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on May 6, 2005
Let me summarize their get super-easy get rich "ideas"

1. Just invent something that everyone will buy!

2. Just write a best selling book!

3. Just spam a hundred thousand people selling a product, like an e-book that cost you nothing to make, but your time, and sell it for $1,000, and you'll get your million! They repeatedly use 1% spam response rates, though it's more like .0037% spam rates, I already know their solution, SPAM MORE! If you haven't got any spam from "Richard G Allen &/Or the one minute millionaire, you will!!!

4. Just look through the newspaper and find foreclosures on some unsuspecting little old lady, and be nice to her and help her get kicked out of her house, and you swoop in and take it, and all it's equity, paint it and sell it for twice as much!

5. Invent a toy that every kid wants, like tickle-me-elmo!

6. Look for run-down houses that are worth millions and millions of dollars and haven't sold for a long long time, and ask obscenely low prices, and they'll take it, because agents have to, and since the owners are rich and don't care about money....

These are just some of the ideas that I remember from this awful book. The spam one makes me furious, they are ENCORAGING SPAMMING!!! The other ideas are so stupid, write a best seller, invent something that every American home needs, well FREAKIN DUH! It VERY soon become apparent that the authors are just looking to make THEMSELVES RICH, with a catchy title, and some VERY OLD, VERY TIRED, VERY WORN OUT - OVERDONE Ideas. Like that foreclosure thing. That's older than I am. sheesh. This book has nothing creative, attempts to teach unethical and unrealistic ways of "getting rich" which they focus on spam is the way to get rich in the "one minute" time frame. Like any idiot is going to drop a grand from a spam they got 10 seconds ago. I did read this whole book, just looking for any kind of redeeming factor. None. This book is great for a laugh, and to inspire fury against the authors. I don't usually every write reviews, but this one... inspired me with disgust! This book is an entire waste of time, and I can't believe they must have had good marketers that this book is in the library, etc. I think this is the worse "get rich" book I have ever read.

