and just encourage anyone looking for a good read to buy this one and enjoy.
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on July 31, 2010
The problem I have with this book is that it is in the non-fiction section. It is clearly a satire, stated within the first pages of the book. I guess that is the point of the book, to challenge what the motives of political leaders are. Many of the ideals in the book poke fun at the left wing politics pointing out notions that are "anti-American." The main problem I have with the book is that they believe that this is the view of "secular progressive." Some of the views are stated with a clear agenda to use patriotism against the people who disagree. She even goes as far as quoting Mark Twain, who developed his character as a satirist in one of the clearest examples of irony I've found.

The book on the other hand gives a clear view of what right-wing commentators think of anyone who doesn't agree with them, including middle of the pack people like myself. In the world where there are grey issues Laura Ingraham paints them in black and white and uses the subtlety of a sledge hammer to voice her opinion. Her clear manner of speaking and hatred of the leader of the free world is ironic considering her patriotism. When Bush was in office I heard cries that anyone who questioned him was a "terrorist" or "un-American." It'd be amazing if the left started using the same language towards people who disagree with the president now. Dissent is important, dissent without impunity or reason is punditry.
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on July 19, 2010
What's there not to like about Laura Ingraham? She's smart, sexy, articulate, and her political assessments are pretty much always on target. But I wasn't thrilled with this book. To be sure, Miss Ingraham's approach to poking fun at the president and others in his orbit is admirably imaginative; a wonderful take on the reliable and most satisfying standby of sticking a pie in the face of some pompous twit. Indeed, parts of the book are very funny indeed. I laughed out loud in reading, on page 211, an excerpt from Mrs. Obama's diary: "Pastor, Barack and I are so moved by your request [to say grace at an Easter breakfast]. But you really should say grace. We're not worthy. Can I get an amen?" Ha! I love that cynical and distracting "Can I get an amen?" Earlier in the same passage, Mrs. Obama says, "The only time I'd ever heard Barack say grace is when it was preceded by 'Will &....'"

There's ultimately a sameness, however, that I found a bit tedious and tiresome. I eventually felt like a hamster on one of those wheels. In addition, I was surprised and disappointed that Miss Ingraham let an opportunity go by to demonstrate and highlight the president's bizarre (or ignorant) interpretation of holy writ. On page 199, she quotes the president, "...I am my brother's keeper. I am my sister's keeper." How could Miss Ingraham not take the president to task for his ludicrous misunderstanding and misinterpretation of "Am I my brother's keeper?" Apparently, "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright didn't teach his former congregant that Cain's response to God wasn't intended to indicate compassion; rather, it's the protomurderer's way of saying, "What am I, his babysitter?"

All that being said, the one-star reviews are intellectually and morally bankrupt. Virtually all have been written by frightened little rabbits on the Left who haven't read the book and who have a Pavlovian reaction to the mere mention of the name Laura Ingraham. What pathetic and petty minds. Prospective readers would be well advised to ignore the foam-at-the-mouth gibberish unsuccessfully disguised as commentary (dysentery is more like it), and should be guided primarily by the three- and four-star reviews.
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