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on May 4, 2010
Just got the Deluxe version with CD. As for the music...well I liked their first three albums and this is somewhat closer to those than their last release. However, it is sure not a 100% return to form; more of a 60% return maybe. Have to listen to it more obviously but so far highlights include basically the four first tracks. I was actually pretty impressed with Love Hate Sex Pain, heavy and haunting. Bad news though the middle of the disk seems quite average at first listen.

What you REALLY NEED TO KNOW right now is this: Do not buy the Deluxe version. The DVD is not very interesting. Also, inexplicably, the bonus songs are ON THE DVD! Just unbelievable. So if you think you are getting Whiskey Hangover as part of the CD to listen to, that is not the case. The description for the item is a little unclear about this, and I thought there's no way they were that stupid. Well, they are. The bonus songs are part of the DVD only, which makes them not real useful for listening to on a CD player or Ipod or what have you. Highly recommend you buy the cheaper version and then perhaps download the couple songs individually. Now you know.
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on May 4, 2010
I've listened to the album all the way through three times as of this review. To the reviewer that said nothing stands out, I beg to differ. Every track stands out. "Cryin' Like a B**ch" and "The Oracle" are two of the most stand out tracks I've ever heard from Godsmack. And "Love-Hate-Sex-Pain" has probably the catchiest guitar riff they've ever written. It flows better than any of their other albums due to it being their heaviest to date. It never lets up. They've never had a bad album and I actually can't even rank them because they're all amazing in their own way. This is no exception. If you like Godsmack, buy this album.

Just a note, "Whiskey Hangover" is not on the album. I'm guessing it's because Sully Erna wasn't satisfied with it due to it being rushed out for the Crue Fest 2 tour. It also isn't on the CD of the "Deluxe Edition", it's only on the DVD. Let me just say, this is the most falsely advertised item ever. On the sticker on the front of the album, it says you get two bonus tracks. So, you assume they're on the CD, right? Nope, they're on the DVD. Not only is the DVD just a 30 minute making of, but who's gonna put the DVD in just to hear the two bonus songs? And what if I wanna listen to them in the car? Not to mention, if you put together all of the webisodes they've been posting up on their official website, they're longer and they're not even done posting all of them up yet. I heard there's going to be a total of fifteen. So you're paying for something you can watch for free and it's not even as long. Simply put, do not buy the "Deluxe Edition". It's not worth the five extra dollars. Purchase the bonus songs separately on AmazonMP3 or iTunes. I never really liked "Whiskey Hangover", but "I Blame You" and "The Departed" are two of the best songs on The Oracle and should've been on the physical CD. So, the true fans go out and buy the album and don't get anything, but iTunes users just click their mouse and get the best songs?
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on May 4, 2010
I really liked Godsmack's first two cd's, but thought Faceless and IV were decent, not as good as the first two. At that point, I figured Godsmack would could continue to their slow decline and that we had seen the peak of their career early. When I first heard "Whiskey Hangover", I wasn't too impressed and thought I was gonna be correct about the group's steady decline. Well, after hearing the entire Oracle disc, I can say I was proven very wrong. The guys have brought the SMACK back into their music and with a vengence!! There literally isn't a weak track on this disc, including "Whiskey Hangover", which has grown on me. If you call yourself a Godsmack fan or even a fan of metal, you owe it to your to ears to buy this disc. It very well could be album of the year and I don't just say that. I don't give too many five star ratings as I believe not many discs deserve such high praise. This one comes close though, 4.5 stars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: "Whiskey Hangover" is NOT INCLUDED in the standard version of this disc, only the Deluxe version.
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on May 5, 2010
A lot of folks online (not just amazon) and even Sully himself have been making comparisons to Faceless. This album is not Faceless, but it also isn't a bad album. Comparisons aside, when I look at an album, I consider my initial impressions, overall energy and re-listenability. In that order:

Initial Impression: Godsmack as a band has the tendency to lead in with toms and acoustic guitars even when the overall song is relatively aggressive. As a result I ended up skipping over some tracks which pick up in intensity after the lead in. But that's my own impatient fault. See Good Day to Die and Shadow of a Soul.

Overall Energy: There are only two tracks which feel like they're easing back on the throttle a little; similar to some of the lighter fare on previous albums. Overall vocals have a wider range, guitar has more complex riffs and more fingerpicking fills. Godsmack shows they're still evolving as a band. I wish Tony would have more extended guitar solos, but cest la vie.

Re-listenability: Started listening to it on Tuesday morning. Listened a full 8 hours at work and home in the car. Did it again today (the day after release) and I haven't gotten tired of it. For a comparison, I've tossed some CDs aside after three listens. Though it's early I think this one has staying power on my playlist.

Overall The Oracle is a strong album with many good songs. No qualms about recommending it. I do have the same complaint other reviewers have had about the Deluxe Edition; the bonus tracks are imbedded into the DVD and is impossible to play the audio on a standard CD player. Come on, I want to listen to "Whiskey Hangover" while I'm driving, not on a DVD player!
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on May 5, 2010
i was a big fan of Godsmack's first 3 albums - with their 3rd album "Faceless" being my favorite of the bunch.. i even liked their their acoustic album they released.. their fourth album, "IV" was 'okay' at best - i liked songs like Enemy, Speak and Voodoo Too, but it didn't feel like the good ol' Godsmack i knew and loved... i understand about progressing as a band, progressing the sound as artists... but it doesn't mean you ditch the heaviness of metal, to become some alternative rock band.... look at Metallica's progression from 'Kill 'em All' thru "Justice" - a big progression of sound, but each album in that span got better and better.... it seems nowadays that bands aren't willing to push that envelope, instead they sort of regress backwards... but oh well, back to matter at hand..

