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on September 29, 2011
I am a massive fan of The Office and have watched it since it first aired in 2005. I thought the first 5 seasons minus the last 2 episodes of Season 5 were fantastic. Season 6 was inconsistent and was filled with some hilarious episodes and alot of episodes that I didn't care for at all. Season 7 is similar. The episodes that I did find to be quite funny are PDA, The Search, and Todd Packer. The rest were OK at best. To further complicate things this is also the final season featuring Steve Carell as Michael Scott. Towards the end of season 7, Will Ferrell makes appearences in 4 episodes as a potential replacement but this was a disappointment as the episodes provide for minimal laughs. In the final episodes a number of actors make guest appearences as additional candidates for the job of manager at Dunder Mifflin including Ricky Gervais as David Brent who was the manager of Wernham Hogg on the original BBC version of The Office. This got me a bit excited and led me to believe that he would eventually replace Michael. Unfortunately that was not the case. This along with Season 6 are not the best representations of the show. Seasons 1-5 were all fantastic and to any new fan of The Office I would recommend any of the first 5 rather than 6 and 7.
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on September 5, 2011
Season seven of The Office is in many ways the end of the series... well, actually in just one very major way: its Steve Carrell's last season, and without Michael Scott there is just no way the series can ever again be the same. It's not just Steve's one in a billion comedic talents that the show loses, it's also the intricately constructed dynamic between the characters. The teleplay of the entire cast that has developed into such a perfectly functioning comedy machine is something that cannot exist in the same way without Michael. The secret weapon of The Office is its spectacularly talented cast, but in a strange way, the loss of one (especially when we're talking about the main character) is enough to offset the chemistry of the entire cast. Michael Scott was the centerpiece of the ensemble, and without him, every single one of the characters loses something, whether it's their direct interaction with Michael that brought out the best in their performance while creating a one of a kind comedy team (particularly true of Jim and Dwight), or the complex balance of diverse comedic styles from one scene to the next that made each character's role seem so different and important. The talented cast may easily survive the departure of Steve Carrell, but the show can never be the same without him.
So, how does Steve's announcement to leave the series affect season seven? Well, first of all, Michael is clearly, and often awkwardly, pushed to the sidelines in order to instantly faze him out. The character that was for six seasons the driving force of every single episode is now rarely featured in the same capacity. There are very few episodes that allow him to take center stage and this hurts the show, badly. There are far more B-stories, and sometimes C-stories, that feature the rest of the cast. Sometimes this a good thing, but many episodes start to feel crowded and paradoxically, the more sub-plots given to side characters, the less time there is for them to shine as the cast begins to become fragmented. There are very few 'ensemble' eps that involve everyone in the same story. Some characters are featured way too much... Kevin for example, becomes a bit over used, and as a result he wears a little thin. The same goes for Erin. Both are great characters but season seven puts way too much pressure on them to be funny. All the while Creed is rarely even given a single line. The biggest mistake the writers make is giving a ton of screen time to Gabe, who is without a doubt the worst, most painfully unfunny character the show has ever scene. I could write another whole review just on how and why this guy is ridiculously awful.
Season Seven also features a string of guest appearances by Will Ferrell as Michael's (temporary) replacement. He fits in fairly well at first, and there are some great scenes that showcase Carrell and Ferrell as a powerhouse comedy duo, but it's hard not to wonder why the producers would bring in such a high profile guest star to share the spotlight with Steve in all of his last episodes. It may just be for ratings, but you'd think the last episodes to feature Steve Carrell would be enough to generate hype. It may be to keep the audience's interest in the show beyond Steve's departure, but, ironically, Will is only featured in one (sub-par) post-Michael episode, then the series actually gains momentum when Will is written off and the remaining original cast members take the spotlight. Whatever the reason, it's hard to resent the presence of Will Ferrell, because he has good chemistry with the cast and, well, he's funny, plain and simple. At the same time though, it's a little strange not to have a complete and total end of the season celebration of Michael, even his last episode features a Will-centric sub-plot.
Season Seven is a hard season to define. It's certainly not a bad season, there is plenty to celebrate but at the same time it makes the previous season, thought by many fans to be sub-par, look like pure gold. The episodes that do celebrate Michael are kind of hit and miss. The return of Holly Flax is a great boost to Michael's character arc, but the progression of their relationship is rushed and often pushed into the background. Dwight, on the other hand, is ace all year long; 7 is chalk full of great stories revolving around his ownership of the building. There also plenty of great stories with Jim and Dwight that do not disappoint. Andy is also hilarious all year long as he continues to get more and more well deserved screen time. Pam also gets some nice subplots as newly promoted Office Administrator.

Notable episodes include...

Nepotism- A great premiere that sets the bar high. Michael hires his worthless Nephew and Pam attempts to prank Dwight.

Christening- A great Jim and Pam story that manages to involve their daughter in a non-invasive way. Also features a great sub-plot where Michael, feeling excluded from the ceremony, impulsively boards a bus to Mexico.

Viewing Party- A Glee party at Gabe's house??? Amazingly this ep is actually really funny. Feat: another great Jim and Pam parenting sub-plot where Dwight is the only one able to calm Ceci down, Andy gets high on powdered seahorse, and Michael gets jealous and disconnects the cable.