All the real self help/get rich type books ALL go back to Napoleon Hill. Think and Grow Rich is his best seller. If you are looking for the "secret", start there. Read everything he has, and then read everything his disciples have written (Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightengale, & Other stuff by Robert Kiyosaki & Thomas J. Stanley PhD, William D. Danko, and you will then have the correct foundation for success. Hey if you've read these and agree with me, yet feel I am missing a few good gems, please email me! I'm always looking for some more good stuff.
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on April 9, 2003
I've read The One Minute Millionaire twice. First time, I was amused and intrigued. I was on a "personal finance" reading kick at the time. Other books I read included many of the Rich Dad series, Suze Orman, The Dolans, etc. Popular financial writers writing for a general audience.
This book sat on my self for two months after I read it. One evening I noticed Mark Victor Hansen's name on about 43 different "chicken soup" books at an airport bookstore. His name rang a bell in my mind. I had not connected him with the this book before. Didn't know it was the same guy. I had to laugh at the extent to which the "chicken soup" brand has been leveraged. Chicken Soup for the Manicurist's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Proctologist's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Chicken's Coup, etc. Now here is a man that understands leverage. Here is a man that can make a buck walk.
I re-read the book.
It is hard to put a finger on what I felt the second time I read it.. I've read all the reviews on amazon. I haven't seen anyone else put a finger on it either. I challenge anyone who's claimed this book is life changing to read it again. It is not a go-back. Did your life seem different a day or two later?
I also challenge all who dismissed it outright as a rehash to re-read it as well. It has a peculiar dissonance I haven't experienced in any other finanical pulp.
Let me offer some observations on the uncomfortable underbelly of this book.
The mantra seems to be that "enlightened" millionaires are those who do not take advantage of others, but always go for the "win win" negotiation. Yet, one section recommends choosing addictive behaviors as the best to exploit in the information selling business.
Another section advocates giving away ten percent of all you make, to "tithe" your way into wealth. They strongly suggest you tap into the largest "infinite" network for assurances of success. Yet to the religious, this seems to be putting the cart before the horse, or, more appropriately, the camel before the eye of the needle. Jim and Tammy Faye ran with this one for years, and look where it got them.
On the integrity or "enlightened" posture, they hand out statements like "It's better to live LIKE a millionaire than to BE a millionaire.
Ahh! To be or not be...that is not the question for these two. They would rather just appear to be, and enjoy the fruits of millionaire living without the pesky responsibility of actually having to deal with REAL millions.
The fiction side of things, on a re-read, also turns out to be thinner than chicken soup. Aside from being blatantly manipulative, the examples of transactional miracles they outline are truly that, miraculous! I've been in the toy industry and the example they use in getting a new toy to market is like winning the lottery. Yeah, it could happen, but do you want to base a financial book on this kind of example?
The climax, or the way to make a million in one minute, is to get your product to be carried by someone with a large database on the internet. Yea. And. O.K. If you have a name brand or a following like these two gentlemen, this may be fine. But it falls into the category of Picaso claiming he can make ten thousand in ten seconds by doing a sketch on a napkin. Someone would buy that in an instant due to everything Picaso created before it. But for Picaso then to claim that anyone can get to the point where they can make ten thousand dollars in ten seconds, if they will just "believe", chant the ten affirmations, do the five habits of effective napkin sketchers, tap into the infinite network of the divine, go to the best no money down art school etc. they TOO can make ten thousand in ten seconds.......this would be a sham. But that is how these marketing artists end their book. In fact they name the book after their abilitiy to do this. And they freely admit they pooled at least one million pre-qualified customer names from their respective databases to generate that kind of "one minute million". And the masses are supposed to relate? So, I guess what bothers me about this book is what goes unsaid. The actual work, the failure, the trial and error, the luck, the absense of bad luck, the grim faced determination that is behind every success I've known, is under represented here. And that is an understatement.
Something also gave me the willies about two white men writing a story about a single mother and a black woman entreprenuer overcoming all obstacles. I could see them dodging all the politically correct bullets early in the outline by staging this unlikely tale with demographics that will coat the soup pan with teflon when the critics get ahold of it.
This book, upon reexamination, is a superfluous barrage of persiflage. Chicken soup that has lost it's saline savor. Chicken Soup without salt! Warm, squishy and flavorless.
No healing powers here.
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on March 11, 2004
Multiple Streams of Income is the best results oriented financial book since Charles Givens More Wealth Without Risk with the advantage that MSOI has even more income producing strategies than Givens.
You find find everything you need to know to create cash streams. You will learn how to invest profitably, use Cooper Covered Calls, trade options successfully, invest in real estate, tax liens and discounted mortgages as well as start your own super successful networkmarketing business on a shoestring and create wealth on the internet.
Regarding the 1 star reviews and other reviews "warning" about this book and the techniques, take it for what it's worth. As far as I am concerned, their advice is worth about a nickel, if that. This guy (it really is only one person with a agenda) has way too much free time and perhaps makes too much money spamming and selling names.
Robert Allen on the other hand will teach you how to use the internet profitably and with integrity.
Great book Robert.
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on May 31, 2003
While The 1 Minute Millionaire does come off a little flowery, it is never-the-less a good book for anyone who wants something more than say a $40,000/yr job or less.
I read from this book everyday and play the audio in my car on my way to appointments.
If you are not where you want to be financially (who is???) buy the book and/or the audio and learn the strategies to become a millionaire.
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on April 12, 2004
The 1 Minute millionaire is an outstanding book with a powerful message that is worth reading over and over and over again. This book will help take you to where you want to be financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Great book.