This new Godsmack album "Oracle" sounds closer to the Godsmack i remember than what was on the previous album - but if this was supposed to be their "return", it felt a little halfcocked... and what i mean by that is, there is still this lingering hangover (in sound) at times from their last album... but be that as it may, it's not a bad album at all... i absolutely love "Cryin' Like a Bitch" - i'd throw it right up there with "Awake" and "I Stand Alone" as one of their best songs ever... but past that, it feels like the album lacked the same punch as that song did - don't get me wrong, the songs are good (well, except for the beginning of "War and Peace" which at first listen sounded a bit like a con-jumbled mess at the start) - i was just expecting something a bit more i guess from the album..

but i still rated this a 4 star out of 5.... because i am a fan of Godsmack - and while this album didn't win me over right away like "Godsmack" "Awake" and "Faceless" did, it's definitely a step back in the right direction for a band that at one point hand the world by the balls - but had since slipped up a bit.
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on September 18, 2013
First, let me say, back in the day, ( like thirty loooong years ago) we used to have Thunmping contests. A lot of bad stereos back then. A lot of people would choose Z Z Top because their sound made the woofers jump...well, I just wish Godsmack was around back then! To me, music is an opinion. Personal preference. And I think Godsmack is my favorite listening right now. The power just fills me up. I listen to them while I work. Their sound is kind of like a pace setter. And Sully's voice is just ....idk....hypnotising! I ordered this CD " ORACLE " used for five bucks! It was flawless and is one of my favorite. Faceless is my topper right now. But their sound roars out of a player! I love it!! But then again....that's just MY OPINION!
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on April 7, 2012
I generally don't bother buying an entire CD anymore, unless I know that there are at least 3 or 4 really good tracks on it, which is becoming rarer and rarer. Whiskey Hangover and one or two other tracks were good enough to compel me to drop down the cash for Oracle. As it turns out, Whiskey Hangover isn't even on this CD (at least not on the version that I received). So, it turns out that I should've just spent $2 to download the tracks I wanted in the first place. Good one, RIAA... You guys managed to get one more CD out of a consumer.

I'm not a Godsmack Fanboy, but I did enjoy their first two CDs quite a bit. Their third and fourth CDs, however, I felt suffered from the kind of mediocrity that is often characteristic of rock bands who finally "make it big," and are content to set the career cruise control. This CD really isn't an exception, in my opinion, although I'm sure plenty of Godsmack fans will disagree. I would've given the CD 4 stars with Whiskey Hangover. Instead, I have to give it 3 stars, and I will be more careful before buying any new Godsmack CDs in the future.
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on May 30, 2010
This is the first Godsmack CD I've owned. I always thought they were O.K. (My Brother got me this Cd). I had to go on a road trip recently. I took seven cd's with me, all brand new material. As I drove, I listened to all the new music thinking eh! Then I put in Oracle! I listened to it thinking this is Good! So I keep it in for another round. Then I was thinking, This is Really Good! So as I read other (one star) reviews on this CD I'm thinking, what were people expecting? This is the Best Godsmack CD I've heard. ! It's worth getting!

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on May 5, 2010
The second disc doesn't contain the bonus songs individually. they are embedded into the dvd content. product details misleading. amazon should give purchasers the ability to download these two songs for free.

I would have just purchase this album as mp3 downloads if i would have known beforehand.
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on May 6, 2010
It's been 4 years since Godsmack's last album, IV, which I think put off a few people. I thought it was still a very solid album, it was just a bit more alternative than what we were used to hearing from the group. Well here on "The Oracle," the boys from Boston are here to SMACK you upside the head with the crunchy guitar riffs and angsty lyrics that we love about them. The album opens with Cryin' Like A B*tch, their latest single which has already gained a lot of momentum on radio. This is a decent tune, but I wasn't particularly impressed by it, perhaps I'm still put off by the title (it sounds like something Limp Bizkit would come up with). The next single is Love-Hate-Sex-Pain, which again I wasn't totally impressed by. It's alright but it seems kind of generic, like something from the last album. However, everything else on the album is a real joy! The first thing I noticed on my first couple listens of this album is how much it reminded me of their self-titled album from 1998. Songs like Saints & Sinners, Devil's Swing, and Shadow Of A Soul have a style that takes me back to a time when the group was brand new. While this album is much heavier than their last, I still think Awake remains their heaviest album. This one has kind of a classic metal sound to it, with lots of fancy drumming and guitar solos. I think the group is really distancing themselves from the nu-metal genre that some people lumped them into years ago. War & Peace and What If are some of my favorite tunes on here, but the title track has got to be one of the major highlights. It's an instrumental (with a few audio clips) where the band fades in and out of more melodic parts, and just plain goes nuts in others. I guess my only real complaint with this album is that 10 tracks seems kind of weak, but I think the record labels are doing this with a lot of bands because they feel like most people are only downloading the hits anyway, so why bother making an extensive album. It's almost as though the labels are purposely trying to phase out CDs so that everyone will just download the albums from iTunes, thereby saving them all kinds of production costs. I got suckered into buying the deluxe version of this album. It wasn't for the bonus DVD, I wanted the 2 extra songs (Whiskey Hangover and I Blame You), which didn't even come on the CD! They come as audio tracks that can be played on a DVD player, which is lame because I can't really listen to that when I'm on the road. If you want them bad enough, you can download them from iTunes. The DVD isn't very interesting, it's about 15 minutes of random clips from the album playing while we see the band in the recording studio. You'd probably be just as happy with the standard version of the album. So if you're any kind of Godsmack fan, this album certainly has as much reason to be in your collection as anything else they've done!
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