Classy Christmas- One of the few Michael-centric episodes featuring the return of Holly Flax as well as an epic snowball war between Jim and Dwight. Possibly the best episode since season five.

Threat Level Midnight- Considered a fan-favorite by some, I personally consider this episode to be over the top and way out of character. The idea of Michael actually filming his legendary screenplay sounds funny but it doesn't really play out that way. I'd like to know how his production values could be so high that he could afford CG and massive set pieces. Also, why was the cast so eager to participate and when did they find the time?

Michael's Last Dundies- A classic written by the great Mindy Kaling. I can't think of a better way to end Michael Scott's tenure at the office than another episode revolving around the Dundies.

Goodbye Michael- An emotional and hilarious send-off to the world's greatest boss, expertly written by Greg Daniels (making you wonder if the series would have had more stamina if he wrote more than just one post-season-4-episode a year). It has the energy and pacing of the show's earlier seasons, as well as a few very satisfying call backs.

Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager- A tremendous episode that allows Dwight to run away with the spotlight. Steve's presence is missed but this ep proves that the show can in fact still be great without him.

The Search Committee- Another surprisingly high-energy, high quality post-Carrell ep featuring a plethora of entertaining cameos from Ray Ramano to Warren Buffett. A very promising prequel to season eight.

Though starting to drift farther and farther away from its prime, The Office is still relatively excellent throughout season seven. A must have for all fans, especially since it is Michael's last. And though the show will go on, Michael will always be missed. He had a had a great run. But as great as it was, it didn't last nearly as long as it should have... That's what she said.
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on October 27, 2015
Have you ever wanted to laugh so bad but felt like if you would never stop? No, probably not...but this series did that for me...or
should I say to me. It is brilliant!! Just plain brilliant! Casting was perfection!
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on February 12, 2013
Ah, the season we've all been dreading. After seven glorious and hilarious years, Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, is leaving for good. His farewell season isn't as strong as previous seasons, namely two through four, but still offers a lot of laughs and guest appearances. A few of the appearances to note are Kathy Bates as Jo, the head of Sabre and lover of giant dogs, Timothy Olyphant as Danny Cordray, a successful traveling businessman trying to poach clients away from Dunder Mifflin, and Will Ferrell as DeAngelo Vickers, the temporary branch manager that makes Michael look like a business guru.

The majority of the season deals with Michael's departure and who is going to take over. There's a lot of hijinks that occur as a result of potential managers that interview for the branch manager position. The final two episodes have A TON of cameos from well-known comedians, and are hilarious to watch. In true Office fashion, the Halloween and Christmas episodes are some of the best of the season, which is appropriate as they'll be Michael's last. A few other standout episodes for me include "Andy's Play", in which Andy is part of the community theater's rendition of Sweeney Todd, "Threat Level Midnight", the long overdue and hilarious feature film by Michael, "Goodbye Michael" as the touching and appropriate sendoff for Carell, and the two-parter "Search Committee" in which the office searches for Michael's replacement.

This show has always belonged to Carell, who was SO good as the incompetent boss whose awkwardness knew no bounds. I understand the desire to pursue other projects but Steve will truly be missed. I write this review a few season after the fact and can safely say that the show is not the same without him. This is a great final season for him to be featured in.

The set itself contains a lot of funny extras, including blooper reals, deleted scenes, and webisodes. The set also contains the essential extended edition of "Threat Level Midnight."
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on July 12, 2015
This is the season that Steve Carell left, and while still a decent season, the show was getting even more ridiculous with its premises, plots, and new characters. If you have been watching from the beginning you must absolutely follow it all the way through (even after Steve left), but just be prepared for ever-waning quality.
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on December 7, 2015
Does it get any better than The Office? This set went on sale for 9.99 and I could not pass it up! Such an amazing series, great acting, and wonderful plot. Highly recommended. I received it quickly, brand new, and packaged wonderfully.
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on February 15, 2014
I love love love the Office. Especially up to about season 4. The only reason I purchased this was because a.) it was cheap and b.) I only had up to season 5 and for the price it was worth completing the collection. That being said, the latter half of the run isn't horrible. I can't seem to pinpoint the moment the show "jumped the shark", it just seems like at some point they just found a spot that had a ton of sharks circling the waters and just hung out there and tried to jump all of them. I really feel like the series finale was one of the best and successfully brought closure to the characters and the show as a whole. I'll still keep watching from season 1 to 9, even if some of the later seasons are a bit painful.
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on March 3, 2015
The opening of this season is outstanding "The Lip Dub"sets a new tone and direction and who knew Jenna Fischer could move like that. This season has more life and movement. I enjoyed seasons 1-6 but it was time to let the human vessel of everything that is wrong with human kind ride off into the CO. sunset. Poor Holly.
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on April 7, 2015
The farewell season for Michael Scott. The entire arc of Michael leaving was great for me this season. The remainder, not so much. A cameo filled season finale was fun. It's tough to watch and adjust to The Office without Michael but they try hard to make you forget he's gone.
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on September 25, 2014
I should clarify that my husbands is the one who love this show and I bought several episodes for him to watch on my kindle while we had a long flight. He said they were a life saver in taking up the spare time of just sitting and waiting.
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