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on March 23, 2003
This is definitely NOT for the experienced or sophisticated business person. People with MBA's and years of experience will find this material by Allen and Hanson as "feel good" stuff that doesn't work.Meanwhile these MBA and experienced business people will be starving, watching their businesses continue to lose cash flow because they are unwilling to change or accept the unusual.Hardly a day goes by when I don't see dozens of businesses closing. I just heard of a family business that had been going strong in our community for over 75 now closing their doors.The 1 Minute Millionaire is a much needed book. Unfortunately, "experienced" business people won't see it. What a shame for them.
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on January 10, 2003
I see a lot of reviewers here saying that they didn't get the 'secrets' to wealth in this book or other similar books and that they're disappointed. I think some of them may have slightly missed the point. "The One Minute Millionaire" is supposed to give you a perspective, and I think it does a darn good job of it. It's point is to get you dreaming big, understanding that you have to want something hard enough. It's not up to Robert and Mark to give away all their secrets.... They're giving you seeds.
When I read this book, I planted those seeds. As soon as I was finished, I started searching the internet for every person I could find associated with the Enlightened Millionaire way of thinking. That was less than a month ago. I've talked with three millionaires who each made a million in a year or less with the Enlightened Millionaire program and they are each now mentoring me to do the same. For free. The book is just the beginning guys. If you get it, run with it. If you don't get it (cause this isn't for everyone, we all work different ways), then keep looking till you find a strategy that works for you.
Good luck!
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on February 27, 2004
This book is at least a 10.
Seriously, I have long been a fan of both Mr. Allen and Mr. Hansen. This book is great. It combines both fiction with non fiction and as a result you have a mega best seller and super book that can create powerful results for people who actually read and use the concepts in the book.
The fictional story is inspiring and really not that far off what others have done. It reminds me of Allens excellent book "The Challenge", how Allen took three people straight out of the unemployment lines. People who were broke and frustrated and showed them how to earn $5,000 in real estate in three months.
So the fictional part is no really so fictional at all. The non fictional part is the best of Allen and Hansen and delivered in a new and exciting way. You'll learn how to use the internet, real estate and n etwork marketing.
Overall, a great book. Inspiritional, motivational and educational. Certaintly better than reading JBQ's antiquated and boring nonsense.
Good book. Highly recommended.
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on September 18, 2003
Things you should know about this book:
- Robert G. Allen's work has been discredited since the 1970s. Please read John T. Reed's brief expose about him at [website]. Reed is a successful real estate investor who's not afraid to disclose the list of his own properties. He's also a West Point graduate and a Harvard MBA. In addition, I recommend that you read Reed's thorough debunking of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki.
- The authors are hard-core Mormons. They repeatedly insist that you "tithe" ten percent of your income (preferably to their church).
- Their three recommended ways of making money are: 1) quick-turnaround, "nothing down" speculative real estate investing, which is highly risky and also almost impossible for beginners who have no money and poor credit, 2) spamming millions of people on the Internet in order to sell them get-rich-quick seminars at one to five thousand dollars a pop, and 3) serendipitously meeting an elderly woman who just happens to have inside contacts at major companies like Hasbro and can influence the powers that be to fast-track your product (like a cheap, cheesy toy made in China).
- The authors, a couple of white guys, use characters who are unlikely financial heroines, like a black woman who wears African-style robes to business conferences, a down-and-out single mother, and an elderly, wheelchair-bound woman living in a nursing home. It would be more appropriate -- and less creepy -- if such a story were written by people with these backgrounds who actually exist.
- One of the main premises of this book is that the flapping wings of a butterfly can cause a storm in another part of the world. This premise is based on a scientific concept of chaos theory. In actuality, the mass emissions from internal-combustion-engine vehicles has a much, much greater effect on weather patterns. It's good to try to keep things in perspective, especially when thinking about one's own personal growth and finances.
- Speaking of personal growth and finances, I am not much of a believer in combining the two fields into one book or class. Sound financial information is generally pragmatic and technical. Personal growth material is generally more anecdotal, motivational, and inspirational. There is nothing wrong with personal growth material that is written by people with experience and integrity. Just beware of books that combine new-age philosophy with serious financial advice, like how to invest in real estate properties. Such books and "cult" personalities are generally bad news.
- The toy that was used as an example in the book is really, really ugly. Go to the web site ([website]) and look at it. Would you buy this thing for any child you really care about?
Let's face it, making a million dollars in ninety days is very, very difficult -- for the vast majority of people, impossible. If it were as easy as these authors insist, everyone would do it. I think the best way to be happy is to find a career that fulfills you personally, professionally, and financially (which may or may not be entrepreneurship), form good habits, work consistently, live below your means, save and invest wisely, read a lot and educate yourself, be honest and compassionate, conduct yourself with integrity, and help others when you can. If you absolutely must read this book for yourself, please check out a free copy from the library. Best wishes and good luck.
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on January 29, 2003
Robert Allen's book falls short on practicality. Almost every book with a title with the word "Millionaire" in it has the same content, fluff, common sense, and a good book of this type will make you feel motivated to do something about your life.
This book is one of the best books of that type.
I never read a book like this for any practical value, because there is never any there. I read it for pleasure and for a mild spark of motivation. There's simply just not much more to get from the book. This is one of the best books of its type, but I can't stand to give any book with so much filler any more than a 3 star rating.
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